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Accessory Review Bear Cloud Pillow Review

bear cloud pillow review

Love the feel of a down pillow but want a hypoallergenic or vegan friendly option instead? Bear now has their very own Down-Alternative Pillow, the Cloud Pillow. This fluffy pillow is a great addition to any bed and works well for back and side sleepers. If you don’t mind a loftier pillow, stomach sleeper will enjoy this pillow as well.

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Bear Pillow Features:

  • bear down alternative pillow review Down Alternative Fill
  • Size Options: Standard & King
  • Comes in Packs of 2
  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: None
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Manufacturing: Made In America
  • Great For: Back & Side Sleepers, anyone looking for a Down-Alternative Pillow


This is a great pillow for anyone looking for a standard down-alternative pillow that is fluffy and feather free.

It is hypoallergenic for anyone who is allergic to down pillows or generally sensitive to mold or dust. This is also a great option for all of our vegan friends out there.

The fill for the Cloud Pillow by Bear is a polyester fill and the breathable cover is made out of a polyester as well.

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Comfort & Support:

american made down alternative pillow the best This is a very fluffy pillow that will look very lofty, however it does smush down and cradle your head and neck nicely. Unlike down pillows, the polyester fill is bouncy and maintains it’s general shape much better. You will find that the Bear Cloud Pillow still needs a bit of fluffy every once and a while but it is much better than traditional down pillows that often fall flat and need constant fluffing.

Care Instructions:

bear down alternative cloud pillow One great aspect to this simple pillow design is that these pillows are machine washable. You can take your Cloud Pillow, put it right in the washing machine on a cold cycle. We suggest using a gentle detergent that does not contain bleach. You can then tumble dry on low heat. Bear suggest using dryer balls or tennis balls in the dryer with your pillow as this helps to fully dry out of your pillow as well as maintain a fluffy fill.

Pillow Value:

Bear sells their Cloud Pillow is packs of 2. These pillow sets come in at a great price point. Making this a great option if you are buying pillows for you and your partner, a quest bed, or if you want to stock up for the whole family. Bear is always offering different deals so be sure to click the link for the latest promotions.

Standard Pillow Set (2 pack): $100
King Pillow Set (2 pack): $125

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Bear Cloud Pillow Review – Overall:

This is a great pillow for anyone who loves a fluffy standard pillow feel, no itchy down feathers, or stiff blocks of memory foam here. We love that the entire Bear Cloud Pillow is machine washable. Which makes them all oh so easy to take care of. They come in such a great price, often being sold in a pack of 2 making them easy to stock up and buy for the whole family. The Cloud Pillow has a simple yet effective design perfect for anyone who wants a go to down alternative pillow.

bear cloud pillow review

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