April 15, 2020

Top 14 Accessories from Nest Bedding

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Nest Bedding has SO MANY different bedding and lifestyle accessories that we wanted to share with all of you our top 14 favorites. That is right our Top 14 Accessories from Nest Bedding. We simply couldn’t shorten the list and frankly there were others that we wanted to add but didn’t.

So make sure you head to NestBedding.com in order to view the other products we didn’t cover because there are a lot. Keep reading to see what made our top 15 list of faves. Click the button to get our latest coupons as well!

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Top 14 Accessories from Nest Bedding

14. Nest Bedding Wool Dog Bed

new dog bed review from nest beddingHere at our sleep guide we are big dog lovers. Which is why the Nest Bedding Wool Dog Bed made it onto our top accessories list. Even though this is technically not a bedding accessory for humans.

We believe that our fluffy friends deserve to sleep comfortably whether it is on their own bed or in bed with us.

This wool topped dog bed is a great one and it comes in three different colors and sizes.

Looking for the perfect dog bed? Head over to our post The Best Dog Beds to see many more amazing pet beds like this one.

13. Organic Merino Wool Topper & Comforter

best of list for accessories from nest beddingIf you haven’t heard yet, wool is wonderful for your sleep. It has a plush feel, regulates temperature, natural fire retardant and the benefits just go on and on.

It is one of the best natural materials you can use in your bedding. Which is why we love these organic merino wool products from Nest Bedding.

The wool mattress topper provides plenty of cushioning support, while the comforter is fluffy and will keep you sleeping at the perfect neutral body temperature.

No more falling asleep shivering or waking up sweating for you. (Keep going down the list to see some of their washable wool items!)

12. Alexander Cooling Topper

alexander topper accessory from nest beddingIf you are a fan of the comfort layers in the Alexander Signature Mattresses, then you are going to love this mattress topper. The Alexander Cooling Topper uses the same materials and cooling features from the Alexander Signature mattresses.

So whether you are adding an extra comfort layer to your signature mattress, or if you are wanting to add a bit of that cooling Energex foam to your current mattress, it is a great addition to just about any bed.

Check out our full review over the Alexander Signature Mattresses Review to learn more about the different cooling materials in the top layers.

11. Kid’s Washable Wool Comforter

wonderful wool products from nest beddingNormally products that are specifically geared toward pets or children would be closer to the bottom of our list, however this is a washable wool comforter. It is no secret that we adore having wool in bedding products.

However, one of the most difficult aspects of owning wool products is that many of them are not washable. Which is simply no good when you are purchasing a product for kids. Which is why we adore this washable wool comforter for kids. It makes having a wool comfort so much more doable.

If you are not yet familiar with why we love wool, head over to our post Wool! Glorious Wool! to learn more.

10. Rustic Platform Bed & Nightstand

quality furniture pieces from nest beddingThe Rustic Platform Bed and Nightstand are both handmade in Los Angeles California. These stunning pieces come in three different finish options. A raw, white wash or gray wash.

The different color options allows you to customize the look of your bed frame to suite your personal style.

The wood used in these bed frames is made from reclaimed wood and they only use non-toxic glues and stains. Making this one eco-friendly and sustainably made piece of furniture.

Click the link, Nest Bedding Furniture Review to learn more about the Rustic Platform Bed & Nightstand. 

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9. Arcadian Bed Frame

reclaimed wood bedroom furniture from nest beddingThe Arcadian Bed Frame is very similar to the Rustic Platform Bed, they are made out of the same type of wood and even have the same base and feet design. Even the nightstand is made to go with either the Rustic Platform Bed or the Arcadian Bed.

The main difference is that the Arcadian bed frame features a stunning wooden headboard. It is really a gorgeous piece of furniture that will be a beautiful addition to any home.

You can also find information on the the Arcadian Bed Frame in our Nest Bedding Furniture Review. Click the link to learn more.

8. Organic Waterproof Mattress & Pillow Protector

organic waterproof mattress and pillow protectorsWho doesn’t love the combination of Organic Cotton comfort paired with waterproof protection? Nest Bedding uses unbleached natural color, organic cotton cover for the Organic Waterproof Mattress & Pillow Protectors. The cover is what is going to be on the outside of your protector closer to your body.

While the inner lining of the protectors is a TPU polyurethane backing. This is what gives these protectors their ability to be waterproof. This is a great combination that works well for kids and adults alike.

7. Nest Bedding Sheets

top sheets and other accessories from nestThere are a handful of different sheet sets available from Nest Bedding. From the Organic Cotton sheets that we have reviewed, to the Bamboo, Tencel, and even Linen sheets.

We love that they now have such a large selection and knowing their quality standard we are excited to try all of the different materials. They also have duvet covers as well as traditional sheet sets. There is a little something for everyone.

Click the link to read our full review on the Nest Bedding Organic Cotton Sheets.

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6. Reverie Adjustable Power Base

top products made and sold by nestWho would want to sleep flat on their back when you could be sleeping and lounging in a zero gravity position?! Not sure what that is, well then let us introduce you to the Reverie Adjustable Power Base.

It is a fabulous bed frame made to change positions at the press of a button. Need to charge your phone? No problem, it has USB ports. Whether you have a bad back, snoring problems, or simply want to sit up in bed to watch TV, you’re going to love this adjustable base.

Head over to our Nest Bedding Reverie Adjustable Power Base Review to learn more about it and all of it’s many features.

5. COOL Mattress Protector

top 15 accessories sold by nest beddingOne of the top complaints we hear about people sleeping with a new mattress protector is that it is HOT! With many mattress protectors lined with sheets of plastic or plastic coatings, it is no surprise that they heat up quickly.

It isn’t easy making a mattress protector that can keep your mattress safe while also being comfortable, but Nest Bedding pulled it off. The Cool Mattress Protector is definitely worth checking out.

Click the link to view reviews on other mattress protectors like this one.

4. Nest Bedding Washable Wool Comforter

our top favorite products sold by nestHere it is, our top favorite wool product from Nest Bedding, the Washable Wool Comforter for adults. When we first heard of a wool comforter we were expecting a heavy dense blanket that was smothering. However, this is not at all the case.

The Washable Wool Comforter from Nest Bedding is lightweight and fluffy, ranging from 2-4lbs depending on what size you purchase. We especially love that it is a washable, allowing us to use this comforter freely and without concern of ruining it accidentally with one silly spill.

This wool comforter along with many other wool products are featured in our post Wool! Glorious Wool! Click the link to check it out.

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3. The Easy Breather Travel Pillow

travel pillow top 15 favoritesIt’s travel time! Who wants to sleep on a cheap static filled travel pillow? Instead you can now take the comfort and quality feel of the Easy Breather pillow from Nest Bedding with you wherever you go.

Filled with the same cool and cushioning materials as the standard pillow now in a smaller size and shape. It even features a convenient snap for keeping it in place as well as a small travel case to keep it safe and clean. Snaps conveniently onto the top of a carry on.

If you have travel coming up soon, head to our page Tips for Sleeping on a Plane to learn how you can rest better while traveling.

2. Nest Bedding Luxury Weighted Blanket

nest bedding weighted blanket top 15 We simply love weighted blankets. They do such amazing things for lounging and sleep. Having a product that can literally ease anxiety and depression with something as simple as deep pressure therapy, why not? It is definitely worth a try if you have not already.

The Nest Bedding Luxury Weighted Blanket has two sides, a fleece covered side and a cool cotton side. This means you get to snuggle up with the warm side or cool side depending on what feels good to you at the time. We are suckers for a good weighted blanket, that is for sure.

Head over to our full review for the Nest Bedding Luxury Weighted Blanket to learn more.

1. Nest Bedding Side Sleeper Pillow

This pillow has made it onto several of our top picks list for different favorite pillow options. We especially love this pillow for anyone who sleeps on their side and needs the best support and comfort.

The Side Sleeper Pillow cradles your neck while allowing for your shoulder to better position itself. Which puts your body in proper alignment with the rest of your body. This is really a great pillow and it does a great job at being supportive and soft.

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With so many amazing accessories offered by Nest Bedding it was tough to narrow it down to just 14. We hope you try some (if not ALL!) of these quality products. If you do give them a try we would love to hear all about it. Head to our Contact Us page and let us know how you like it. We are also happy to help you out with any personal recommendations or any other questions you may have.

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