January 18, 2020

Best Firm Mattress

best firm mattressWhen it comes to the best firm mattress out there you will be surprised that there may not be as much to sift through as you’d think. Being good in making your search much easier. As well as mine in finding the best firm mattresses for you!

Below are several great firm beds that will give you a variety of style and price. Allowing you to quickly select the most ideal choice.

Why Get A Firm Mattress?

If you are a dominate back or stomach sleeper, firm is best. Though something a tad softer will be more ideal for side sleepers, the rest of you may want to lean towards a firm mattress, or at least a more medium-firm mattress. The benefits of a firm mattress provide more ideal sleeping posture for better rest and overall enhanced sleep.

Not only are the benefits ample, which you can see below. But also the longevity you can expect form a firm mattress too. Mattresses only get softer over time, so having a firm mattress means that your mattress should last longer than a soft mattress. Firm mattresses also offer less thick and less durable layers of foam, so they won’t break down as quickly or easily. Making your investment last longer.

Firm Mattress Benefits:

best firm mattressSo why would anyone get a firm mattress? Isn’t it hard and uncomfortable? Maybe to some, but there are several others who know there are plenty of benefits of a firm mattress.

Or, they may just prefer the firmer and more resilient feel of a firmer bed. Whatever the reason, it is good to know what you may be missing if you are sleeping on a soft mattress.

  • Superior Support – You can never have too much support, well maybe you can. But you certainly can have too little.
  • Proper Spinal Alignment – Support means better sleeping posture and spinal alignment.
  • Even Weight Distribution – A firmer feel makes for a more even feel that will distribute your weight evenly on the bed.
  • Deeper Sleep – All of these make for better relaxation and less stress on your body, which equates to deeper sleep.
  • Improved Health – Making your overall mental and physical health better.

Best Mattress For Back Pain:

plank by brooklyn bedding mattressWell, what could be better for back pain than support? Not much, especially if you sleep on your back. Which is the recommended sleeping position regardless of if you suffer from back pain or not.

As you read from the benefits a firmer mattress offers above it is clear why it would be a good choice for back pain. Clearly back pain can be caused by several issues. However, sleeping with back pain can be relieved in many instances with a firmer feeling bed.

When it comes to recommending the best mattress for back pain I would lean towards the Plank by Brooklyn Bedding. This all foam bed offers two sides to choose from, firm and extra firm. Meaning you will get the option of just how firm you would like it.

The biggest appeal to this mattress is the fact that it is an all foam build that is not super thick. This is a really nice if you want to utilize an adjustable base.

Having a mattress that isn’t super thick will sit at a more appealing height on the adjustable bed. And the fact that you don’t have to worry about any coils when adjusting the mattress up and down on the frame makes it a little more pliable and easy on the mattress.

Learn more about the Brooklyn Plank Firm Mattress in our Review. Or check it out firsthand at PlankMattress.com.

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Best Firm Mattress For Couples:

helix mattress reviewWhether you both want a firm mattress, or just one of you likes a firm feel, the best option is going to be the Helix Sleep original mattress.

The Helix mattress is available in 9 comfort options. 2 of which are firmer feeling beds. And 2 mattresses that are specialty beds just for couples that offer one side that is firmer and one side that is softer.

This makes the most perfect and best firm mattress for couples. By giving you several options that will work perfectly for both sleepers, and not just one. Nor compromising and both feeling like you aren’t getting what you want.

Regardless of which feel or option you choose you will have a solid and well made hybrid bed with the Helix mattress. Offering layers of foam over a coil system for amazing sleeping benefits.

Learn more about our experience on the Helix mattress on our Review. Also, make sure you take the Helix Sleep Quiz or check out the latest sale at HelixSleep.com.

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Best Firm Mattress For Large People:

When it comes to a firmer and even more supportive mattress for a big people there are a few out there. Most times a larger person will have a slightly softer feel opposed to an average size person when lying on a mattress.

So getting a mattress that is firm enough for added weight will bring the options down to a few more specific mattress brands and styles.

The best firm mattress for big people would have to be the Winkbeds Plus hybrid mattress. This mattress is not only super thick, durable and very well made, but is extra supportive specifically for an overweight sleeper.

On top of that the Winkbed Plus has extra edge, a reinforced perimeter making the mattress extra strong. The price of this bed is appealing as well. Giving you a firm yet comfortable, supportive bed that won’t bust the budget either.

Learn more in our in-depth Winkbeds Mattress Review. Also, save BIG on the Winkbed Plus Mattress now at WinkBeds.com.

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Best Firm Memory Foam Mattress:

loom and leaf vs laylaMemory foam mattresses are one of the most sought out mattress types. Especially for online mattress shoppers. Offering layers of foam that contour and mold to your body. All while giving solid base foam for plenty of support.

Clearly, some memory foam mattress brands are better than others. Loom and Leaf being one of the perfected options that will not disappoint.

This thick and amazingly made 12 inch mattress is offered in two firmness levels, luxury firm and firm. Giving you a truly firm all foam mattress that is still luxurious and nothing short of premium. The price is affordable and the benefits are hard to beat. Making this memory foam bed one of the best firm all foam mattress you will find.

Learn more about the Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress in our Review. Also, check out all this mattress has to offer and get free White Glove Delivery at LoomandLeaf.com.

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Best Firm Hybrid Mattress:

luft hybrid mattress reviewHybrid mattresses are great at ensuring plenty of support. Pair a coil system with a more robust, dense comfort foam layer and you’ve got the best firm hybrid bed. Luuf Beds has done just this. By using their thick gauged steel coil system with a dense yet contouring comfort foam they have made a firm hybrid mattress that will last for years.

The LuuF “Firm Sleeper” hybrid bed will check all the boxes for anyone who likes a true firm feeling mattress. Not only is the feel great, the layers minimize partner disturbance, sleep cool and have one of the most solid perimeters we have tired.

The craziest thing is the price of this bed. The American crafted Luuf Beds hybrid mattress comes in at one of the most affordable price points, especially for a mattress this thick and durable. Not only making it one of our favorites for firm mattresses, but hybrids in general.

Read the full review of the thick and durable Luuf Hybrid mattress in our in-depth Review. Also, get the latest discount on this amazing and comfortable firm hybrid mattress at LuufBeds.com.

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Best Firm Innerspring Mattress:

saatva vs alexander hybridWhen it comes to support how can you pass up a firm mattress that uses coils upon coils? The Saatva mattress is one of the most solid and sound mattresses you’ll be able to find.

The construction is so heavy duty that this mattress can’t be packed into a box. Instead it is hand delivered to your room, and for free!

Though this mattress comes in three comfort levels the firmest is VERY firm and if you like a hard mattress, you’ve found it. Even the soft mattress option by Saatva has had a reputation of being just a bit too firm.

So if you want a solid feel with just a bit of plushness, we recommend the luxury firm option. Whichever Saatva bed you go with the support is ample and will outlast the extended warranty.

The dual support of the Saatva Mattress will certainly be the best firm mattress offered for innerspring mattresses. Read our full Review and also shop the Saatva bed at Saatva.com.

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Best Firm Natural Mattress:

spindle mattress reviewThe Spindle mattress not only gives you the most natural mattress but also the firmest all latex foam bed too. This three layer all Dunlop latex mattress comes in four comfort options, with Extra Firm Spindle being the firmest natural mattress out there.

This bed is super durable and will last for years and years with little to no change in the density and feel. Giving you a solid bed that you won’t need to replace for a long time.

The durable and resilient Dunlop latex is offset with just enough plushness from the organic cotton cover with natural wool batting. Making a bed completely free of manmade materials. And a premium product that gets top marks for sleeping cool and quality materials.

You would think a mattress of this caliber would cost a small fortune, luckily it is very affordable, and even more so with our added coupon.

When it comes to getting a completely natural mattress you can go wrong with the Spindle Dunlop latex mattress. You can even select the comfort to ensure the firmest natural mattress possible. Learn more in our in-depth Spindle Review and shop and save at SpindleMattress.com.

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Best Firm Mattress Under $1000:

plank by brooklyn bedding mattressThe best mattress under $1000 for firm sleepers happens to also be the same mattress for back pain. The Plank by Brooklyn Bedding.

Not only is this mattress ideal for giving you firm and extra firm comfort in one bed, but in less than $1000 for a Queen size. That doesn’t even include out 20% coupon. Meaning one of the best firm mattresses out there can be yours and you don’t even have to spend a thousand dollars.

If you want an amazing 2-sided firm and firmer mattress at a great price than the Plank by Brooklyn Bedding is a great choice. Make sure you read our complete Mattress Review. And get 20% off your new bed at PlankMattress.com.

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Best Firm Mattress Under $800:

brooklyn signatureGetting not only a firm mattress, but a firm hybrid mattress for less than $800 is an awesome find! Especially when it comes from a reputable brand that offers a superior product. Able to do this by the fact that Brooklyn Bedding has its own manufacturing facility. Cutting out middle man after middle man to get the best product in your hands for the best price.

The Brooklyn Signature mattress is available in three firmness levels; soft, medium and firm. Why the support of the coil system is the same in each option the layers of foam alter in density to ensure the proper and desired comfort.

The Signature bed by Brooklyn Bedding is a balanced mattress that is not only ideally firm, but very balanced. Giving you just enough pressure relief paired with a contouring yet responsive feel. It’s hard to believe that this mattress is so affordable. Make sure to follow the coupon link below to get the best price and savings too!

It is hard to believe that you can get a solid and firm mattress for under $800. But you can! The Brooklyn Signature Firm Mattress is not only supportive, but affordable. Learn more in our full Mattress Review. And save 20% with our coupon code at BrooklynBedding.com.

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Best Firm Mattress Under $700:

best mattress under $500Quality and affordability and memory foam? Too good to be true? Not with the Cocoon Classic by Sealy. This memory foam bed-in-a-box is less than $700 for a queen size and offers a true firm memory foam mattress.

Keeping you from sinking in and giving you plenty of pressure relief. As well as the utmost support and even weight distribution. Making it a great firm mattress option.

This bed comes with a few options. Between soft and firm, with firm clearly being the best choice for anyone looking for the best firm mattress. It also has the option of upgrading to the Cocoon Chill.

Basically the same mattress but with a phase change material added to the cover to combat overheating and make for a cool memory foam mattress. This upgrade will cost a bit more, but if you sleep warm it will be much appreciate in the long run.

Affordable, contouring and a solid brand name behind it. The Cocoon Classic is a steal of a deal. Learn more in our detailed Review. And also shop and save on the Classic Cocoon by Sealy at CocoonbySealy.com.

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Best Firm Mattress Under $500:

allswell hybrid luxe classic firmerThe Allswell Hybrid mattress is superior support for an insanely aggressive price. Coming in well under $500, you can get this firm and durable bed that will last for years. With a universal feel that is bordering between firm and medium-firm this will work great for many sleepers. Especially prominent back and stomach sleepers.

While the design is more simple it helps not only keep cost down but create a firmer bed too. Limiting too many plush layers of foams helps keep this mattress harder. And will also allow it to last a little longer than a more plush feeling bed too. Creating even more reasons to invest into a firm bed.

See our video review and read our in-depth Allswell Hybrid mattress Review. Also, buy your new firm and affordable bed and get the latest coupon at AllswellHome.com.

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Best Firm Mattress Under $300:

best firm mattress amazonLooking for a firm, solid bed for less than $300? Than the Zinus Sleep Master by iCoil found on Amazon has you covered. This extremely affordable option won’t offer and bells and whistles, just a solid sleep surface with a firm feel. The extra firm feel of this mattress pairs a solid coil system with two layers of dense foams. This mattress allows almost any sleeper on a budget to get the firm support they need without stretching their budget.

Learn more about this very affordable firm coiled mattress at Amazon.com.

Best Firm Mattress For Kids:

best mattress under $300A firm mattress is a great choice when picking a mattress out for your kids. Though you don’t want it to be too firm, the benefits of a firmer mattress at a young age do help create sleepers that are more prone to back sleeping and getting enough support. While younger bodies are still developing it is necessary that they have good, solid support often found in a firm bed.

When it comes to getting an amazing firm mattress for you kids it is hard to go wrong with the Allswell Hybrid. If you happen to be getting a Twin size you are only going to have to pay $245 for this ideally hard bed. This happens to also be our recommendation for the best mattress under $500 too.

Find all our favorite mattress picks for kids on our Best Mattress for Kids page. You’ll surely find the perfect bed for your little one!

Best Firm Mattress on Amazon:

amazon 5 star ratingAmazon offers several firm mattress options. With a handful of all foam and hybrid models you’ll surely find several ideal beds. The great thing about using Amazon is not only do they have an array of very affordable mattresses. But they also have a filter tool to help you narrow down your choices to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Amazon offers so much more than just firm beds. Check out the top rated Amazon mattresses and some of our recommendations on our Best Amazon Mattress page. 

Top 10 Best Firm Mattresses:

Below is our list of the top 10 best firm mattress options. Though there are plenty out there that will accommodate every sleepers needs we put them in order of our favorites. By looking at the mattress with the truest firm feel, price, durability, materials and all sleeping benefits.

  1. Plank by Brooklyn Bedding | Mattress Review | BUY HERE
  2. Saatva | Mattress Review | BUY HERE
  3. Helix | Mattress Review | BUY HERE
  4. Spindle | Mattress Review | BUY HERE
  5. Allswell Hybrid | Mattress Review | BUY HERE
  6. Loom and Leaf | Mattress Review | BUY HERE
  7. Winkbed Plus | Mattress Review | BUY HERE
  8. LuuF Hybrid | Mattress Review | BUY HERE
  9. Cocoon Classic by Sealy | Mattress Review | BUY HERE
  10. Brooklyn Bedding Signature | Mattress Review | BUY HERE

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