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Accessory Review Helix Luxury Tencel Sheets

the helix sheets eco friendly tencel review

We love a quality sheet set that won’t totally break the bank. A lot of luxury sheets are stiff overpriced cotton sheets that wrinkle easily and feel anything but soft and cozy. These luxury Tencel Sheets by Helix Sleep are not only luxurious to look at, they are also silky smooth to the touch and oh so comfortable to sleep in. Keep reading to get our full review of these sheets below.

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benefits to tencel materials for sheetsTencel sheets have started popping u[ all over the place in the last several years. Why are they so popular you may ask? Tencel is a type of weaving that takes Lyocell and Modal fibers and steps in up a notch.

It feels silky smooth, cool to the touch, and looks luxurious. All the benefits of natural fiber sheets while looking and feeling a bit extra luxurious. Why wouldn’t you can Tencel sheets? All of the fibers are derived from trees and are much more sustainable than other materials.

The Helix Tencel Sheets come in a 300TC and a sateen weave. We love this sateen weave because it is what gives these sheets their silky feel and appearance.


the most silky soft sheets by helixThese sheets are breathable, take less water to produce and clean, and feel silky smooth. So you are getting a lovely luxurious feeling sheet set while also purchasing a more sustainable/eco friendly bedding. It doesn’t get much better than that. Since Tencel is so breathable you are going to sweat less throughout the night which is a great benefit to these sheets.

The Helix Tencel Sheets are all deep pocket, letting you fit your extra plush mattress nicely and without any pulling on the sides.

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sheets by helix sleep reviewThese sheets come in two basic colors a white and a slate gray option. While this isn’t a large variety of colors or styles these colors will suite most bedrooms nicely.

They also come in your standard sizes Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. When you get a Helix Tencel Sheet Set you will receive a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. (Twin & Twin XL only come with 1 pillow case.)


tencel sheets by helixsleep reviewThe care and keeping of these sheets is rather simple and easy to follow. Simply wash with like colors on a warm temperature and with gentle detergent. Then simply tumble dry on low or hang dry. There is no real trick to it.

However, we suggest skipping any detergents containing bleach even for the white sheets. Eventually the bleach may break down the natural fibers. It is also best to either fold the sheets or make the bed immediately for less wrinkles with this fabric too.

Do you know how often you should be washing/changing your sheets? Read our page A Guide to Changing and Washing Your Sheets to find out.


helix sheet valueThis sheet set is definitely on the more expensive side for a standard sheet st. However, the material and feel of these sheets it much higher than your average set of sheets as well.

  • Twin: $125
  • Twin XL: $125
  • Full: $150
  • Queen: $175
  • King: $200
  • California King: $200

These prices include free shipping within the continental US, a 100 Night Sleep Trial, and a 3-year Limited Warranty. These prices are rather standard when compared to other similar products being offered by other bedding companies.

Buy the Helix Tencel Sheets HERE!

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Helix Sleep Luxury Tencel Sheets – Overall:

These luxury tencel sheets by Helix are sure to please. They silky smooth, cool sleeping sheets have a luxe feel and appearance. Making them a great option for any bedroom. They are cooler than cotton, more absorbent than linen and eco-friendly to boot. If you’re looking to step up your bedding than the Tencel Sheets by Helix Sleep are a great choice.

helix sleep luxurious tencel sheets

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