September 1, 2020

Sleepover Essentials & Slumber Party Accessories

Slumber parties are arguably the best parties there are. Whether it is for a birthday party or just a fun overnight hangout, sleepovers are loads of fun. However, it can be hard to have a good time and get some sleep. There are also a few tips and tricks we have to make sure your next slumber party goes off without a hitch! Keep reading for our sleepover essentials and slumber party accessories.

sleepover essentials

Sleepover Essentials:

Bring Your Pillow From Home

bring your pillow with you from homePillows are a must have. We always suggest kids bring their own pillows from home to any sleep over. Pillows can vary dramatically on shape and comfort.

Having your own pillow can be a great comfort for kids, teens, and even adults. It is the comfort level, loft, and texture you are used to sleeping on. It will also smell like home, which can be very comforting when sleeping in a new environment.

Sleeping Bags

sleeping bags for slumber partiesA soft and comfortable sleeping bag is a must have for a sleep over. You get your very own cozy sleeping pod. Sleeping bags for outdoors and indoors can vary on what materials they need in order to make for a comfortable sleep experience.

For indoor sleepovers we suggest finding a sleeping bag made with cotton instead of polyester in order to make sure it is nice and breathable. Polyester sleeping bags can be overly warm and not very breathable, especially when being used inside.

Comfort Items 

be sure to pack your favorite loveyDoes your child have a favorite lovey? May it is a blanket that they sleep with every night, or possibly a favorite stuffed animal. We suggest packing up these for them to have with them. Of course this is more “normal” for younger kids.

However sometimes even into their teenage years this can be a source of comfort. As we all know sleeping in a new place and being away from your usual routine can really throw you off and make it difficult to sleep. By having these comfort items with them, they can be a grounding source of comfort that make it much easier to sleep away from home.

Parental Communication

Communication between parents to parents, and kids to parents is vital. First of all, even if your kids are old enough to set up sleepover themselves, it is still good to check in with the parents. We also encourage asking questions of parents of the kids you are watching, as well as providing information about your own child.

parents stay in contact

Do not assume that your kid (no matter what age) will be responsible enough to take their meds, are tell parents and friends about allergies and so one. We have all heard stories about someone who was shy about their diabetes, or did not want to follow their dietary restrictions, or skipped their medicine for the night.

If it is important information to know, or could be a medical issue that comes up. It is good information to share. We also suggest getting back up phone numbers of other members of the house just in case of an emergency.

You also want to make sure that your child has a way of contacting you on their own terms. There are now cell phones that can be used at any age. (Not talking about smartphone) There are great safety cellphones for kids so they can always get a hold of you whenever they need to.

Fun Pajamas

fun pajamasIf there was ever a time for a fun set of pajamas, a slumber party is absolutely the time for them.

Whether you make your kids favorite pair are clean and ready to go. Or a sleep over is a good reason to go out and get a new pair that fits them.

It is a great way to make an already fun occasion that little bit more special. Festive socks, slippers, and even a robe can be a fun addition to the pajama party.

2nd Set of All Clothes:

how to pack for a slumber partyA good tip for any sleep over is that have an extra set of all your clothing items. From socks and underwear, to pajamas and a set of new clothes for the morning. It never hurts to be prepared. Not only is this extra important for kids who’s bladders don’t yet have full control. It is also important for just about anyone no matter what age or bladder control.

You never know when someone is going to spill a drink or what have you. Accidents happen and having an extra set of clothes is definitely nice to have on hand. No borrowing someone else’s clothes, having to admit embarrassing accidents, or calling up mom or dad to bring another set of pajamas to the house.

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Slumber Party Games & Activities:

Make Your Own Pizza

make personal pizzasThis can be a fun and easy way to turn dinner into a fun activity. First grab some pizza dough, easily available in most grocery stores either in the bakery section, or by the rolls or break and bake cookies. Some pizza places also sell fresh dough. Then get a handful of different toppings. You can picked out a jar of sauce, cheese, and then slices up some veggies, pepperoni, loft over cooked chicken.

You can really get creative with all of the different options for your pizzas. This can also be a fun way to make sure everyone is able to make a pizza that they can eat. Instead of ordering lots of different pizzas, everyone can makes their own and there is no arguing over what the toppings should be.

Indoor Camping

Whether you set up a blanket fort or you have fun indoor tents, there is just something universally fun about indoor camping. You can even make the whole evening camping themed. You can eat smores for dessert and tell stories sitting around the “fire”.

Flashlights are a fun addition for an indoor camping night. If the weather is nice, you could even do a backyard camping night if you prefer.

Make Your Own Bracelets

bracelet making at a sleep overThere are so many different bracelets that can be made and designed for boys and girls of all different ages. Whether it is just a few beads on a piece of string, or more advanced woven yarn friendship bracelets.

It is a fun low cost activity than everyone can enjoy. It also is a fun memento/party gift to take home with them and enjoy. They can make one for themselves or make several for friends and family as well.

Scavenger Hunt:

A great way to entertain kids to teenagers is with a good scavenger hunt. Especially if you are entertaining a house full of them. Split up into groups and create clue throughout the house. (Make sure to set parameters on any off limit rooms or sections of the house.)

Having a prize at the end for the winners can be fun but doesn’t need to be anything large or expensive by any means. The hunt can be fun enough all on it’s own.

Cookie Decorating

make your own cookiesHaving a way to make dinner or dessert a craft is always fun. It is a great way to make food more of an activity then just a junk food binge night. Bake up some sugar cookies get a tub of icing a bit of food coloring and some sprinkles and you’re all set for a fun night of cookie decorating. For different colored icing simply divide your icing into several bowls and add a small drop of food coloring into each and mix.

Plastic ziplock bags make quick and easy piping bags. Simply add icing and snip a whole in the corner. This allows you to write or draw with the icing. Everyone can make their own cookies and either bring them home, or much more likely, be eaten on the spot.

Spa Night!

spa day for kidsWho doesn’t like a good spa night during a sleep over. If you have younger kids sleeping over make sure everything is use is very mild and gentle on skin. If you plan on using any lotions or face masks, make sure to check with parents first for allergies before using. A few fun spa day activities are painting each others nails and toes different fun colors.

You could also create a “DIY Bath Salts” station. Get a few plastic party bags, bath salts, bath confetti, dried lavender, dried rose petals, some essential oils and so one. Then let the kids scoop in their own blend of cozy bath salts.

Then they can take these home with them as a fun party favor. Be sure to have a way to label the bags with each of their names so they don’t get mixed up. (Small glass craft jars are fun for this as well!)

Karaoke Night:

With so many karaoke songs and apps out there, no longer do you need a pricey karaoke machine in order to have a great time. Karaoke is also a great choice for any age range from young kiddos to grown adults. Just make sure you have song choices that are age appropriate and you’re good to go. No need for a microphone, a hairbrush and air guitar will do the job just fine.

Successful Sleepover Tips & Tricks:

Avoid Watching Scary Movies:

scary movies are not good for sleepingFor some reason this is a popular choice that kids make for sleepovers. However, you never know how it can effect a child. The last thing you want is a group of scared out of their wits kids.

Or to get angry phone calls from parents who’s children are having nightmares. This can even lead to bed wetting and other embarrassing and unfortunate situations. Not sure why kids and teens think this is a fun sleepover activity, but it is best to avoid anything overly frightening when entertaining a group of kids.

Have At least One Planned Activity:

sleepover essentials have at least one activityWhile with the right group of kids, they will find ways to play and entertain themselves. Having at least one planned activity for the night helps to keep active excited kids engaged in something that you have some control over.

When lots of kids get together and they are in a new environment away from their usual schedule and routine it is nice to have a planned activity. Without something to keep them busy, kids can tend to get themselves into trouble. Surely you remember the sort of trouble kids can get themselves into when left to their own devices.

Limit Pillow Fights:

pillow fightingFun in theory (and potentially in small doses) but it can easily turn into hurt kids or hurt feelings. We don’t want to be a Debby Downer and know that the occasional rough housing can be fun.

However, making sure these sort of activities stay civil and don’t get too far out of hand can help keep the night going smoothly and with minimal tears.

No Smartphone Prize:

put away the smartphonesWhile it is good that parents have a way to stay in contact with their kids. Smartphones keep kids in their own little worlds instead of interacting with each other and having fun. Simply taking phones away could be a big point of contention. Instead, make it a game!

Everyone puts their phone in a basket that parents hold onto. Whoever doesn’t touch their phone for the night get a prize the next day. With exceptions for contacting parents of course.

Don’t Forget Breakfast!

With everyone thinking about the fun plans for the evening, sometimes breakfast can get forgotten about. While cold pizza can be a crowd pleasure, it is good to have a quick and easy breakfast that can wake the kids up and get them fed before they head home.

Family Code Word:

Does your child get uncomfortable at sleepovers but doesn’t ask to go home as to not upset their friends? Come up with an easy to remember code word. This can allow them to let you know that they want to go home without upsetting anyone.

Then you can simply explain to the parent or say there is a family emergency and you need them to come home.

(This can also serve as an important safety code word for if they are even in danger. There can be a different code word used only for real emergencies, which can allow them to let you know they are in series danger without alarming others.)

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