Mattress Review Brentwood Home Latex Hybrid Mattress

When it comes to Brentwood Home, their innovation never ceases to amaze us. Their newest mattress, the Brentwood Home Latex Hybrid, is an amazing bed that uses some alternative and up-cycled materials to create this one-of-a-kind online mattress that happens to be VERY affordable too.

Brentwood Home is known for their unique handmade and sustainable mattress manufacturing. However, this 12″ thick bed takes it to the next level. By using materials such as denim, recycled plastic bottles and flax seed to create not only a mattress that is green, but comfortable and supportive too.

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hybrid latex mattress review

Hybrid Latex by Brentwood Home: At A Glance

  • brentwood home latex hybrid mattress 12″ Thick | 5 Layers + Cover
  • Universal Medium Comfort
  • Motion Transfer: Minimal
  • Sleeping Cool: Very Good
  • Edge Support: Good
  • GreenGuard Gold Certified
  • 1-Year Sleep Trial & 25-Year Warranty
  • Made in USA (So. California)
  • Price Before Coupon: $1149- $1839
  • 10% OFF Coupon Code: OSG10

Detailed BH Latex Hybrid Mattress Review

Now that you have a rough idea what this bed may offer it’s time to jump into the details. Below we will break down how this bed in constructed. As well as what materials lie inside and how sustainable they are. Then, we will see how this translates to the comfort of the bed. As well as how it performs when it comes to isolating motion, sleeping cool and edge support. We will wrap up with all the basics of what to expect when ordering an online mattress with Brentwood Home.

What Materials Are In The Hybrid Latex Bed?

When it comes to what’s inside this new Brentwood Home mattress you may have to read it twice. This mattress uses a variety of unique and familiar materials to create a one-of-a-kind hybrid bed. Featuring alternative, up-cycled and natural materials to give this mattress a new twist.

From top to bottom this mattress uses 5 layers, plus it’s cover, to create a 12″ thick mattress. Below we have a list of exactly what each layer is made of.

  • brentwood home latex hybrid materials Cover with 6 Handles: 39% Organic Cotton, 23% REPREVE (Polyester made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles), 33% Standard Polyester, 1% Spandex
  • 2″ Top Comfort Layer: 100% Organic Contour Dunlop Latex
  • 2″ Middle Comfort Layer: 100% Natural Dunlop Latex
  • Separating Layer: Flax Pad
  • 8″ Main Support Layer: ActivEdge Quantum Edge Coil Unit with up to 975 coils and a reinforced perimeter
  • Foundation Layer: Recycled Cotton Denim Pad

As you can see there are a few materials that are certainly out of the norm of what you would expect to see in a mattress. But, surprisingly they make perfect sense when you take a closer look.

bh latex hybrid mattress review
  • Alternative, Recycled & Breathable Materials:
    • Upcycled Denim: Scrap denim, provides a supportive yet highly breathable and thermo-regulating base layer.
    • REPREVE: Recycled plastic bottles that are repurposed ocean-bound plastic water bottles that instead are used to create a fabric. This fabric is a very soft, durable performance fiber with water repellent. This highly innovative fiber requires no new petroleum which means fewer greenhouse gases are emitted. An in turns conserves water and energy in the process.
    • Natural Flax Seed Pads: Renewable material that is processed without chemicals, breathes naturally.

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How Green Is This Natural Bed by Brentwood Home?

green and sustainable mattress

From the materials you can see all that goes into this mattress, literally. To take it a step further Brentwood Home is proud to share just how green this bed, and brand, truly are.

The BH Latex Hybrid ensures each mattress is clean and safe. Below are a few guarantees that prove how sustainable this mattress is to ensure you have peace of mind.

  • Nox-toxic, safe, and responsible
  • No polyurethane foams
  • GOTS Organic certified cotton & flax
  • Greenguard Gold Certified
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified wool
  • Cotton: GOTS Organic Certified, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, USDA Organic
  • Latex: FSC®, eco-INSTITUT® and Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Mattress: Greenguard Gold Certified

How Comfortable Is The BH Latex Hybrid Bed?

Now that you know all about the materials, and than some, it’s time to get into what you can expect this bed to feel like. We like a well made mattress that offers some amazing materials. But, more importantly you have to have a mattress that actually feels good to sleep on.

cedar mattress comfortThis universally appealing latex hybrid is going to offer a medium to medium-firm comfort. The combination of coils and latex will have a more responsive feel that instead of sinking under your weight respond by giving you a slight bit of push back. Creating the opposite affect of slow responding memory foam.

It also uses a top comfort layer of latex that is strategically zoned. This helps to create better pressure relief as well as a more contouring feel to give you the most superb latex hybrid mattress available. While the middle layer of latex offers additional supportive comfort that when paired with the precision support of the coil system creates a mattress that side, stomach and back sleepers will love.

This mattress is not only ideal for every sleeping position, which makes it fantastic for combination sleepers. But, it is also a great compromise for couples looking for that perfect middle of the road feel. Not to forget that it also works great for all shapes and sizes. With super durable layers that make plus size sleepers fully supported too.

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What Else Can I Expect With The BH Latex Hybrid Mattress?

We know comfort is king when it comes to choosing a mattress. But, there are also several aspects that play a role in finding the best new mattress. Along with finding a bed that feels great we know that sleeping cool, solid edge support and minimal partner disturbance are considered important areas of how a mattress should perform. Which is why we also look at each of this to scrutinize just how this mattress will benefit your sleep.

Motion Isolation:

limiting motion transfer in a mattress Partner disturbance may be a deal breaker for couples out there that share a bed. Finding a mattress that is responsive yet doesn’t produce a ton of excess vibration is key, especially in a latex hybrid option.

This is not forgotten in the Brentwood Home Latex Hybrid. The design and build of this mattress helps ensure that buoyancy is kept isolated by using a pocketed coil system. Along with two denser layers of Dunlop latex. Not only are the coils free from each other, but having two layers opposed to one solid layer of latex helps minimize motion transfer.

Sleeping Cool:

why should i have a latex foam mattressOne of the best things about a latex hybrid mattress is how they sleep so darn cool. And do so naturally. This bed is literally ideal for regulating temperature.

Latex is naturally aerated as well as doesn’t alter in feel from temperature. This paired with a coil system that allows air to flow and heat to dissipate is awesome for ensuring little to no heat being trapped over the night.

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Edge Support:

sitting on edge of bedAnother area to consider when buying a new mattress is the perimeter support. This mattress uses durable materials that will be ideal from center to edge. But to take it a step further the coil system uses enhanced coils around the perimeter to enhance the support and help ensure a consistent mattress.

This means that getting in and out of bed will feel supported. Occasionally sitting will not be a problem. And, most importantly you’ll have the full use of the mattress to sleep on.

Brentwood Home Mattress Basics:

Now that you know what you are getting with this Latex Hybrid by Brentwood Home comes the logistics in ordering an online mattress in a box. Brentwood Home is known to have one of the best customer services for online mattress companies. As well as some of the highest standards for quality and production. Giving you great products as well as great service. On top of that there are a few other additional perks you’ll get when ordering from Brentwood Home.


brentwood latex hybrid bed One thing we love when it comes to the Brentwood Home mattresses, including the Latex Hybrid, is their amazing value. Though each bed is a small investment, what you get in return for the price is a very solid, well made USA product that holds health and safety standards to the highest. As well as creates some amazingly comfortable and long lasting products that you’ll truly appreciate year after year.

This mattress in particular comes in at $1,499 in a queen size. With prices adjusting for all standard mattresses sizes between Twin to Cal King, and everything in between. Included in the price is also an amazing 365 night trial period, a 25 year warranty and FREE shipping. Making this mattress one you won’t have to mull over before purchasing.

We are absolutely blown away that this latex hybrid is so affordable. By using some amazing up-cycled materials, quality craftsmanship and USA made you really will have a hard time finding a mattress of this quality for this price.

Brentwood Home Coupon:

We think the value of this mattress is already outstanding, but when paired with our exclusive Brentwood Home coupon, you’ll get an even better price and value. Making not only this mattress more affordable, but also any products you buy from Brentwood Home. Giving you access to 10% OFF all products.

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We know, as well as Brentwood Home knows, that some folks are in need of a mattress but also need to make monthly payments. Which is why they have also partnered with Affirm to help you find financing if you need. Learn more about what options are available at BrentwoodHome.com.

Delivery & Set-Up:

which mattress has the better shipping and priceWhen it comes to online mattresses you’d be pressed to find a brand that doesn’t include shipping. This is also the case with Brentwood Home. Each mattress is compressed and shipped right to your door. Allowing you to save on delivery fees as well as any middle man markups.

Each bed is handmade in Southern California and takes roughly 3-5 business days to create. It is then compressed and shipped via Fed-Ex which will take roughly 7-10 business days to get to you. Giving you a window of 10 to 15 days before getting your new bed. However, the wait is worth the amazing detail that goes into each mattress.

Once it does arrive the unboxing process is simple. Simply remove the rolled mattress from the box. Unroll the initial plastic and unfold the bed. Included is a handy “cutter” that will help you cut the plastic away while ensuring the bed is never nicked by a blade. Once you start cutting the plastic away the mattress will start to expand rapidly.

Within a minute the mattress springs to full size. However, we suggest giving the mattress several hours to fully expand as well as air out before putting any sheets or a mattress protector over the top. This lets any plastic or new mattress smells air out. As well as give the mattress some time to fully firm up.

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Trial Period & Warranty:

With every Brentwood Home mattress you’ll get a 365 night trial period. This is a full year to ensure that you love your new bed. We always suggest giving your mattress a minimum of 30 days to “break in” and fully allow your body to adjust to the new comfort and support. However, if you aren’t finding this mattress to be a good fit, no problem. Returns are FREE and easy.

Also included is a 25 year warranty. This is not only a testament to the quality of materials and construction of each Brentwood Home bed, but also the companies confidence in their product. The warranty covers any manufacturing flaws or defects as well as any abnormal ware that occurs with normal use. Giving you the reassurance that you will have a high quality mattress that will last you for many years.

brentwood home mattresses

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 365 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty 25 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1149
  • Twin XL $1199
  • Full $1379
  • Queen $1499
  • King $1839
  • Cal King $1839
Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.