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Today we are looking at the Amerisleep AS5 mattress. This mattress is the softest option from the Amerisleep line and perfect for side sleepers. It will ship to your house for free and after you unbox it you will soon be sleeping in a cocoon of comfort. They designed this mattress to counteract overheating using several different cooling technologies. And an added perk of buying from Amerisleep is their generous coupon for an even more affordable bed.

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress Coupon

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress – Brief Overview:

amerisleep as5 mattressThe Amerisleep AS5 is the softest mattress by the company and is 14″ thick. The mattress uses several perfectly contouring fam layers meant to make you feel like your sleeping on a cloud. This product is great for both side and back sleepers who love the feeling of being cradled while they sleep.

The mattress also uses pressure relieving technology to make you feel like you wake up feeling more rested the next day. You will also notice that the bed will easily let you change positions without much resistance.

Amerisleep – Brief Overview:

Amerisleep delivers quality products to your home that are covered under a 20-year warranty. They feature both free delivery and returns to make the mattress buying process much easier on you. The company uses eco-friendly materials in their products to help reduce harm to the environment. This also makes their mattresses have no harmful off-gassing during the unboxing process.

With a great quality of service and Amerisleep striving to find a solution for all sleeping types, this is a company you can safely put your trust in. amerisleep as5 mattress

Below we have our through Amerisleep AS5 mattress review. We will go through how it should perform in several categories. Including comfort, motion transfer, sleeping cool and edge support. As well as the value, materials and construction and trial period and warranty. Giving you a well rounded look at what this mattress has to offer.

Delivery & Unboxing:

amerisleep as4 mattress reviewAll of the Amerisleep mattresses are shipped to your door completely for free. Amerisleep compacts each mattress after it’s made into a cardboard to be held for shipping. After you place your order your mattress will be picked out of the warehouse and handed off for delivery. This will happen around a week after the order has been finalized.

The mattress will be delivered by FedEx in a 3-5 days after it’s been picked up. Amerisleep will also send you a tracking email once the shipping label has been created. Once your mattress arrives at your door all you need to do is carefully unpack it and remove the plastic

The unpacking process is easy for the Amerisleep like most other boxed mattresses. All you need to do is simply open the box and carefully cut off the plastic. Make sure to have the mattress is an open room when you do this so it can expand properly.

Remember that while the mattress will seem to expand rather quickly, it won’t fully firm up for a bit. You should expect the mattress to take between 24 to 48 hours to regain its true firmness. The first night sleeping on the new mattress may not be what you expected since it’s still gaining its shape.

Off Gassing:

our rating guideOne of the biggest things consumers worry about when unboxing a compressed item is the amount of odor it lets off. Since this mattress does set for a little bit before being delivered to your door there will be a little bit of a “new” mattress smell.

Luckily, Amerisleep uses eco-friendly materials so you don’t have to worry about any hazardous chemicals. Still, if you are sensitive to smells then we do recommend giving the mattress some time to air out since it can be a little off-putting to use at first. By 12 hours the AS5 should be odor free and completely ready for you to sleep on.

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress – Comfort:

The Amerisleep AS5 mattress comes from a line of 5 different mattresses all with varying firmness levels. These mattresses are made to serve a variety of sleepers. The AS5 is Amerisleeps softest option out of the bunch and will make you feel like your sleeping on a cloud.

amerisleep as5 mattressThis mattress isn’t going to be ideal for stomach sleepers or back sleepers who are looking for a lot of support out of there bed. Instead, this is the perfect mattress for side sleepers who love their hip and shoulders to sink into the mattress. This will also work well for back sleepers who love plenty of sink as well.

Along with having an incredibly soft feel, the AS5 does provides several desirable features for sleepers to enjoy. The bed uses technology to keep itself cool including using a thermoreactive yarn in its cover. Amerisleep also uses anti-sag technology in all of their mattresses to keep them going for longer. This technology will keep your bed comfortable for years to come and increase its overall durability.  The mattress also has a layer dedicated to helping relieve pressure where it’s needed most. This helps the AS5 not just fall victim to being a soft mattress with no support at all.

This mattress will suit lighter to average sized sleepers better and won’t give heavier sleepers much support at all. It also won’t be that great for edge sitting and can run a little warmer than the firmer options. This is because of the foam cocoons you more easily in softer beds. Amerisleep does take steps to keep you from burning up, but sleepers who naturally run hot may find that the AS5 won’t make the most comfortable mattress for them.

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress Coupon

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress – Motion Transfer:

amerisleep as5 mattressMotion transfer can be one an important aspect when buying a mattress. This can be even more of a selling point for couples looking to purchase a new bed. Partners who toss and turn at night can drive each other wild. A mattress that isolates motion is one of the only solutions for this problem. Most foam mattresses do a wonderful job at keeping motion at bay. This makes these mattresses a wonderful choice for young couples who are picking out their first bed or who have switched to different sleeping schedules for work.

The Amerisleep AS5 is a great choice for anyone looking for a soft mattress that isolates motion where it happens. The many foam layers will absorb your partner’s movements allowing you to stay asleep. This is only helped by the fact that the AS5 is a soft mattress that cocoons you in a soft protective layer of foam. We can easily recommend this mattress to anyone who needs an bed that erases motion transfer will let them sleep through almost anything.

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress – Sleeping Cool:

amerisleep as5 mattressThe Amerisleep AS5 uses some of the same technology the firmer options in the line do to help fight off heat. The covers Celliant infused fibers help wick away heat and pull it away from your body. It is also a breathable fabric that doesn’t keep the heat trapped like some polyesters may.

The extra breathable top foam layer is designed to help air flow out of the mattress. With it’s open cell design it is able to breath opposed to keeping hot air stuck inside. This layer is said to be 5x more cooling than other types of foam and is a major selling point for the mattress. It even has channels cut through the middle transition layer of foam it to aid airflow even more. And the no-sag base foam will help for making this mattress “too soft” and creates the still necessary support layer.

The downside to the AS5 is that it will run hotter at night. Foam is naturally a heat absorbent material. You may find that the sink and contour of the top layers of this mattress may be a little much if you run hot. By being enveloped in the foam, even the best cooling technology may not be able to keep the bed neutral.

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress – Edge Support:

amerisleep as5 mattressEdge support can be a major factor in picking your next mattress. A bed that is lacking in edge support won’t have a fully usable surface for you to enjoy. Luckily, Amerisleep mattresses tend to hold up rather well for edge sleeping with some sinkage due to the firmness level. They use dense and durable foams that make the bed solid and stable.

While you will find yourself sinking down a little more with the AS5 you still can utilize and sleep comfortably along every inch of the bed. The overall feel of the mattress will be consistent and fully usable especially for sleeping. Don’t expect to use the bed for much sitting though as you will find yourself sinking into the soft material pretty fast compared to firmer models.

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress – Value:

We understand that value is always an important part whenever you are shopping for a mattress. The Amerisleep AS5 is a little pricey compared to other types of foam mattresses with each size being over $1000. However, the materials and build as well as ample soft comfort justify this price still making the AS5 a good value.

The Twin Size of the AS5 starts at $1799 and the twin XL $1849. The next size up is the full size for $1949 with the queen coming in at $2099. The King size will run you $2299, The California king is $2299, and the split king cost the most at $3498. This doesn’t include Amerisleep’s latest coupon either. Making the pricing even better and more affordable!

Keep in mind that this also includes free shipping to your home and a sleep trial. You also have free returns if you don’t like the mattress. The 20-year warranty is also a nice to touch so you can rest assured that you can get your money’s worth out of this product.

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress Coupon

Materials & Construction:

The Amerisleep AS5 mattress is made to be 14 inches thick with 4 different layers of comfort and support. Since this is the softest of the AS line there is a lot of soft materials used in the layers. First off the cover is made up of a high-performance Celliant infused breathable fabric. They made this cover with 13 thermoreactive minerals to help keep you comfortable.

amerisleep as5 mattressThe top layer is 3″ of extra breathable Bio-Pur Comfort Memory Foam. This cooling layer is about 5 times more breathable than most other types of foam. This layer will wick away heat as you sleep and uses open cell technology.

The second layer of the Amerisleep AS5 is 2″ of Active Flex Foam. This is the only Amerisleep mattress that features this foam that makes you “feels like your floating on a cloud”. This layer is made to be ergonomic and provides pressure relief zones to help you feel extra rested. It also features precision cut channels. These help keep the bed cool and wick away moisture.

The next and third layer is 2″ of Affinity Transition Foam. This layer is the transition layer between the top comfort foams nd the base. It is also great for deep comfort and really helps your shoulder and hip get plenty of relief when sleeping on your side. It keeps you supported but also adds extra cushion to your mattress.

Lastly, we have the base foam layer. They made this layer of 7″ of anti-sag Bio-Core Base Foam. This foundation gives the mattress most of its support and helps provide the bed durability for years to come.

Trial Period & Warranty:

customer support womanIf you are looking to purchase a new mattress from an online-only company, then you may be a little wary about your purchase. Luckily, many mattress brands, including Amerisleep, offer great customer service to give you peace of mind. This trial allows you to try out the mattress for a set period of time to ensure it’s the best choice for you.

The Amerisleep AS5 comes with 100-nights for you to test drive this product in the comfort of your own home. If it turns out that the AS5 just wasn’t the mattress you were looking for then you can have it returned for free to Amerisleep. After it returns you will be credited the full purchase price of the bed back to your account.

If things go wonderfully though, you will fall under warranty protection once the trial has run out. While you can’t get your money back under warranty, you can be protected against defects and early sagging. The AS5 comes with a 20-year warranty that will make sure you get solid use out of your purchase. The warranty will completely replace the mattress for the first 10 years then in the second the warranty to will prorate you for a new mattress.

If you are looking for more specifics for the Amerisleep trial period &  warranty find out more HERE. Or for a helpful tool check out Our Mattress Warranty & Trial Period Guide.

Amerisleep AS5 Mattress – Customer Feedback: 

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Amerisleep AS5 Mattress Rating
  • Delivery & Unboxing
  • Comfort
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Edge Support
  • Value
  • Materials & Construction
  • Trial Period
  • Warranty

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty 20 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1799
  • Twin XL $1849
  • Full $1949
  • Queen $2099
  • King $2299
  • Cal King $2299
Overall Rating


The Amerisleep AS5 Mattress Mattress might be good for you if…

  • You want a true soft feeling memory foam mattress that releivs pressure but doesn't make you feel stuck.
  • You want a thick and durable bed that is supportive and uses technology driven foams that are superior in quality as well as more heathy.
  • You want an all foam mattress that provides ample benefits and great sleeping qualities.
  • You want a well priced mattress from a company with a solid reputation and generous warranty.

Still looking for some more information? Visit Amerisleep at Amerisleep.com. Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.