August 6, 2018

Casper Essential vs Brooklyn Bowery

We all need sleep. The question is do we all get restful, quality sleep each night? If the answer for you is no, then maybe it’s time to do a little mattress shopping. One brand that you can always trust is Brooklyn Bedding. They are pleased to offer you their newest memory foam, the Brooklyn Bowery. The Brooklyn Bowery is comparable to the Casper Essential, but there are some minor differences. Continue reading below for an in-depth review of the Casper Essential vs Brooklyn Bowery mattresses to make your pick!

casper essential vs brooklyn bowery
Casper Essential Mattress Overview:

casper essential vs brooklyn boweryIf you think you’re familiar with the Casper bed, it’s because the Casper Essential is the budget-friendly answer to the original Casper. The Casper Essential provides ultimate pressure relief and even weight distribution.

It also offers a solid base for durability while you sleep, but ease on your wallet. The Casper Essential is great for all types of sleepers. It has a simple design and makeup, but it’s sleep benefits are far from simple. You can trust in the 100% USA made mattress delivered right to your door.

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Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Overview:

casper essential vs brooklyn boweryThe Brooklyn Bowery was designed to be easy on your back and easy on your wallet. The high quality mattress will feel like luxury without coming in at a luxury price. The medium firmness makes this mattress ideal for any sleeper.

Brooklyn Bedding never ceases to amaze, especially with its patented Energex foam used in the Brooklyn Bowery. This gives the mattress contour and responsiveness like you’ve never had. Brooklyn Bedding never skimps on quality or materials, so you know you are getting both at an affordable price with the Brooklyn Bowery.

Want to go right to the Brooklyn Bowery review? Find it HERE or shop at BrooklynBedding.com!

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Casper Essential vs Brooklyn Bowery – Delivery & Unboxing: 

casper essential vs tuft and needleThe fact that comfort this amazing can be delivered straight to your door is the best perk of the 21st century. As soon as you click that “order button” on the Casper Essential, it is roll packed and sent straight to your door. The box will weigh approximately 65 lbs., but you may still want some help moving it around. Once the box is where you want it, remove the mattress and set it on a flat even surface. Carefully remove the plastic and watch your mattress come to life.

This USA made mattress should have very little fumes, and certainly no noxious ones. If you notice an odor, it is helpful to open a window to let it vent. But rest assured, the smell will not last long; no longer than the time it takes for your Casper Essential to fully expand. Although your mattress may look expanded, remember to allow 24 to 48 hours to fully let the Casper Essential expand, and to let the foams set where they need to be, otherwise you may get a different sleeping experience.

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridThe Brooklyn Bowery is comparable in weight to the Casper Essential. It will be delivered straight to your door and weigh approximately 70 lbs., so recruit some help to maneuver it. Once you get the mattress to where it needs to be, take it out of the box and carefully remove the plastic, it’s that simple.

While your mattress takes shape, you may notice some off-gassing occur, but since it is made in the US, the smells will be very minimal. If you are bothered by the fumes, you may want to allow up to 12 hours to let it vent. As a reminder, be sure you have picked out your foundation before unboxing. The Brooklyn Bowery works well with any box spring, with or without a frame, and perhaps even feature a platform, slatted, or adjustable bed.

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Casper Essential Mattress Materials:

The Casper Essential’s simple design provides comfort that is more than simple. It’s 3 layers equate to 11” and are designed as follows: a breathable poly foam top layer, breathable with bounce; a memory foam transition layer; for pressure points, and contour; and a dense base layer, for support and to create an even surface for the sleepers. The top layer is the nice, soft, pliable layer that contours to your body.

Beneath that layer is the memory foam for pressure relief and even weight distribution. Finally, the dense base layer is for the foundational support. The entire mattress is wrapped up in a dark bra, durable knit cover, with a zipper for easy removal. The Casper Essential has everything you didn’t know you needed in a mattress all for one simple price.

casper essential mattress

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Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Materials:

The Brooklyn Bowery has 3 layers and 10” of pure comfort. The first, unique layer is 3” of 3.5 lb. dense Energex foam. This patented foam is contouring and hugs every inch of your body. At the same time it is very responsive, without you feeling stuck. This is the ideal foam for pressure relief and adaptable support.

The following layer is 2” of transitional foam. Like most transitional foams it does its job by creating a smooth layer between the top and bottom foams while also providing deep comfort. Finally, the third layer is 5” of 1.5 lb. density base foam. This provides the dense sturdy base that you need for a mattresses durability and longevity. Don’t forget, the Brooklyn Bowery is covered in Brooklyn Bedding’s stretch-knit cover. This cover adds a smooth finished top and is breathable and soft. It is uniquely blue paneled on the sides to give you just as much VisiCalc appeal as comfort.

brooklyn bedding signature

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Casper Essential Comfort:

casper essential mattressSpeaking of comfort, the Casper Essential gives you comfort in one universal firmness level. The mattress will be a typical medium firmness. It has the necessary support for good alignment, while also being soft enough to cradle your body. In fact, the Casper Essential is just a tad softer than the original, but still not too soft and not too firm.

This means that it is less ideal for heavier people or primarily stomach sleepers. Overall, the Casper Essential’s thinner profile makes it a great starter bed, teen bed, or guest bed. But if you’re looking for simple comfort for a simple price, it is also a good choice.

Brooklyn Bowery Comfort:

brooklyn boweryThe Brooklyn Bowery also uses a universal comfort approach, but we’re sure you’ll fall for this mattress. This medium feel mattress is going to be comfortable on your back and your wallet, while also providing excellent support. The top layer uses its Energex foam which is contouring and hyper responsive. This means you are able to move and change sleeping positions easily, while still maintaining great support. Pair the Energex foam with the transition layer and you get a comfort that adapts to every point on your body. Finally combine all three with the dense base layer and you get plenty of support keeping you close to the surface.

Since the Brooklyn Bowery is a strict medium feel and measures approximately a 5 on a 1 to 10 firmness scale, it is ideal for most sleepers and sleeping positions. For back and side sleepers, it is the ideal range to be able to sleep comfortably. At the same time, it’s touch of softness may not be preferred by heavier persons. Like the Casper Essential, if you’re looking for a great starter, teen, or guest bed, the Brooklyn Bowery won’t disappoint!

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Casper Essential vs Brooklyn Bowery – Motion Transfer:

brooklyn boweryThe Casper Essential and Brooklyn Bowery are very evenly arched when it comes to motion transfer. Per a real-life couple review, the Casper Essential performed optimally for isolating motion. The all foam mattress absorbed vibrations quickly and dissipated heat before it could travel. This means motion is minimized at the source. Perfect for when your cat or dog jumps up next to you at night, you won’t lose a wink of sleep!

The Brooklyn Bowery does not disappoint for motion transfer either. As an all foam mattress you would assume that motion transfer is next to none, but keep in mind the top Energex foam layer has a bit more responsiveness. However, when paired with the gentle transitional foam layer and dense base foam, vibrations are stopped dead in their tracks. If you share a bed with your partner or you’re a light sleeper, you can trust in the motion transfer of the Brooklyn Bowery.

Casper Essential vs Brooklyn Bowery – Sleeping Cool:

casper essential vs tuft and needleIn general memory foam mattress sleep slightly warmer, which means the Casper Essential and Brooklyn Bowery come close, giving the edge only to the Brooklyn, for its higher quality. The top layer of the Casper Essential does attempt to be more breathable, but the medium feel still cause you to sink and therefore creates less air flow around you.

While the Brooklyn Bowery is still an all foam mattress, it has a few more properties designed for sleeping cool. First it’s Energex layer is more responsive for easier moving. This means you don’t get “stuck” to feel more hot. They also infused it with cooling gel to increase airflow where it counts. Finally, the Brooklyn Bowery uses foams with an open cell structure, giving you the least amount of heat retention between these two mattresses.

Casper Essential vs Brooklyn Bowery – Edge Support:

brooklyn boweryWhen it comes to edge support, the Casper Essential performs as expected, and nothing fantastic for an all foam mattress. Since the Casper Essential is a low profile mattress, it has a greater chance of bottoming out. We noticed that putting all your weight in one section, does make you feel collapsed. While you sleep however, you will feel supported. The Casper Essential allows you to sleep almost up to the edge, while sitting exactly in the edge may make you feel like falling off.

The Brooklyn. Bowery is going to have slightly more edge support. You will feel a consistent and fully usable sleeping surface throughout, the extra sturdy and dense base foam allows you to use every inch of the mattress for sleeping. This means that there is no difference in support from edge to edge while you sleep, but you will feel a difference when sitting on the edge. We recommend you sleep, not sit on your mattress anyway.

Casper Essential vs Brooklyn Bowery – Value:

Overall the Brooklyn Bowery is going to be the favorite when it comes to value. You are getting a higher quality mattress for a lower price. Also since the Brooklyn Bowery takes the gold in almost every category and the price is comparable, you just can’t beat it. The Brooklyn Bowery is $699 for a queen, with free shipping and our exclusive 20% off coupon, just use code: OURSLEEPGUIDE20. That means you can get yours for only $559! The icing on the cake is the Brooklyn Bowery’s trusted brand, materials, and manufacturing. Get your Brooklyn Bowery at BrooklynBedding.com.

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On the other hand while the Casper Essential costs $595 for the queen and they offer free shipping as well. It may be lacking some of the benefits you will find in the Bowery. Either way, both beds will provide a good night sleep, especially for anyone on a budget. Or if you are looking for a more cost effective option for a guest room, teen or child.

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Casper Essential vs Brooklyn Bowery – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialIt is no surprise that the Brooklyn Bowery gives you a better trial period and warranty as well. Although both mattresses meet the factory standards, the Brooklyn gives you a 120-night sleep trial while the Casper Essential is only 100-nights.

Both mattresses give you a 10-year warranty. This will cover anything outside the natural wear and tear. As well as gives you piece of mind that the companies stands behind their products. Including any manufacturer flaws or defects during the life of the mattresses.

Casper Essential vs Brooklyn Bowery – Summary:

The Casper Essential and Brooklyn Bowery are both meant to give you a decent mattress for a decent price. If you need a mattress, but you’re short on cash; if you want to update a guest room or a child’s room, these mattresses will not disappoint. However if you want to give your guest or your teen the greater sleeping option, the Brooklyn Bowery brought to you by the faithful Brooklyn Bedding is the way to go!

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