August 28, 2020

Comma Comforter

comma eucalyptus comforter review

Looking for a comforter that is soft, fluffy, and will keep you nice and cool? Then you you have come to the right place. The Comma Comforter is made with a eucalyptus cover and soft fluffy filling that supplies lots of airflow. This is a great year round comforter, perfect for summer to winter. Keep reading to learn more about what makes the Comma Eucalyptus Comforter unique!

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Comma Eucalyptus Comforter – Materials:

well priced comma eucalyptus comforterThis duvet insert is made with a cover made from a eucalyptus based fabric. This fabric is called Lyocell and it is oh so smooth and cool to sleep with. The eucalyptus fibers make for silky smooth texture that is wonderful at wicking away moisture and it is oh so breathable. These features of the materials make it perfect for bedding.

The inside of the blanket is filled with polyester fill. This filler was made using recycled water bottles. This is a great bonus for all those wanting to recycle and save the planet. Comma designed the fill as one full sheet of polyester fill instead of a bunch of loose filling like you might find in a pillow.

The biggest benefit to this design is that it remains fluffy and even throughout the blanket. Even after lots of use, your blanket will look and feel brand new and not require any extra fluffing.

Comma Comforter – Care & Keeping:

lyocell cover fabricWhen it comes to having a comforter that is going to last you a good long time. A lot of that depends on how well you take care of your comforter. A lot of duvet inserts are not machine washable and require only spot treating or dry cleaning as the main form of cleaning. That is not the case with the Comma Duvet Insert.

Comma made sure that their duvet inserts were very simple to care for so it will last you a very long time while staying nice and clean. The Comma Duvet Insert is machine washable! So if you get a spill on it or if it simply needs freshening up, you can simply throw it in the washing machine with cool water and a gentle detergent.

For the best results Comma suggests hang drying your comforter completely before you start using it again. Or if you prefer, the Comma Comforter is safe to put in the dryer. Although they do suggest drying on the coolest heat setting on low. This will help keep your duvet insert lasting for a very long time. Also always use a duvet cover in order to keep your duvet fresh and clean for longer.

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Comma Comforter Benefits:

recycled pet polyester fillOne major benefit to using the Comma Duvet Insert is that it is made with quality materials that are lightweight and breathable. The eucalyptus fabric is soft and cool. While the polyester fill allows for loads of airflow. This makes for a cool sleeping duvet insert that is light and fluffy. Allowing the Comma Comforter to work well all year round.

Another benefit to the Lyocell material for the cover is that it is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Yet another great reason to use a eucalyptus based fabric for bedding.

This duvet insert also has 8 loops, making it easier than ever for your duvet to remain lined up with your duvet cover. Which means as you sleep at night, toss, turn, or roll over. Your blanket with remain even and attached to it’s duvet cover. You won’t have to continuously even out and redistribute your duvet insert.

When you buy a Comma Comforter, you can feel good that you’re buying an eco-friendly product as well. The fill in the Comma Comforter is made by recycling plastic bottles. Also, eucalyptus requires less water to grow and maintain crops than cotton. Making it easier on the planet as well.

Comma Eucalyptus Duvet Insert – Value:

lightweight comforterThe Comma Eucalyptus Duvet Insert is a great value for the overall quality and materials used in this duvet insert. Especially when you compare the Comma Comforter to other eucalyptus and recycled polyester duvet inserts out there.

You are getting the same materials and feel and a lower price. Also, when you purchase a duvet insert from Comma, you get free shipping and 30 days to return no questions asked.

Price of Comma Duvet Insert:
Queen: $129
King: $169

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Final Thoughts – Comma Eucalyptus Comforter: 

eucalyptus lyocell fabric coverThis duvet insert from Comma is a great find. You get all of the many benefits of the eucalyptus lyocell fabric for the cover, and the recycled plastic fill. It is also less expensive than other duvet inserts that are almost exactly like this one.

It is incredibly easy to wash and care for which is a big bonus for a lot of us out there. This duvet insert is lightweight and breathable which means it works well in the winter and summer as well as all the seasons in between. We really think you are going to love this duvet.

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