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May 12, 2020

Best Cozy Sleep Products For Cold Sleepers

warming up before bed For some of us falling to sleep in a cold bed is impossible. If you find yourself shivering and have a hard time warming up before bed, then we are hear to help. After years of of testing mattresses and bedding accessories we have plenty of amazing options that are the top sleep products for cold sleepers.

The trick is to finding the right balance between staying warm through the night and not heating up too much. If you get too warm while you sleep, you may experience night sweats and end up even colder than before. Finding sleep products that strike and ideal balance between cozy warm and not too hot is key to a great nights rest. Keep reading to find our favorite picks for keeping you at the perfect temperature throughout the night.

the best sleep products for cool sleepers staying warm

Best Cozy Warm Sleep Products for Cold Sleepers

cozy warm bedroom Temperature can play a vital role in falling asleep and staying asleep. While some people suffer from sleeping warm. Others like to feel warm and cozy while they drift off to dream. One of the biggest things that everyone needs to consider is how your body temperature shifts and changes throughout the night.

While you may find yourself only able to fall asleep under a cozy pile of blankets, you might be waking up hours later hot and sweaty. Finding the best bedding and sleep products for cold sleepers that help regulate your temperature are the best option. These products will allow you to feel warm as well as keep your from overheating too.

Not only will you find the sleep and bedding products important in finding a great balance. But also make sure that you have your thermostat set at a temperature that will allow you to be warm but not too warm. And a good pair of pajamas made out of more natural materials will ensure that you will be cozy but still allow for breathability. And, a pair of cozy socks can always help too!

Best Mattresses for Cold Sleepers

When it comes to finding a mattress that is most ideal for anyone who sleeps on the cool side we recommend more natural options. These beds tend to be great for regulating temperature, and not necessarily just heating you up, but keeping you at the right temperature all night long.

Avocado Green Mattress

avocado vegan mattress good for allergies

If you have a partner who easily gets overheated and is always blasting the AC, then this mattress may be the solution for you both. Why is that? Because the Avocado Mattress has layers of wool in it. Wool is one of our favorite materials because it temperature neutralizer. If you get too hot, it will help cool you down. While if you tend to get cold, it will help keep you warm. It is perfect to use in a mattress.

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Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress by Brentwood Home

cedar mattress perfect for sleeping warm and cozy

We chose the Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress for the same reason we chose the Avocado Mattress for this list of mattresses to keep you warm. It has plenty of temperature neutralizing wool in it. Which will keep you nice and warm while also ensuring you never overheat either. The perfect balance for the best sleep.

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Best Mattress Topper for Cold Sleepers

Similar to the mattresses above, natural materials that help regulate temperature are going to be great options for mattress toppers. We really love the use of wool. It helps keep you warm and toasty, but never over heats either. But, if you aren’t sold on wool we have a great suggestion too.

 Sleep & Beyond Wool Mattress Topper

If you can’t afford a new mattress with wool in it, you can invest in a wool mattress topper instead! The Sleep & Beyond Wool Mattress Topper is one of our favorites. It is made with British Shropshire Wool and it top quality. This 1.5″ thick wool mattress topper adds just a bit of plushness, but also adds the most ideal temperature too.

best warming mattress protector

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Mattress Heater by Sunbeam

Not a fan of wool? Or simply looking for a toastier option? We got you covered. The Sunbeam Mattress Heater is similar to a heated blanket, except it wraps nice and snug around your mattress. It has safety features and can even have a timer to shut off. So you can fall asleep toasty warm without any worries about having to remember to turn it off before you drift off to sleep.

heated mattress pads for staying warm

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Avocado Alpaca Topper

The Alpaca Mattress Topper by Avocado does not have just one but two different types of wool in it! Making it a cozy cushy topper that will help keep you from getting too cold or too hot. Yet another great product utilizing the many benefits of wool in their bedding.

best mattress topper for hot sleepers

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Top Quilts & Comforters for Sleeping Warm

If you are looking for heat on top of you, than adding a quilt of comforter may be what you need. An added blanket can help you warm up and even add a little extra weight that helps ease anxiety too. Below are several great options that vary in warmth, style and price.

Buffy Cloud Comforter

If you are looking for a traditional feeling standard comforter, the Buffy Cloud Comforter is a great option to look at. It is the perfect fluffy feeling comforter that we great for layers with sheets and quilts for the ultimate cozy bed. It is made out of 100% natural materials and though it keeps you cozy and warm it isn’t too hot either.

buffy cloud comforter

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Bearaby Weighted Comforter

This quality weighted comforter can be customized to suite you and your sleep partners preferences. This way it is the perfect weight for you both. It is great at keeping you warm and stress free throughout the night. If you’re feeling chilly we suggest layering with warm sheets and a throw blanket.

bearaby weighted comforter

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Helix Weighted Blanket

If you share the bed with someone who sleeps warm and doesn’t want to get an extra heat we recommend a personal size weighted blanket. These are usually sized to work best for one sleeper, opposed to sharing like you would a comforter. The Helix Weighted Blanket is the perfect option to help warm just one sleeper. It not only is the ideal size, but also comes in three perfect weights and even has a cozy shear lined side for extra plushness.

helix weighted blanket for cold sleepers

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Avocado Throws

These stunning throw blankets are perfect for layering. Layer them on top of your duvet for that extra cozy layer when you need it, and easily lay it at the foot of the bed for when you don’t. These beautiful Avocado throws come in different high quality warm materials like cashmere and wool. Great for staying cozy and warm.

wool and cashmere blankets for cold sleepers

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Best Sheets for Cold Sleepers

Maybe a new cozy set of sheets at the turn of the seasons is all you need? This simple way of updating your bedding can make a huge impact for warming up your bed just enough.

Woven Portuguese Flannel Sheets

These Portuguese Flannel Sheets are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make their bed extra cozy and warm. They are made out of a high quality brushed cotton. Which makes these sheets feel thick and warm. Unlike flannel sheets made out of polyester, you won’t need to worry about over heating or sweating because the cotton will keep you warm while still allowing for a good amount of breathing and moisture wicking.

woven flannel sheets

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Tuft & Needle Jersey Sheet Set

Jersey sheets like these made by Tuft & Needle make for a warm and cozy sleep environment. We love these by Tuft & Needle because they are made out of a quality blend of 50% Cotton and 50% Lyocell. Which makes for a warm yet breathable and soft sheet. These sheets will make your whole bed feel as comfortable as your favorite worn in t-shirt.

tuft and needle jersey sheets fog

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Top Heated Blankets For Keeping You Warm

Maybe adding a blanket that literally warms up is the best solution. Though heated blankets may sometimes get a bad rap, we still think that for some people they are the ticket to getting cozy.

Interested in learning more about Heated Blankets? Check out the page: Electric Heated Blankets 101

Serta Luxe Blanket

Here comes the heated options for the bedroom. This heated blanket is an electric option that is made out of a plush fleece. We like this blanket for a number of different reasons. The first being that it is a low-wattage blanket which helps keep you safe while it keeps you warm. We also enjoy the dual controls which allows you to pick your perfect temperature even if it is different than your partners preferences. This is a great heated blanket option for couples.

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serta heated blanket perfect for cold sleepers

SunBeam Heated Throw

Want a heated throw all to yourself. This heated electric throw  by SunBeam is as cozy as can be. It’s soft fleece texture is nice and cozy while the size of this blanket is perfect for snuggling up on the couch, covering your lap while you work, or even layered on top of your other blankets in bed.

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electric blankets that are low voltage

BeautyRest Heated Microlight Blanket

The next heated blanket is our favorite pick to use as a queen or king sized comforter. This BeautyRest Heated Blanket has dual controls and very thin wires, making it extra comfortable and soft. The micro plush cover is very soft and perfect for snuggling up.

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heated blanket for staying warm

Best Bed Heaters for Staying Warm

And when all else fails, why not invest in one of the many latest inventions that literally warms your bed. With a variety of options you’ll find one that works great for you.


The BedJet blows warm or cool air direct into your bed to cool you off or warm you up. It even has dual zone controls for couples. So you can sleep warm even if your partner likes it crisp and cool. Since the BedJet uses air to heat and cool the bed, it has the added benefit of limiting the amount of humidity in the bed. It also works quickly and efficiently.

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bedjet perfect for cold sleepers wanting to stay warm at night


The ChiliPad is a mattress pad that uses micro-tubes filled with water. The water can be heated or cooled in order to change the temperature of your mattress to whatever you desire. The ChiliPad also has dual controls allowing for different temperatures on different sides of the bed. The ChiliPad is controlled using an easy to use remote control.

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chilipad warm for cold sleepers

Moona Pillow Pad

The Moona Pillow Pad is a thermo regulating pad that sit between your pillow and your pillow case. While many use it to keep their pillow cool, it can just as easily warm your pillow up. The Moona Pillow uses a small Moona Pod that cools or heats water that runs through the pillow pad. Allowing you to choose the exact temperature you want for your pillow.

moona pillow pad cool

Best Sleep Products For Cold Sleepers

Cold and shivering is no way to try and fall asleep. We hope these mattress, accessories, and blankets will keep you warm and help you get the sleep you deserve. Remember that wool is a wonderful material because it balances temperature, making sure you don’t get too cold or too warm.

Bed heaters like heated blankets or high tech gadgets can be fun and very effective, just be sure to use timers and follow safety instructions. With the help of a few of these products we imagine you will never head off to sleep shivering ever again.

best products for sleeping warm

Have some lingering questions and the recommended sleep products For cold sleepers? We would love to help you out. Head over to our Contact Us page and we will get back to you ASAP with personal recommendations and answers to any questions you may have.