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Accessory Review Nest Bedding Authentic Egyptian Cotton Sheets

review for nest authentic eqyptian cotton

Nest Bedding is known for their quality affordable and sustainable mattresses. They also have pillows, sheets, and even bed frames. We have tried out some of their other products and wanted to review their Authentic Egyptian Cotton Sheets. Can you really get quality authentic Egyptian Sheets at a reasonable price? Keep reading to find out.

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egyptian cotton benefits and prices

These Nest Bedding Egyptian Cotton sheets are made out of some of the finest cotton you can get. They come in a 310 thread count in a sateen weave. This weave gives the sheets a silky soft feel and appearance.

These sheets feature single luxury ply and 80s Yarn Count making them have a long lasting luxurious feel to them. The cotton is also Oeko Tex certified so you know it is a quality safe product.


So what makes Egyptian Cotton so much better than your standard cotton? It all has to do with the length of the fibers. The soil and conditions in Egypt allow for different types of cotton to thrive there. Allowing the cotton to have a much longer thread made out of the fibers.

With these longer strands, you can create a much higher thread count and a much more smooth long lasting finish to the sheets. This also cuts down on the sheer appearance to the sheets or any pilling with time. If you get authentic Egyptian Cotton, like these Accredited Gold Seal sheets from Nest Bedding then you will be getting these benefits.

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Egyptian Cotton Sheet by Nest Bedding ReviewThe Egyptian Cotton Sheets by Nest Bedding come in two different color options. An off white color and a soft gray that they call Dove.

While there is not a large variety of colors to choose from, both of these colors are great for most rooms. They come in all of the usual sizes from Twin to California King.


These sheets are rather easy to care for. Simply wash with warm or cool water with like colors. Then tumble dry on low heat. We suggest using a gentle natural detergent.

nest bedding egyptian cotton sheets

One key tip we have for when you are washing 100% cotton sheets is to avoid all fabric softeners. The reasoning behind this tip is that fabric softeners will make the cotton less breathable and absorbent.

Meaning they will sleep warmer and absorb less sweat. Which are two features that we really love about cotton sheets. So skip the softener and we suggest using wool dryer balls instead. They cut down on the dry time and softer the fabrics naturally.


dove gray eqyptian cotton sheetsAs far as a set of Authentic Egyptian Cotton Sheets goes, these are a great price. While these are not low budget prices, these are also higher quality sheets that are sure to last you a long time.

We also find that pure cotton sheets like these tend to get softer and more lovely as you use and wash them over time.

  • Twin: $125
  • Twin XL: $125
  • Full: $150
  • Queen: $175
  • King: $200
  • California King: $200

*The price of each sheet set also includes free shipping.

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Nest Bedding Authentic Egyptian Cotton Sheets – Overall

If you want the benefits of Egyptian Cotton without overspending on thousands of thread counts, then these are the sheets for you. They are made out of authentic cotton and have a lovely 310TC and silky smooth sateen weave. These are lovely sheets that are going to last and last.

nest bedding egyptian cotton sheets

If you have questions about these sheets feel free to Contact Us. Or also visit to learn more. Also, if you want to see what other sheet options might be for you, find all our reviewed sheets HERE!