September 13, 2018

Casper vs Bear

Two popular 10-inch thick all-foam mattresses are the Casper and the Bear. They both have a similar firmness. So which one is better at isolating motion transfer? With one will keep you sleeping cool? And which one has better edge support? It’s important to consider all these factors instead of just looking at cost. A higher price doesn’t always translate to a higher value. Our Casper vs Bear comparison review will help you discover the differences and come to a decision.

casper vs bear mattress comparison review

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Casper Mattress – Overview:

casper vs bearCasper was one of the first bed-in-a-box companies to reach prominence through convenient online ordering. The mattress was designed to target balanced comfort for every individual, no matter their sleeping preferences. The four layers of foam work harmoniously to provide great sleeping aspects for most. Still, the Casper isn’t perfect for everyone. Read on to find out if this mattress is the best choice for you. You’ll get to see for yourself how it stacks up to the competition of newer brands.

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Bear Mattress – Overview:

casper vs bearThe Bear is a 10-inch thick all foam mattress made from four different layers. It has a medium-firm feel that is great for almost anyone. You get a balanced comfort from pressure relief and support. It uses graphite for cooling and Celiant in the cover for aiding the body in recovery. This online US-based mattress company also participates in giving back. For every mattress sold 1% of the sale is donated to the Good Sports organization. How does Bear stand up against one of the original online mattresses? Keep reading to find out.

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Casper vs Bear – Delivery and Off-Gassing:

casper essential vs tuft and needleCasper is one of the brands that revolutionized the mattress industry with convenient online ordering and boxed delivery. Your mattress will arrive to your doorstep compress and roll-packed into a compact box. This mattress weighs around 75 pounds, so grab a second set of hands for setup.

Once you have your Casper in place, you’ll remove it from the box, unroll it, and unwrap it. It should quickly come to life as it expands. You’ll want to give this mattress a day or so to firm up. While this is taking place, you could notice some effects of off-gassing. Your experience with this should be minimal but avoid the area if you are sensitive to smells.

bear mattress reviewThe Bear mattress weighs around 75 pounds, so have a friend ready to help on delivery day. It will be compressed and roll-packed into a convenient box. This will arrive at your doorstep in a short time. The whole setup process should only take you a few moments.

Once you are happy with its placement, carefully remove it from the box. Then, unroll it and unwrap it. It will rapidly expand as it breathes. This should only take a few moments but allowing it to firm up over 12 hours is recommended. During that time, you could notice some light odors escaping from the mattress. This off-gassing experience should be minimal since the Bear is made in the USA. Open a window to increase ventilation and avoid the area if you are sensitive to smells.

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Casper Mattress – Comfort:

casper vs yaasaCasper aims to provide a universal “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to comfort. On the firmness scale, it averages around a 6 to a 6.5. This might be a bit firm for some side sleepers, but other positions will feel great. It will still give you great support on your side if you enjoy a firmer feel.

Back sleepers will get adequate lumbar support with cradling at the neck and shoulders. Stomach sleepers have enough firmness to prevent back bowing. Heavier people will sense the comfort as less supportive for stomach sleeping. They will enjoy back and side sleeping more. While the Casper isn’t quite perfect for everyone, it has great features to impress many.

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Bear Mattress – Comfort:

bear mattress reviewOn a scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest, the Bear rates at a 6.5. This is an ideal firmness to accommodate a balanced feel for almost any sleeper in almost any sleeping position. Back sleepers will have contoured comfort with lumbar support to achieve proper spinal alignment. Stomach sleepers should have adequate firmness to prevent back bowing. Side sleepers who enjoy a firmer feel will enjoy the Bear, but some will prefer a softer feel. You’ll have lots of support in this position, which is good for spinal alignment.

Larger sleepers will find a balanced feel for good support with a cushioned feel. The foams work together to give you a solid core with comforting contour and a responsive nature. You’ll get support and pressure relief while the graphite gel helps keep you cool, maximizing your comfort levels.

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Casper – Materials and Construction:

This 12-inch thick mattress is made from four different layers of foam designed to meet all your needs. Casper has a breathable comfort layer on the top. It allows for easy movement while giving you a soft feel without sinking. The next sheet of foam is a layer of memory foam for pressure relief. It contours to your body for deep comfort. The next portion of the Casper is a transitional poly foam layer. It evenly distributes weight to deepen the comfort of the top layers while transitioning to the base foam.

The foundation is made of dense poly foam. It gives you the bulk of your support and durability, preventing any bottoming out. The cover is made from a premium, woven polyester fabric. The stylish gray and white cover is wrapped perfectly to avoid bunching and sagging. It gives good response and is soft to the touch.

casper vs tomorrow

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Bear – Materials and Construction:

The Bear mattress has four layers of foam that together measure 10 inches thick. It has several nontraditional components that make this brand stand out. The top layer is a 1-inch thick Graphite Gel Memory Foam. This durable material provides you with contouring to relieve pressure points. Graphite gives you more durability and cooling properties.

The next layer is a 2-inch thick Response Foam that adds some buoyancy to the overall feel of the Bear. It allows you to move around more easily. A 2-inch thick Transitional Foam layer comes next to deepen comfort. It helps the comfort foams on top change over to the dense foam beneath. The final layer of the Bear is the 5-inch thick High Density Support Foam. It gives Bear ultimate strength and durability. Bear is wrapped in a Celiant Woven Cover that works to rejuvenate your body with a blend of various minerals.

bear mattress review

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Casper vs Bear – Motion Transfer:

casper box woman and babyAs always, foam materials are the best at isolating motion transfer. In the Casper, you should get uninterrupted sleep. Any movement you feel should be minimal as the foams quickly absorb vibrations. You have a responsive nature in the top layer of foam. However, the thick density of the other foams will deaden any motion transfer before it gets too far. This makes the Casper a good option for couples on different sleep schedules. You can get in and out of your bed without disturbing your partner. Even light sleepers should get a peaceful night with the Casper.

All-foam mattresses are generally revered for their ability to provide uninterrupted sleep. Even with a layer or responsive foam, the Bear is great at stopping motion transfer. The four layers of foam work together to give you balanced comfort and support. At the same time, these foams are absorbing any vibrations that occur. You’ll be able to roll over any time you need to without the fear of disturbing your partner. Any movement you make is isolated to that area, making the Bear a good choice for light sleepers.

Casper vs Bear – Sleeping Cool:

Casper made a few previsions for cooler sleeping that go a long way. In the cover, you have a breathable material that helps to redistribute your body heat evenly. The foams used in this mattress’s design are on the firmer side. This prevents you from sinking in too far. When you sink in, your body becomes surrounded by the foam. This traps warm air around you.

bear mattress reviewYou increase airflow when you are sleeping “on top of the mattress” like with the Casper. The top layer of foam features an open-cell design that allows for healthy air circulation. It also acts as a barrier between your body and the memory foam layer underneath.

The Bear mattress uses technology and materials that are uncommon in the online mattress industry. Graphite gel works to dissipate heat. This is infused into the top layer of foam in the Bear’s design. This top layer also has a great amount of air circulation to increase the cooling properties of the graphite.

The next layer features an open-cell design that encourages better airflow and conductivity up to 7x more than competitors. The cover of the Bear mattress is thin, allowing for more breathability. Bear’s aim at maintaining comfortable sleeping temperatures will give you a better sleep. This aids in your overall body recovery.

Casper vs Bear – Edge Support:

You’ll want to carefully consider edge support when you shop for your next mattress. This aspect can tell you a great deal about the overall quality of materials. The Casper might be lacking in a bit of higher-end edge support. For sleeping, you can use the whole bed from edge to edge and top to bottom. For sitting at the sides, of the mattress it lacks the necessary support for adequate comfort. You could comfortably sit for a few moments at a time with the Casper. If you want a mattress with rugged edge support, find one with dense foam encasement of heavy border wire.

The high-density foam used for the core support of the Bear mattress also works to give you great edge support. You’ll have an overall consistency across the whole mattress for sleeping purposes. You will get to stretch out as far as you need without feeling like you’ll roll out. This makes the Bear great for couples or those that sleep with a furry family member. As far as sitting at the sides goes, you’ll notice less support. However, you still can sit for short periods without sacrificed comfort. There should only be minimal sinking. The better results in edge support in the Bear makes this mattress more usable from edge to edge.

Casper vs Bear – Value:

The price for a queen-sized Casper is $995. This pricing comes with bed-in-a-box shipping for your convenience. You’ll get to try out the Casper worry-free during your 100-night sleep trial. This mattress is guaranteed by a 10-year warranty.

Interested in the Casper? Learn more and shop at Casper.com.

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The Bear makes a great choice for those on a strict budget. You can purchase this mattress in a queen size for only $840. This includes boxed shipping straight to your doorstep. You’ll have a 100-night sleep trial to make sure the Bear is the perfect fit for you. A 10-year warranty covers any manufacturing defects, but this mattress uses highly durable materials.

You can also save with the latest Bear coupon too, making it even more reasonable.. You can put your saving towards some other products from Bear, like protector or pillows. This mattress is a great value with a low price and high-quality foams.

Interested in the Bear? Learn more and shop at BearMattress.com.

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Casper vs Bear – Our Pick!

bear mattress reviewThese two mattresses are similar in a lot of ways. The Casper measures out to 12 inches thick. While the Bear is only 10″. However, they both are made from four layers of foam. As well as have a similar medium-firm feel in comfort. And both provide good attempts at motion transfer, sleeping cool, and edge support.

We feel that the Bear might outperform the Casper by a small margin. Its foams are a bit denser, giving you a more durable and solid structure. This means you’ll get more edge support and better isolation of motion transfer. It also has more properties for to keep you temperature-neutral as you sleep. The pricing is also less than the Casper’s, making it a better value. If you want a longer-standing brand, the Casper still makes a great choice.

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