January 17, 2020

Target Mattress Reviews

There are thousands of Target locations throughout the United States. Which makes it such a go to shopping trip for so many. You can get just about anything from groceries, a new outfit, home decor, and now even a new mattress.

Whether you love to shop online or in store Target has made it easy to get a new mattress for your home. But is convenience everything? Could you be getting a better mattress at a better price elsewhere? Keep reading to see all of our Pros & Cons for mattress shopping at Target, as well as a list of some of the top mattresses available from Target.

target mattress reviews

Benefits of Buying a Mattress at Target:

Nationwide Locations

benefits and downfalls of buying a mattress from targetThere are so many Target’s around the United States that if you live in a well populated town there is likely not only one but possibly several Target locations for you to choose from.

Which is why it is so convenient to pick up a new mattress while you are doing your other errands. You don’t even have to drive out to a mattress store in order to buy your new mattress.

Shopping Experience

target mattress shopping pros consIf you haven’t purchased something you didn’t intend on buying when you first entered a target, then you likely have never shopped there before.

Target is so stocked full of different items for your life and home that it is constantly surprising you with new fun items you never knew you needed, including a new mattress. Target is an easy store to shop in, the calm atmosphere and tidy aisles make it a calm shopping experience. You can also shop free from lingering mattress salesmen. (Although you may wish you had one to guide you to the right bed.)

Wide Selection

target a mattress for beddingIf you are looking for a simple mattress, Target has a good selection. This is especially true online. Although, they are one of the first retail stores that started carrying boxed mattresses on their shelves. This is a great place to shop for your next guest bed, off to college mattress, or kids bed. All of which come in at very reasonable prices.

Target also has a large amount of bedding accessories from different well known brands, from mattress toppers and mattress protectors, to pillows and sheets.

Brand Recognition

the casper beds for costco reviewedThere are a handful of recognizable mattress brands available at Target. Casper, Amerisleep, and Linenspa to name a few. While other stores like Walmart and Costco have much more variety of mattresses to choose from, we found it to almost be overwhelming. Shopping for a mattress from Target was much more straight forward and we didn’t find ourselves getting lost in a seemingly limitless supply of beds. So the selection may be small, but you will likely still be able to find a mattress from Target that will suite your needs.

Simple Website Design

target mattress websiteIf you are shopping for a mattress online, then you will likely enjoy the layout of Targets website. We found that some other websites made it very difficult to find what you are looking for and browsing was not very straightforward or easy. Since Target has a smaller selection to choose from, and a simple website design, it was very easy to browse and shop for a mattress.

Cons of Buying a Mattress at Target:

Potential Alternative Trial Period

Many mattress brands will provide extensive trial periods if you purchase a mattress directly from them. However, if you buy your mattress from Target instead, often you will find that the brands or stores do not offer trial periods at all. Or that have limitations that you would not have if you purchased direct from the manufacturer.

This will vary between brand to brand, so be sure to do your homework first if a trial period is a deal breaker for you.

Potential Void Warranty from Manufacturer

different warranties mattress walmart shoppingAgain, warranties are often offered from manufacturers directly. When you buy straight from the brand, they often have long extensive warranties that cover a lot. While warranties for mattresses purchased from a 3rd party like Target, will limit or potentially even void a warranty from the manufacturer.

We suggest contacting the manufacturer/mattress brand directly in order to get more details on what they will cover if you purchase a mattress from Target to get more details.

Not Being Able to Try First

try a mattress before you buy at our sleep guide showroomUnfortunately, Target does not often have full displays of mattresses that you can lay on and try out before you buy it. Which means you are purely relying on product descriptions and reviews in order to make your purchasing decision.

While we try to provide in depth mattress reviews on our website, even we don’t have full in depth reviews on every mattress available to purchase at Target. Which means buying a mattress can be like rolling the dice.

If you want to try an online mattress before you buy, check out the Our Sleep Guide Austin Showroom where we have some of the most popular online mattress brands in store for you to try before you buy.

Limited Selection

the casper mattress available at mattressIf you are looking for an extensive collection of mattress brands in every shape size and style, then you may find Target’s selection to be limited. They have a handful of different mattress brands (which we will highly further in this article)

However, other stores like Costco and Walmart have an overwhelming selection online for you to choose from. While this could be a con for many, we did find it made it easier to search for what you’re looking for on the Target website.

Website Lacks Info & Clarity

While the website is easy to browse through, we did find that some products lacked information. It seems easier to find the price you like and then look up a review or information off of the brands website in order to get details on each product.

Some products like the Casper mattresses had plenty of clear informative pages, while the Naturepedic crib mattress were severely lacking. So you may find it is not an issue depending on which mattress you are looking into.

Not Finding Online Reviews

One last con to add to the list of buying a Target mattress is that many of these brands not only lack information, but also lack reviews. The fact that there are so few mattresses offered at Target also doesn’t help, but most of the mattress brands and beds themselves have no reviews that you can find online.

At Our Sleep Guide we specialize in reviewing online mattresses and the majority of brands and mattresses we have never tried, and several we’ve never heard of. So finding a recommendation or trusted review may be difficult. On top of that you may not find the best pricing or additional coupons that you can find directly from brands online.

Skip the research! Find some of our top rated and highly recommended online mattresses in our Best Mattress page. 

Popular Online Mattress Brands Available at Target:

Below we offer some specifics on several of the brands that we have tried that are offered at Target. We will not only give you a brief description of each brand, but also any mattresses that we have reviewed. Along with access to our more in depth reviews and available coupons. Giving you more insight into what Target mattress you might be buying.


First founded in 2010, Amerisleep started out with a mission to improve the mattress industry. They wanted to make mattresses better, from comfort and eco friendly standards to ease of shopping. Getting their mattresses into Target sure has made for some of the easiest mattress shopping experience around. Each mattress is made in America meeting many eco-friendly standards, including using some CertiPUR-US certified materials.

amerisleep available at target
Amerisleep AS1 10″

The AS1 mattress is the most firm mattress currently made by Amerisleep. They describe this bed as being firm and extra supportive, without feeling stiff. Typically we suggest firm mattresses for stomach and back sleepers. This is also their mattress with the thinnest profile and the lowest price tag.

Get all the details for this mattress at our Amerisleep AS1 Mattress Review.

Amerisleep AS2 12″

The AS2 is Amerisleep’s top seller for back and stomach sleepers coming in at a medium-firm comfort level. It is going to be slightly softer than the AS1, however it is still on the firm side of medium-firm. Making it a great option for those who are searching for that extra support in a mattress. Side sleepers, you will likely find that this mattress is too firm for your pressure points.

Amerisleep AS2 Mattress Review has all of the info you need for this mattress.

Amerisleep AS3 12″

The AS3 is the best selling mattress from Amerisleep. It is also a Medium-Firm, but it is slightly softer than the AS2, making it a great option for all sleeping positions. This is the Goldilocks mattress for comfort, not too firm, just supportive enough, while also having plenty of pressure relief.

For all of the details on this mattress, visit our Amerisleep AS3 Mattress Review.

Amerisleep AS4 12″

AS4 is when the scale starts leaning toward the softer end of the spectrum coming in at a Medium-Soft feel. Stomach sleepers, you will need a bit more support than what this mattress will provide. However, for those who are side sleepers or back sleepers who really want that extra pressure relief, this is a great bed for you to look into.

Check out the Amerisleep AS4 Mattress Review to learn more about this great mattress.

Amerisleep AS5 14″

The largest and most luxurious mattress from Amerisleep, the AS5 is full of responsive foams. This means that while it is soft and luscious to lay on, you will never feel stuck in this bed. Many memory foam based mattresses allow you to sink just a bit too far into the bed, which can make you feel hot and stuck. Amerisleep uses responsive cooling materials to keep you cool and able to easily move from one position to the next.

Learn more about the largest of the Amerisleep mattresses at our review Amerisleep AS5 Mattress Review.

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress Coupon


The Casper line of mattresses is one of the first beds we ever saw hit the Target store shelves. Like many online mattress brands, Casper compacts their beds into conveniently sized boxes. Making them easy to store and sell in retail stores like Target. Which means they were one of the first brands that you could literally fit in your shopping cart as you did your regular shopping. Keep reading to learn about the different mattresses available to purchase from Casper.

mattresses reviewed at target

To compare all of the Casper Mattresses side by side head to our page Casper Mattresses Reviewed.

Casper Snug Mattress 8.5″

This mattress design was the original Casper Essential mattress until they upgraded their Essentials model to the now 11″ thick mattress. This bed is a three layer all-foam mattress. It has a firm comfort feel and a slim profile. This is a simple mattress that works best for back or stomach sleepers. Side sleepers may find it to be too firm for their comfort.

Casper Essential 11″

The Casper Essentials is a recently upgraded model. The all-foam design which also features 3 layers of foam. When compared to the Snug mattress it is slightly softer has the comfort layers are thicker. You will also notice a much more substantial profile that is more similar to your average mattress.

Want to learn more about the Casper Essential? Head over to our full review at Casper Essential Review.

The Casper Mattress 12″

The Original Casper Mattress is also an all-foam design. However, this mattress is 12″ thick and has 4 layers of foam. This includes a support layer that is zoned in order to provide contouring comfort and support where you need it most. This allows this mattress to be more comfortable for all sleep positions, although we would still consider this to be a medium-firm mattress.

Click the link to view our in depth review over The Casper Mattress.

Latest Casper Mattress Coupon HERE!


The beds made by Linenspa are made to be quality, comfortable mattresses that are well priced. One way they keep their prices low is by having low profile mattresses that use less materials. This still creates a comfortable mattress for a lot of people, however if you are a heavy weight sleeper, you may find some of the thinner mattresses provide less stability and comfortable that you are used to. These are great mattresses for lighter use, either for guest rooms, light weight people, or kids.

linenspa mattress reviews
Essential Innerspring Mattress 6″

This hybrid mattress has a coil system and a thin layer of foam for softness. This is going to be a firmer feeling mattress. This is truly made for kid size bodies. The weight of a full sized adult will not find this mattress to be very contouring or comfortable.

Hybrid Mattress 8″

This is such a great price for a hybrid mattress. The memory foam top layer brings this mattress to a medium-firm feel for kids and a luxury firm for adults. It is going to have enough cushioning for most adults who enjoy a firmer feeling mattress.

Hybrid Mattress 10″

The 10″ Hybrid is made with the same materials and construction as the 8″ Hybrid, simply with a larger comfort layer and thicker memory foam layer. Allowing the 10″ model to be better suited for most adults and even some side sleepers. These mattresses are less about luxury and more about comfort at a practical price range.


The mattresses are made in the USA by Naturepedic are full of organic and natural materials to ensure you are sleeping healthier on their mattresses. While this brand makes mattresses for adults, Target only carries a line of their crib mattresses. So if you are not looking for your kids, you can look directly on Naturpedic’s website for some of their adult beds. However, they create such great products for babies and young children that we wanted to share these crib to toddler mattresses with you.

the crib mattresses at target review
Naturepedic Certified Organic Cotton Classic Baby Crib & Toddler Mattress – Lightweight
(aka  Classic Lightweight)

This is a firmer style of the lightweight version of the Classic mattress. Which means it has a ribboned layer of foam instead of a coil system in order to keep the mattress very light so the sheets can be changed with ease. This version of the mattress can be used by infants up to toddlers, however it does not have the 2-stage flippable feature, which means if you little one wants a softer feeling bed as they get into their toddler years, you will want to get the Classic Lightweight 2-Stage which we mention further down.

Naturepedic Certified Organic Cotton Classic 150 Baby Crib & Toddler Mattress
(aka Classic Innerspring 2-Stage)

The Classic mattress are all waterproof and full of organic materials. Even the waterproof cover is made out of non-GMO sugarcane. There are two main differences between this Classic mattress and the lightweight version. This version has a hybrid innerspring design, which means it does weigh more than the lightweight version. It is also a 2-Stage mattress which means it is flippable to reveal a softer side that is more comfortable for toddlers, while the other side is firm and safe for infants.

Naturepedic Certified Organic Cotton Classic Baby Crib & Toddler Mattress–Lightweight-2-Stage
(aka Classic Lightweight 2-Stage)

This bed is a mixture of the first two. While it has a lightweight design of the first, it also has the 2-stage design of the second. Which means it is easy to change the sheets on, as well as being a great bed for infants and toddlers.

Naturepedic Certified Organic Cotton Ultra Breathable Baby Crib & Toddler Mattress-Lightweight-2-Stage
(aka Breathable Ultra 2-Stage)

This is the an upgrade to the Lightweight Classic crib mattress and features a similar lightweight construstion. The Ultra Breathable crib mattress has what they call an organic cotton cover with three-dimensional breathable space.

What this means is that there is a layer in the cover that provides loads of airflow, so much so that if your little one happens to rolls over on their tummy, that they will be able to breath through the top of the mattress. Obviously, you want to keep your infant from rolling over or sleeping on their stomach, but it is a nice back up feature. This is a luxury 2-Stage Organic child’s mattress.

The Naturepedic Organic Mattress made it onto our Top 8 Best Organic Crib Mattresses post. Click on the link to learn more and see how it compares to other awesome organic crib mattresses.


Just about everyone is familiar with the Sealy name, it is known back from the ancient times when mattresses were only ever sold in mattress stores. However, they have kept up with the times and created different mattress lines made for the modern shopper. The Sealy To-Go line is made up by different foam or hybrid mattresses that are designed for buying mattresses off the shelf at locations like Target.

sealy mattress review
Sealy To-Go Memory Foam 10″

This USA made mattress, features a very similar design to the Casper mattresses. It is an all-foam mattress with three layers of different foams. A base foam, transitional layer of foam, and finally a top layer of comfort foam. The top 2 inches of comfort foam is made out of a responsive memory foam. Which means there will be very little motion transfer throughout this mattress.

Sealy To-Go Memory Foam 12″

Also with memory foam, the 12″ all-foam Seally To-Go mattress has a 3 inches of the top comfort layer. This means it will have more pressure relief and be better for side sleepers than the 10″ version. It also has an extra inch in the transition layer which helps prevent any potential “bottoming out” feel on the bed.

Sealy To-Go Hybrid 10.5″

This is a thin profile hybrid mattress that has a thin .75″ top layer of memory foam. This combination makes for a medium to firm feeling bed that is more responsive to it’s all foam version. The innerspring coil system helps to bring a bit more bounce to the bed allowing it to be easier to change positions or get on/out of bed. You won’t get that “stuck” feeling in this mattress.

Sealy To-Go Hybrid 12″

Similar to the 12″ all-foam mattress, the Hybrid 12″ mattress has about an inch extra in the transition layer and in the memory foam comfort layer. Which gives this mattress a boost in contouring soft comfort from the 10.5″ Hybrid mattress. The softer memory foam provides some extra pressure relief on joints, while the extra transition layer helps to keep you from feeling the hybrid base in the mattress.

Looking for something different from Sealy? Head to the Walmart Mattress Reviews to see what Sealy has available at wally world.

Should You Buy a Mattress at Target?

When it comes to buying a mattress from Target, what we keep coming back to is how simple and convenient it is to buy. If you are looking to buy a luxury mattress to upgrade your current bed, then you likely won’t find that luxury mattress at Target. However, if you are looking to buy a mattress on the go that is going to good enough for what you need it for. Then there are plenty of great options to look at from Target. The best reason to buy a bed from Target is if you are looking for a quick and easy mattress purchase.

target mattress reviews

Looking for more than just an easy purchase? Head to our Top Rated Mattresses in order to look for a mattress that will make a difference in the way you sleep.