September 19, 2018

Brooklyn Aurora vs DreamCloud

Good sleep starts with a great mattress. Finding the perfect fit can seem like a challenge, but when you choose a hybrid, you’re always getting the best of both worlds. Take the Brooklyn Aurora or DreamCloud for example, both use a combination of coils and foams for a more appealing feel. Below we will go through what both of these mattresses have to offer in our Brooklyn Aurora vs DreamCloud comparison. Learn all you need to about what makes each of theses hybrids unique as well as which would be a better option for you.

brooklyn aurora vs dreacloud
Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Overview:

brooklyn aurora vs dreacloudThe Brooklyn Aurora brought to you by Brooklyn Bedding is their most luxurious mattress. It comes in three different comfort options; soft, medium, and firm, so that it’s guaranteed to meet your sleeping needs.

The Brooklyn Aurora uses innovative technology to combine innovative latex foams with memory foam, as well as the classic coil system you love for durability. The benefits of this mattress are endless, but we love that this high quality bed comes to you at an affordable price. Especially when you incorporate our exclusive 20% OFF coupon!

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DreamCloud Mattress Overview:

brooklyn aurora vs dreacloudThe DreamCloud is new to the mattress game, but not new to comfort. The mattress was released in early 2018 as a foam and coil combo with a universal feel. It is also universally easy to purchase, online, shipped straight to your door in a box, with a lifetime warranty.

This 15” mattress also has an impressive 8 layers and 365 night trial period. If the DreamCloud sounds too good to be true see just how it compares to the tried and true Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding.

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Brooklyn Aurora vs DreamCloud – Delivery & Unboxing:

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridThe last thing you want with an online-purchased mattress is a difficult delivery or off-gassing process. That’s why the Brooklyn Aurora and DreamCloud keep it simple. Your Brooklyn Aurora mattress will arrive in a compact box, for a mattress anyway, weighing 100+ lbs., so make sure you have some help to move it. Once you have the Brooklyn Aurora in its desired location, simply remove it from the box, but away the plastic, and watch your mattress come to life.

We recommend allowing a full 24 hours to let the mattress fully expand and firm up, but it can take as little as a few hours. This USA made mattress will have very little off-gassing, and definitely no noxious fumes. The only odor you should notice is that new mattress smell, which should dissipate naturally within a few hours. If you’re more sensitive to smells, it is advised to let it breath for longer.

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Similarly, your DreamCloud mattress will arrive at your door in a compact box, weighing 94 lbs. With an extra set of hands to help you, the first step is to simply get the mattress to its desired location. Then you may remove it from the box, cut away the plastic, and watch your mattress expand.

Your DreamCloud should have minimal off-gassing. However, keep in mind that this mattress is not made in the US which may affect the smell. The DreamCloud mattress is made overseas and has to be shipped to the US per your order. This means it is rolled up in plastic, staying in the plastic for typically longer than other US-made mattresses. Staying rolled up means it may take longer to fully expand as well. While waiting for the DreamCloud to fully expand, the smell should dissipate. If you are more sensitive to smells, we advise you to let it breath for at least 24 hours.

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Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Materials:

Nothing says high quality like the 13” Brooklyn Aurora mattress. The mattress consists of 6 layers of foam and coils for a comfortable yet durable mattress. The first three layers are built for comfort. The very top comfort layer uses 1.5” of CopperFlex foam with TitanCool technology. This layer uses phase change material plus a cooling surface coating for extra coolness. This latex alternative foam is immediately responsive, very comfortable, and ideally cooling, which are great qualities for a top layer. Depending on the firmness option you choose, this layer will have the coinciding comfort on top.

The next comfort layer uses an additional 2” of density TitanFlex foam. This layer is like a backup for the top layer with all the same qualities, but added firmness for more support and pressure relief. The third comfort layer uses 1” of breathable Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. This layer will also be adjusted depending on the firmness option you choose. This layer is also ideal for isolating motion, additional support, and deep comfort, while creating an excellent transition to the support layers.

The support of the Brooklyn Aurora comes from the 8” layer of Quantum Edge Pocketed Coil System. It allows for great support, easy movement, and heat dissipation. This solid and durable system uses individually fabric wrapped coils to minimize motion transfer and provide ultimate pressure relief for flexible support. The final layer is 1” of dense base foam for a solid and firm foundation. This layer keeps the coils and other layers in place so that they may do their job for the most comfort ever.

brooklyn bedding aurora vs signature mattres

Finally thick bed is wrapped in a soft and breathable top weave cover. The cover also uses TitanCool phase changing material to  provide a cool touch feel. This cover only makes the Brooklyn Aurora more luxurious with its velvety edges and convenient handles.

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DreamCloud Mattress Materials:

The 15.5” thick DreamCloud mattress uses a foam/ coil combo that is just dreamy. There are a total of 6 layers of foam and a coil system. The foam accounts for approximately 7” of the mattress, while the coil system accounts for 8”. The foam, coil, foam structure of the mattress provides comfort in all the places you need it, and nowhere you don’t.

The layers from top to bottom are as follows: TrueTufted Cashmere Top, Gel Infused Memory Foam, Super Soft Quilted Memory Foam, Supreme Natural Latex, Dreamplush supporting memory foam, Super Dense Memory Foam, and high-density memory foam.

dreamcloud mattress materials
Brooklyn Aurora Comfort:

brooklyn auroraThe Brooklyn Aurora knows comfort when it brings you three different comfort options. The unique two layers of TitanFlex foam gives you superior support and contouring comfort. No matter which comfort option you choose, you’ll never have that feeling of being stuck.

The first comfort option is soft, which would fall around a 3 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10. This means it is ideal for back and side sleepers, since the added softness allows your hip and shoulders to sink in where they need.

The medium option is of course a 5 on the firmness scale, and being exactly in the middle makes this mattress ideal for anyone. This allows enough softness while still providing sturdy support. It is ideal for any sleeping position and couples since the medium firmness is appealing to all.

Finally the firm option will fall at a 7 on the firmness scale. The firm is ideal for primarily stomach and back sleepers. It gives you a solid cushion so you don’t sink in too much, making this the perfect option for heavier persons too. Once you choose your firmness option, the Brooklyn Aurora does the rest.

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DreamCloud Comfort:

brooklyn aurora vs dreamcloudThe DreamCloud mattress is designed to provide great sleep to everyone. It has a universal feel that blends specialty foams with coils to create comfort and support for most every sleeper. The 15” mattress is designed to work well with almost all sleeping positions. It has a solid innerspring core paired with layers of memory foam, and a layer of latex foam too, to provide support and comfort all night long.

For back sleepers it allows enough support and sink to alleviate pressure, while still cradling your lumbar and shoulders. For side sleepers there is plenty of cushion for your hip and shoulders to sink in. And finally for stomach sleepers, with several layers of comfort foam, there is plenty of support to prevent your back from bowing. The DreamCloud is one size fits all and it’s a good thing.

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Brooklyn Aurora vs DreamCloud – Motion Transfer:

brooklyn auroraThe Brooklyn Aurora and DreamCloud both provide substantial barriers against motion transfer. With the Brooklyn Aurora the TitanFlex memory foam acts as an excellent barrier against the natural buoyancy of coils. However since the coils are individually wrapped in fabric, this also significantly reduces vibrations. The transition layer was also specifically designed for motion transfer, so that you can move about freely without disturbing your partner. For a hybrid mattress, you’ll be surprised at how well the Brooklyn Aurora minimizes motion.

With similar materials the DreamCloud also reduces motion well. The layers of foam absorb most of the vibrations while the fabric wrapped coils deaden movement. These two characteristics work well with the mattress making it excellent for couples that share a bed, but don’t want to disturb each other.

Brooklyn Aurora vs DreamCloud – Sleeping Cool:

brooklyn auroraThe only thing better than a good night’s sleep is a cool one. Every material in the Brooklyn Aurora was meticulously chosen for coolness. From the top-down, the two layers of TitanFlex foam use a latex alternative that is naturally aerated and non-heat absorbing. In addition these layers use TitanCool, which is a water based substance that draws on conductivity to draw heat out. It also features CopperFlex which has more cooling properties than usual. All of these add up to a very cool mattress that will stay cool all night long.

Not to mention the hybrid build that allows for plenty of heat to dissipate. The coil system means that there is a sufficient amount of air flow and heat doesn’t get trapped. The option of choosing a firmer feel will also help keep heat at bay. Allowing you to stay closer to the surface and sinking in less. Giving the Aurora top marks for sleeping cool and even taking our #1 spot for the Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers!

dreamcloud vs crystal cove The DreamCloud also keeps you sleeping more temperature neutral with its heat alleviating coil system. However, the multiple layers of heat retaining memory foam on the top do give the DreamCloud a significant warmer feel throughout the night. Even with the infusion of gels to off set this heat retention it still will fall short if you are a warmer sleeper needing a cooler bed. Giving the significant edge to the Brooklyn Aurora.

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Brooklyn Aurora vs DreamCloud – Edge Support:

brooklyn aurora vs dreamcloudWhen it comes to looking at the durability and long term feel the edges are a great place to start. The support and strength the perimeter has will give you a good idea of the true quality. It also helps ensure full use of the bed and a sturdy feel for sitting when needed too.

The Brooklyn Aurora truly outdoes itself when it comes to edge support. The entire mattress is solid and sturdy. It allows you to sleep on every usable inch of the mattress while still providing great support.The Brooklyn Aurora is also able to provide excellent support for sitting all the way around.

The DreamCloud doesn’t fall too far from the Aurora in this category too. The DreamCloud has a solid usable sleeping surface all the way around. It will support you and your sleep every time you lay down. As far as sitting goes you may feel a bit less support o this option though. Giving the Aurora more consistent and durable edge support.

Brooklyn Aurora vs DreamCloud – Value:

The Brooklyn Aurora is currently $1699 for a queen size. That doesn’t include our exclusive 20% OFF coupon making it a very affordable $1359. It also comes with free shipping and a 100 night sleep trial period. As well as a solid company reputation with great customer service and a 10 year warranty. The quality and benefits that come with the Brooklyn Aurora mattress make it a great value. The comfort options, the durable and solid build as well as very cool sleeping properties put it in a league of its own.

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The DreamCloud costs $1399 for a queen size and comes with a 365 night trial period and ever long warranty. The questions that come in to play with this mattress may include long term integrity and durability with an over sea’s construction and materials. The initial price may be right but there may be some questions about long term value.

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Brooklyn Aurora vs DreamCloud – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialThe Brooklyn Aurora gives you a 120- night sleep trial plus 10 year limited warranty. Like most mattresses, Brooklyn Bedding asks that you allow at least four months before deciding that you do not like your Brooklyn Aurora. And in this case, Brooklyn Bedding would work with you pain free to return and refund your items. The DreamCloud gives you a 365- day Sleep trial plus lifetime warranty. This means the DreamCloud offers extended time in this category, but you can be sure that both brands stand behind their products.

Brooklyn Aurora vs DreamCloud – Summary:

brooklyn auroraWhen it comes down to it our personal vote is for the Brooklyn Aurora. Though the DreamCloud will be a good option for several sleepers. The biggest negative is it isn’t a USA made product. Opening up a can of worms for long term durability, quality of materials and processes. As well as potential health and safety standards. The USA made and manufactured Brooklyn Aurora is not only an amazing mattress but also has stringent guidelines to uphold for the highest quality of standards. It also is going to offer several comfort options and several cooling properties to really help you stay comfortable all night long.

Though both may have similar outcomes in motion transfer and price, the value of what you get for the price of the Aurora does set it apart. The DreamCloud does offer extended time for the trial period and warranty. However, the Aurora is still with out a doubt our recommendation between these two beds. Especially when you are able to utlize the additional 20% OFF coupon that makes it a STEAL of a deal. Use code: OURSLEEPGUIDE20 at BrooklynBedding.com to save big and get the best of the best.

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