April 10, 2020

Best Luxury Mattress

luxury bedroom goldWhen it comes to defining luxury mattresses where do you begin? Is it solely based on price? Or is it in the materials? What exactly makes for the best luxury mattress?

To be honest, this may be more subjective than objective, but we are going to do our best to help you find some amazing mattresses that offer premium materials, superior construction and a price that isn’t as shocking as you may think.

What Is A Luxury Mattress?

Is a luxury mattress just another way of saying expensive? Personally, I don’t think it should be. I think a luxurious mattress is based around the feel and experience it gives the sleeper. Anything considered luxurious is by definition “a state of great comfort and extravagant living.” However, with the accessibility of great comfort to online mattresses you don’t necessarily have to spend extravagantly to get luxury anymore.

luxury mattress brentwood HomeBelow we will go through some of the best online bed-in-a-box brands and offer our two cents on what we consider some of the best luxury mattresses that we have tried to date. Some of these beds may be more or less expensive. But all offer amazing materials, great comfort and an elevated experience that makes you feel like a Queen… or a King.

Best Luxury Mattresses 2022:

There are clearly so many great luxury mattress options out there. Below, we are going to go through some of the best online luxury mattress options we have tried to date. These mattresses are all available with the click of a button and will easily arrive right at your door. Giving you luxury at your convenience. Each mattress offers unique qualities and benefits, but all are premium in their own right. Giving you so many amazing luxury online bed-in-a-box mattress options.

Our Sleep Guide’s Favorite Luxury Mattress:

best luxury mattressWhen it comes to choosing just one awesome and luxurious sleeping experience we have been lucky enough to have plenty to choose from. For us the Oceano by Brentwood Home really stands out when it comes to luxury.

In our opinion this is the best luxury online mattress. The level of detail in this mattress not only makes it super comfy, but creates an overall experience that leaves you feeling pampered. It is somewhat reminiscent of an ideal feeling luxury hotel mattress that feels supportive, yet still plush and contouring. The fact that it works great for almost every sleeper is a plus too.

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Best Luxury Mattress Brands

When it comes to having your choice of luxury mattress options there are a few brands that stand out. These brands don’t just offer one premium option, but several. Making their entire brand appeal to any sleeper seeking out a luxury mattress. The great thing about these brands is that you know you will get a quality mattress built with amazing materials from top to bottom. But, you also get a variety of styles, prices and benefits. Below are two luxury online mattress brands that carry an array of awesome luxury mattresses.

  • Brentwood Home

cedar mattress comfortThe brand Brentwood Home focuses on creating a line of handmade mattresses that have the best materials. Allowing each bed to showcase a strategic design that will not only be supportive and comfortable but allow the materials to shine as well. The best part is that this premium brand is still very affordable. With several great mattresses varying in price, feel and build.

The most popular Brentwood Home mattress is the Oceano. A premium hybrid with a luxury hotel like feel and solid build. While their most luxurious bed, the Cedar Natural Luxe takes latex hybrid mattresses to the next level. And for the fickle sleeper out there that can’t decide between memory foam and latex is the Crystal Cove two sided mattress. While the still luxurious Ojai hybrid mattress comes in at an entry level price point. And their memory foam mattress, the Cypress Bamboo all foam mattress is a steal of deal.

Learn more about this amazing mattress brand at BrentwoodHome.com. Also, make sure to use our exclusive coupon code in the link below to get any luxury Brentwood Home mattress at a discount. 

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  • Saatva

saatva vs brooklyn auroraAnother luxury brand that is still very affordable is Saatva. This online mattress brand has perfected the online mattress buying experience. With a variety of mattress styles and options to appeal to all sleepers. Each mattress goes above and beyond to provide quality materials and construction. As well as customer service that goes the extra mile for each shopper. And even including free white glove delivery for a superb experience from start to finish.

With a current line-up of five unique mattresses that each stand out as premium and luxurious. Their classic Saatva mattress is a dual innerspring mattress that offers superior support and durable comfort. While their most popular memory foam mattress, the Loom and Leaf, gives a thick and plush contouring feel. The natural 100% Talalay latex mattress, Zenhaven, will help you sleep cool and healthy. Their newest additions are the Airbed mattress, Solaire. As well as the Saatva HD, an amped up model of the Saatva classic that is built for the heavier person.

Learn more about this luxury mattress brand at Saatva.com. Also, make sure to use the latest coupon found below to get the best price and savings on the Saatva mattresses. 

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Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress

helix luxe dusk best sexA mattress that is both luxurious and offers you a wide selection of options is sometimes hard to come by. However with the Helix Luxe, you not only get one of the most premium hybrid mattresses, but also a thick and well made bed available in 6 ideal feels. Leaving no sleeper without the perfect fit.

This hybrid mattress is a whopping 14″+ thick and uses 6 unique layers to create precision comfort and support. It is hard to believe that a mattress of this quality and thickness can easily show up at your door in a box. But, it can and in only a few days at that.

When you buy your new Helix Luxe mattress you can either choose from the six optimal feels. Or you can take their quick and easy quiz to ensure your choosing the perfect mattress for your desired comfort and support needs. Making not only this mattress a luxury, but the shopping experience fine tuned just for you.

Learn more about the Helix Luxe in our unbiased review. And make sure to take your sleep quiz at HelixSleep.com to find out which premium mattress will having you sleeping sound. 

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Best Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

puffy lux vs casper waveWhen it comes to a memory foam mattress that makes you feel like your sleeping on a cloud the Puffy Lux has you covered. This premium 4 layer memory foam mattress provides amazing pressure relief. It also uses high end foams in every layer to ensure superior support and a heat regulating feel all night long.

By offering a mattress that has thoughtful details from the stain resistant cover to the balancing comfort foams. And responsive yet dense base foam to the lifetime warranty, you’ll get a mattress and experience that is premium in every way. This all foam mattress gives you a weightless like experience that adapts and contours to your every inch. Creating a sleeping experience that is better than sleeping on a cloud.

Learn more about this well designed memory foam mattress in our Puffy Lux Mattress Review. And shop this bed with the latest Puffy coupon found by simply clicking the link below.

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Best Luxury Latex Mattress

brentwood home cedar mattressThe word detailed doesn’t really do the Cedar Natural Luxe mattress justice. The amazing design and construction of this latex hybrid mattress puts it in a league of its own. This Brentwood Home natural and luxurious mattress is truly a premium product in more ways than one.

With its focus on eco-conscious design and green natural and certified organic materials this mattress is as healthy for you as it is the environment. The 15″ super thick build combines layers of organic cotton and wool. Along with precision cut natural Dunlop latex and sturdy steel coils for superior zoned support. Along with adaptable comfort made with every sleeper in mind.

The benefits of this mattress go far beyond the feel. The amazing inherent properties of these layers create a cool and temperature neutral mattress from top to bottom. While the individually pocketed coils create amazing support for sleeping, sitting and everything in between. As well as little to no partner disturbance.

If you want a truly luxurious experience the Cedar Natural Luxe is for you. Learn more in our Mattress Review and shop and save BIG now with our latest Brentwood Home coupon found right below. 

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Best Luxury AirBed Mattress

solaire adjustable aire bed saatvaHow much more luxurious can you get than the new Solaire Airbed by Saatva? This airbed mattress not only offers 100% dual customization, but premium layers of memory foam and latex for a thick, durable and luxury bed for all. With precision support and comfort that can be adjusted incrementally for both sleepers to ensure perfected firmness. With the ease of a remote to simply and quickly make adjustments.

This airbed mattress is not only super luxurious in its own regard, but also stands out against any other airbed mattress competitors. By using premium materials and a sleek and thoughtful design that looks and feels amazing. This mattress is as premium as they come and anyone looking for not only the best luxury mattress, but luxury airbed will love the Solaire by Saatva.

Learn more about this special and unique mattress in our Solaire Adjustable Airbed Review. Also, take advantage of the latest Solaire mattress coupon by following the link below.

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Best Luxury Organic Mattress

best mattresses 2019If you want a certified organic mattress that is not only great for the planet but superb in comfort and support look no further than the Avocado mattress. This mattress has gone through the most stringent of guidelines to ensure each bed is as sustainable and green as possible. Not only is the Avocado mattress healthy, but premium too.

With a luxury latex hybrid mattress build you get premium that is thoughtful too. This mattress is available in a slightly firmer plush top model as well as the more luxurious and thicker pillow top model. Each giving you a combination of superior materials. But, the amped up comfort of the 13″ thick Avocado green mattress really sets it apart when it comes to an opulent experience.

The highlights of this bed go beyond the natural qualities and amazing feel. It also sleeps super cool all night long, taking advantage of the inherent properties of the natural materials to benefit you. As well as offers excellent motion regulation and solid and durable perimeter support. All for a very affordable price. This mattress even takes it’s green efforts a step further by even offering a vegan model.

Learn more about this amazing green and vegan mattress in our detailed Avocado Mattress Review. Also, make sure to follow the link below to use the latest and best Avocado mattress coupon to save on your new luxury bed. 

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Best Cooling Luxury Mattress

best mattress for hot sleepersThere are several great options when it comes to cooling mattresses out there. But the Brooklyn Aurora mattress offers something special that sets it apart in comfort as well as being a cool bed. Literally! With the Aurora hybrid mattress you get a thick and durable coil system that allows for plenty of airflow.

But with the Aurora you’ll also get several layers of comfort infused with cooling properties in every layer. From the gel infused memory foam, to the CopperFlex Foam and  the patented TitanCool cover, you’ll not only be super cool but also get the amazing luxurious feel of this ideally comfortable mattress.

Even though this mattress focuses on staying cool it also is a premium bed with your comfort at the top of its list. With three firmness levels; Soft, Medium & Firm, as well as a solid build, you get a very well rounded mattress that really delivers on luxury all while still being greatly affordable too!

Learn more about the Brooklyn Aurora mattress in our Aurora Mattress Review. Also, make sure to follow the link below to utilize the latest Brooklyn Bedding promotions and savings when buying your new bed!

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Best Affordable Luxury Mattresses

Now who says luxury can’t be affordable? When it comes to finding the most premium mattresses you don’t necessarily have to drop thousands of dollars. Below are two amazing mattresses that are less than $600 in a queen size, and that’s before our coupons too.

  • Allswell Luxe Hybrid

allswell mattresses side of luxe hybridThe Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress offers an amazing 12″ thick hybrid build mattress at a very affordable price point. Combining layers of plush memory foam with a solid coil system you’ll get an ideal feeling medium-firm mattress that won’t leave you mattress poor. And proving that you can upgrade your sleep without spending a small fortune.

This mattress is a solid build that offers just enough comfort to appeal to most every sleeper. The soft Tencel cover emphasizes it’s premium feel. While the support of the coils creates great spinal alignment. The cool thing about this line is not only the affordable mattresses but the luxury curated bedding too. This allows you to not only get a steal of a deal on a wonderful mattress, but also outfit it in luxury bedding too.

Learn more about this fabulous and affordable mattress in our Allswell Luxe Mattress Review. And, get this already well priced mattress for an even better price by using the Allswell coupon link below. 

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  • Brentwood Home Cypress Bamboo Memory Foam

cypress bamboo mattress reviews and bedroomMaybe hybrid mattresses don’t appeal to you? How about a very affordable memory foam mattress that is available in not just one, but two comfort options? Enter stage left the Cypress Bamboo by Brentwood Home. This three layer 11″ or 13″ thick mattress is truly premium and surprisingly enough stays in a strict budget too.

This adaptable and contouring mattress won’t lack in quality. Or premium materials and build. With a reputable brand like Brentwood Home you can expect nothing less than high end bedding and mattresses. Giving you access to a luxury mattress at a very inexpensive price point.

Learn more about the Cypress Bamboo in our Mattress Review. Also, follow the link below to save 15% with our exclusive coupon too.

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Best Luxury Plush Mattress

best luxury plush mattressThere is something very sumptuous with the thought of a mattress that feels like it conforms to you perfectly. You don’t have to think about your mattress conforming to you perfectly with the Oceano, because it does. This Brentwood Home mattress is the epitome of luxury. With details in every layer that makes this plush feeling mattress supportive yet oh so soft.

This mattress features a dual coil system along with a super thick layer of memory foam for a balanced combination. As well as flexible support that moves with you and provides plenty of airflow. With a thick and natural cover that uses organic cotton along with natural temperature regulating wool batting for an even more premium feel.

You’ll find the Oceano by Brentwood Home to be an ideal luxury plush mattress that really checks all the boxes. Giving you a handmade mattress made right in the USA with plenty of benefits. As well as a price tag that is hard to believe.

Learn more about one of our favorite mattresses in our Oceano Mattress Review. Also, make sure that if this mattress is for you that you save more with our exclusive 15% off coupon by simply following the link below.

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Best Luxury Firm Mattress

saatva vs ojaiLuxury doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Sometimes a soft and plush mattress isn’t as appealing to some as a firm and durable mattress is. However, finding a firm mattress that is still luxurious may be a compromise you think isn’t attainable. But, with the Saatva Classic mattress you can have a luxury firm mattress that will give you loads of support and still feel premium.

This online innerspring mattress has a solid reputation with quality, materials and customer service. Allowing you access to a very affordable dual coil system mattress that won’t disappoint if firm is what you crave. Even though this mattress is offered in three varying comfort levels the build really allows for little differentiation among the three options as far as feel.

The softest option isn’t quite as soft as you would expect, and the luxury firm is a true medium-firm feel. Meaning the firm is certainly firm. This mattress is one that you know will hold up for a long time, but it also isn’t a mattress for those looking for a plush or soft feel.

Learn more about classic Saatva in our Saatva Mattress Review. Also, make sure to follow our link for additional savings and Saatva mattress coupons below. 

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Best Luxury Mattress Accessories:

It isn’t just a mattress that can make your bedroom feel more luxurious and comfortable. Sometimes it’s the little things. Like the perfectly contouring pillow or the silkiest sheet set. Maybe all you need is an ideally plush topper to take your mattress to the next level. Below we have a few of the best premium mattress and bedding accessories to enhance your sleep and the feel of your bedroom oasis.

Luxury Mattress Topper

luxury mattress topperWhen it comes to mattress toppers you can quickly and easily change the feel of your mattress. These thick mattress pads tend to help create a softer surface without having to invest in a new mattress. If it’s a luxury mattress topper your looking for Brentwood Home offers a great selection that will fit almost anyone’s needs.

With four unique mattress toppers you’ll find a perfect option to fit your needs. The most popular memory foam mattress topper, the Oceano is a ideally contouring and pressure relieving option. While the natural latex Cedar topper is just a bit more responsive but another great option. Than there is the Salton soft gel foam topper as well as the Tulare firm foam topper. If you are interested in finding the perfect mattress topper, make sure you check out our Best Mattress Toppers page.

Learn more about these awesome mattress toppers at BrentwoodHome.com. And make sure you save on any Brentwood Home product with our exclusive 15% off coupon found in the link below.

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Luxury Mattress Protector

avocado mattress protectorMattress protectors may not seem like a luxurious investment. However, they are great for keeping your mattress clean and stain free. And, though it doesn’t seem like a purchase with a lot of upgrades you might feel differently once you see the Avocado organic cotton mattress pad protector. This quilted pad doesn’t take away from the feel of your mattress. Nor does it produce a noisy or crinkly sound while protecting your mattress. Giving you one of the most luxurious mattress protectors on the market.

Learn more and purchase your new mattress protector and pad now at AvocadoGreenMattress.com.

Luxury Sheets

peacock alley sopranoIf you want a truly premium sheet set, then look no further than the Soprano Sheet Set from Peacock Alley. This bedding accessory company offers a variety of luxury sheets that will give any mattress a truly luxurious feel. You will love the ultra soft sateen finish of the Soprano Sheet Set.

These sheets are dreamy and not only give you an ideal feel but breath nicely for a cool yet cozy feel. Offered in every size and timeless color and pattern options to take your room to the next level. You can even get your sheets finished with your custom monogram embroidered onto your sheets for that added touch of elegance.

Learn more about these sheets in our Soprano Sheet Set Review. Also, get the best price and any discounts at PeacockAlley.com.

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Luxury Pillow

pluto pillow review unzippedIf you are looking for a premium pillow you can’t go wrong with one that allows you to customize it just for you. The Pluto pillow does just that. This awesome pillow allows you to choose between a variety of thicknesses and materials for a truly personal and luxurious experience that results in a perfect product. Making it a great choice for anyone looking for a luxurious pillow to add to their bedroom.

Learn more about the pillow and ordering process in our Pluto Pillow Review. And start to customize yours now at PlutoPillow.com.

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Have questions for us? Or maybe looking for a recommendation? Our Sleep Guide is here to help. Please contact us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.