September 2, 2020

Top Rated Sleep Masks

Eyes masks are a great accessory for sleep. Whether you are trying to block out light, increase relaxation or both, weighted eye masks are a great sleep accessory for you. A new trend for eye masks is to have an added weight to them. This very light weight is perfectly safe for your eyes and simply applies soft pressure to your face.

The light pressure adds a lot of comfort and relaxation in order to help you get to sleep. We have combined a list of our top favorite weighted sleep masks, keep reading to find out what makes these masks oh so comfortable.

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Tempurpedic Weighted Eye Mask

best weighted eye maskThe weighted eye mask from Tempurpedic claims to provide complete darkness. The eye mask molds around your face shape, not allowing for any large gaps that would let in light. It is the unique TEMPUR® material that allows the mask to mold so well to your individual face shape.

The exterior of the Tempurpedic weighted Eye Mask is a soft plush material that is gentle on your skin and comes in relaxing dark navy blue color. No worries about sizes here, this mask comes with easy adjustable velcro back so you can easily get the perfect fit for you.

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Purple + Gravity Weighted Eye Mask

purple eye mask reviewThe Purple mattress brand and Gravity weighted blanket brand banded together to make a few fabulous products. One of them being the Purple + Gravity weighted eye mask. This mask is made using the same materials used in their popular weighted blanket. The faux cashmere cover is plush and soft on the skin.

While the glass beads add a 1/2 lb of pressure to the face. This light pressure adds a level of relaxation to your nightly routine. The glass beads keep the weight evenly distributed for even pressure. This mask is hypoallergenic and perfect for those who love weighted blankets but want an easy way to travel.

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Baloo Sleep Stone Mask

chakra alignment eye masksThis is the perfect eye mask for all of our stone lovers out there. The Baloo Sleep Stone Mask comes with a built in pocket where you can insert disk shaped crystals. You get one crystal of choice with the purchase of your mask, but you can also add on extra stones separately for your mask as well.

You can choose between Amethyst, Purple Fluorite, Blue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz. This mask is made with a silky soft satin material, so it is extra gentle against your skin. It has a velcro closure for an adjustable fit and is also great at blocking out all light. So whether you are just trying to block out extra light, or your trying to align your chakras, this is a great sleep mask.

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Infinity Pillow Bamboo Sleep Mask

infinity pillow travel eye mask scarf setInfinity pillow is a brand that is all about making creative products for travel. Their bamboo sleep mask is a great travel mask. The fabric covering the mask is made out of bamboo lyocell material.

This fabric is silky soft and extra breathable. Which is great for blocking out light while also allowing air to flow to your face. You get to choose between six different lovely colors that have matching infinity pillows. Which is great for anyone who loves a matching set.

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Parachute Eye Masks

silk and wool sleep masks reviewWe already know and love the Parachute brand for their fantastic bedding, it is no surprise that we love their eye masks as well. They have two different natural fabrics for you to choose from. They have an extra soft wool mask or their silk mask. Both of these natural materials are gentle on your face, they are soft and breathable which is important for the health of your skin.

Their wool option is fuzzy and soft, they also have a travel set with a matching wool shawl. The Parachute silk mask is one of our favorites. Silk is growing in popularity as it is gentle with skin and hair, making it great for feeling like sleeping beauty. Both of these masks are great at blocking out the light and giving you a soft and relaxing coverage.

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Top Sleep Masks – Final Thoughts:

Whether you’re traveling, napping, or simply like to wear a mask while going off to sleep. These eye masks are all great options for sleep. The Purple and Tempurpedic masks have the added benefit of a little added weight. This weight is perfect safe for your eyes and adds an extra level of relaxation. The silk eye mask from Parachute and bamboo mask from Infinity Pillow both feel like a day at the spa. While Baloo is completely unique with it’s addition of crystals.

There is a little something for everyone in this list of sleep masks and we think whichever you go with, you will be getting a top notch mask that is going to bring your sleep up to the next level.

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