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Tender Sleep is a new mattress company with an interesting concept, a mattress that has magnets in it. The company claims that this helps with magnetic therapy a type of holistic healing that has been popular throughout the ages. To give you a good idea about the more normal aspects of this mattress we have written this review below to see if the Tender Sleep Magnetress mattress will work well in your home. We even go a little bit into detail about what the company claims the magnets do for your body.

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Tender Sleep Magnetress Mattress – Brief Overview:

tender sleep magnetressThe Tender Sleep Magnetress is a 10-inch thick mattress with a firm feel. The mattress is great for both back and stomach sleepers. It provides a neutral temperature throughout the night and plenty of edge support. This mattress is made out of a combination of 3 foam layers. This gives the bed extra bounce and keeps things from heating up too much. The bed is also easy to move around in thanks to the bounce added by the latex layer. The bed even features a removable cover that you can wash if you ever have a spill in bed.

The big selling point for this mattress is the addition of magnets in its first layer. This layer is said to help give you magnetic therapy. This is a holistic type of therapy that has been acclaimed by many ancient societies according to the website. These magnets claim that they will have you waking up with more energy than a standard mattress without magnets would. If you are curious about the healing claim of magnets then you can do the sleep trial to see if the bed makes in difference in your energy levels.

Tender Sleep – Brief Overview:

tender sleep magnetressThis brand is a pretty new company that is currently sells two different mattresses. The Tender sleep Magnetress, that we are reviewing today, and the Tender Sleep Element. Tender Sleep is based out of Orlando Florida and is hoping to introduce a new trend into the sleeper world. This is of course by using the supposive holistic healing effects of magnets in one of their beds.

Each bed comes with the same customer care and standard practices. Including a 101 night sleep trial to give the bed a chance. Hassel free returns, if needed. As well as a 10 year warranty to ensure the integrity of the mattress. As well as free shipping in the USA. Learn more today at TenderSleep.com.

Below is our Tender Sleep Magnetress Review. Including information on the materials it is made out of and shipping information. As well as what to expect form comfort, motion transfer, sleeping coo and edge support. As well as the value and trial period and warranty.

Delivery & Off-Gassing:

tender sleep magnetressThe Tender Sleep Magnetress mattress is delivered to your door free from the company. The mattress is placed inside a sturdy standard sized cardboard box and placed in the warehouse to wait to be sent out. Once you place your order the helpful workers at Tender Sleep will start to get your mattress ready for shipment. The mattresses typically ship out within 2-3 days after you place your order. And than an additional 2-5 days of transit. Making it about a week before the mattress will arrive at your home.

Once your Tender Slee Magnetress arrives you will need to start unpacking it. The mattress will arrive in a larger yet compact box. You can expect the mattress to be a rather heavy box to maneuver. The Twin size weighs around 60 pounds with the King hitting 120 pounds. So two people for this job is likely.

Once you carefully unbox the mattress and remove the plastic from the product your mattress can start to expand. We recommend giving the mattress 12 hours before use to let it firm up. After this, it may take an additional 24 to 48 hours before the mattress is restored to its true firmness.

When opening the box you should expect some off-gassing, but should be minimal. Especially since they use non-hazardous materials. Regardless, we recommended you give this mattress a 12-hour period to air out, especially if your are more sensitive.

Tender Sleep Magnetress – Comfort:

One of the most important questions we can help answer for you is how comfortable is a mattress? To start with you should know that the Tender Sleep Magnetress is a medium-firm to firm mattress. It will work best for stomach and back sleepers who like to have a lot of support while they are resting. Side sleepers, on the other hand, won’t be able to sink into the mattress and may have a hard time getting comfortable on top of it. The mattress ranks between a 7 to 8 out of 10 on the comfort scale.

softness scale meter

The bed will give you a lot of room to move around without feeling stuck thanks to the latex layers bounce. You will also find that the bed does a good job at pressure relief and will help properly align your spine as you sleep. There is also the whole selling point of the mattress, the magnets. The magnets in the mattress are said to feel you with energy as you sleep helping you wake up more refreshed and be ready to tackle the day ahead of you.

Tender Sleep Mattress Coupon

Tender Sleep Magnetress – Motion Transfer:

tender sleep magnetress

When your sleeping on a mattress that easily transfers motion it can one of the most sleep depriving issues you will encounter. This may not be apparent for single sleepers, but if your moving in with a partner motion transfer should be one of your concerns. Many times you will be on a different work or sleep schedule than your partner. This means that one of you will get up before the other and the last thing you want to do is wake up your sweetheart. This can be even worse if you find yourself tossing and turning during the night.

When it comes to the Magnetress mattress you can count on motion transfer not being an issue. Foam mattresses traditionally do a wonderful job at minimizing any motion that happens on top of them. This is even more true since this mattress has a latex layer that helps with motion absorption even more. Light sleepers will be happy with the stability the Tender Sleep Magnetress mattress offers while they sleep.

Tender Sleep Magnetress – Sleeping Cool:

tender sleep magnetressWhile the Tender Sleep Magnetress mattress doesn’t promote it’s cooling effects as it’s main attraction, you shouldn’t be too concerned. For starters, the mattress uses a top layer of latex making heating up slimmer than that of a memory foam mattress. Latex allows for good aeration and air flow as well as never allowing you to feel “stick” in one spot. Making for sleeping cooler easier.

The Tender Sleep Magnetress uses a combination of technology in its other layers to keep things cool too. The cover of the mattress starts things off by being moisture wicking. The middle layer is a gel-infused foam that works to absorb heat further into the mattress and away form the top.

On top of all of this, the Tender Sleep Magnetress mattress has a solid base layer. This helps by keeping you sleeping more on top of the mattress than sinking into the foam. Since the mattress is also a firmer option it will naturally sleep cooler too. Overall, The Magnetress mattress will work well for an all foam mattress that doesn’t sleep too warm. And should maintain a fairly neutral temperature throughout the night.

Tender Sleep Magnetress – Edge Support:

tender sleep magnetressEdge support can be a very important factor in choosing a mattress whether you realized it before or not. Edge support determines how fully usable the sleeping surface is. A mattress with no or limited edge support will have you sliding off if you sleep too close to the edge of the bed. If you like to have a stable bed and especially if you sleep more towards the edge of the bed than you will want to pay special attention to this section.

The Tender Sleep Magnetress mattress thankfully seems to do pretty well in the edge sleeping section. This mattress is a rather firm bed that will support even heavier sleepers. Thanks to this the whole surface of the bed is readily available for you to sleep on including the edge.

Sitting on the perimeter of this mattress is also more supported than softer beds. Making daily activities like putting on your socks or getting ready for work much easier. This is all thanks to the sturdy support layer combined with the denser comfort layers of the mattress. And providing and overall more firm bed.

Tender Sleep Magnetress – Value:

When it comes to picking out any product you want to know that you are getting plenty of bang for your buck. Mattresses are no exception to this rule. A mattress that has a good value not only is within your price range but also meets your needs. First off, know that all sizes of this mattress will include free shipping and free returns if things don’t work out. Also, know that every size of the mattress comes with the same trial period and warranty too.

Overall, this mattress is a fairly affordable bed that offers several layers of premium foams. This combination makes for a more medium-firm to firm mattress that uses the unique and ancient benefits of magnets. The value is okay, especially when compared to other mattresses of similar properties. The one of a kind aspects and benefits of the magnets may justify the higher price point. However, make sure to visit TenderSleep.com to access their latest coupon. This will significantly drop the cost to a much more reasonable price point.

Tender Sleep Mattress Coupon

The Tender Sleep Magnetress mattress comes in just about any size you would need. The mattress starts out at $999 for the twin size or $1099 for the twin xl size. The Full size of the mattress will cost you around $1499 while the queen size will run you $1789. The king and California king will cost $1999. The mattress also has a financing option available through Blispay that will give you 6 months to pay off your purchase. This helps families budget out the mattress over time instead of paying a large sum upfront.

Materials & Construction:

The Tender Sleep Magnetress mattress is 10-inches thick and made out of three layers. The layers include a combination of foam and latex layers to give the bed a unique feel. There are also magnets used in the bed to give it the holistic therapeutic benefits the site talks about.

tender sleep magnetress

The first layer of the Tender Sleep Magnetress mattress is the comfort layer. This layer is designed to give you plenty of bounce for tossing and turning at night. The layer is also made out of latex and runs cooler than the other foam layers. You will also find that the magnetic technology is used in this layer and according to the site will provide you more energy everytime you sleep on it.

The second layer is a gel memory foam layer made to help keep things cool at night. This layer also concentrates on giving you pressure point support and providing proper spinal alignment while relieving pain from your body.

Lastly, we have the base foam layer of the mattress. This layer provides the core support of the bed and is made of high-density support foam. The layer is made to be durable for years to come and keep the same amount of firmness as well.

This is all wrapped in a cover that is removable for cleaning. The cover is a temperature control cover that has a wicking treatment. This cover is made to absorb moisture and make it quickly evaporate. On top of all of this, the mattress is also naturally flame retardant making it a little safer than other brands to sleep on at night.

Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialIt’s a little hard to trust a mattress you have never seen in person or tested out for yourself. Luckily, almost every bed in a box company offer you a sleep trial period to get a feel for your bed.  Tender Sleep is no exception to this rule and offers you a 101-night sleep trial to get a feeling for your new bed. This should take away any worries you have since this is a new company. If things don’t work out between you and the Magnetress then you can have the bed returned to the warehouse completely for free, this includes a full refund of your purchase price to your bank account.

If things do end up going great with your new mattress then you also have a warranty to cover you for quite some time. The Magnetress along with any other mattresses made by Tender Sleep are covered by a 10-year warranty to protect you against any defects the mattress might have. All you need to do is contact one of Tender Sleeps helpful service representatives with your order information in place and they will switch your mattress out at no charge to you during the duration of the warranty.

If you are looking for more specifics for the Tender Sleep trial period warranty find out more at TnederSleep.com. Or for a helpful tool check out Our Mattress Warranty & Trial Period Guide.

Tender Sleep Magnetress – Customer Feedback: 

More coming soon!

Also, remember that if you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you!

Tender Sleep Mattress Rating
  • Delivery & Off Gassing
  • Comfort
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Edge Support
  • Value
  • Materials & Construction
  • Trial Period
  • Warranty

Overall Rating

If you are looking for a unique mattress that offers the power of magnets and a firmer feel this may be the all foam bed for you.

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 101 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $999
  • Twin XL $1099
  • Full $1499
  • Queen $1789
  • King $1999
  • Cal King $1999
Overall Rating


The Tender Sleep Magnetress Mattress might be good for you if…

  • If you like an all foam mattress that has latex adn memory foam that create a firmer feel.
  • You like the thought of magnetic therapy in the use of a mattress.
  • You want a foam bed that has minimal motion transfer, solid edge support and sleeps fairly temperature neutral.

Still looking for some more information? Visit Tender Sleep at TenderSleep.com. Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.