January 15, 2020

Costco Mattress Reviews

Costco gets all of their products in bulk and often sells in bulk as well. This helps to keep prices down for their customers. Which is why so many folks are willing to pay for a membership in order to shop there. If you have ever walked by a mattress at Costco and thought to yourself… “Hmm I wonder if that is actually a quality mattress.” Which is truly a great question.

Could a big warehouse store sell a quality mattress at such discounted prices? Or is it all a scam? We are going to finally answer all of these burning questions for you. Keep reading to get all of the Pros and Cons to getting your mattress at Costco. Along with a number of our top picks found at Costco.

costco mattress shopping pros cons reviews

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The Pros of Buying a Mattress at Costco:

Nationwide Locations

reasons why you should buy a mattress from costcoOne of our first Pros to shopping for a mattress with Costco is that there are so many locations Nationwide. It is convenient to be able to go and see a product in person and make your purchase in your home town and be able to take it with you right there. Costco also ships Nationwide.

Shopping Experience

shopping experience for mattresses at costcoThe experience of shopping for your mattress at Costco can be a great one. Not only because there are often handing out little samples of food, but because they often have displays of the products.

Including occasionally having a full sized mattress out on display in order to give the customer a chance to feel and try before you buy.

Wide Selection

wide selection available for customers at costcoCostco has a large selection of mattresses to choose from on their website. So many in fact that we won’t be able to write a full review on all of them.

However, if you go further down the page, we will select our top mattress brands and give a brief overview on the mattresses available from them at Costco.

Brand Recognition

Not only does Costco have a large variety of Mattresses, but they are all from brands that we know and love.

It brings a lot of faith that what you are purchasing is a quality product when these beds are being made by companies like Tempur-Pedic, Brentwood Home, or Casper. You can then even read our other full reviews on these different mattresses to learn even more about those specific beds.

Members Only Options/Discounts

benefits to buying your mattress from costcoOne absolute Pro to buying your mattress from Costco is that they have such great options for their members. Not only are the discounts fantastic and better than you can find just about anywhere else. They also have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. (always look at the fine print before purchasing) Which we believe covers mattress purchases. Which means if you don’t end up 100% loving your mattress, you can return it to Costco.

White Glove Delivery Service (Not Offered For All Mattresses)

can you get you mattress delivered from costcoWhen you are shopping for a mattress from Costco, take a look near the check out option to see if you can spy anything that says “White Glove Delivery Included” if the mattress you buy has this option, then you are in luck. With specific mattresses and different brands you will find that Costco provides White Glove Delivery service without any additional cost to you. Meaning you won’t have to lift a finger to have your mattress fully set up in your home for you.

Cons of Buying a Mattress at Costco:

Potential Alternative Trial Period

Whenever you purchase a mattress from a retailer instead of directly from the brand. You risk running into not getting a trial period. Typically the manufacturer will not give you a trial period, as you did not purchase the item from them. So they do not have any information about your order, when you purchased it, and so on. However, Costco has great customer service and their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee program for members, be sure to speak to them about this before you purchase.

Potential Void Warranty from Manufacturer

different warranties mattress walmart shoppingMake sure you read into the fine print when buying your mattress from Costco. We also suggest contacting the brand/manufacturer directly before making your purchase. Some brands will allow you to register a mattress purchased from Costco in order to get your mattress under their warranty. On the other hand, many companies will not provide any warranty for a mattress that is not purchased directly from them.


too many mattresses to buy from costcoThere are two issues you may run into with the selection of mattresses at Costco. One is that you may not find nearly as many mattress options in store as you will online. So if you need to shop in store the selection is often rather limited.

While Costco Online, you may have the opposite problem. There are so many options online that it can be overwhelming to choose just one. This can easily turn into a strong case of analysis paralysis, where there are too many options to go through or look at to where it completely overwhelms you.

Confusing Website Layout

reasons why you should not buy a mattress from costcoYou may find as you hunt through the large selection of mattresses that the organization of the website can be confusing and not simple to look through. If you are looking for something specific, you will be able to find it rather easily. However if you are simply browsing through different options, then you may find that online shopping experience to be lacking.

Not Getting to Try Before You Buy

can you try before you buy a mattress from costcoIf you are shopping online, you obviously won’t get to try the mattress before you make your purchase. Which really means you are relying solely on a product description or reviews to lead you in the right direction. Which we would like to mention is not always detailed or reliable. If you really like to try before you buy, we have Our Sleep Guide Mattress Showroom in Austin, where we have many of the top online mattress brands available to try out.

Not Finding Online Reviews

confusing website layoutThere are a number of specific mattresses that are made just for Costco. Which means that there is a limited amount of information on them. Included little to no online reviews from customers or from mattress reviewers like Our Sleep Guide. Since there is so little information out there, and very rarely will Costco have a mattress on display in their store locations. You end up with very limited information to go off of when deciding whether or not to purchase these beds.

Not only that, but you might not be getting the best deal. With so many review sites with direct relationships with mattress brands that can offer you mattress coupons and added savings. Making sure that you get information and the best price.

Want a personal recommendation? We have several to choose from. Our Best Mattresses page offers several great options along with amazing coupons for the best savings too. 

Popular Online Mattress Brands Available at Costco:


beautyrest mattresses available at costco review

Such a staple name in the mattress world for years. They have one of the largest selections of different mattresses that we have ever seen. It can get a bit overwhelming. However, if you know exactly what you are looking for, and you’re picky, they likely have a mattress that is just right for you.

Beautyrest Silver Hybrid 13″- 14″

The Silver Hybrid mattresses from Beautyrest come in 4 different comfort options. Merritt, Maxwell, Salina, and Romeo. Each of these different mattresses come with the same basic construction but feature different levels of firmness from plush to firm. The Silver line has pocketed coil system topped with different densities of memory foam.

Beautyrest Hybrid 1000 InfiniCool 13.5″

The 1000 InfiniCool line by Beautyrest are all hybrid mattresses with the same base construction. However, this line also comes with three different options for comfort levels, much like the Silver Hybrids. There is a Plush, Medium, and a Firm option to choose from. This collection has an individually wrapped coil system, with their InfiniCool memory form for comfort layers. The InfiniCool is supposed to keep their memory foam sleeping cool throughout the night.

Beautyrest Platinum 14″

St. Pierre is the only version of the Platinum line from Beautyrest currently available at Costco. It is a hybrid mattress with a plush feel. With three layers of comforting and supporting foam layers, this mattress provides plenty of cushioning. Great option for side sleepers because of it’s softness and pressure relief.

Beautyrest SurfaceCool 14″

This all-foam mattress is full of support and contouring foams. Starting with 8″ of dense base foam, a transitional layer and then topped with SurfaceCool Gel Memory Foam. It comes in a Plush or Luxury Firm option so you can choose your firmness preference.

Check out our review for other Beautyrest Mattresses at our page Beautyrest Online Mattresses: Hybrid & Black to learn more about other mattresses from this brand.

Brentwood Home

costco exclusive mattresses from Brentwood Home

We really love that Brentwood Home have 4 different mattress options that they make in their California factories just for Costco. If you have taken a peak at any of our Top Rated Mattresses lists, then you have heard of the Brentwood Home Mattress Brand. Their beds are made to last with quality materials in their factories in California. We have a lot of faith in the durability, quality, and comfort of the mattresses made by Brentwood Home. One thing we love about Brentwood Home is that they do provide warranties for their mattresses purchased from Costco.

Coronado 14″

The Coronado has an all-foam construction starting with a three zoned base foam. Has a plush comfort layer giving a transition between the base foam and comfort layers. Then they added a layer of gel swirl memory foam, and a final layer of wool on top. Wool is great for temperature regulation. Coronado by Brentwood Home is exclusively available at Costco.

Calistoga 12″

This is an all-foam mattress made to sleep cool. Brentwood Home started with an 8 inch 3-zone airflow support foam. Then comes a comfortable charcoal infused layer of memory foam, and the gel infused foam. All of which are made to stay nice and cool while you sleep. To provide airflow, moisture wicking, and temperature regulation they added a comfort layer of wool. Then topped it all off with a super soft cover. The Calistoga is exclusively available at Costco.

Tahoe 10″

A thin yet full of cushioning memory comfort mattress. The encased wrapped coil system provides plenty of support while the cooling gel memory foam gives the mattress an extra plush pressure relieving comfort. This would be a great mattress for light weight sleepers that enjoy sleeping on their sides. The Tahoe Mattress is exclusively sold at Costco.

Magnolia 11″

Similar to many of the materials found in the following Cedar mattress, the Magnolia is made with organic latex, organic cotton, and organic wool with a hybrid construction. This combination makes for a supportive, responsive, cool sleeping mattress. The 5-zoned encased coil system allows for a contouring comfort that helps to limit the amount of motion transfer. The Magnolia is exclusively sold at Costco.

Cedar 14″

The Cedar mattress is certified Organic through and through. It has a hybrid construction with layers of Organic Latex, Organic Cotton, and Organic Wool. It has a Medium comfort feel and their Costco version has the mattress topper connected for extra pillowy comfort.

Read our full review over the Cedar Mattress by Brentwood Homes to learn more.

Juniper Kids 6″

Natural materials and quality comfort should not be limited to adults only. Brentwood Homes created their very own mattress for kids and young adults. All of the foams are CertiPUR-US Certified, meaning they are free of any nasty chemicals that could be especially dangerous for growing kids. It’s lightweight and low profile makes the Juniper mattress great for bunk beds. Costco is currently offering a special deal if you buy two twins in a multi pack.

Click to link to view our full review and learn more about the details on the Juniper Kids Mattress.

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Casper – Costco Members Only

the casper beds for costco reviewed

There are some items that you can purchase online from Costco without having a membership. There are also extra deals that only members can receive as well as items that can only be purchased by customers with active memberships. All of the Casper Mattresses can only be purchased from Costco with a membership. (Good News: These are such popular mattresses that you can find just about anywhere.)

Casper Select 12″

Not only do you have to have a Costco membership to buy a Casper mattress from Costco. The Casper Select 12″ mattress is only available at Costco as well. So if this particular mattress is simply calling out your name, then you are forced to get a Costco Membership in order to buy it. If you already have one, then you’re in luck.

It has a medium firmness level with an all-foam construction. Casper makes this mattress with 4 layers of different foams to create an overall comfortable sleeping experience.

Cocoon by Sealy

cocoon by sealy exclusive mattress costco

The line of Cocoon mattresses are all developed and made by the well known Sealy mattress company. They created the Cocoon to be their version of a Bed-In-A-Box Mattress. Eventually they made and upgraded version of their original design which is now known as the Cocoon Chill.

Cocoon Chill 10″

A simple yet effective mattress that is comfortable and cooler. The Cocoon Chill is an all-foam mattress made with three different foam layers. A base layer of dense foam, a layer of transition foam, and a gel memory foam. Click the link below to watch our full video review on the Cocoon mattress.

Want to learn more? Check out our full Cocoon Chill Mattress Review to get more details and watch the video review.

Cocoon Hybrid 12″

Sealy calls this mattress the perfect combination. This is because it blends the supportive comfort and durability of a hybrid mattress with the contouring plush feel of memory foam. While the Chill features gel infusions to keep their bed cooler, we believe that overall the Hybrid will do a better job at allowing heat to disperse and escape from the bed than an all foam mattress would. This is a Costco exclusive mattress.

35% OFF Cocoon Mattresses Coupon HERE!


There are four different mattress options made by Ghostbed. The Original and Luxe are the two mattresses available for purchase at Costco. Both of these mattresses have all-foam construction.

ghostbeds mattresses available for purchase at costco reviewed Ghostbed Original 11″

The original Ghostbed mattress is made out of three layers of foam. A base layer of dense foam, topped with a layer of gel memory foam, and then finally a layer of aerated latex. This combination allows more airflow between the sleeper and the base foam, which makes for a cooler sleep. We have tried this mattress and given it a full in depth review.

Click the link to check our in depth mattress review for the Original Ghostbed.

Ghostbed Luxe 13″

The Luxe is also an all-foam mattress with a few upgrades/changes to the design. The Ghostbed Luxe has four layers of foam, plus a luscious pillow top layer. Which gives the mattress a more plush traditional feel to the bed. The layers consist of cooling materials from top to bottom, which the claim makes this the coolest mattress in the world.

Compare all of the Ghostbed mattresses in our brand review Ghostbed Mattresses: The Original, Luxe, Flex, & 3D Matrix.

Latest Ghostbed Mattress Coupon


This is a mattress company taking a scientific look at materials and construction of mattresses in order to try and make the most comfortable bed around. What they learned is that the more air you have in your mattress the cooler and more comfortably you will sleep. So they created two different types of mattresses that utilize air in different ways in order to keep their customers sleeping soundly.

top mattresses sold at costcoMolecule 1 Air Engineered 12″

In this mattress Molecule used Restoreflo foam which is an a open cell memory foam made to sleep cooler. Then they used a foam with different cut outs to provide contouring comfort and again, more airflow. These are the foams that make the Molecule 1 different. They were one of the original brands to use opencell foams.

Click the link to watch our full review for the Molecule 1 mattress.

Molecule 2 AirTEC  12″

The Molecule 2 has a very similar design to their mattress. It is also an all-foam bed with a layer of base from, that has a cut out zoned foam layer on top of it. However instead of their Restoreflo foam, they have a Molecularflo foam instead. They claim this is not just an open cell memory foam, it is Extreme Open Cell. Meaning all the more cooling and airflow in this bed.

Molecule Mattress Coupon


The Sealy Mattress brand is known for their classic designs and solid quality. Costco carries several mattresses from their Sealy Response Line. This line is also carried by Walmart which mostly carries the Essential and Performance options. While Costco only carries their Performance and Premium options.

pros to buying mattresses from costcoSealy Response Performance Mattresses

Each performance mattress from the Response line from Sealy features Posturepedic Technology in every mattress. The coil sys within every performance mattress has an hourglass shape, this is supposed to provide loads of long lasting comfort that is incredibly durable. Sealy has put so many different specialty materials and technologies into every foam and comfort layer. This is a line to check out.

Sealy Response Premium Mattresses

The Premium mattresses also feature Posturepedic Technology in all of their mattresses. In fact there are so many similarities between the two different types of mattresses from Sealy that they are rather comparable overall. The coil system is exactly the same as the performance however it is more densely packed together in order to give the premium mattresses a more dense feeling to the bed.


cons to buying a mattress from costco

Originally Tempur-Pedic based a lot of their comfort knowledge off of NASA’s research for seat cushion materials. Then, they took the mattress world by storm introducing new materials like foam and memory foam. Which really took off and now Tempur-Pedic makes everything from pillows to house slippers. With some of the Tempur-Pedic Mattresses from Costco, they offer White Glove Delivery Service with your purchase.

Tempur-Contour Supreme 11.5″

The Temper-Contour Supreme mattress from Tempur-Pedic has an all-foam design. Starting with a base layer of Tempur materials made to dissipate heat from deep inside the mattress. Then they have a support layer of foam which provides uplifting comfort and support to the upper comfort layers. The top two layers of foam are made to contour and sleep cool with their SmartClimate system. This mattress comes in a soft, medium, and firm comfort option.

Tempur-Cloud Supreme 11.5″

It took us a while to determine any real differences between the Cloud and the Contour mattress as they have the same construction with the same materials and comfort options. However there are two main difference we discovered between the two. Contour has a swirl design on their cover with an orange stripe, while the Cloud has a hexagon pattern and a blur stripe on their cover. The real significant difference between the two is that with the Cloud mattress you get free White Glove Delivery while the Contour comes with standard shipping and delivery.

Tempur-Flex Prima 10″

The Flex Prime mattress from Tempur-Pedic has a hybrid design. Starting with over 1,000 precision coils in this mattress. Which makes for a cooler sleeping, more responsive mattress. This is topped with a Response Layer of foam which helps to distribute body weight evenly throughout the mattress. Then they Tempur material comfort layer which comes in a soft, medium, or firm option.

5 Little Monkeys 6″

our top kids to crib mattresses

The mattress by 5 Little Monkeys is designed just for kids. It is great for safe firmness levels why also being contouring and comfortable. They only have one mattress design and it comes in Twin or Full currently at Costco. a great bed for kids from toddler years until they are going into their teen years. Made with so many quality materials and covered in their very own mattress protector. Keeping the mattress cozy and safe from spills and accidents.

Click this link to read our full mattress review on the 5 Little Monkeys bed.

Should You Buy a Mattress at Costco?

We love Costco for their great discounts on products we know and love. Whether you are shopping in store or online, you are likely to find a quality mattress for a great price. We will note that if you are hunting for a mattress at Costco that it will be helpful if you already know the type of mattress you are hunting for, and what the standard price would be for that item.

This way you know for sure that you are getting a great deal. So make sure you do your homework to ensure you will still get a great warranty, or whether or not you could get a better deal direct from the Mattress Brand or with one of our coupons. It truly depends on which mattress you are looking at in order to determine which direction to go in order to get the best deal possible.

costco mattress shopping pros cons reviews

If you are looking for a personal recommendation, we are here to help. Head over to our Contact Us page and tell us what it is you’re looking for. We would be happy to help you find it.