Accessory Review Luxury Weighted Blanket by Nest Bedding

the nest bedding weighted blanket review

You may already know Nest Bedding for their mattresses, well now they are offering something new. A luxury weighted blanket. With so many different weighted blankets available, there are a lot of different styles and materials being used.

So we checked it out for you and collected all the details, plus everything we love about this new offering from Nest Bedding. Keep reading to get the 4-1-1 on this new luxury weighted blanket and help you determine whether it is the right comforting blanket for you.

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Materials & Build:

The Luxury Weighted Blanket by Nest Bedding is weighted with completely lead-free glass beads. These glass beads are spread out and padded with two layers of poly-fill. The polyester layer brings some tradition soft feeling to the blanket while also giving just a bit of airflow through the blanket making it just a bit cooler.

review over the blanket by nestbedding

Then they topped these layers with a two sided cover. One side is a warm soft fleece while the other is a cool 300TC cotton cover. This allows you to change your comfort preference with a simply flip of the blanket.

We find the cotton side to be great for those warmer seasons or if you tend to heat up easily. While the fleece keeps you nice and toasty while having a luxuriously soft feel to the touch.

The blanket is then quilted which not only looks lovely, but serves a great purpose as well. The quilting also keeps the internal weighted filling from shifting or bunching into the corners of the blanket. Therefore keeping the overall weight of the blanket even.

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Nest Bedding Weighted Blanket – Comfort & Size Options:

The fleece side of this blanket is oh so soft to the touch, while we also love the cotton side for when you want to stay a bit cooler. When it comes to weighted blankets the general rule of thumb is to use a blanket that weighs approximately 10% of your body weight. Now this also depends on how much of the blankets weight is resting on you.

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The Nest Bedding Luxury Weighted Blanket has a range of weight. So while you may want a 20lb weighted blanket, which is the weight of the Queen, if it is not resting on you entirely then you are only experiencing part of that weight.

Which may be fine, it is always better to start lighter and work your way up in weight as your body adjusts over time. If you are wanting to increase the weight, try folding the blanket and layering it over your body for an extra boost in weighted comfort.

  • Twin: 15lbs
  • Queen: 20lbs
  • King: 25lbs

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Luxury Weighted Blanket Care:

Caring for a weighted blanket without a removable duvet on a weighted blanket, tends to be a bit more complicated. Washing usually consists of spot treating. While Nest claims that you can wash their blanket in the washer on cold and tumble dry on low, we suggest making sure your washing machine and dryer can handle this kind of weight. Since weighted blankets can have a tendency to throw off the balance of your machines, we suggest spot cleaning whenever possible.

For more details about the care or general information on the Nest Bedding weighted blanket just go to

Luxury Weighted Blanket by Nest Bedding – Value:

nest bedding review care luxury fleece blanketWhen you compare the prices for the Nest Bedding Luxury Weighted Blanket to other weighted blankets on the market. These prices are rather reasonable. This is definitely more expensive than your average throw blanket. However, this is also much more than just a throw blanket. You are getting all of the extra benefits of a weighted blanket. Which can be oh so calming for your body, soul, and mind.

  • Twin: $129
  • Queen: $159
  • King: $179

These prices do include shipping. Nest Bedding now offers financing options so you can make payments on your blanket instead of having to pay up front.

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Luxury Weighted Blanket by Nest Bedding: Overall

We enjoyed the Nest Bedding Luxury Weighted Blanket. We suggest choosing your blanket size for the weight over the twin queen or king sizing. One feature we really enjoy about this weighted blanket is its dual sided cover. It is much easier to flip the blanket over to get the comfort you desire over trying to put your weighted blanket in or out of a duvet cover. The price is great for a weighted blanket and we think it is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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Learn about all the amazing benefits a weighted blanket offers in our Guide on Weighted Blanket Benefits. Also, have questions or comments? Contact Us and we’d be happy to help!