April 24, 2019

Solaire vs Sleep Number: Air Bed Comparison Review

When it comes to airbeds the first thing that may come to mind is Sleep Number. With almost no competition they have made a name for themselves in this niche market. However, the online success of Saatva, and their three unique mattresses, has given them insight and confidence into introducing their own adjustable airbed, the Solaire mattress. Our side by side mattress review of Solaire vs Sleep Number will help you see how these mattresses compare. As well as give you some insight to the pros, cons and benefits of air beds in general.

solaire vs sleep number
Solaire Overview:

solaire adjustable air bedSolaire is a new adjustable airbed brought to you by the online mattress brand, Saatva. Saatva has specialized in online mattresses that aren’t put in a box, but instead use solid, durable materials that are hand delivered right to your bedroom. Between their innerspring model, Saatva, their luxury memory foam model, Loom and Leaf. And lastly, their natural all latex model, Zenhaven, they have brought some of the best materials, construction and comfort to the online mattress market.

They are now taking their expertise in sleeping products, along with the technology and innovation so many sleepers look for, and have introduced the Solaire adjustable airbed. This completely customizable mattress offers 50 adjustments to comfort and support all in one bed. Allowing every size and shape of sleeper, as well as any sleeping needs and preferences, to be met with precision. Making this new brand one to watch for, especially if you want the latest and greatest air bed.

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Interested in hearing more about the Solaire Mattress? Check out our full Mattress Review. Also, learn more at Saatva.com.

Sleep Number Overview:

sleep number air bedWhen it comes to airbeds, Sleep Number has become synonymous with this style of mattress. Debuting in 1987 under the name Select Comfort, this brand has turned the air bed into a popular trend that has had a stronghold on the mattress industry for years. Even with the founder of this company living out a 25 year prison sentence for fraud and tax evasion, Sleep Number has continued its success and growth.

By offering multiple air mattresses and styles that range in price and functionality, they have taken their brick and mortar domination to the online market. Now offering trial periods and delivery to compete with the growing bed-in-a-box competition. And giving every sleeper access to their plethora of smart airbed options.

Could a new comer to the airbed mattress market compete with such an established brand? Keep reading to see if the Solaire vs Sleep Number air bed will have you changing your mind on which of these innovative mattresses is for you.

Solaire Options:

saatva solaire mattress materialsThe great thing with having an air bed is the personalized adjustability. With one mattress you have 50 variances. So why make things confusing by having more than one mattress choice? Instead, just make one awesome bed that is finely perfected to appeal to just about everyone. This is exactly the mentality behind the Solaire adjustable bed. One ideal air bed that has the best materials, as well as complete customization, that works for all sleepers. Taking out any confusion for you.

Every Solaire adjustable airbed comes with the same combination of memory foam and latex comfort layers. Creating balance and comfort that adapts and adjusts with every body. Paired with dual operating vulcanized air chambers for cool and supported sleep. All topped with an organic cotton cover for a premium mattress at an affordable price point. All together this mattress is made with superior materials and craftsmanship.

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Get your perfect Solaire adjustable mattress now at Saatva.com.

Sleep Number Options:

Sleep Number could not have a more different idea when it comes to available options. With there sole focus being on air beds only, they have found what works best for them is plenty of choices. By offering several air bed models that range in price points, specialty features and comfort materials. Broadening the accessibility of their products to more sleepers. As well as providing more choices to make sure each sleeper is satisfied with what they are sleeping on.

Currently Sleep Number has three sleep number series that they offer. The most affordable, Classic Series, the most popular, Performance Series, and the luxury line, Innovation Series. Each offering minor variations, you can quickly see below.

  • sleep number seriesClassic Series: Dual Adjustability, Responsive Air Technology & SleepIQ Technology
    • 8″ Sleep Number 360 c2 Smart Bed
    • 9″ Sleep Number 360 c4 Smart Bed
  • Performance Series: Dual Adjustability, Responsive Air Technology, SleepIQ Technology & PLUS Enhanced Pressure Relief
    • 10″ Sleep Number 360 p5 Smart Bed
    • 10″ Sleep Number 360 pSE Special Edition Smart Bed
    • 11″ Sleep Number 360 p6 Smart Bed
  • Innovation Series: Dual Adjustability, Responsive Aire Technology, SleepIQ Technology, PLUS Superior Pressure Relief & Temperature Balance
    • 11″ Sleep Number 360 i7 Smart Bed (Memory Foam)
    • 12″ Sleep Number 360 i8 Smart Bed
    • 12″ Sleep Number 360 iLE Limited Edition Smart Bed
    • 13″ Sleep Number 360 i10 Smart Bed

Technology – Solaire vs Sleep Number:

When it comes to the advanced technology each of these mattresses provide, you may be surprised at what is in store. Clearly both of these beds use a support system manipulated by air. Increasing and decreasing the air capacity to create a firmer and softer, or more and less supportive feel. Allowing for a fine tune approach to mattress firmness.

Beyond the core of these mattresses you also have other technology driven attributes that make this style of bed unique. With the Solaire you will have the same technology in each bed, since there is only one option. With Sleep Number, depending on which model you opt for the bells and whistles will vary.

  • Solaire Enhanced Technology:
    • Moisture Protection Barrier – Cleaner and Bacteria Free
    • 5 Zoned Talalay Latex – Better Lumbar Support & Comfort
    • Multi Directional Box-Baffle Design for Better Air Consistency
    • Hidden In Rail Inflator – Sleek Design and No exposed hoses
    • Eco-Friendly Materials – Healthier Mattress Overall
  • Sleep Number 360 i8 Enhanced Technology:
    • Sleep IQ Technology – Tracks Your Sleep
    • Responsive Air Technology – Automatically Adjusts While Sleeping
    • Temperature Balancing Technology

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Sleeping Benefits – Solaire vs Sleep Number:

When it comes to the benefits of your sleep, both of these airbeds will help improve your quality of rest. From cutting back on partner disturbance. To creating a temperature neutral, and even cooler sleeping surface. As well as comfort that is coincides with your size, sleeping position and preferences.

Even though both the Solaire and Sleep Number mattresses provide similar benefits, they will differ. Especially depending on which option you choose from Sleep Number. In the below section we will be comparing the Solaire mattress to the most similar style Sleep Number model, the 360 i8 Smart Bed. This is where you will start to see the lower price but better quality of the Solaire pull away from the Sleep Number option.

Comfort Settings:

When it comes to the comfort settings of the Solaire you have 50 unique and precise settings. While the Sleep Number 360 i8 offers only 20. Clearly 20 is quite a few options to choose from, giving you a wide selection of options. However, 50 is clearly even more which means that you won’t be going back and forth between a few options, because you will have an exact perfect fit.

One thing to note, is that even with so many options and variances the majority of sleepers will more than likely only use a handful. And, on top of that the majority of those settings will more than likely fall in a more medium feel, with slight adjustments to be softer or firmer. It is pretty rare that you will be at either end of the soft of firm spectrum on either of these beds. So having more adjustability in the Saatva Solaire mattress will probably come in handy.

Comfort Materials:

Beyond the settings of the adjustable air chambers is also the comfort layers. The Solaire mattress offers a combination of memory foam and zoned latex. Together creating a great balance of contouring pressure relief and just enough responsiveness for easy moving. These two premium comfort foams pair perfectly to enhance the feel of the dual operating air chambers. Working with the softer settings ideal for side sleepers as well as the firmer settings ideal for stomach and back sleepers.

The Sleep Number 360 i8 has one layer of comfort foam paired with a quilted pillow top. Neither of these layers using more premium upgrades, such as latex or memory foam. Though the thickness of the comfort layers may be more robust as well as zoned for better comfort, the quality is not quite the same. Meaning that you may have a sinking and less supportive feel in the foams much quicker. As well as a less balanced and potentially more heat retaing feel too.

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Motion Transfer:

With dual air chambers you not only get specialized support and comfort but also enhanced motion isolation. Serving as yet another advantage to couples. Between the Solaire bed and Sleep Number i8 you probably won’t notice much difference in motion transfer. The comfort layers will help absorb and movements towards the surface. And the separated air chambers will not project any movements to the other side of the mattress. Making almost any dual chambered air mattress great when it comes to minimal partner disturbance.

Sleeping Cool:

When it comes to sleeping cool an air bed is kind of a no brainer. When you literally have air flowing beneath you it sounds ideal for sleeping cool. With air chambers that pull in and air out you should have a good flow and circulation of air flow in an air bed.

To emphasize the temperature neutral properties of an airbed, the Solaire enhances this effect with the other materials too. The latex is a naturally cooler foam. Perfectly aerated with holes for heat dissipation. Along with Gel Infused Memory Foam for cooler and less heat retaining comfort. And even the breathable organic cotton cover is the cherry on top of making this mattress sleep very temperature neutral.

While the Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed also has chambers of air, the comfort materials may lack some of the details when it comes to sleeping cooler. The comfort layer itself is a poly foam, which may not sleep as cool as latex, but probably not as warm as memory foam either. The soft quilting foam does have Outlast temperature control technology added for less heat absorption. All together still sleeping cooler than the average all foam mattress and even several hybrids.

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Airbed Pros & Cons:

There are many upsides to having an airbed. As well as a few drawbacks that might make you second guess if it is the best option for you. Below are some of the most common positives, as well as negatives when it comes to having an adjustable air bed. Regardless of whether you were to go with a Solaire or Sleep Number, the pros and cons are quite similar, though some may be more specific depending on the brand and model.

  • Pros
    • Dual Adjustability
    • Minimal Motion Transfer
    • Custom Comfort & Support
    • Temperature Neutral
    • Multiple Small & Lightweight Pieces
    • Longer Mattress Life
    • Smart Bed Options
  • Cons
    • Larger Price Tag
    • Excess Noise from Motor
    • Replacing Parts & Pumps
    • Longer Assembly Time
    • Inexpensive Options Lack Comfort
    • Potential Air Leaks, Malfunctions and Squeaking
    • Inconsistent & Unsupportive Feel On Softer Settings

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Solaire vs Sleep Number:

When it comes to Airbeds, the Solaire mattress by Saatva may be new, but has some incredible details. While Sleep Number has many options and years of experience that are hard to bypass. When it comes to getting an innovative mattress that checks all the boxes you may find yourself leaning towards Solaire.

Not only are you going to be getting a premium product, you will be getting more bang for your buck. And lets be honest, Saatva is not new to the mattress world. With there own years of experience and quality mattresses you know that they will stand behind their product.

If you are still curious to learn more about the Solaire, check out our full review HERE. Also, visit Saatva.com to see more about this bed directly from the company.

And as always, send us questions if you have any. We are always happy to help, just Contact Us!