Mattress Review Avocado Eco Organic Mattress

If you aren’t familiar with Avocado Mattresses let me give you a quick overview. The original Avocado mattress is one of the first online bed-in-a-box brands to focus on sustainability and using organic materials. Being one of the only brands to offer 100% organic bedding products.

avocado eco organic mattress review

Avocado’s offerings have grown in the last several years to include an array of mattresses, every mattress and bedding accessory as well as bedroom furniture. They have even grown into lounge and sleepwear and even beauty products. This brands has made some incredible strides in the online world. Which is no surprise that they are doing it again. Offering their latest addition, the Avocado Eco Organic Mattress.

This brand new bed not only brings with it the high quality materials Avocado is known for but also coming in at a price point that is very affordable. Allowing for even more sleepers to enjoy what Avocado has to offer. Below we will be reviewing the Avocado Eco Organic mattress and giving you our insight on this sustainable latex hybrid bed.

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Avocado Eco Organic Latex Hybrid At A Glance

We get it, you want to learn more about this bed, but a full on detailed review may not interest you. That is why we want to start with a quick run down of the important information about the Avocado Eco Latex Hybrid bed. Giving you the option if reading more about this mattress is necessary!

  • avocado eco organic mattress4 Layers | 10″ Thick Mattress
  • Universal Medium-Firm Comfort
  • Motion Transfer: Limited
  • Temperature Regulation: Very Good
  • Edge Support: Very Good
  • FREE Shipping & Returns
  • 100-Night Trial Period & 10-Year Warranty
  • 100% Organic & USA Made
  • Financing Available
  • Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Price: $799-$1599
  • Latest Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Discount: HERE!

Avocado Eco Organic Mattress Review

Looking for more information? Great, we have lots of it! Below we will take an in depth look at what makes the Eco Organic Latex Hybrid mattress unlike any other latex hybrid out there. With an amazing price point, solid materials and feel that will appeal to all you’ll be stunned with this mattress option.

We will start by looking at the materials and construction, next we will focus on the comfort options available and how that translates to what is best for you you. Additionally we will look at other sleeping benefits and conclude with basics and logistics of buying an online mattress. And specifically and Avocado online mattresses.

Avocado Eco Organic Hybrid Materials

One of the best things about any Avocado mattress is the materials. Each bed uses only the best materials not only for your sleep but also the environment. The Avocado Eco may be less expensive, but it doesn’t skimp on quality. Though it may be a simplified version of the original Avocado Green Mattress it still uses the best when it comes to materials.

avocado eco organic mattress materials

To start this mattress, like all the Avocado mattresses, uses 100% organic cotton for the cover. Directly under this is a 1″ thick comfort layer of 100% organic wool. Together these layers are not only soft and comforting to the touch, but provide several other benefits. Like temperature regulation, anti-microbial properties and many more. As well as both being GOTS organic certified too.

The comfort foam of the Avocado Eco is 2″ of aerated Dunlop latex. This layer is GOLS organic certified and comes from either a latex farm in India or Guatemala and offer a “farm to mattress” material. The latex is great for offering a buoyant comfort layer that is also resilient and pressure relieving. And also doesn’t hold heat and moves with your body. With so many reasons to love latex it is hard not to want on your bed.

The bulk of this mattress comes from the recycled steel coils that offer precision support and long lasting durability. This layer of steel coils has reinforced support around the edges for amazing edge support and the ample air flow allowed by this support system ensures no heat is trapped.

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How Comfortable Is The Eco Organic Mattress by Avocado?

avocado eco comfortThe Eco Organic by Avocado offers a universal feel that will appeal to a large variety of sleepers. This mattress is a true medium-firm feel. With a solid steel coil system covered with a 2″ layer of latex and 1″ of wool creates a substantial mattress that is still comfortable. With a middle of the road feel this mattress will surely work for all sleepers. And make a fantastic option for a guest room as well as kids room too.

When it comes to latex hybrid mattresses they offer a feel that is far more responsive from their memory foam mattress counterparts. Not only do you have flexible steel coils, but also latex that is buoyant and moves with your body. While it may be different than memory foam it actually does great at relieving pressure but in the opposite way than typical foam. While in a memory foam bed you tend to sink into it, in a latex mattress it pushes up against you. Hence how you achieve a similar pressure relief but in a different manner.

This mattress is made to appeal and mold to all sleeping positions. While there is still an abundance of support it is also very responsive and contours to your bodies needs. Making it ideal for a large variety of needs. While this mattress is considered a little firmer than a medium it is a gentle firmness that works most ideally for back and stomach sleepers. It is also great for support for smaller frames, making it the best choice for a kids bed too.

Avocado Eco Mattress Benefits

While materials and comfort may be the most important aspects of a new mattress you should consider a few other areas as well. Other areas a mattress will differ in is how well it responds to motion and how that can play into partner disturbance. Another area many find to make a huge difference is whether a mattress warms up or not. And lastly we like to consider the edge durability too. Below we will go through each of these in detail and how the Eco Organic mattress will do.

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Motion Isolation:

eco organic mattress by avocadoWhen it comes to minimizing partner disturbance on a mattress there are several materials to help with this. While you still want these of moving freely, you don’t necessarily want the other sleep to feel every little movement. You may think that between the coils and buoyant latex that a latex hybrid bed with do poor in this area. However, the Eco Organic mattress actually does quite well.

While there are coils they aren’t intertwined, meaning each is free to move on their own. This is not only ideal for better support, but also great for keeping movement from spreading. And yes, while the latex is more responsive it is also a dense material that will move, but it doesn’t vibrate throughout the bed. Giving you a surface that is easy to move on and comfortable but also creates very little motion transfer. Giving this natural mattress high ranks in motion isolation.

Heat Retention:

avocado eco affordable mattressOne of the best things about latex hybrid mattresses, aside from the use of healthier materials in general, is the fact that these materials are inherently great for temperature regulation.

Personally I think that this is even better than a mattress that has added cooling properties. Mostly because when you are not a warm sleeper but your partner is, you don’t have to compromise. Usually that compromise is finding a mattress that is often cool to the touch and pulls heat away. Which if you don’t sleep warm is actually not appealing.

However, when a mattresses materials allow for better temperature regulation it is a win-win, because the mattress isn’t cool or warm, but adjusts to your bodies needs to be neutral. Every material in this mattress creates a sleep surface that ensures good air flow, wicks away moisture and helps regulate temperature so you never get too warm, but also aren’t too cold either.

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Edge Support:

new eco organic avocado mattressThe edge support of the Avocado Eco Organic bed is another area it gets two thumbs up in. Not only does have reinforced steel coils around the perimeter, but the naturally durability of latex helps it withhold more weight. While its elastic properties help it push back to create better support as well. Meaning that it holds it’s shape better short term and long term.

This itself is a testament to the bed as a whole, since the edge support is usually a good indicator or how a bed will hold up overall. The Avocado Eco mattresses slightly thinner 10″ profile also means that you aren’t as far off the ground, which is yet another bonus for putting less stress on the side of your bed, since you are closer to the ground.

Buying An Eco Organics Mattress

eco avocado organic mattressAre you ready to buy your new Avocado Eco Mattress? Well, you won’t be disappointed in the relatively small investment! One of the best things about the latest Avocado mattress addition is its price point. This mattress is very affordable at just $1299 for a queen size. And as low as $799 for a Twin and $1599 for a King/Cal King.

These prices are impressive, considering most other mattresses are just going up in price. Avocado has created a bed that not only delivers on quality, but doesn’t hit your pocketbook like it could. If you are looking for the best mattress under that $1000 price point you would be hard pressed to find a better hybrid option.

Another thing that is great about this price point is that it includes more than just the mattress. With your mattress purchase shipping is included. No hidden fees are added on to that total. You also have a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty included to make sure that you are well taken care of with your purchase.

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While this price is already amazing Avocado doesn’t stop there! Make sure to visit the link below to see the latest added savings or promotion included with this bed. Even at full price this mattress is amazingly priced, but who wouldn’t want a little extra savings? If you do, it’s as simple as following the link below!

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Financing Available:

While this mattress is priced right that doesn’t mean we all have a thousand dollars on hand. No worries! Avocado makes it easy to finance your new mattress. While checking out you will have the option of quickly and easily financing your new bed. Avocado has partnered with Affirm to make buying your new mattress super easy. Learn more at AvocadoGreenMattress.com.

OSG Is Here to Help:

Do you have questions on the new Avocado Eco Organic bed? Give us a call! We actually have this mattress on the floor in our Houston showroom. Give our store and call and ask questions specifically about this bed, or any other Avocado mattress too. We not only can help you choose the right fit, but can offer added savings not found online… even on our own page! Give us a ring today if you want to buy and get the best price possible!

Houston Showroom: 832-653-6587

Avocado Buying Basics

When it comes to buying an online mattress the overall buying process is quite simple. But below are a few things that are good to know when it not only comes to buying an online bed-in-a-box, but also when buying specifically an Avocado Mattress.

the best organic sheets

Online Mattress Shopping:

The process of ordering a mattress online might be old news to you. However, if this is new it can be a bit daunting to think you are actually buying a mattress online that will just show up on your doorstep. No worries. The actual buying process is quite simple. Once you have added the mattress of choice and any accessories to your cart on AvocadoGreenMattress.com all that is left is the checkout process.

During the checkout process you will be asked to input your basic shipping and billing information. Verify a few things and presto you’ve bought a new mattress. Once you have pushed purchase you will be notified via email of your purchase as well as a few follow up emails indicating when it will ship and once it arrives. This mattress is handmade, so it will take a few days to be made before it will ship out. However, you should have your new bed in about 2 weeks from the time you order.


eco organic avocado mattressDelivery is included and your mattress will be roll packed to fit in a fairly compact size box, for a mattress that is. UPS or Fed-Ex will drop your new mattress off like any other package, leaving it at your door. Once you get your new bed we suggest taking it to your bedroom to unbox. That way once it fully expands you won’t have to move it far.

When you get it to your bedroom simply take it out of the box and carefully unroll the mattress and remove the outer plastic. It initially will expand quickly, and the great thing about the Avocado is that the foams and springs are quite buoyant and will quickly firm up to the true firmness. Meaning it won’t take long to fully expand.

Trial Period:

With your new Eco Organic Avocado you will have a 100-night sleep trial period. This time is allotted to give you a chance to make sure that this mattress is a good fit for your needs. Your body always takes time to adjust to a new mattress so we strongly suggest giving your mattress at least a full 30 days. This way you will have had sufficient time for your body to adjust to your new mattress and if at that time it is unbearable, than you may consider your return options.


Also included is a 10-year manufacturer warranty. This is a standard warranty that almost any mattress will come with. This helps ensure your bed is safe from any possible defects or flaws that would alter the feel or performance of your bed. There are several stipulations that come with upholding a warranty, regardless of brand. For further details on the warranty of this mattress we suggest visiting AvocadoGreenMattress.com.

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 110-Night Trial
  • Warranty 10-Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $799
  • Twin XL $899
  • Full $1199
  • Queen $1299
  • King $1599
  • Cal King $1599
Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.