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Accessory Review Bear Pro Mattress Topper

If you have spent much time perusing our website, showroom, or social media then you have likely heard of the Bear mattress brand. They make many wonderful products for the bedroom that are top quality. One of their most popular mattresses that they make is the Bear Pro Mattress.

Made with Celliant technology and a favorite choice for athletes. The mattress topper we will be reviewing today, the Bear Pro Mattress Topper is based off of that very mattress. Keep reading to get all of the details on this memory foam mattress topper from Bear.

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The internal cushioning part of the Bear Pro Mattress topper is made out of a CertiPUR-US certified, copper-infused memory foam. The thermal conductive properties of the copper help to draw heat away from your body in order to keep you feeling cool throughout the night.

bear pro mattress pad

This infusion helps to keep the memory foam from holding onto heat throughout the night as well. Copper is also naturally anti-microbial which helps keep your mattress topper clean and smelling great.

Just like the mattress it is named after, the Bear Pro Mattress Topper features a cover that uses Celliant Technology. The Celliant fibers in the breathable cover help with thermoregulation along with supporting muscle recovery. It is the Celliant Technology that makes this mattress topper such a popular choice for athletes.

Comfort & Support:

the bear pro mattress topper review from our sleep guide The Bear Pro Mattress topper is 2″ tall and provides a good amount of pressure relief. This mattress topper is made up almost entirely of memory foam, with the exception of the cover, so it is going to get the majority of the support you need from your mattress below.

If you have a particularly soft mattress this mattress topper will not supply much extra support. While if you’re looking to add some pressure relief to a highly supportive, firm mattress then this is a great option for you.

When placed on top of a medium-firm to firm mattress, the Bear Pro Topper provides a good amount of plush softness and support. The memory foam contours nicely to the shape of your body. Allowing for your hips and shoulder to sink in just enough. This is a great addition to a mattress for back sleepers or side sleepers looking to add some pressure relief to their mattress.

Bonus Features:

mattress topper with copper for athletes Beyond pressure relief and a soft feel, some of the top features you will be getting out of the Bear Pro Mattress Topper are the Celliant Technology, extra temperature regulation. and anti-microbial properties.

The Celliant Technology is great for those who want to get the most out of their rest time. Athletes love this tech because it helps support muscle recovery. This technology combined with the copper infusion of the memory foam is what helps to keep you sleeping cool throughout the night.

While the copper infusion is what gives this topper it’s anti-microbial features. Even when you change your sheets often, sweat, hair, dirt, oils, and skin cells have a way of seeping into our mattresses and mattress toppers. Having a material that helps limit the growth of bacteria is a great feature to have in a mattress topper.


cool memory foam mattress topper Buying a new mattress is expensive and isn’t possible for a lot of people to invest in. When you buy the Bear Pro Mattress Topper you are getting many of the well loved benefits of the Bear Pro Mattress at a much lower price point.

If you like, you can even take the mattress topper with you to cover up hotel beds or wherever you plan to sleep. This way you bring the comfort of your own bed wherever you go.

This mattress topper will run your around $200 – $500 depending on what size you need. This is a great price for such a top notch mattress topper. Be sure to click the button below in order to get the latest deals and discounts from Our Sleep Guide.

  • Twin – $245
  • Twin XL – $295
  • Full – $325
  • Queen – $345
  • King – $495
  • California King – $495

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Bear Pro Mattress Topper Summary:

A good mattress topper can be a complete game changer without having to purchase a whole new mattress. Overall, we really like this mattress topper. It has so many of the features that we love from the Bear Pro Mattress, which is really what we enjoy most about it.

One thing to remember with all mattress toppers is that the finished result for support and comfort will differ depending on the mattress you are topping it with. However, the Bear Pro Mattress Topper is sure to make just about any mattress a more comfortable and cool sleeping environment.

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