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If you are already familiar with the Helix brand name, it is likely because of their well-loved mattresses. But Helix Sleep is known for much more than just their mattresses. From their bedding to their bedroom furniture, they are all about creating products that will add comfort and style to your sleep experience. Today we are going to be reviewing the Helix Weighted Blanket. Keep reading to get all the details on what makes the Helix Weighted Blanket special.

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review over the helix weighted blanket

Helix Weighted Blanket At A Glance

  • helix weighted blanket reviewWeight Options: 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs
  • Size Options: One Size 72″x 48″
  • Washable Removeable Cover
  • Free Shipping
  • 100 Day Trial Period
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Latest Pricing Found HERE

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Materials & Design:

extra soft fleece blanketWhen it comes to great weighted blanket design, it all comes down to get materials. The outer cover of the Helix Weighted Blanket is made with a fleece and sheared microfiber. This makes the blanket super soft and cuddly. It can also be removed for easy and convenient washing.

The inner weighted blanket portion has a 100% cotton cover. This not only keeps the inner fill in place. It is also nice and breathable as well. The fill for this blanket consists of a fine-grade glass bead. These glass beads are quilted into the cotton internal cover in order to keep the weight evenly distributed as you use it.

Weight & Color Options:

is it comfortable to sleep with?The weighted blanket from Helix comes in three different weight options a 10lb, 15lb, 20lb. This is a good wide range as typically the average size adult should roughly choose a blanket that is around 10% of their weight or less. Most weighted blankets start at 15lbs, which means this 10lb option is great for those who are just starting out and what something a bit lighter.

If you are looking for a wide range of colors and cover styles, then you may want to look elsewhere. The Helix Weighted Blanket comes in a soft grey cotton, that has a removeable cover. Their cover has two extra soft sides. The first is a grey fleece, it is a sleek soft fleece. On the other side of the cover is a sheared fleece in a fluffy cream color. This combination makes for an extra cozy blanket that is really lovely to snuggle underneath. The colors are nice and neutral and look great in most homes.

Is The Helix Anxiety Reducing Blanket Comfortable?

is the helix weighted blanket comfortable?If you are a fan of extra fluffy throw blankets, then you are going to love the Helix Weighted Blanket. The cover is made with two sides of fleece. The first is a sleek grey with soft smooth fleece. While the flip side of the cover is made with an ultra plush sheared fleece. This fleece is so cozy that you will want to snuggle up with it every night.

Overall this is a very comfortable weighted blanket. However, if you are particularly warm sleeper, then this may be a bit toasty for you. If you tend to get very warm when you sleep, you can always skip the outer cover and simple place the weighted blanket on top of your sheets. That way your sheets help to keep it clean, and you will stay a bit more cool.

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Helix Weighted Blanket – Care Instructions:

is it easy to keep clean?One thing that is often an issue for those who use weighted blankets is that many cannot be machine washed. Or they can only be spot treated, or dry-cleaned. Which is why when we review weighted blankets, we always want to see exactly how easy it is to care for a weighted blanket and keep it clean.

The Helix weighted blanket has an easy solution for being easy to keep clean. The plush cover is easily removed, much like a duvet cover. This allows you to machine wash the cover and prevent spills and stains onto the internal blanket. Helix care instructions suggest to wash on a cool cycle with gentle detergents. Then tumble dry on low or hang to dry. If the internal blanket gets dirty, then you can spot clean as needed. Just ensure that it is not to wet and be sure to fully dry before you continue use.

What Makes The Helix Comforting Blanket Special?

materials and constructionWe really love how fuzzy and soft the outer cover of the Helix blanket is. It is perfect for anyone who loves that plush fleece throw blanket texture. If you really enjoy that kind of feel, then you will really like the Helix Weighted Blanket cover. One thing that makes this blanket special is that you get the same size blanket as the weight goes up and down.

This means if you want a larger weight, you don’t have to fold the blanket in half on top of yourself in order to get all the pressure from the blanket. With the Helix you get all the pressure in a size meant just for you.

They also have a lighter 10lb option which not many companies have for adults. Which means all the petite lightweight people out there, or those who prefer less pressure have a weight option to choose from as well. Overall this is a rather versatile weighted blanket that we think a lot of people will really enjoy using.

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Helix Weighted Blanket – Value:

sleek grey fleece coverAnother great selling point for this blanket is that the Helix Weighted Blanket comes in at a great price. Most comparable weighted blankets would cost notably more than the Helix does.

Making this blanket a really great deal. If you are looking to save even more. Then be sure to click the button below for current prices and discounts.

10lbs – $99
15lbs – $105
20lbs – $115

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Helix Weighted Blanket Review Overall:

After reviewing the Helix Weighted Blanket thoroughly, we can say that it is a really solid weighted blanket and a great price. We love that it is made with glass beads instead of plastic and have a luxuriously soft removeable cover. Making it oh so easy to keep clean, even though the internal blanket is not machine washable.

If you want to be able to pick and choose bright colored cover, then you won’t find that here. However, it is a pretty blanket that will look great in any home. It is also a very comfortable blanket that comes in a good variety of weights. Overall, this is a great blanket and we think a lot of people will really love it.

soft cozy warm weighted blanket review

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