November 24, 2021

Best Cozy Sleep Products For Cold Sleepers

the best sleep products for cool sleepers staying warm

It is difficult to get to sleep when your shivering cold. Staying a comfortable temperature is key to getting truly great sleep. Which is why we are going to share all of the best cozy sleep products for cold sleepers out there. If you are always the one who is freezing cold when everyone else seems to be comfortable, this is all for you. Products that will help you stay warm from the moment you climb into bed.

Best Mattresses for Cold Sleepers

Generally, most mattresses are designed to dissipate heat in order to remain a more neutral temperature throughout the night. This is because most people need help staying cool in order to sleep comfortably throughout the night. However, some mattresses do this in a way that regulates temperature instead of simply focusing on staying cool. The following mattresses focus in on doing just that.

Avocado Green Mattress

avocado vegan mattress good for allergiesThe Avocado Green Mattress is a great option for cold sleepers and hot sleepers! How is that possible you ask? Well, it is because of the wool batting layer in the top comfort levels of the mattress. Wool is an incredible material for bedding because it not only is cushioning and comfortable to lay on.

Wool also does a great job at maintaining a comfortable sleep temperature. It helps to keep you warm when it is needed, but will also dissipate extra heat in order to keep you from overheating. Making this ideal for going to sleep comfortably all year round.

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Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress by Brentwood Home

cedar mattress perfect for sleeping warm and cozy We picked the Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress from Brentwood Home as one of the best cozy products for cold sleepers because it also features a layer of organic wool. Like most mattresses, the Cedar Natural focuses on temperature regulation with the goal for most people to not overheat.

However, the wool will also help to make sure you do not get too cold either. The temperature regulating features of wool really do help you to stay a comfortable temperature at night without even getting too hot or too cold.

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Best Mattress Topper for Cold Sleepers

If you love your mattress and just want to add a layer of comfort and temperature regulation, then a mattress topper is a great way to do just that! These mattress toppers are similar to the mattresses we recommended in that they are also focused on temperature regulation and not necessarily “heating”. We will get to heating products a little later. However, these mattress toppers are all about creating an optimal temperature for great sleep.

 Sleep & Beyond Wool Mattress Topper

Another great sleep product for temperature regulation. The Sleep & Beyond Wool Mattress Topper is made with high quality British Shropshire Wool. This is top notch quality and you can really feel the difference. This mattress topper is plush and soft to lay on.

It adds an extra cushioning comfort to your bed. It also helps to keep you warm when it is cold out and cool when it is warm. Giving you a great sleep surface that will help maintain a good sleep temperature. Ideal for anyone who goes back and forth between hot and cold throughout the night.

If you think a wool mattress topper is for you than find this exact one at SleepandBeyond.com.

best warming mattress protector

Avocado Alpaca Topper

Until Avocado came out with their line of Alpaca products, we had never imagined using alpaca wool to create bedding products. However, it turns out that it is a fabulous material for bedding.

The Alpaca wool is very fluffy which adds a lot of plush comfort to this mattress topper from Avocado. It also does an incredible job at temperature regulation. Making this topper a great option for sleepers who have a hard time staying cozy at night.

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Best Comforters for Staying Warm

Comforters, the big blanket that provides the majority of the warmth for your bed. Many people have started swapping out there summer quilts and lighter duvet inserts for heavier and warmer all season or extra warm comforters during fall and winter. This helps you to stay cool in the winter with lighter layers and to bundle up more when it is cold out. Or, if you tend to be cold at night then these all season heavier comforters will be a great option to help keep your warm all year round!

Buffy Cloud Comforter

The new and improved Buffy Cloud is comfier than ever. This is the heavier comforter option that Buffy creates and it is made to be light and extra fluffy. Made with a eucalyptus lyocell cover material that is extra soft and breathable. This is filled with recycled PET fill.

The fill in the Buffy Cloud Comforter is extra fluffy and pillowy soft. Making for a very versatile comforter that can be used on its own or as a duvet insert with a cover on top. It is now machine washable too! This is a great comfortable duvet that is great to use all year round for cold sleepers.

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buffy cloud comforter

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Parachute All-Season Down Duvet Insert

This is about as classic of a duvet insert as it gets. The Parachute All-Season Down Duvet Insert has a quilted design that keeps the fill evenly distributed and extra fluffy. They do have a lightweight option that they recommend for hot sleepers and using in the summer time. However, this heavier and fluffier option works well for all seasons and is especially nice for anyone who needs a bit of help staying warm.

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parachute down all season thick warm duvet cover

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Avocado Alpaca Duvet All Season

Another great alpaca product from Avocado that is sure to help keep you warm at night. This is their All-Season Alpaca Duvet Insert. This is going to be warmer than their lightweight version that also features alpaca wool on the inside as fill.

The All-Season duvet insert is very fluffy and has a nice weight to it. This comforter is unlike any we have seen before. Instead of typical down or down-alternative fill they filled this duvet insert with all natural ethically sourced alpaca wool. This makes for a unique sleeping experience that helps to regulate your temperature as you sleep naturally.

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avocado alpaca wool duvet insert

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Best Sheets for Cold Sleepers

While sheets are the lightest layer in your bedding collection, they are an ideal place to create another insulating layer to your bed. While some sheets are designed to be lightweight and airy, others are made to hold in warmth. We collected the best sheets for cold sleepers here that are great to layer with your comforters and quilts.

Woven Portuguese Flannel Sheets

These flannel sheets are truly our all-time favorites to use during winter when we need that extra help to stay warm at night. Flannel sheets are much thicker and fuzzier than standard cotton sheets. However, some flannel sheets you will find out there are made with polyester which does not wick away moisture and are not very breathable.

The Portuguese Flannel Sheets are ideal because they are made out of cotton! This means you have enough breathability to start comfortable and they help wick away moisture in order to avoid night sweats. Overall, these sheets perform beautifully when layered in order to stay comfortable and warm throughout the night.

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woven flannel sheets

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Tuft & Needle Jersey Sheet Set

If you are looking for something that feels cozy but is better to use all year round, instead of just winter. Then the Tuft & Needle Jersey Knit Sheet Set is perfect for you! These sheets are extra soft and very cozy to sleep with. T&N makes these sheets with a 50% Cotton and 50% Lyocell blend.

This makes for a soft yet breathable sheet that are extra snuggly. These feel like sleeping in a bed made of your favorite worn in t-shirt. These sheets are great for adults and kids. Truly, a great option for anyone looking to feel extra comfortable in bed.

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tuft and needle jersey sheets fog

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Top Heated Blankets For Keeping You Warm

When you are cold right down to your bones, it can be hard to get warm. Simply layering your pajamas and a few extra blankets aren’t going to do the job. If you really want to warm up, a heated blanket is the way to go. While we do not recommend sleeping with a heated blanket, as this can be dangerous, they do a great job at warming you up before you head off to sleep.

Interested in learning more about Heated Blankets? Check out the page: Electric Heated Blankets 101

Serta Luxe Blanket

Serta makes fantastic heated blankets like their Luxe Heated Blanket. With plenty of safety features and low-wattage, this is a great modern heated blanket that you can feel safe using. The warmth and comfort that this cozy blanket is a total game changer. This is a great option for couples or anyone who prefers to have a blanket covers their entire bed and not just a throw blanket size.

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serta heated blanket perfect for cold sleepers

SunBeam Heated Throw

Heat for one, this heated throw blanket from SunBeam is a personal favorite of ours for winter. It is ideal for getting toasty warm on the couch. The compact size makes it ideal to take around the house. The smaller size is great to use as an individual and is easy to use in bed even if your partner is a hot sleeper and does not want to get warmed up.

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electric blankets that are low voltage

BeautyRest Heated Microlight Blanket

Heat the whole entire bed with the heated microlight blanket from BeautyRest. This gorgeous blanket comes in sizes as large as queen and king. Allowing you to heat up your entire bed before you even get in. This is a cozy soft blanket that we know you will love using.

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heated blanket for staying warm

Best Bed Heaters for Staying Warm

When it is truly cold, there is no better way to stay warm than to climb into a bed that is already nice and toasty. These bed heaters can do just that! Our first two recommended bed warmers can actually cool your bed as well as warm it up. You can set your ideal temperature for your bed and you can even change it in the night if you need to!


The BedJet is a system that uses air to control the temperature of your bed. There are dual control zones that allow you to keep your side of the bed and warm or cold as you like it. Allowing your partner to keep their side of the bed at the temperature they prefer. Eliminating the battle over the thermostat. This nifty little device allows you to make your bed the exact temperature of your dreams.

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bedjet perfect for cold sleepers wanting to stay warm at night


The ChiliPad is a mattress pad that uses micro-tubes filled with water. The water can be heated or cooled in order to change the temperature of your mattress to whatever you desire. The ChiliPad also has dual controls allowing for different temperatures on different sides of the bed. The ChiliPad is controlled using an easy to use remote control.

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chilipad warm for cold sleepers

Mattress Heater by Sunbeam

Picture this, instead of climbing into cold sheets and shivering until it slowly warms up, you climb into a toasty warm cuddly bed. This is exactly what using the Mattress Heater from Sunbeam feels like. When it is incredibly cold out and your feet are freezing cold, this mattress heater is as satisfying as dipping into a hot tub. Just a perfectly warm bed. We recommend turning it on a few minutes before you plan on climbing in, and then shutting it off after you get cozy. This is a great experience, especially during winter.

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heated mattress pads for staying warm

Best Warm Sleep Products For Cold Sleepers

It is just about impossible to get to sleep when you are shivering and cold. We know it does not have to be winter to be a cold sleeper. Which is why we created this list of the best warm sleep products for all you cold sleepers out there. We hope this list provides you with a few key products that will keep you feeling warm and cozy in order to get your best sleep possible.

best products for sleeping warm

We would love to help answer any questions you may have. Head over to our Contact Us page and we will get back to you ASAP with personal recommendations and answers your questions.