September 11, 2020

Purple Kid Collection

purple bed collection for kids

If you love the Purple Mattress brand and you are looking to give your child the same comfort and support you love from your own mattress. Then you have absolutely come to the right place. Purple has come out with their very own Purple Kid Collection. Which means you can stock up on comfort for your kids. From a mattress and pillows to new sheets and even a mattress protector. Your child will be sleeping like a king in their new bedroom set. Continue reading to find out what makes these new products from Purple so great for kids.

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Purple Kid Mattress

purple kids mattress reviewThe new kid’s mattress from Purple is made to keep your kid comfortable. It uses the same purple grid technology that you already know and love, but they made it especially for children. The grid is even softer in order to adapt to the pressure relief and support needed for kids. This mattress comes in a twin size and is made for big kid beds for children up to age 14.

Not only is this mattress made to be extra comfortable for children. It is also nice and durable. So your kids can jump and play without any fear of their bed breaking down and loosing it’s support and comfort. The cover of the Purple Kid Mattress is completely removable and washable. While we would still suggest using a mattress protector and sheets, this can still be a very useful feature whenever kids are involved.

(Best For Kids up to 14 years old)

The Purple Mattress

purple mattress for teens reviewLooking for a good mattress from your children over the age of 14 years old? The original Purple Mattress is a great choice. Not only is it the perfect size and comfort level for teens. It is also rather affordable, making it a great choice for your teens. The grid helps to keep overheating teens to stay cool and sweat less throughout the night. It also provides the classic pressure free support that Purple is known and loved for.

The Purple Mattress also comes in larger sizes. So if your teen is looking to upgrade to a bigger bed from their twin, the Purple mattress is available in a Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and even a California King. Which means you can have any mattress size they need. This mattress will even work for them as they grow into adulthood. Making this mattress great for college and even into their first apartment.

(Best For Teenagers – Adults)

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Kids Purple Pillow

new kids purple pillows Not only is the new Kid Purple Pillow kid size and comes in several fun colors. It is also made with a softer hyper-elastic polymer grid. This new grid design is made to be even more soft and supportive for children’s needs and comfort. This way they get the same spinal alignments that adults get with the adult purple pillow. The cover is made out of a Breath Mesh that has many tiny holes to allow for an extra breathable pillow.

One of the biggest bonus points to this pillow is that the cover is completely washable. You can machine wash your cover and you can even tumble dry on low. Did a spill get onto the interior purple grid insert of the pillow? No problem! You can easily hand wash the interior with warm soapy water and rinse well. Then simply allow the pillow to air dry completely before returning it into the cover and continuing use. The care process makes these pillows very kid friendly and durable.

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Kid’s Purple Sheets

kids purple sheets super stretchyThese super stretch sheets from Purple are designed to make the most out of the Kid Purple Mattress. They are oh so soft, very breathable, and super stretchy. With these sheets being so breathable, they help to keep the mattress cool and keep your child from overly sweating or heating up during the night. While the extra stretch helps you to get the maximum benefits of the Purple grid for pressure relief.

The Kid Purple Sheets are made out of the same material as the new Purple Sheets for adults. However, there are a couple differences. The first difference is that it is a different size. Since the kids mattress has a thin profile, these sheets are made to fit nicely on this lower profile mattress without bunching up. These sheets also come in different colors, a blue, pink, and a soft grey.

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Mattress Protector

keep your childrens bed clean with the purple mattress protectorOf course, no children’s bedroom set would be complete without a mattress protector. This mattress protector from Purple is highly protective, keeping your kids mattress safe from everything. From nighttime accidents, to spills, dirt, crayons, and crumbs nothing is going to get through their mattress. Helping it to last and stay clean for years to come. One of the best parts about this highly protective mattress protector, is that it does a great job at allowing the overall comfort of the mattress to shine through. So you don’t lose comfort in place of protection. This protector goes down to a twin & twin xl sizes for kids.

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Purple Kids Collection – Final Thoughts:

Purple is all about supplying premium comfort with their Purple Grid technology. Different amount of weight need different levels of pressure relief. Which is why Purple decided to create their own kids line of products. Their lighter weight and size requires a different amount of support vs pressure relief. So now your kids can enjoy the same comfort from a Purple mattress as you get. So everyone can have the comfort of Purple now.

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