June 12, 2019

Twin vs Twin XL Mattress Size Guide

If you are trying to figure out whether a Twin or Twin XL mattress is better for your space. Or just trying to learn what the exact differences in sizes are than this is a great place to start. Our Twin vs Twin XL mattress size guide will look specifically at these two sizes. Going over what each offers, as well as scenarios in which each option is best.

twin vs twin xl
Twin Mattress Basics:

A Twin size is going to be the smallest option, other than a crib mattress. This mattress, also known as a single, runs 39″ wide by 74″ long. It is ideal for young children to teens and even works for adults with limited bedroom space too. This mattress is the most common size for bunk beds, daybeds and trundles too. It is easy to move, fairly inexpensive and readily available due to its popularity. It also is easy to find bedding for, though you may find that the majority of accessories are geared towards a more youthful market.

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Twin XL Mattress Basics:

The Twin XL mattress is going to offer the same width as a Twin but has an additional 6″ in length. Making it 39″ wide by 80″ long, the same length as a Queen. This mattress is best for teenagers, especially on the taller side as well as adults who want to save space and sleep solo. This mattress is also less expensive the the alternative Full or Queen size options. It also is easy to move on its own. This size is less common so it may not always be available and bedding options will be far more limited too.

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Twin vs Twin XL:

When trying to pick out a bed for your growing child the Twin sizes are always going to be a popular contender. The Twin sizes are cheap and much bigger than the crib your child was sleeping in. The only trick is trying to determine when and if you should ever go for a Twin XL. Many parents choose to stick with the classic Twin size but then run into problems later on. Other parents may be oblivious to the Twin XL size altogether or it wasn’t properly explained to them in a way that made it sound beneficial to the basic Twin.

twin vs twin xlBoth Twin sizes are also great picks for a small room or apartment. Though it is more common for children or teenagers to have this size of mattress it doesn’t count out the options for adults too. Both the Twin and Twin XL are also a great option for the elderly too. Especially any with limited space in a care facility. These sizes not only save space but are usually the least expensive options too. Making replacing them if needed less of a hit to the wallet. The XL usually ranges about $50 to $150 more than the Twin, depending on style and brand.

Often times, you should consider buying a Twin XL if you have taller genes in your family. This is especially prevalent with males more than females. If this isn’t a worry for your family thought then the Twin may just be the way to go. Or if your an adult trying to choose between the two then I almost always recommend the XL due to the extra space to stretch out and for any pets, you may own to sleep. If you are shorter and live completely alone though, then the Twin is a great option as well. Just remember that the basic twin size will have more child-targeted accessories.

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