August 6, 2018

Purple vs Brooklyn Signature

These days, mattress options seem limitless. The unique designs of mattresses are created with your comfort in mind, and there are incredible choices. You can get a memory foam or a classic coil mattress, or a hybrid, or even a polymer grid! Not sure about those last two? Well the Brooklyn Signature hybrid mattress and Purple mattress with its unique polymer grid, are one of a kind mattresses, for your one of a kind sleep. Continue reading our comparison of the Purple vs Brooklyn Signature mattresses in our in depth side by side review below. Giing you great insight to help you choose the best bed for you.

purple and brooklyn signature
Purple Mattress Overview:

The Purple mattress, first and foremost, offers you a brand you can trust. In fact, you may recognize the Purple brand more than you do the color, thanks to their quirky and catchy advertising. The Purple mattress was created with a unique polymer grid, the first of its kind. The grid design allows for ultimate coolness while you sleep, while also providing excellent pressure relief. The Purple mattress pairs the convenience of door delivery with unique comfort, for a sleeping experience you don’t want to miss out on. Join the millions of other people that go for Purple and you won’t be disappointed.

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Want to jump right to the full review? Find the Purple review HERE or shop at Purple.com!

Brooklyn Signature Mattress Overview:

purple and brooklyn signatureYou can’t go wrong when you purchase a Brooklyn Signature mattress, especially when it’s also called the Best Mattress Ever! The Brooklyn Signature is the hybrid mattress that is responsive, yet hugging, with the greatest pressure relief. The hybrid nature of the Brooklyn Signature gives you a mattress that is easy to move on, good at isolating motion, easily dissipates heat, and highly durable. You get all of this for one amazing price. The Brooklyn Signature is 100% made in the US, and right now it can be yours for 20% off. Continue reading and you’ll see why the Brooklyn Signature is truly the best mattress ever!

Check out the full review of the Brooklyn Signature HERE or shop now at BrooklynBedding.com.

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Purple vs Brooklyn Signature – Delivery & Unboxing:

purple vs bearThere is nothing like the sight of the Purple or Brooklyn Signature arriving at your doorstep. The Purple mattress will arrive in a friendly, purple bag that weighs approximately 110 lbs. Don’t be fooled by its vibrant color, the Purple mattress will require an extra set of hands to maneuver. Once you get it where it needs to be, remove the mattress from the bag and plastic, and watch it come to life.

Like most mattresses, you will notice some slight smells as it unrolls and takes shape. Typically opening a window will help alleviate the smell, but the Purple mattress did have a lingering smell. If you’re sensitive to smells, you can let it air out for a few days.

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridOn the other hand, the Brooklyn Signature will most likely have even less of an odor. The similar 100 lb. box will arrive at your door, ready to be unboxed! With some extra help, once you get the mattress where it needs to be, carefully unwrap, unroll, and prepare to unwind.

The Brooklyn Signature does take time to create comfort. You may want to wait several hours, or even a full day to let it expand. You may even notice a difference for a few nights as the foams fully settle. Waiting will help also with the odor, although very minimal. The 100% USA made mattress will have little to no fumes, and those that are present are only from the plastic wrapping.

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Purple Mattress Materials:

The Purple mattress has one of the most unique designs. It’s 3 layers gives you 10” of comfort, but all the talk is in the first 2” layer. The first layer gives you the special purple polymer grid that everyone is talking about. This layer is designed for comfort and cooling. The grid pattern alleviates pressure points for an ideal support and sink. At the same time, the grid circulates more airflow and dissipates heat more efficiently than other mattresses. What more could you get out of a top layer that is supportive and soft, yet completely cool?

Beneath the grid is two layers of foam that work together to create support and pressure relief. The first foam layer is 3.5” of transitional foam. This layer is meant to work with the top layer and transition it for a deep comfort. It also evenly distributes weight throughout the mattress. The second foam layer is 4” of base foam to create a solid foundation. This layer supports and complements the top layers while giving the Purple mattress its durability.

The entire mattress is covered in a breathable, polyester-blend cover. Specifically it uses 69% polyester, 27% viscose, and 4% Lycra. These materials are breathable and soft to the touch. The cover is also zippered for convenient usage. You’ll be pleased with the unique design of the Purple cover; diamond pattern with Purple branding, unlike the typical, plain white of most covers.

purple materials
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Brooklyn Signature Mattress Materials:

The Brooklyn Signature uses 3 layers to give you 11” of extremely comfortable mattress. The first layer is 2” and 4 lbs. dense of the TitanFlex foam. This unique foam gives you the responsiveness of latex, with the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam. The top layer is ideal for comfort and cooling, and will, contour perfectly to the sleeper. The second layer is 2” of 4 lb. dense TitanFlex foam as well. While this layer gives you the same benefits of the first layer, it’s main role is to provide more support and pressure relief. This helps create the perfect balance and adapt to all sleepers.

The final layer is the main foundational layer, 6” of 1,024 Ascension Pocketed Coil system (in a queen size). The coils are pocketed to create minimal motion transfer, but also to support every pressure point on your body. The foundation layer is the most important for the durability and life of the mattress, so your mattress outlasts your sleep.

The mattress is final wrapped up in a super soft quilted blend cover that is sewn into the ¾” thick extra foam layer on top. This truly gives the mattress a pillow-top feel. You’ll be beyond grateful for this added plushiness, while the cover also comes with handles making it easy to maneuver.

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Purple Bed Comfort:

trying purpleThe important thing to remember with the Purple mattress, is that it’s unique design gives you a “one size fits all” approach to comfort. This means the only comfort level falls between a 5.5 to 6, on a comfort scale of 1 to 10. The Purple mattress will be a medium feel which was ideal per a real-life couple’s review. However, you must be open to trying new things because the unique grid design will be like nothing you’ve ever slept on, but still highly comfortable.

The Purple mattress works great for back sleepers. It provides lumbar support, pressure relief, and contours to your back and neck. Since the mattress is not too soft, it is also ideal for side sleepers. It gives side sleeper enough sink for their hip and shoulders, while still maintaining support.

For stomach sleepers, the gaps within the grid design may leave you feeling unsupported and cause your back to bow a little bit, but it is still worth a try. Similarly, heavier persons might seek that extra firmness as well. It’s hard to critique the Purple mattress before you try it. It offers a highly innovative design, and they are comfort many will love it. With the 100-night sleep trial, what is there to lose?

Brooklyn Signature Comfort:

brooklyn signatureThere’s a reason the Brooklyn Signature is called the best mattress ever. You just can’t beat the high quality TitanFlex foam giving you just enough responsiveness and bounce, plus the solid coil system beneath. But you can have the option of three firmness levels, making this mattress a comfort favorite.

The soft feel Brooklyn Signature is ideal for side sleepers. This is because the mattress will have a more plushiest feel, allowing your body to sink in a bit more. Not to worry, the mattress is not too plushy and will still give you the support you need, but you will feel more “in” the bed. This makes the mattress around a 4 on a 1 to 10 firmness scale.

The medium feel Brooklyn Signature is the most popular and the most ideal for couples or sleepers who change various positions throughout the night. In fact, it is great for stomach and back sleepers as well because it is highly adaptable. The medium mattress will still be supportive, but provide the perfect balance between contour, comfort, and density. This option would be approximately a 6 on the firmness scale.

Finally the firm option. The Brooklyn Signature knows how to appeal to all its sleepers, and the firm option is best for predominantly stomach sleepers. It may also be ideal for sleepers who like to feel “on” the bed, with less plush and more support. The firm measures roughly an 8 on the firmness scale. Keep in mind that this option may be a good fit if you are a heavier person too. With so many options, the Brooklyn Signature takes the gold for comfort!

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Purple vs Brooklyn Signature – Motion Transfer:

brooklyn signatureA good sleep is an I disturbed sleep, which is why the Purple and Brooklyn Signature mattresses are committed to decreasing motion transfer. When it comes to the Purple mattress, like most memory foams, motion transfer is very minimal, simply by nature. This is ideal for partners, especially those who have to get out of bed frequently throughout the night. Per a real-life review, the Purple will not disturb you.

The same goes for the Brooklyn Signature. While it may seem like the mattress uses materials that are naturally buoyant, the combination of materials work together to eliminate sleep disturbance. A coil by nature has a little bit of spring, but when you wrap each of those coils in fabric, it terminates vibrations quickly.

The patented TitanFlex foam is also responsive, but dense enough to limit motion transfer. Plus, the added layer of TitanFlex was specifically designed to isolate motion. The Brooklyn Signature is still easy to move on, while creating little, if any partner disturbance. We give it a thumbs up for motion transfer and you will too!

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Purple vs Brooklyn Signature – Sleeping Cool:

purple vs cocoonThe only thing better than I disturbed sleep is cool sleep. The Purple mattress’ unique grid design was specifically created to increase coolness, so that is exactly what you’ll get. The space between each section allows for the most air circulation. Pair this with a thin breathable cover and you get a surface that is cool 24/7. The Purple mattress is great, especially if you are no extra warm sleeper.

Learn more about the Purple Bed with our in-depth Mattress Review or at Purple.com

You can never go wrong when it comes to sleeping cool and coils.the coil system of the Brooklyn Signature naturally keeps the mattress cool, but the TitanFlex is a great help. The latex of the TitanFlex is naturally aerated and has minimal heat absorption. The second layer also has TitanGel infused increasing its breathability. The top two layers also prevent you from sinking which contributes to sleeping cooler.

The Ascension Pocketed coils play a large role in sleeping cool because it allows a place for heat to dissipate to. This is the main difference with all foam mattresses that are just too dense, they maintain heat. No matter the firmness option you choose, you will always sleep cool on the Brooklyn Signature.

Learn more about the Brooklyn Signature with our in-depth Mattress Review or at BrooklynBedding.com.

Purple vs Brooklyn Signature – Edge Support:

brooklyn signatureEdge support is a feature that is often overlooked when choosing a mattress, but between the Purple and the Brooklyn Signature, the choice is clear. The Purple mattress provides okay edge support, but in truth, it lacks the stability that a traditional innerspring with heavy encasement or border wire would have. You will be able to utilize your Purple mattress from edge to edge, but if you want to sit on the edge for any reason, you will not be very supported.

If you want to sleep, sit, stand, on the edge, the Brooklyn Signature is your mattress. In terms of edge support, the Brooklyn Signature exceeds expectations. The ascension coil set of the Brooklyn Signature is great for durability, but also creates a solid perimeter for edge support. The mattress is fully usable across the top, more consistent, and fully adaptable for being sat on. The added encasement also makes a difference for edge support. In all ways, the Brooklyn Signature is the best choice if you want a fully usable surface plus the ability to sit occasionally.

Purple vs Brooklyn Signature – Value:

In terms of value, the Brooklyn Signature wins again. The Purple mattress is priced okay at $999 for a queen size. Unfortunately, with a little research you will most likely find higher quality mattresses for a lower price point. The Purple mattress is unique, but most likely that is all you are paying for; the brand and it’s uniqueness.

Even the Brooklyn Signature with all its perks is less expensive than the Purple mattress. The Brooklyn Signature is $949 for a queen, but with our exclusive 20% off, you can get it for only $759! That means you get free shipping, 120-night sleep trial, and 10-year warranty all for $759! Don’t forget the high quality mattress itself; comfort options, durability, sleeping cool, edge support, this mattress has it all and you can have it all!

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Purple vs Brooklyn Signature – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialThe Purple mattress and Brooklyn Signature are evenly matched with trial period and warranty. Both offer at least the standard in both categories; 100-nights for the Purple and 120 nights for the Brooklyn Signature. Giving you a bit more time to try out the Brooklyn, but either way you should know if each is a good fit during this period.

They also both have 10 year standard warranties. This ensures that any manufacturer flaws or defects are covered. As well as any unusual early wear that is not caused by the sleeper. Both are also prorated to coincide with the natural wear and tear over time. This is very common and found in almost all mattress warranties.

Purple vs Brooklyn Signature – Summary:

brooklyn signatureThe Purple has a great thing going for them; innovative design intrigues it’s customers as much as their catchy advertising does. But we give quality and comfort to the Brooklyn Signature. Brooklyn Bedding has an equally as impressive branding, backed by their customer support. The Brooklyn Signature is meant to entice every sleeper with its firmness options, and outlast your sleep with its high quality and durability. Not to forget a more affordable price point too, especially after our 20% coupon.

There is no doubt both of these mattresses will help you sleep well. However, our lean in many categories goes to the Brooklyn Signature mattress. It really impressed us in many aspects and feel that it will be the best option for a larger number of sleepers.

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