April 1, 2020

Brentwood Home Mattresses: Best Affordable Luxury Mattress Line

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Brentwood Home is synonymous with the highest quality drop shipped mattresses on the market. Each bed is meticulously designed and handcrafted to provide ideal comfort and support. Along with the finest and healthiest materials possible. It is almost hard to believe that this luxury line of mattresses is very affordable too.

brentwood home mattressesWhen it comes the Brentwood Home mattresses you get a variety of options that will appeal to every sleeper. With their most popular Oceano memory foam hybrid mattress you’ll get a premium experience. While their top of the line latex hybrid option, the Brenwtood Home Latex Hybrid, offers some unique up-cycled materials that give it a new take on mattresses.

Their two sided Crystal Cove mattress features a hybrid build that highlights both memory foam and latex for a truly unique feel. And their Cypress memory foam mattress offers a very affordable all foam bed choice.

Below we will take a look at each of these mattresses. Not only to give you better insight into each bed, but the company as a whole and what to expect with the online mattress buying experience. And, to top it off, we offer an exclusive Brentwood Home coupon to give you the best value.

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If you are interested in learning more about a specific Brentwood Home bed free to jump directly to the individual mattress reviews too.

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Brentwood Home Overview:

When it comes to experience Brentwood Home is no greenhorn to the mattress and bedding world. This company has been established for over 30 years making quality handcrafted mattresses in the LA area.

brentwood home mattresses

However, to start these mattresses were not direct to consumers and were sold by local retailers before the online craze. In 2012 Brentwood Home switched gears and brought their quality products direct to their customers through the latest innovation and technology.

Their mattresses are their most popular products. However, they offer a broad range of other luxury bedding accessories. From sheets, pillows, mattress toppers and even dog beds and yoga gear. Each product made with the best care and craftsmanship. As well as the most sustainable and healthiest materials.

In every Brentwood Home product you’ll find quality, durability,  handcrafted excellence, honest prices and California ethos. Which makes this brand one of the best online mattress and bedding company out there.

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Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress

There is a reason that the Oceano by Brentwood Home is their most popular mattress. This super balanced and super luxurious mattress appeals to just about everyone. The superior support is complimented by the contouring comfort for a high end hotel like experience at a very affordable price.

brentwood home oceano mattressThis mattress is our #1 Best Mattress for an obvious reason. Because it IS the best! It is handcrafted in Southern California with clean, sustainable materials that are built in an ideal mattress style. This dual coil hybrid build lends itself to moving with your body all while properly supporting it in every sleeping position.

This bed may be most ideal for back and side sleepers. But, really is great for combination sleepers, couples and even heavier people. Giving it vast appeal. Not to mention the fact that it has amazing edge support, minimal motion transfer and naturally sleeps very cool for perfected temperature regulation.

To top it off, the price makes it even more appealing. Giving you an outstanding value for a mattress you will enjoy for years and years. With this mattress you are making a wise investment into your sleep. We really could rave all day about this mattress, but why not just experience it for yourself?

Learn more in our Oceano by Bretnwood Home Review or SHOP now at Brentwoodhome.com.

Why Choose the Oceano Mattress?
  • If you want the BEST luxury hybrid mattress at a very affordable price point.
  • You want a very balanced, very adaptable and very supportive mattress that will give you years of solid rest.
  • Amazing pressure relief to contour to you paired with just enough bounce to easily move.
  • Top notch customer service, dynamite materials and USA handcrafted.

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Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Mattress

With so many amazing mattress options you might find it hard to make up your mind. That is where the Crystal Cove can be the perfect solution. Not sure if you would prefer the contouring feel of memory foam? Or maybe the naturally responsive feel of latex sounds more appealing? How about both?

brentwood home crystal cove mattressThat is exactly what you’ll get when you get the Crystal Cove mattress from Brentwood Home. Using the same superior core zoned coil support as the Cedar and Oceano, however, with this mattress you get two sides of comfort. Which is why it is our favorite flippable mattress.

The slightly softer luxury plush side features a combination of charcoal-infused Memory Foam and Flow Foam. While the gentle firm side uses Dunlop Latex Foam for two completely different feels. The amazing properties that both of the sides of this mattress bring to the table may make it hard to choose.

Which is why it is so great that you can just flip this bed to try both. The sheer fact that this mattress is like two in one is already awesome. But, again the value of this Brentwood Home bed makes it one that you won’t have to mull over too long. The very affordable price coupled with the quality, customer service and amazing aspects of this bed check every box. Oh yeah – AND it’s vegan!

Learn more in our Crystal Cove by Bretnwood Home Review or SHOP now at Brentwoodhome.com.

Why Choose the Crystal Cove Mattress?
  • If you can’t decide between memory foam or a latex hybrid mattress you get both.
  • Solid core support with adaptable comfort that is perfect for years of use.
  • Amazing affordable two sided mattress with sleeping benefits for everyone.

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Brentwood Home Latex Hybrid Mattress

The NEWEST Brentwood Home mattress is their amazingly well thought out Latex Hybrid. Though the name may not fall into what we are use to seeing from this brand, the materials and design are. This mattress takes sustainability to the next level. Incorporating some unique up-cycled materials that put a new spin on innovation.

brentwood home latex hybrid mattress

This online mattress in a box is a latex hybrid not unlike others. Offering two layer of natural and organic Dunlop latex paired with a coil system. However, this mattress also uses a unique foundation that is made from recycled denim. A fabric that is known for it’s resilience, comfort and durability. As well as a natural flax see pad that breathes naturally for better airflow.

And to top it off, this mattress also offers a cover made from recycled water bottles known as Repreve. An amazing process that takes waste and turns it into a fiber that is super soft, durable and even water repellent. All together making a 12″ thick bed with 5 layers of high quality and sustainable materials.

The BH Latex Hybrid is similar to the other Brentwood Home mattresses in that it is offered in one universal feel. Giving you an ideal medium to medium-firm feel that uses a layer of zoned latex on top for even better pressure relief. The natural benefits of this mattress include cooler sleep, less partner disturbance and solid edge support. And all for an affordable price. We say this is another win for Brentwood Home.

Learn more in our Latex Hybrid by Bretnwood Home Review or SHOP now at Brentwoodhome.com.

Why Choose the Latex Hybrid Mattress?
  • If you want a mattress that uses amazing materials that are up-cycled and recycled, but of the highest quality.
  • You want a mattress with a solid and durable build that is also ideally comfortable and offers amazing benefits.
  • And if you like a mattress that sleeps cool, minimizes partner disturbance and is still very affordable.

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Brentwood Home Cypress Memory Foam Mattress

The Cypress memory foam mattress from Brentwood Home is not only the most affordable, but also offers a variety of options. This recently revamped mattress comes in an all foam build, as well as a hybrid build. Giving you the choice of support. To top it off, it also comes in two different thickness options, featuring a slightly firmer 11″ model and slightly softer 13″ model.

brentwood home cypress memory foam mattressThe unique differences that set each of the four Cypress memory foam mattresses apart means there is an ideal option for every sleeper. To start, the 11″ all foam mattress is the most affordable, as well as the firmest. The 11″ hybrid mattress uses the same comfort top layers but uses as flexible coil system instead of base foam. Making it roughly the same firmness, but with better air flow and balance.

The 13″ models are just a bit softer, leaning more towards the medium spectrum of comfort. Both the 13″ all foam and the 13″ hybrid Cypress add an additional 2″ of charcoal-infused memory foam for a more plush experience. Again, the hybrid will offer better airflow, while the all foam may stand out for isolating motion. And all will do great for providing solid edge support.

The variance in price for a queen size ranges from $599 for the 11″ all foam. While both the 11″ hybrid and 13″ all foam come in at $799 and the 13″ hybrid is the most expensive at $999. However, the fact that none of these options come in over $1000 makes them very appealing. And that isn’t even including our exclusive 10% OFF coupon!

Learn more in our Cypress by Bretnwood Home Review or SHOP now at Brentwoodhome.com.

Why Choose the Cypress Mattress?
  • Most affordable Brentwood Home bed and only option that features an all foam build.
  • Four unique and different options available to compliment every sleepers needs.
  • Amazing pressure relief and very minimal motion transfer.

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Brentwood Home Basics

Now that you know a bit more about each mattress we’ll conclude with exactly what each of these bed-in-a-box comes with. For starters, each of these mattresses is shipped for free. Regardless of what mattress you opt for, shipping is included. Your mattress will be compressed and packed in a fairly small box to be delivered to your door.

You also have the option to upgrade your shipping to white glove delivery for a small additional fee. This is very helpful for the heavier Oceano and Cedar mattresses if you need some help. It makes the process very easy, clean and well worth it. However, if you opt to take care of it yourself, the process is still quite simple. Simply unbox, cut away the plastic and allow the bed to expand.

brentwood home mattresses

Included with your new mattress is also a 365 night trial period. This lengthy chunk of time gives you a full year before 100% of committing to your mattress. Meaning you can change your mind at anytime within that trial period and return your mattress for free. However, these high quality beds are super comfortable and supportive, so we highly doubt you’ll be returning it. But, it’s nice to know you can!

You also have a 25 year warranty. This warranty is a true testament to the durability of materials and build to each of these mattresses. We cannot say enough about what you will get with each bed. And this warranty is just another reason you’ll be very pleased shopping with Brentwood Home for your new mattress.

10% OFF Brentwood Home With Code: OSG10

Brentwood Home Beds Side by Side

brentwood home mattresses

10% OFF Brentwood Home With Code: OSG10

Still not sure which Brentwood Home Mattress is for you? We know each of these beds are fantastic, but to get more details follow the links below to the complete mattress reviews. 

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