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Accessory Review Helix Pillow Review

When it comes to finding a great mattress brand Helix Sleep is one of the best. But did you know they also offer some amazing bedding accessories too? Including sheets, protectors, weighted blankets and of course pillows. With not just one Helix pillow, but three unique Helix pillows that offer a variety of options to appeal to every sleepers needs.

helix pillows

Below we will review each of the pillows offered by Helix, including the Helix Adjustable pillow, Ultra-Cool pillow and Down & Feather pillow. And give you more insight on how you can expect each Helix pillow to perform. We will go through their unique features, materials and comfort as well as a few other basics. If you are in need of a new pillow, we surely think you’ll find one here!

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Helix Adjustable Pillow

helix sleep adjustable pillowWhen it comes to finding a pillow that works for everyone, you might think it is impossible. But, the new age adjustable design of the Helix Adjustable pillow is built for all sleepers. Each pillow has a removable support insert layer so you can adjust the height of the pillow and find your most comfortable loft. Making it a pillow for all sleeping positions and body types – perfect whether you like soft or firm, thick or thin.

Comfort & Support:

When it comes to the comfort and support of this pillow you will have two options. With the clever design that offers a removable insert you are able to quickly adjust the pillow to be thicker or thinner. This offers two carefully designed comfort and support options.

When sleeping with your new Helix Adjustable Pillow you can either opt to keep the insert in or take it out. If you are a side or back sleeper it is recommended to sleep with the insert. This provides a slightly thicker or loftier pillow that will better fit around your shoulders and neck for proper support. This option may appeal to larger framed individuals as well. Along with anyone who likes a pillow that has a slightly “firmer”, or more dense feel too.

However, if you are a stomach sleeper or prefer a slightly “softer”, or thinner pillow, removing the insert will appeal to you more. It will also be more appealing to smaller framed individuals or children too. This will create a low loft pillow that limits the amount of tilt in your neck.

Again, making the comfort and support suitable for all sizes, shapes and sleeping styles. As well as a variety of ages. And, it is so clever and easy to adjust that you can slip the insert in and out even in the middle of the night.


helix pillow reviewThe Adjustable pillow by Helix features breathable cotton and gel microfiber to make sure you don’t get too hot at night. The materials and design of this pillow offer ideal support and help alleviate stress and pressure in the neck. And with the zipper easily opening around the edge to remove the insert, you get two pillows in one.

The gel microfiber fill of this pillow are lofty and soft, yet dense and supportive. Kept contained within an exterior 100% cotton cover that is washable. And the interior “mini pillow” that is removable, or the insert, is covered in a polyester fabric. Creating a conforming feel that gently allows your neck and head to rest on adequately comfortable and supportive loft heights. All while being breathable to create a pillow that never gets too hot.

  • Outer Comfort Shell Cover: 100% breathable cotton & washable
  • Support Insert Shell Cover: Polyester
  • Fill: Gel microfiber

Value & Price: 

helix pillowWhen it comes to pillows you will find a variety of price points. Most ranging between $60 to $150+. The Helix pillow comes in at an affordable price point that creates a great value for what you get. This well made and adjustable pillow is a great option for every sleeper. The feel and support make it one that will completely adjust to your needs. All while also offering a 100 night sleep trial, free shipping and a 1 year warranty as well.

  • Standard Helix Adjustable Pillow: $85
  • King Helix Adjustable Pillow: $99

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Helix Ultra-Cool Pillow

helix pillow cooling If you are looking for the best cooling pillow than the Helix Ultra-Cool pillow is for you. This cool to the touch pillow features phase changing material. Meaning that your pillow is surrounded in material that helps absorb, as well as regulate excess heat. Creating a pillow that you’ll never need to flip in the middle of the night. As well as superb comfort that contours to your neck and head for better sleep.

Comfort & Support: 

helix sleep ultra cool pillowThis cooling pillow not only keeps your temperature in check, but also is ideally comfortable. Filled with a down-alternative fiber fill, this lofty yet contouring pillow will easily conform to your shoulders, neck and head. Making the support ample, yet not too much.

However, the more plush comfort of this pillow isn’t adjustable and only comes in one loft height, being a little on the thicker side. Meaning this pillow will work for many sleepers, but may be best for side and back sleepers. It will be less ideal for stomach sleepers of someone who likes a thinner profile.


helix ultra cool pillow reviewWhen it comes to the materials you may think it is simple. An outer cotton cover and a microfiber fill. However, this pillow has also been upgraded for cleaner, healthier and cooler sleep.

The outer cover uses a soft and breathable 100% cotton shell. But, this cover has added properties for your benefit. Antimicrobial fibers and phase change treatment have been added. Meaning that your cover helps sleep super cool. As well as helps combat allergens, microbes and creates an overall healthier and cleaner surface.

  • Outer fabric: 100% cotton (featuring antimicrobial and phase change treatment)
  • Inside fill: Microfiber down-alternative

Also, this pillow pairs perfectly with the Helix cooling pad. If you love your mattress but would love it to have a cool to the touch feel, this pad is ideal. Made with the same outer fabric of the Ultra-Cool pillow, you’ll be sleeping cool even on the hottest nights. Learn more about this cooling mattress pad at

Value & Price: 

fluffy helix pillowMost pillows with cooling properties are typically quite expensive. And even though the price point of the Ultra-Cool Helix pillow is the highest of the three, it is still a good value for a pillow like this. Not only are you getting a well constructed pillow that sleeps cool and clean. You also get free shipping, 100 night sleep trial to test it out yourself. And a 1 year warranty.

  • Standard Helix Ultra-Cool Pillow: $115
  • King Helix Ultra-Cool Pillow: $129

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Helix Down & Feather Pillow

helix down pillow sideThe Helix Down & Feather is a premium pillow that offers a luxury and plush feel. Featuring a unique 3 chamber design that offers better support than traditional down and feather pillows. As well as an upgraded softer and more comfortable feel. No worries about quills poking you in the face with this pillow. You’ll get the benefits of feather and downs without the downfalls. Making this pillow a serious upgrade.

Comfort & Support: 

The great thing with this Helix pillow is the innovative design. You get the feel and benefits of goose down and feathers, however, the support doesn’t start to sag. Meaning you get overall better comfort and support, especially long term.

helix down & feather pillowThe design of this pillow gives it better quality and longevity than most feather pillows. The inner core of this pillow features a more stable support of feather and down blend that doesn’t squish to the sides. While the outer cores on either side of the pillow use white down to create softness and plushness that conforms for a perfect fit.

The combination of these three layers creates a longer lasting pillow with better support overall. This pillow is a great option for most sleepers too. Since it is lofty enough to work well for side and back sleepers, but also conforming enough to work with occasional stomach sleepers.


helix down & feather pillow materialsThe details of this pillow are evident. From the meticulous and well planned inner and outer core design. To the more closely woven, yet light weight 100% Cotton Cambric fabric that will ensure breathability and airflow. All the way to the German piping along the edges for a stronger seam.

The quality, durability and build of the materials in this pillow create a luxury pillow with traditional qualities. The natural and adaptable benefits of both the inner feather and down blend combine with the outer white down create great airflow for cooler sleep, a balanced compromise of support and plushness that appeals to many. And longer lasting quality with natural materials.

Also, the down and feathers used in this pillow are Responsible Down Standard Certified. Meaning the the welfare of the animals used are safeguarded from any unnecessary harm.

  • Cover: 100% Cotton Cambric, 230 TC
  • Inner Core: 5/95 Feather & Down Blend
  • Outer Cores: White Down (550 Fill Power)

Value & Price: 

helix down and feather detailsWhen it comes to pricing of the Helix Down and Feather pillow you will find it to be a great value. This luxury pillow is a serious upgrade from your traditional down pillow. The price point is actually quite affordable when compared to other pillows that offer similar designs. Making this Down Helix pillow a wonderful value. Especially when you also get a 100 night sleep trial, full 1 year warranty and free shipping.

  • Standard Helix Down & Feather Pillow: $95
  • King Helix Down & Feather Pillow: $110

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Helix Pillows – At A Glance

Each of the Helix Pillows offers great advantages and something for everyone. From adjustability to cooler sleep to a well thought out take on a traditional pillow. Each offers amazing details and great value. We would recommend each of these pillows for so many reasons. A few just below.

helix pillows
  1. 3 Unique Options (Adjustable, Ultra Cool & Down & Feather)
  2. Affordable Price Points ($85 – $129)
  3. Standard & King Size Options
  4. Free Shipping
  5. 100 Night Sleep Trial
  6. 1 Year Limited Warranty

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Helix Pillow Review
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Value

Overall Rating:

The 3 Helix Pillows each offer impressive design, quality and affordability. Making each one unique and appealing in it’s own way. We would highly recommend any of these pillows and know they will last for years of quality sleep.



When it comes to finding affordable luxury pillows Helix Sleep has you covered. With an array of pillow options you’ll find something for everyone. Between the Helix Adaptable pillow that adjusts loft height to accommodate all sleepers. Of the Helix Ultra-Cool pillow that keeps your temperature regulated all night long. Or the luxury and well designed Helix Down & Feather pillow. Each is well made, at a great price and comes from a reputable brand.


Still looking for some more information? Visit Helix at Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!