December 18, 2019

Little LuuF Mattress & Accessories Review

little luuf bedding collection by luft

When looking to buy a mattress for your young ones you will likely run into a lot of cheap beds that are stiff, uncomfortable, and lack certifications like Oeko-Tex. Those certifications give you as a parent peace of mind that your child isn’t sleeping on a mattress made with dangerous chemicals.

However, buying a mattress designed for an adult can be expensive and is made to be comfortable for much larger heavier adults than for the weight of a child. Little LuuF (Formerly Little Luft) has come up with a design just for kids that is both safe and made to be comfortable for little ones. Keep reading to find out what makes this bed so great for kids and young adults.

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Little LuuF Mattress Review:

  • what do you think of the little luuf mattress 8″ Mini Hybrid
  • Bunk Bed Compatible
  • Certi-Pur Certified Foams
  • Oeko-Tex Certified Materials

The Little LuuF features a small gentle coil system that is perfect for supporting the lighter weight of a child. This gives your little one the same contouring comfort adults get from the original Luuf Mattress. They also put in a soft adaptive Serene Foam on the top of the mattress to provide plenty of pressure relief.

While LuuF has made a quality mattress full of certified materials and specially designed construction, they have made sure to keep their prices reasonable for a child’s mattress as well. The Little Luuf mattress comes in Twin to a King size. So if you have a little Queen or King in your home or you want a mattress that will take your child into young adulthood you can get the exact size you need.

This mattress comes in at a great price point. Making it not only ideal for young ones in style and build, but also is great for parents who don’t want to spend a ton. This mattress also features a thinner profile that makes it ideal for bunk beds and trundle beds too. Make sure to use our coupon below too to ensure you slave even more!

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Little LuuF Weighted Blanket:

little luuf bedding and accessories This adorable kids weighted blanket comes with a removable and washable cover. This cover is two sided, the first having the plush super soft side, while the other is made of a cooler Tencel lyocell fabric. The interior blanket is quilted in order to keep all of the interior glass beads evenly distributed throughout the mattress.

The Little Luuf Weighted blanket comes in at 7lbs which makes it suitable for children who weigh around 60 – 90 pounds. If your child weighs less than 60lbs we do not recommend this product for them, as it can be unsafe for them to use.

We love the plush cover with two sides for your little want to choose from. The texture is also known to help reduce stress and anxiety in adults and children. Weighted blankets can be such a wonderful tool to help your little one calm down and ease any of their anxiety. To learn more head over to our page Weighted Blanket Benefits.

Little LuuF Mattress Protector:

little luuf mattress protector review When purchasing a child’s mattress, getting a proper mattress protector is an absolute must. Even if your child is sleeping dry throughout the night, all sorts of spills and accidents are bound to happen with kids. Which is why even though we suggest all folks, adults included, should use a mattress protector in order to extend the life of their mattress, you really can’t skip having a protector with kids. Thankfully the Little Luuf Mattress Protector is waterproof on the top as well as all of the sides of the mattress.

The Little LuuF Mattress Protector is made to work specifically with the Little Luuf mattress. It is made out of a OmniGuard® Advance Lightweight Performance Fabric which protects the mattress from dust mites to large liquid spills. While you can now get the Little Luuf in a Queen or King size, the Little LuuF Mattress Protector currently only comes in Twin, Twin XL, or Full size.

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Little LuuF Silhouette Support Pillow:

the little luuf silhouette kids pillow review This pillow by Luuf is made to fit perfectly for your child’s size. The Silhouette Support pillow features two main materials, a memory foam core with a down alternative outer section. Which gives this pillow a supportive yet more traditional fluffy pillow feel.

Optimal comfort in a tiny package. The Little Luuf Silhouette Support comes in a smaller size than a standard pillow (20″ x 26″). While the Little LuuF pillow is just 13.5″ x 21″. You can purchase separate pillow cases made to fit the Little Luuf Silhouette Support pillow just right. They call this pillow case the Little LuuF Silhouette Support Pillowcase, and Pillow Protector. Made to fit this pillow just right.

  • Little LuuF Silhouette Support Pillowcase

    This pillow case is the exact right size for the Little Luuf Silhouette Support Pillow. Which makes it look and feel much better than having the pillow swim around in a standard size pillow case. They made their case is out of 100% cotton to keep the pillow soft and breathable throughout the night.

  • Little LuuF Silhouette Support Pillow Protector

    litte luuf pillow protector review Kids get messy, whether they drool get sick or spill something everywhere. You can rest easy knowing their special pillow is safe with the Silhouette Support Pillow Protector.

    This OmniGuard® Advance Lightweight Performance Fabric fits snug around the Silhouette Support Pillow and keeps it safe. Whether you are looking to protect the pillow from allergens, bed bugs, dust mites, or liquid their pillow will be safe.

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Little LuuF Adjustable Loft Pillow:

little luft adjustable pillow for kids LuuFt suggests that you get the Little LuuF Adjustable Loft Pillow for kids age 3 – 12. It is 16″ x 21″ which is slightly larger than the Little LuuF Silhouette Support Pillow. This is also a custom size pillow that LuuF made for kids. They also created a special Adjustable Loft Pillow Cases and Pillow Protectors made to fit this very pillow just right. Before we get into the specs on those items, lets get into what makes this pillow so comfortable for your little ones.

The Little Luuf Adjustable Loft Pillow has 1″ memory foam and latex inserts that give this pillow a cradling effect. Then it is filled with a down alternative to give it a fluffy feel. The great aspect about this pillow is that it is adjustable. If the supportive memory foam and latex layers become too much for your child, you can simply remove them to make it softer. Then if they get older and start wanting more support, you can put them back in.

  • Little LuuF Adjustable Loft Pillow Case

    little luuf pillowcase review Luuf made this 100% cotton pillow case to fit the Adjustable Loft Pillow just right. This pillow would likely fit into a standard sized pillow case.

    However, it would likely bunch up and float around in the pillow case. The cotton weave is made to be extra breathable to keep it nice and cool.

  • Little LuuFt Adjustable Loft Pillow Protector 

    When you use a pillow protector you want to be sure it fits the pillow properly. This ensures that you keep the comfort of the pillow at its prime. Which is why Luuf created the Little LuuF Adjustable Loft Pillow Protector. This protector keeps out allergens like dust and dust mites. It also protects from spills and accidents to ensure their pillow will last and last.

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Want your own Luuf mattress? Check out the original thick and durable hybrid mattress that is even found on our Best Mattresses page. Learn more in our in depth LuuF mattress review and save with our exclusive coupons HERE!

Little LuuF Bedding Collection:

The Little Luuf Mattress is specifically designed to make kids safe and comfortable. Which is exactly what we parents want out of a mattress for our kids. We love that this mattress works for toddlers all the way up to young adults. Which is much better than a “toddler mattress” which will only work for a few years at best. The bedding and accessories are well made and work great for kids from 3 to 12. (If your child is much younger we would suggest using a flat pillow or no pillow at all for babies.) Overall this is a great line of bedding for children and we highly suggest checking it out.

top mattresses for kids beds little luuf mattress

Feel free to Contact Us with any lingering questions you may have. We would love to help you out in anyway we can.

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