September 25, 2018

Casper Essential vs tulo liv

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still get a high-quality mattress. When looking to save some cash, consider a mattress with a thinner profile. The Casper Essential and the tulo liv are two such kinds of beds made by companies with great reviews. Each is made from three layers of foam. However, the tulo liv is 9″ thick, while the Casper Essential is 11″. These styles of mattress make great starter beds, guestroom mattresses, or a bed for kids or teens. You won’t sacrifice quality for savings with either of these brands. Though, which is better than the other? Our Casper Essential vs tulo liv mattress comparison will give you all the information you need to make the best choice.

casper essential vs tulo liv
Casper Essential – Overview:

casper essential vs tulo livThe Casper Essential takes the original Casper mattress design and shrinks it down. This thinner profile gives you the basics that you need at a price to fit any budget. Three layers of foam come together for this 11-inch thick mattress. Breathable poly foam, memory foam, and a solid base foam give you comfort and support. All this is wrapped in a zip-off cover that is soft to the touch.

This might not be the best mattress for couples to use every day. Still, it gives you just what you need for a teen or guest bedroom. How does the Casper Essential compare to other thinner profile mattresses? Can it stand out on its own like the original Casper mattress? Find out when you continue reading our comparison article that covers everything you need to know.

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tulo liv – Overview:

casper essential vs tulo livThe budget-friendly tulo liv is all you need in a starter bed. This bed-in-a-box line is made by Mattress Firm, which gives you the opportunity to see it in-store. Three layers of foam make up the 9-inch thick mattress. A top layer is infused with gel for comfort and sleeping cooler. The other two layers give you support and a durable core. You can upgrade your delivery to include a red-carpet service, so you never have to lift a finger.

This mattress is great for kids and teens or in a guest bedroom. You could also use this mattress as a starter bed for those on a strict budget. But can you get a better deal elsewhere? Is there a similar mattress that provides the same qualities in a thin profile? Keep reading to find out how the tulo liv compares to the Casper Essential.

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Casper Essential vs tulo liv – Delivery & Off-Gassing:

casper essential vs tuft and needleThe delivery and off-gassing experience with the Casper Essential will be like the original Casper mattress. Your bed is compressed and roll-packed in a compact box for convenient shipping right to your door. When your new mattress arrives, you might want to have a friend help with setup. This mattress weighs about 65 pounds, so you might be able to manage on your own.

Carefully remove the mattress from the box and place it where you prefer. Then, you just must unroll it and remove the wrapper. It will rapidly expand and take shape. During this process, you could notice a few odors. The new mattress smell will go away after the bed breathes for a while. If the off-gassing smell is bothersome, ensure proper ventilation and avoid the area. Your new Casper Essential should be fully firmed up within a day or two.

tulo liv mattress reviewAfter your order, your new tulo liv mattress will arrive at your doorstep in about 3 to 5 days. It weighs around 75 pounds and will come in a condensed box for convenience. Get a second set of hands to help you with the setup process.

After you’ve removed the tulo liv from its box, position it where you prefer and unroll it. After you carefully remove the wrapper, the mattress will quickly come to life. During the expansion and firming period, you shouldn’t notice much of any smells. The off-gassing experience should be minimal since this mattress is made in the USA. After about 12 hours, your new bed should be ready for slumber. If you go with the red-carpet delivery service, a team will set up your tulo liv for you.

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Casper Essential – Comfort:

casper essential vs tulo livThe Casper Essential mattress has a universal comfort feel that should work well for a variety of sleepers. It has a medium firmness level that gives you an adequate balance between softness and support. This comfort level is just a tad softer than the original Casper mattress design. This can make it less supportive for larger sleepers or those who prefer sleeping on their stomachs. Side sleepers will get a nice sinking at the hips and shoulders. Back sleepers will have good lumbar support and cradling at the neck and shoulders. Back sleepers who enjoy a firmer support may need more than what the Casper Essential offers.

Overall, the comfort level of this mattress makes it a good starter bed for those on a tight budget. We would consider it ideal for lighter persons or children. You could also use this mattress in a guest bedroom. The thinner profile won’t give you as much support for couples to use it long-term.

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tulo liv – Comfort:

tulo liv mattress reviewThe tulo liv provides a universal comfort that should feel great for most sleepers. It is considered a medium feel that is a bit on the firmer side. The gel-infused top layer gives you cooling benefits and a balanced pressure relief. You get a balanced feel of softness and firmness for almost any position. Some side sleepers may need a bit more softness than what the tulo liv has to offer. You will get a bit of sinking at the hips and shoulders for pressure relief in this position.

On the other hand, stomach sleepers and heavier persons will enjoy the extra support. Stomach sleepers won’t have to worry about back bowing with this mattress. Back sleepers will also like the firm lumbar support. These notions make this mattress great for couples with different preferences.

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Casper Essential – Materials and Construction:

Even though the Casper Essential mattress uses the basics, you still get high-quality materials and a professional design. The 11-inch thick profile is created by stacking together three layers of foams. The top portion is a Breathable Poly Foam Top Layer. It has a little bit of response and a breathable softness.

The next section is a Memory Foam Transition Layer. It deepens comfort with a contoured pressure relieving quality. The final layer is a thick Dense Base Foam Layer. It gives your body the needed support for consistency and durability. The Casper Essential is topped off with a cover made from an upholstery grade fabric that withstands years of use.

casper essential vs tulo liv

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tulo liv – Materials and Construction:

The tulo liv mattress is also made from three layers of materials. Only, this mattress is 9 inches thick in total measurement. The breathable top layer is the 1.5-inch thick LumaGel layer. This open-cell material is infused with gel to give you added temperature control and pressure point relief.

Next, the 2.5-inch thick support layer prevents you from sinking excessively into the mattress. This gives you a more restful sleep with less tossing and turning to find a sweet spot. The foundational layer measures 5 inches thick and gives you added durability and support. These components are all perfectly wrapped in a soft and breathable knit fabric cover.

tulo liv mattress review

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Casper Essential vs tulo liv – Motion Transfer:

casper essential vs tulo livWhen you want a mattress that isolates motion transfer better than most competitors, you should purchase all-foam. The Casper Essential has three layers of foam to absorb vibrations. This gives you a completely uninterrupted night of sleep. This is true even with a more responsive material used in the top layer. Any excess movement shouldn’t be felt on the opposite side. This means couples will enjoy this high-quality design. Isolation of motion transfer is top-notch with this budget-friendly bed. Even if you are a light sleeper, you should get a peaceful night of rest with the Casper Essential mattress.

You shouldn’t experience much, if any, motion transfer on the tulo liv. It has a typical experience as other all-foam mattresses. A solid base foam absorbs any vibrations made from getting in and out of bed. The gel-infused top layer isolates motion to its point of origin. Movement from changing positions shouldn’t make it to the other side of the bed. This makes the tulo liv a great mattress for couples or those who share their bed with a pet. Even those with different sleep schedules should get an uninterrupted night of sleep. This is an important factor to consider if you are a light sleeper.

Casper Essential vs tulo liv – Sleeping Cool:

Luckily, the Casper Essential has a few elements in its design that cut down on heat retention. This is extremely important, as foams tend to sleep warmer. The top layer of this mattress is a breathable foam. It rests atop the memory foam, providing a barrier between it and your body. This is an extremely important factor, considering that memory foam locks in heat.

tulo liv mattress reviewEven with this helpful design, sleeping optimally cool is just not achieved in the Casper Essential. This mattress has a medium feel, which causes you to sink in more. This leaves warm air trapped directly around your body. A thinner profile leaves less room for heat to spread out and circulate. If you don’t tend to sleep very warm, you could still utilize this mattress comfortably.

It is always important for all-foam mattress designs to include provisions for temperature control. Luckily, the tulo liv has addressed these concerns in their construction and materials. The top layer of foam is the LumaGel layer. It is infused with gel to draw heat away from the body, dispersing it evenly throughout the mattress. This foam also features an open-cell structure that provides more airflow. The cover of this mattress is also soft and breathable to encourage proper air circulation. With the tulo liv, you should experience a cooler night’s sleep than with some other competitors.

Casper Essential vs tulo liv – Edge Support:

casper essential vs tulo livYou won’t get any wow factor from the edge support in the Casper Essential mattress. The thinner design leaves less room for adequate support around the perimeter. With the all-foam materials, you are also likely to sense some bottoming out. This is especially true when putting all your weight in one spot. For this reason, you won’t be able to comfortably sit at the sides for very long. However, this mattress will give you an even feel all over for sleeping purposes. You might get a “rolling out” feel when sleeping right along the edge.

tulo vs tulo livThe tulo liv has what you would expect in edge support. Because it has a thinner profile, you are likely to experience less support around the perimeter. Though, this 9-inch thick mattress does a good job, considering its price point. You do have limited usability for sitting at the sides.

There is just not enough support to prevent excess sinking when all your weight is in one spot. You may experience a bottoming out feeling in these cases. Sleeping will be adequate for someone sleeping alone. You do get a slight “rolling out” sensation at the edges. Overall, the tulo liv is better for use as a guest bed or a mattress for a teenager or child. We wouldn’t recommend it for couples as a long-term bed.

Casper Essential vs tulo liv – Value:

The great thing about the Casper Essential is the low price. You can purchase on in a queen size for just $595. Included in that price, you’ll get Casper’s convenient free shipping. Try out this mattress worry-free in your own home during your 100-night sleep trial. That’s more than three months to make sure you’re pleased with the quality of your Casper Essential. This mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Interested in the Casper Essential? Learn more and shop at Casper.com.

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You can buy a tulo liv in a queen size for just $490. This is a great low rate without even adding in a coupon. This includes your free compressed shipping right to your door. You can try it out during their 120-night sleep trial period to make sure it’s an ideal feel for you. This mattress is also backed up by a 10-year warranty. These factors make the tulo liv a great starter mattress at a rate that won’t hurt your wallet.

Interested in the tulo liv? Learn more and shop at tulo.com.

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Casper Essential vs tulo liv – Our Pick!

casper wave mattressBoth mattresses have many similarities, but what are the differences that set them apart? The Casper Essential is thicker by about 2 inches. While the tulo liv has a slightly firmer feel. This means that it is a more ideal feel for stomach sleepers or heavier persons. Side sleepers will prefer the softer feel of the Casper Essential. Both mattresses will give you around the same amount in isolation of motion transfer.

They infuse the tulo liv with gel in the top layer, giving it a slight advantage in cooling properties. Both mattresses will also have roughly the same amount of edge support. The pricing of the tulo liv is slightly lower than the Casper Essential, saving you $60 after coupons. All things considered, everyone should base their decision on their individual sleeping preferences.

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