April 11, 2020

Best Mattress on Amazon

mattress shopping amazonWith an array of options it might be difficult to narrow down what the overall best mattress on Amazon is. However, with so many options and so many sleeping needs we can certainly find the best mattresses on Amazon in specific categories. Below we will be going through several online mattress options that can all be purchased directly through Amazon or Amazon Prime. Making them convenient to get and many very affordable as well.

Why Buy A Mattress On Amazon?

Buying a mattress on Amazon can be as easy clicking a few buttons and having it dropped off in a matter of days. Utilizing Amazon Prime can be even easier for free 2-day delivery options. They also have a wide selection, a variety of prices and some great name brands to choose from. They also have a plethora of reviews for almost all beds giving more real insight before you buy.

Why Not To Buy A Mattress On Amazon?

Though there is convenience, affordability and plenty of options there are also drawbacks to ordering a mattress on Amazon.

leesa vs tuft and needleFirst and foremost, though you will find many popular brands available on Amazon that doesn’t mean you get the trial period, warranty or free returns you would get if you went directly through the company.

For instance, if you really want a Casper, buy at Casper.com. If you really want a Tuft & Needle, buy at TuftandNeedle.com. That way you know that the trial period, warranty and free returns will be honored. Otherwise when you buy through Amazon it might not be.

Another drawback with Amazon is the availability of certain options. Let’s say you figured out the perfect mattress and you go to purchase it. However, they only have it in a Twin and Cal King size. Total bummer, but sometimes a common problem with inventory on Amazon.

Also, many Amazon mattress brands aren’t run though their Prime program. Meaning you may have to pay for shipping or potentially wait for several weeks before getting your mattress.

How to Find the Best Mattress on Amazon:

3 stepsNow if you decide that Amazon is the way to go when buying a new mattress, great! Now it comes to finding the right bed. If you were to pull Amazon up on your computer, tablet or phone and type in the word “mattress” it will return over 60,000 results. Luckily you have a several filters on the left of the screen to hone in on what you really want. Though there are plenty of categories to help you narrow your search if you don’t know what you want you will still be looking to scroll through a couple hundred mattress options.

Below is my recommendation on what order to use the filter tool to help you find your best mattress on Amazon quick and easy:

  • Filter #1 – “Average Customer Review”

amazon 5 star ratingPersonally I would start with the most obvious filter and eliminate any options that aren’t at least 4 stars ratings and up. This is going to hopefully help eliminate any notoriously less desirable beds. However, if you want to broaden your search, maybe keep it at 3 stars and up, but I wouldn’t recommend going below that.

  • Filter #2 – “Mattress Type”

Next, I would filter the style or mattress type you want. This is the build and construction of the mattress as well as materials that you may want too. This filter gives you the choice of hybrid, innerspring, gel foam, memory foam and latex. If you know what kind of style you want, this is the best secondary filter.

hybrid vs memory foam mattress

However, I did notice that with this filter there will be some overlap and mattresses that might be incorrectly labeled. So just make sure that you read the full description of the mattress before purchasing to ensure it has what you need and want.

  • Filter #3 – “Price”

Mattress PricePrice would be my next recommendation for filtering. Though if you aren’t sure of the style you want, this could also be second. This will help you really focus on what is available in your budget. It also will help keep you on track and not let you get distracted by options outside of your set price point.

  • Filter #4 – “Mattress Firmness”

After price, the next thing I would choose is feel or mattress firmness. If you know that you like a certain firmness or comfort level, than this will really help you narrow down to a specific options.

soft and firmA quick recommendation for the best mattresses for your sleeping styles. If you are a dominate side sleeper choosing an option that is more medium to plush is best. If you are a back sleeper, choosing something between medium and firm will be better. And stomach sleepers should opt for medium-firm to firm choices.

If you share the mattress with a partner who has different preferences or you sleep in all positions a mattress that is medium to medium-firm will be the best choice. And lastly, if you are a large person you should look for mattresses that are more medium-firm.

  • There are a few more filters beyond these 4. But unless you know a specific brand name you want or have needs, like a thinner bed necessary for a trundle bed or bunk beds, it is probably not going to help you much.

Amazon Best Mattresses:

For the sake of finding the best mattresses on Amazon I started by choosing only “4 star and up” reviewed beds. This will bring the selection down to about 20,000 choices. From there I focused on style or mattress type. This leaves me five categories; hybrid, memory foam, latex, innerspring and gel foam.

From this selection I am choosing the two options that are recommended by Amazon’s Choice and the Best Seller. Between the ratings and number of reviews these mattresses would be considered the Amazon best mattresses.

Below are what I found for Amazon’s Best Seller and Amazon’s Choice for each mattress style:

  • best memory foam mattress amazonAmazon’s Choice – Gel Foam Mattress:
    • Classics Brands 12″ Cool Gel & Ventilated Memory Foam
    • Medium Feel | 3 Layer All Foam Bed
    • 4.3 / 5 stars |1,510 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best gel foam mattress amazonAmazon Best Seller – Gel Foam Mattress:
    • LUCID 10″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress
    • Medium Feel | 2 Layer All Foam Bed
    • 4. / 5 stars | 7,353 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best hybrid mattress amazonAmazon’s Choice – Hybrid Mattress:
    • NEW! Nest Bedding Flip 2-Sided Hybrid Mattress
    • Medium & Firm Feel | 4 Layer Hybrid Bed
    • 4.9 / 5 stars |  8 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best hyrbid mattress amazonAmazon Best Seller – Hybrid Mattress:
    • Linenspa 8″ or 10″ Memory Foam & Innerspring Mattress
    • Medium to Medium-Firm Feel | 3 Layer Hybrid Bed
    • 4.4 / 5 stars | 7,835 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best innerspring mattress amazonAmazon’s Choice – Innerspring Mattress:
    • Olee Sleep 13″ Gel Infused Euro Box Innerspring Mattress
    • Firm Feel | Hybrid Construction
    • 4.2 / 5 stars | 1,752 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best innerspring mattress amazonAmazon Best Seller – Innerspring Mattress:
    • Signature Sleep 8″, 10″ or 12″ Contour Innerspring Mattress
    • Medium to Firm Feel | Hybrid Construction
    • 4.3 / 5 stars | 9,085 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best latex mattress amazonAmazon’s Choice – Latex Mattress:
    • Pure Green 9″ Natural Latex Mattress
    • Firm Feel | 3 Layer Foam Bed
    • 4.3 / 5 stars | 61 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best latex mattress amazonAmazon Best Seller – Latex Mattress:
    • LUCID 12″ Latex Hybrid Mattress & Adjustable Base
    • Medium-Firm Feel | 5 Layer Hybrid Bed
    • 4.7 / 5 stars | 534 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best memory foam mattress amazonAmazon’s Choice – Memory Foam Mattress:
    • Sleep Master 8″, 10″ or 12″ Cloud Memory Foam Mattress
    • Plush to Medium-Firm Feel | 4 Layer All Foam Bed
    • 4.0 / 5 stars | 6,004 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best mattress amazonAmazon Best Seller – Memory Foam Mattress:
    • Signature Sleep Memoir 6″, 8″, 10″ or 12″ Memory Foam Mattress
    • Plush to Firm Feel | 2 Layer All Foam Bed
    • 4.1 / 5 stars | 9,348 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
Best Mattress for Side Sleepers:

When it comes to the best mattresses for side sleepers there are a few things to look for. Something that is soft enough yet supportive is key. Also, having a transition layer between the top comfort foam and core layer is necessary for deep comfort and relieving pressure.

As far as build goes, it is really up to your preference, as long as you feel supported yet comfortable. Personally I would recommend a medium feel that borders a bit on medium-soft or plush. A mattress only gets softer, so having something too soft from the beginning won’t work long term.

When it comes to the best mattress on Amazon for side sleeping I would recommend the following:

  • best amazon mattress side sleepersBest All Foam Mattress:
    • Olee Sleep 10″ Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress
    • Plush Feel | 3 Layer All Foam Build
    • 4.4 / 5 stars | 2,136 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best mattress amazon side sleepersBest Hybrid Mattress:
    • Signature Sleep 13″ Hybrid Mattress
    • Plush Feel | 6 Layer Hybrid Build
    • 4.4 / 5 stars | 1,625 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
Best Mattress for Big People:

heavier person sleepingWhen it comes to finding the best mattress for large people on Amazon there are certain qualities to keep in mind. While the average weight of Americans has increased over the years this means that there are more and more sleepers that are heavier. And thus putting a bit more wear and tear on their beds.

Finding a mattress that is more substantial in materials and build is your best bet for getting years of quality rest. While Amazon has much fewer options for online mattresses that accommodate this area, there are a few that will work. When looking for a good mattress for overweight sleepers a thicker bed that is also on the medium to medium-firm side will be best.

When it comes to the Best Mattress for larger people on Amazon I recommend the following:

  • best mattress for large peopleBest All Foam Mattress:
    • Serta iComfort Blue Max 1000 Firm
    • Firm Feel | 5 Layer All Foam Build
    • 4.1 / 5 stars | 8 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best mattress for big peopleBest Hybrid Mattress:
    • Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Performance Kelburn 13″ Hybrid Mattress
    • Medium-Firm Feel | 4 Layer Hybrid Build
    • 4.1 / 5 stars | 15 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
Best Mattresses for Couples:

best mattress for couplesIf you share a mattress and don’t share the same preferences in feel or firmness you may have some difficulties deciding which mattress is best. If you are looking for the best mattress on Amazon for couples I would suggest looking for a medium to medium-firm feel. This level of comfort is most adaptable. Making it the best feel for all sleepers, even if you may have different needs.

Another option is if you have the room, getting two Twin XL mattresses that are the same thickness but offer different firmness levels. Or even different mattress materials all together. Many people don’t realize that a pair of Twin XL mattresses create a King size mattress. Meaning you can use a King size frame and King size bedding. This allows couples to get exactly what they want and still be in the same bed in a sense. Making your choices far more abundant and no compromising or meeting in the middle.

However, this luxury isn’t possible with a Queen size. So for those of you who share a queen size or want a king size mattress,, I would take a look at the following Amazon mattress options:

  • best mattress amazon couplesBest All Foam Mattress:
    • Signature Sleep 12″ Flex Charcoal Gel Memory Foam Mattress
    • Medium Feel | 4 Layer Foam Build
    • 4.1 / 5 stars | 9,350 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best amazon mattress for couplesBest Hybrid Mattress:
    • Classic Brands Mercer 12″ Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress
    • Cushion-Firm Feel | 4 Layer Hybrid Build
    • 4.4 / 5 stars | 705 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
Best Firm Mattress:

sleeping on the floorFirm mattresses are great for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Giving you plenty of support and a solid feel that will last for years. They are also great mattresses for anyone who sleeps warmer too. By allowing you to never sink into the bed you get plenty of airflow and minimize heat retention. If you enjoy a hard sleeping surface, than a firm mattress will be your friend.

When looking for the best firm mattresses on Amazon they make it easy by quickly using a filter to narrow down the top choices for firm beds. A few brands offer various feels, giving you the option of getting a firmer feel. While others are solely firm mattresses only. Whether you opt for all foam or innerspring, you will find plenty of good firm mattress options.

  • best firm mattress amazonBest Firm All Foam Mattress:
    • LUCID 10″ Latex Foam Mattress
    • Firm Feel | 2 Layer Foam Build
    • 4.0 / 5 stars | 7,359 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best firm mattress amazonBest Firm Hybrid Mattress:
    • Zinus Sleep Master by iCoil 10″ or 12″ Spring Support Plus Mattress
    • Firm Feel | 4 Layer Hybrid Build
    • 4.3 / 5 stars | 1,467 Reviews
    • BUY HERE

Learn how a firm mattress will benefit your sleep. As well as find all our recommendations for firm mattresses in one place. Just head over to our Best Firm Mattress page and we will guide you to the best hard mattress options out there. 

Buying A Mattress On A Budget:

best mattresses on a budgetWhen looking for a new mattress more than likely your budget will influence your choices. Depending on your available cash flow you may have an abundance or mattress options, or maybe only a few. Regardless, knowing what the best mattress on a budget is will help you see the value in spending more or less.

For the below section we will be focusing on what Queen size mattress you can find in the designate price points. Clearly, Twin and Full size mattresses are less expensive. While King and Cal King options tend to be more. Because a Queen mattress is the most popular size it makes the most sense to focus on what the best mattresses are in that size under $1000, $800, $600, $400 and even $200. Allowing you to find a great bed that you can afford.

Best Mattress Under $1000:

best mattresses 2017A thousand dollars is a healthy budget for a mattress. Many online brands will come in under this price. Making them appealing to a larger audience. Though many of these options can be found on Amazon, I would highly recommend buying directly from the brand. Amazon isn’t really the best platform for buying a mattress that tends to be above the $600 price point. At least at this time.

If you want the best online mattress I would look at our Best Mattress page. This list has some of the top beds out there. Plenty that even come in under the $1000 price point. Giving you easy access to several top rated mattresses and our personal favorites and recommendations.

Best Mattress Under $800:

budget button on keyboardSimilar to the thousand dollar price point, eight hundred is quite substantial for ensuring a great mattress. Again you will probably be better off buying from an established online mattress brand instead. Though several well known mattress brands are featured in this price point on Amazon it is better to buy direct. This way you are guaranteed the best customer service, access to trial periods and warranties that these online bed-in-a-box brands provide.

Otherwise you may not get the same service through Amazon. And, if your spending more than $600 on a mattress you want to make sure that you like it. And not being able to have easy and free returns could take away from your experience. We suggest that if you are looking to get the best mattress on a budget to look just there. We feature several mattresses that are at a great price and have a popular mattress name behind them. Find these beds on our Best Affordable Mattress page.

Best Amazon Mattress Under $600:

Once you start to get the $500 to $600 price range you will be getting a solid bed. But may be sacrificing some of the bells and whistles that are afforded with a higher budget. Though it should still be supportive and comfortable, the durability and more premium materials will be rare finds. However, that is why Amazon is one of the best places to find affordable mattresses. You can see below that for less than $600, even mattresses under $500, still provide a thick and well made sleeping surface.

  • best memory foam mattress AmazonBest Mattress Under $600 – Memory Foam:
    • Sweetnight 12″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress
    • Medium-Firm | 3 Layer All Foam Build
    • 4.4 / 5 stars | 269 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • Best Hybrid Mattress AmazonBest Mattress Under $600 – Hybrid:
    • LUCID 12″ Hybrid with Bamboo, Charcoal and Aloe Infusion
    • Medium Plush | 4 Layer Hybrid Build
    • 4.4 / 5 stars | 901 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
Best Amazon Mattress Under $400:

When looking for a mattress less than $400 Amazon will be a great asset to you. This price range will allow you to have several good options that aren’t going to cost you a ton. This is where some of the more popular Amazon mattress brands will play a role. You will find brands like Zinus and Lucid pop up quite a bit. As well as a few other bed-in-a-box options that will range from $300 to $400.

  • best memory foam $400Best Mattress Under $400 – Memory Foam:
    • Zinus 12″ Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress
    • Plush Feel | 4 Layer All Foam Build
    • 4.1 / 5 stars | 24,585 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
  • best hybrid under $400Best Mattress Under $400 – Hybrid:
    • Zinus 12″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress
    • Medium Feel | 6 Layer Hybrid Build
    • 4.3 / 5 stars | 664 Reviews
    • BUY HERE
Best Amazon Mattress Under $200:

Trying to get a queen size mattress for less than $200 is possible. However, the quality, durability and feel may lack a bit. But, finding a mattress on Amazon or similar online distributor will make it easier.

  • best foam under $200Best Mattress Under $200
    • Zinus 8″ Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress
    • Firm Feel | 3 Layer All Foam Build
    • 4.1 / 5 stars | 25,585 Reviews
    • BUY HERE

Personally, a mattress that is less than $200 won’t provide a decent sleeping surface. Especially in a Queen size. You really don’t want to set your budget too low or you may be compromising your health, sleep and overall well being.

Top 10 Mattresses on Amazon

When it comes to the overall best mattress on Amazon it is hard to choose just one. With so many brands and options there is almost something for every sleeper. Our list of Amazon’s best mattresses is a combination of customer ratings and reviews, price and materials. This combination will allow us to give the best recommendations if you plan to buy your new mattress on Amazon.

  1. Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress – 6″, 8″, 10″ or 12″ Available | BUY HERE
  2. Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress – 6″, 8″, 10″ or 12″ Available | BUY HERE
  3. LUCID 10″ Latex Foam Firm Mattress or Plush & Medium Memory Foam Mattress | BUY HERE
  4. Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress – 8″ or 10″ Available | BUY HERE
  5. Signature Sleep Flex Charcoal Gel Memory Foam Mattress | BUY HERE
  6. Classic Brands Mercer 12″ Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress | BUY HERE
  7. Olee Sleep 10″ Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress | BUY HERE
  8. Signature Sleep 13″ Hybrid Mattress | BUY HERE
  9. Sleep Master Cloud Memory Foam Mattress – 8″, 10″ or 12″ Available | BUY HERE
  10. Classic Brands 12″ Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress | BUY HERE

Tips on How To Buy A Mattress On Amazon:

When it comes to finding the best mattress you may find that Amazon has all you need. However, from our experience we have tried several other awesome brands that really check the boxes. Make sure you check out what else is out there too. Especially from our Mattress Reviews. We have tired over 100 mattresses and can help you find some great choices.

Also, have questions or need some extra help? Contact Us and we would be happy to help you on your mattress buying journey!