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Accessory Review Pluto Pillow Review

pluto custom pillow review

Today we are looking into a company that makes pillows a bit differently, Pluto Pillow. Pluto has a unique pillow survey that asks a handful of different questions to determine which foam core, plush fiber fill, and finishing cover case they choose to combine in order to create a custom pillow just for you. With all of the different materials they have there are 35 different variations that can be made. That is a lot of different pillows!

We will be writing this pillow review a bit differently than we would for the rest as we have not personally gotten to try all 35 different variations of the Pluto Pillow. Keep reading to learn more about the Pluto Pillow process, and how they determine which pillow is right for you.

How Pluto Pillow Survey Works:

When you visit the Pluto Pillow website you will not find the standard item offerings to add to your cart. Instead, you will find a survey that is detailed but not too long or overwhelming to fill out. They ask a number of core questions that help them determine what type of pillow will best serve your needs. Keep reading to get a better perspective on what to expect and how these questions help determine you pillow design.

Questions About You:

pluto pillow review Pluto asks several questions about you first. Your age, height, weight, etc. While these may seem like strange questions for a pillow company to ask, they can in fact change some of the aspects of the pillow they suggest for you to have. For instance, if you have a smaller overall frame, Pluto will likely create a standard size pillow over a King size as it will be a better fit to cradle your head and neck properly.

Questions About Your Current Pillow:

In order to get a good feel for what you will like from a pillow, they need to know what isn’t working for you currently. (That is, if you dislike your current pillow. They ask this question as well.) So they will ask what materials your pillow is made out of as well as how lofty it is, and the firmness of your pillow. Then they will ask how satisfied you are and if not, what makes you unsatisfied with your current pillow style. All of these answers will help them determine what you like, dislike, and need out of a pillow in order to be comfortable.

Questions About Your Preferences:

pluto pillow coupons Next, they will ask you what you are looking for with your next pillow (these questions can be mixed in with the last batch). They ask about firmness, loft, what you like a cool sleeping pillow, or if you want a quilted cover or not. The questionnaire may vary slightly depending on the answers you give as well.

One question you will likely run into is whether you would prefer a Plushy & Melt-in feel or a Settled & Supported feel. We would phrase this slightly differently plush & melty meaning you like to sink into your pillow or settled and supported meaning you like a bit of give while remaining more on top of your pillow.

Personal Requests or Comments:

reviewing the pluto pillows There is an empty optional section that you are free to leave any specific details or comments you would like. This is great for anyone who has very specific needs from their pillow or specialized notes that need to be made that the questionnaire did not cover. Perhaps you have had a surgery recently or an allergy worth mentioning. This would be the perfect section to right that down.

Your Custom Pillow!

At the end of your survey, there will be a placeholder pillow that will be added to your cart. You can make your purchase right then and there. Keep in mind that you will be sent a mock up of the pillow they have created for you, however it is not immediate. Pluto will asses your survey in detail and determine whether you

pluto pillow shipping and delivery review

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Materials & Construction:

materials in the pluto pillow Each Pluto Pillow has the same basic hybrid design. They choose a core foam piece which provides support, and a cushioned outer pillow that provides cool plush cushioning aspect of the pillow. There are also several different outer cases from an extra cooling case, cotton case, and a soft quilted case.

Core – The middle insert of the Pluto hybrid pillow is made out of a foam. Depending on your preferences, this foam varies in thickness as well as ranging in different densities. All of the different foams used to create the custom Pluto Pillows is certified by CertiPUR-US as being safe and free of any toxic chemicals.

Fill – There are several different types of fill that Pluto uses in their pillows. Some of which are fluffier, while others are sleek and silky. They use the different fibers to create different feels for their pillows. So, if you want a fluffy pillow you can sink into or a supportive pillow, they have the right fill for you.

Cover – The hybrid style covers are attached to pockets holding onto the fluffy fill portion of the pillow. Every Pluto Pillow cover comes with a zipper for the foam and be removed so you can wash the cover. There are several different cover styles. The classic cotton, extra cooling, and a quilted cover to suite your needs/preferences.

Pluto Pillow’s Custom Comfort:

will i like the pluto pillow? Pluto uses their survey to determine several key elements needed in order to make the best comfort for you. The answers you give these questions will lead them to choose a different core, fill, and cover in order to create your personalized Pluto Pillow.

Which means there is going to be a great Pluto Pillow for just about everyone. Whether you sleep on your stomach and prefer a firm and flat pillow, or you sleep on your side and love a fluffy soft pillow there is a pillow that will suite all of your needs.

We found the that hybrid style to these pillows does a great job at supplying a good balance of contouring plushness and support no matter what your personal preferences are.

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Care Instructions:

pluto pillow layers wash care instructions

Knowing how to properly care for your pillow can lengthen the life of your pillow. We are happy to let you know that the Pluto pillow is machine washable! You just need to make sure you follow the care instructions from Pluto.

First step is to unzip your cover and remove the foam core section. The core is not machine washable. Then put your cushioned cover into the washer on a cold cycle. Be sure to use only gentle detergents that are non-chlorinated and bleach free. To dry Pluto suggests tumble drying on low heat with dryer balls (or clean tennis balls) to keep your pillow nice and fluffy. They recommend going through this washing process every 3-6 months.

Pluto Pillow – Value:

the the pluto pillow worth it? does it work? For a designer custom pillow, these prices are fantastic. Your purchase of a Pluto Pillow comes with free shipping and a 100 Night Trial Period.

If you end up not falling in love with your pillow you can send it back. If your pillow needs an adjustment or you would like to try a different variation of the Pluto Pillow their customer service is fantastic and they would love to help.

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Standard: $85
King: $105

Pluto Pillow Review – Overall: 

If you like the general hybrid design of the Pluto Pillow then you are bound the find the right pillow for you. Which we honestly think the mass majority of people will be able to find a Pluto Pillow that they will love.

The hybrid design is very well liked and allows for a good amount of support while also allowing for a classic fluffy pillow feel. Varying in size, fluffiness, support, loft size, and overall feel, it is no wonder why there are over 30 different variations of the Pluto Pillow. It is a great price and worth giving a try. Be sure to click our link below for the latest deals to get the best price on your pillow.

pluto pillow review how it works

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