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nest bedding power base

Nest Bedding is well known for the oh so comfortable mattresses they make in their very own factories right here in America. Today however, we are going to be looking into the Adjustable Power Base that they offer on their website. While Nest Bedding makes the majority of the products in their own factories, the Nest Bedding Adjustable Base is made by their partner Reverie.

There are two options the 0300T(TM) model and the R400 model. We will go through all of the different functions and features for each option in the review below. So keep reading to find out which Adjustable Power Base by Reverie is the right choice for you.

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Nest Adjustable Power Bases

Nest Beddings Partner, Reverie has made two very sturdy and reliable adjustable bases with slightly different features which we put down below. The two main differences in their features is that the 0300T model has an under bed LED night light mode while the R400 has their 3D Matrix Massage feature. You will also notice later in the review quite a bit of difference in price and warranties.

0300T(TM) Model R400 Model
– Head and Foot Adjustability – Head and Foot Adjustability
– Whisper Quiet Motors – Whisper Quiet Motors
– 710lb Weight Capacity (Including Mattress) – 710lb Weight Capacity (Including Mattress)
– LED Night Light – 3D Wave Full Body Massage
– Wireless Remote – Wireless Remote
– 2 Programmable Positions – 2 Programmable Positions


We love the massage feature on the R400 however, we also love that if you are really just looking to adjust your position in the bed (without any massage features) that the 0300T gives you a much more cost effective option.


nest bedding reverie adjustable basaeReverie makes these bases for Nest Bedding in their factories and has been tested with all of the Nest mattresses. They created two very solid adjustable bases. The construction of both features at least 6 legs. Since both King options are split, they will have more legs.

Reverie also gave each base a flat layer instead of open slats. This creates a more solid base for the mattresses. The Nest Bedding Adjustable Base has a slim design in order for it to fit nicely inside of most slatless bed frames. We love this because it allows you to have a decorative frame that suites your style along with adding in adjustable comfort.

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Ease of Use:

nest bedding adjustable base flatBoth models have a similar wireless remote control that allows you to easily change positions from the comfort of your bed. It is rather straight forward and simple to use. Another aspect we look into for adjustable bases is how easy or difficult they are to set up. We like that this frame does not require any extra tools for set up. Making it perfect for move in day when all of your go to tools are packed up in a mystery box somewhere.

If you want to make set up even easier on yourself, Nest Bedding offers a white glove delivery service. Which means you can schedule a date and get your mattress and base set up for you. Which means from start to finish, you won’t have to lift a finger. White glove delivery and set up does come at an additional cost, so be sure to get a quote from Nest Bedding before you order.

Extra Features:

massage features in the new nest adjustable power baseThe 3D Wave Full Body Massage is by far the most luxurious feature out of these two adjustable bases. It is only available in the R400 model. This feature comes with 3 different wave modes and 10 different intensity levels. Allowing you to choose a massage level that is just right for you.

One feature that the 0300 Model has instead, is a very useful under bed LED night light that we find very useful for getting in or out of bed during the night. It provides just enough light to make it easier than ever to get back into bed without lighting up the whole room.

Nest Adjustable Base – Value:

0300T(TM) Model  R400 Model
Twin XL Size Base: $799 $999
Full Size Base: $899 $1099
Queen Size Base: $999 $1199
Split King Size Base: $1598 $1998
Split California King Size Base: $1598 $1998


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These prices include free shipping. If you are looking to get White Glove Delivery Service this will cost extra. Many Adjustable Bases cost much more than this option from Nest Bedding. However, overall we do find that adjustable frames are on the pricier side for bed frames. The 0300T and R400 come with different warranty options and do not come with any trial period. Although they can be returned if the box has not been opened.

Learn more about this great adjustable base by Nest Bedding at NestBedding.com.

Compatible Nest Mattresses:

is an adjustable base worth it mattress One thing we always want to check when looking to purchase an adjustable base is that you are using a mattress that is compatible. Unfortunately some mattress are too soft or too stiff to be used safely with an adjustable frame. In order to be compatible with an adjustable frame a mattress needs to be sturdy yet malleable.

The great news is that we checked with Nest Bedding and all of their mattresses are compatible to be used with adjustable bases. So you can rest easy knowing that whichever Nest Mattress you buy will work comfortably with an adjustable base. Click the links below to view our Nest Bedding Mattress Reviews in order to see which is the best match for you and your needs.

Alexander Hybrid Signature Mattress Review |Alexander Signature Series Mattress Review | Hybrid Latex by Nest Bedding Mattress Review |Love & Sleep by Nest Bedding Mattress Review

The Nest Bedding Adjustable Power Base can also be used with any other mattress brand as along as the mattress itself is adjustable base compatible.

Nest Adjustable Base – Overall:

Nest partnered with the right company, Reverie, to create two sturdy adjustable bases. They do a great job at giving the bed plenty of support as it changes positions. The wireless remote makes it very easy to use even while you’re laying in bed. We love having the option to choose a more expensive massaging base or to choose their non-massaging model for a lower price.

the reverie adjustable power base review

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Have further questions for us? No problem, feel free to Contact Us. We would love to help you out in anyway we can. 

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