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Accessory Review Birch Pillow Review

Birch by Helix is a natural based company that makes mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows. They aspire to create comfortable products with the most natural and organic materials on the market. The Birch Pillow is a wool and latex filled pillow with a cotton topper. All of their materials in this pillow are natural and both the cotton and wool are organic.

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birch living pillow fillingIf you are someone who likes transparency in where their products come from, then Birch is the company for you. They source their cotton from the USA, wool from New Zealand, and Latex from Southeast Asia.

The pillow consists of a cool organic cotton material. They keep the cotton its natural color, allowing it to stay more breathable than dyed cottons. This helps wick away any moisture and helps your pillow stay cool during your nights sleep.

 organic wool fillerThe filling starts with organic shredded wool. The kind of wool they use in their pillow goes through a process that allows it to keep the natural curl. This adds a level of springy support to the filling of your pillow. Another benefit to using wool is that it is a natural temperature regulator and also helps with wicking away moisture.

Arguably best of all, wool is naturally fire resistant. You will be able to sleep easier at night knowing the pillow supporting your head is made of natural materials that are helping to keep you safe.

Along with the wool in the filling they have added 100% natural Talalay latex. This latex is OEKO-TEX certified and is hypoallergenic. Some latex materials out there have a reputation for retaining heat. However, the Talalay latex is different. This latex is 7 times more breathable than other kinds of latex.

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Comfort & Support:

birch pillows natural reviewBirch has done an incredible job at finding natural materials and using their strengths to create a truly comfortable pillow. The cotton provides a little stretch, allowing the pillow to conform to the shape of your head. However, you still get the support from the plush latex and wool filling.

The organic wool Birch uses has incredible resiliency. They claim that you can squish, fold, squeeze, and fluff your pillow over 20,000 times before it looses its ability to bounce back.


Birch has two available sizes for sale, standard and king. This pillow is very reasonably priced at $99 for the standard pillow and $119 for the king size. These prices come with free shipping within the USA.

You also get a 100 night free trial so you can be completely sure that this the pillow for you. If for some reason something goes wrong with your pillow, you will also get a 3 year warranty with your purchase.

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Our Birch Pillow Experience:

birch accessory reviewThis natural pillow was a pleasant surprise when it came to feel and support. The Birch pillow initially looks dense and heavy, but the shredded Talalay latex combine with wool fibers is soft and pliable. Allowing it to contour to you neck and head and change the support while in any sleeping position.

Having a shredded fill certainly helps move with you. However, over the course of the night shredded fills can also shift and start to feel a bit flat. But, can quickly be adjusted as needed.

The Birch pillow is also nice for for providing a nice temperature neutral pillow too. Many times pillows can hold heat, especially memory foam and down pillows. But the naturally temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties of the wool really contribute to taking this pillow to the next level. As well as the slightly buoyant feel of the latex that allows you to never be stuck.

All in all, this pillow will be a great compliment to the Birch mattress. Or for any sleeper looking for a great natural pillow with great qualities.

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Overall Birch makes a comfortable and cool pillow that supplies an amble amount of support. When you buy this pillow, you are getting a fully handcrafted item made from natural and organic materials right here in the USA. Birch ensures their top quality standards on the build of each of their pillows. If you don’t end up enjoying the pillow, the 100 day trial period and 3 year warranty allow you to easily make a return.birch pillow review comfort

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