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Accessory Review Malouf Tencel Sheets

Malouf makes all sorts of quality bedding from quilts to sheets. Today we are going to review the Tencel Sheets by Malouf.  The material in these sheets are great for comfort, breathability, and durability. They also have deep pockets and come in a number of different colors. These Tencel sheets by Malouf have a smooth and supple feel at a great price. Keep reading to learn more about what makes these sheets unique.

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Tencel sheets are made out of lyocell fibers. Lyocell is very similar to rayon and modal fabrics, all of which are fibers made out of bleached wood pulp. These fibers are smooth and very durable.

They have a great shine and silky feel. Another big benefit to buying sheets made from Tencel is that they come in at an affordable price point as well. Tencel is nice and breathable which works well for the summer while being a soft layer that works well under blankets in the winter.


As we mentioned earlier, Tencel is a very comfortable fabric. It is breathable and wonderful at temperature regulation, making these great sheets year-round. The Malouf Tencel Sheets have a great silky smooth finish that is extra gentle even on the most sensitive skin.

These Tencel Sheets have a wonderful balanced feel. They are light and breathable which is great for keeping you from getting overheated, while also feeling cozy and warm. If you like the feel of modal sheets then you will likely enjoy the comfort of Tencel sheets.


Compared to a number of different materials used to create sheets out there, Tencel is a much more eco-friendly option. These sheets are minimally processed and close to nature. The Tencel Sheets come with extra deep pockets making them great for thick luxury mattresses without slipping off of the corners.

Another feature of these sheets that make them so attractive is their moisture wicking properties. If you tend to heat up or get a little sweaty throughout the night, Tencel is a great option for staying dry and cool. We found these sheets to be very durable and easy to care for. They washed up nicely without shrinking or pilling.

Care Instructions:

One way you ensure your sheets last for as long as possible is to always follow the care instructions. Malouf’s care instructions for their Tencel sheets starts with a pre-wash before you use them. They suggest machine washing on warm with like colors.

Malouf suggests using non-chlorinated, bleach free detergent. Line drying is highly recommended. If you prefer to dry in a machine you can tumble dry on low.

Never use high heat settings in a machine dryer as this can shrink or weaken the fibers of the material.


The prices on this sheet set ranges from $184 – $223 depending on the size you purchase. Each set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and one or two pillow cases. This is a great price range for such top quality sheets. These are quality Tencel sheets that come in at a great price.

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Malouf Tencel Sheets – Final Thoughts:

To make sure your sheets maintain their original quality it is best to care for them as the manufacturer suggests. They suggest you wash these sheets on a gentle cycle with a warm water followed by a cold water rinse. They recommend you use a mild non-chlorine bleach detergent and about half the amount you would typically use.

Ultimately line drying these sheets would be best. However they can be dried on a low heat setting and should be shaken out before placed in the dryer. To decrease wrinkles it is suggested to remove when the sheets are still slightly damp.

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