Accessory Review Malouf Portuguese Flannel Sheets

malouf portuguese flannel sheets review

Sheet sets that claim to be flannel can be made out of all sorts of different materials. This includes polyesters which tend to trap in extra heat and moisture. None of this is true with the oh so soft Malouf Portuguese Flannel Sheets. These sheets are made out of 100% brushed cotton, which gives you that thick warm feel while remaining breathable. Perfect for staying cozy and warm all night long. We are going to go into all the details of what makes these sheets so comfortable as well as our personal experience using them. Keep reading to learn more or click the button below to start shopping now!

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Malouf Portuguese Flannel Sheets – At A Glance

  • 100% Cotton
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cali King, and Split King
  • Resistant to Pilling
  • Brushed Cotton Flannel
  • Certified B Corporation 
  • Purchase Supports Malouf Foundation
  • Free Shipping
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different colors available in this sheet setThe material makeup of this sheet set is truly what sets it apart from all the rest. The Malouf Portuguese Flannel Sheets are made out of 100% Cotton. Not a blend, or a polyester based product which can be common when looking to purchase flannel sheets. Malouf the cotton and gives it a brushed finish on both sides. This is what gives the bedding that extra soft and fluffy feel that flannel bedding is really loved and known for.

Cotton is a superior material to use for flannel sheets for several reasons. The first is that it is a more breathable material, cotton does a great job and wicking away moisture. If you have ever been ziplocked into a polyester sleeping bag, then you know how quickly you can get very sweaty as you sleep. Even when you are wanting to stay warm, which is often a goal of flannel bedding, having a breathable and moisture wicking material is vital to keep yourself for getting the chills after sweating.

Why Portuguese? The cotton for these sheets is grown in Portugal. This cotton is the woven and brushed out to give it that signature cozy soft feel. Another reason why cotton is a preferred over a blend or poly based material is because it is much more durable over time. While the cotton with get softer with age, it will maintain its integrity for years.

Are the Malouf Portuguese Flannel Sheets Comfortable?

are the flannel sheets from malouf comfortable?Yes! The Malouf Portuguese Flannel Sheets are very comfortable. The quality in materials and construction really allows these sheets to be comfortable from day one and just continue to get more comfortable as you wash and use them for years to come.

Flannel is going to be an ideal bedding material during cold seasons. The brushed cotton feels warm and soft on your skin and helps to maintain a good level of warmth without heating up too much. The cotton is still breathable and helps wick away excess moisture.

This greatly helps increase the comfort level as it prevents night sweats and getting the chills from sitting in your own sweaty sheets. Instead, you are able to maintain a healthier and more comfortable neutral sleep temperature throughout the night.

Our Experience:

pacific lighter blue flannel sheetsThe Malouf Portuguese Flannel sheets are high quality and really have a thick, plush feel. After using these sheets for several Minnesota winter seasons and with multiple washes they maintain they are soft, warm feel and have had no signs of pilling. They haven’t had any signs of excessive wear and no thinning in any area.

The elastic around the fitted sheet is still strong and pulls tight. Depending on the color you go with they may show a bit of fading over time.

I have used and washed the blue, dark brown and ivory multiple times and the only one with minor fading is the dark brown. Even with washing on a gentle cycle and drying at low heat I did notice a bit of shrinking that was most noticeable in the pillow cases, but besides that they have washed up nicely and really maintain their original integrity. Overall, we are very happy with the overall durability and performance of these sheets.

Malouf Portuguese Flannel Sheets – Value:

great price point flannel sheets 100% cottonWhen you are looking to buy the Portuguese Flannel Sheets from Malouf, you may notice that they are more expensive than other flannel sheets that are not as high quality.

Averaging around $50 – $200 depending on the size you are looking to purchase. Overall we would say that this is still a very reasonable price point for these sheets because they are made out of such a great material and they are very durable and pass the test of wear and tear.

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Care Instructions:

flannel sheets made with cotton from purtugalBecause we have used these not only for testing purposes, but also as our go to bedding in the winter seasons.

we can testify that not only are these sheets easy to care for, they are also rather durable.

Malouf recommends machine washing on a cold water cycle with gentle detergent. Avoid using bleaching product as they could potentially damage your bedding.

Malouf Portuguese Flannel Sheets – Final Thoughts:

malouf portuguese cotton flannel sheets review

If you are looking to stay warm and cozy without overheating or becoming sweaty, then the Malouf Portuguese Flannel Sheets are going to be exactly what you are looking for. The 100% brushed cotton is a joy to snuggle up with.

They are so warm and comfortable which makes this set ideal for those cooler months when you need a little extra help staying warm throughout the night.

The price point is also a great selling feature as you are getting a high quality sheet set for a rather reasonable price. Overall we think you are really going to love sleeping in these sheets and using them for years to come.

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