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Instead of hunting for a pillow that meets all of your needs, try creating a pillow designed for you instead. The Pluto Pillow is completely customizable to work for you and how you sleep. They have an in depth quiz that is created to help you determine what you really need out of a pillow in order to sleep more comfortably. They go over all the details of your stature, sleep position, preferences, and more to determine what style of pillow is going to be the best fit for you. Keep reading to learn more about what makes the Pluto pillow buying experience unique and what you can expect out of the pillows they create.

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Pluto Pillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: Standard or King
  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Latex, Fill, Foam, Silky Cooling Cover & More!
  • 35 Different Variations
  • CertiPUR-US Certified Foam
  • Pluto Pillow Customization Quiz
  • Works Best For: Everyone & All Sleeping Positions
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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Materials & Design:

materials in the pluto pillow While there are over 30 different versions of the Pluto Pillow, there are some similarities in design that most of these pillows will fall under. This is a hybrid design that features a cover material, then a contouring fill pillow section that unzips to reveal an internal core.

The core of the pillow will provide the majority of the support, firmness, and loft to the pillow. Some core sections will be thicker than others and some will be more firm while others will be more contouring. Typically these core sections are going to be made out of either a latex or foam.

Next is the outer fill portion of the pillow, this is what gives your pillow a more contouring comfort that is traditional for a Pluto Pillow. If you opt for an option with fill, then this portion of the pillow is going to be what features the traditional down-alternative type fluffy feeling to your pillow. Depending on your preferences this may be a rather lofty or thin size. This section of the pillow features a zipper and is connected to the cover material of the pillow. This section can be machine washed while the core cannot. We will get further into care instructions later in the review.

Finally there is the cover portion of your pillow. Some of the cover materials will be quilted while others are smooth. If you note in your questionnaire that you struggle sleeping hot, they have a specialty cover to help you stay cool. While other’s may have a fluffy quilted cover made with a different material. Each Pluto Pillow will look and feel slightly different, which means a few changes can significantly affect your comfort level.

Pluto Pillow Latest Savings

Is The Pluto Pillow Comfortable?

will i like the pluto pillow?

The Pluto Pillow is all about creating a pillow that is going to be comfortable for you and how you sleep. This is different than most shopping experiences where you are looking into a specific pillow design to see whether or not it will work for you. The pillows from Pluto are all created based off of what they learn about you and how you sleep from the Pluto Pillow Survey. Your pillow builder will choose a design out of the 35 different versions that they create that will work for you.

It is this process is that allows Pluto to make a customized pillow that will work for you and how to sleep in order to make a pillow specifically comfortable for you. So are these comfortable pillows? Yes, honestly it is difficult not to have a comfortable Pluto Pillow when they have so many different options that will work for many different kinds of sleepers. The easiest way to go wrong is to not know your own preferences or how you like to sleep. However, even if your first try with Pluto does not work out, you get a 100-day trial period to test out your new pillow. If it is not your ideal pillow, then you can return it within the trial period for a refund and try again.

Care Instructions:

pluto pillow layers wash care instructions

When it comes to ensuring your pillow will remain comfortable for a very long time, it is important that you take good care of it. The first and best way to do so is to always use a pillow case that you change or clean regularly. This will help prevent build up of sweat, skin cells, dust, allergens. This will be true for just about every pillow you ever use. However, some pillows are easier to keep clean than others.

We are happy to report that the pillows from Pluto are very easy to take care of and keep clean. The exterior portion of the pillow is machine washable. However, the internal foam core section should not be submerged in water and is not machine washable. Pluto suggests unzipping your pillow and removing the internal core foam. The external portion of the pillow however is safe to machine wash. They recommend washing on a cold delicate cycle and only use gentle detergent. If you prefer to use bleach, be sure it is chlorine free.

To dry, simply tumble dry on low heat. Again, try to avoid high heat as this could potentially damage the pillow. Pluto recommends going through this cleaning process every 2-3 months or whenever your pillow could use a cleaning boost. Otherwise simply fluff up your pillow every few days to maintain the fluffy feel you love and enjoy.

Pluto Pillow Value:

the the pluto pillow worth it? does it work? Whenever we look into rating the value for your money with a product, we always weigh the quality and comfort of the item you are getting compared to the price you are having to pay. We also compare it to the price we see for other similar quality products on the market. Most of the designer pillows that we review will average over $100 per pillow. Which means that the Pluto Pillows are on average for price if not slightly below, making them already a good deal.

However, this does not take into consideration that you are truly getting a customized pillow that is picked out to suite your specific comfort needs. We believe that this is a premium shopping experience that helps you to get a pillow that will truly work for you and how you sleep. Making the price tag on these pillows an even better deal. Keep in mind that you also get a 1-year limited warranty as well as 100-day trial period to really test out your pillow and make sure it is the right fit for you. Click the button below for latest pricing and promotions.

Standard: $95

King: $115

Pluto Pillow Latest Savings

What To Expect From The Pluto Pillow Questionnaire:

review over the pluto pillow quizWhen you visit the Pluto Pillow website you will not find the standard item offerings to add to your cart. Instead, you will find a survey that is detailed but not too long or overwhelming to fill out. They ask a number of core questions that help them determine what type of pillow will best serve your needs. Keep reading to get a better perspective on what to expect and how these questions help determine you pillow design.

The Pluto Pillow questionnaire is quick, easy, and thorough. It touches on all of the main factors that will change what type of pillow is going to provide you and how you sleep with the best comfort possible. Once you have finished the questionnaire there will be a pillow picker will select a style for you that you can review and then order. You may receive an email to get further information on your preferences before a final selection is made. Overall this system is easy and efficient with helping you get that just right feel from your pillow.

Pluto Pillow Latest Savings

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Pluto Pillow Review – Overall:

At the end of the day all we really want from a pillow is a great night’s sleep, followed by pain free mornings. The right pillow can make a huge difference in how you sleep and prevent aches and pains caused by sleeping with a pillow that does not work for you and how you sleep. Overall we really love the concept of custom pillows from Pluto. The designs are also great in that out of the 35 different design options, we are confident that there will be a pillow from Pluto that will be a comfortable fit for you.

are the custom pillows from pluto comfortable?

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