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The Malouf brand is known for making quality affordable bedding. Which is why we wanted to test them out and review them all for you. Stick around to get our honest opinion on these sheets as well as all the details on what makes them unique. All so you can determine whether or not they are the right buy for you and your family. Today we are going to be reviewing the Malouf Tencel Sheets!

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Malouf Tencel Sheets – At A Glance

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silky smooth breathable sheetsAs the name implies, the Malouf Tencel Sheets are made out of Tencel Lyocell. This is a fabric that is made from wood pulp. While wood pulp does not sound like the most breathable and soft material to create a fabric out of, it turns out it can be turned into silky smooth sheets. The lyocell material is well loved for bedding products because of the extra smooth feel, and how breathable the sheets are.

Malouf claims that their Tencel Lyocell is “…more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen.” Just from testing them out… We would have to agree with their claims. These sheets are incredibly comfortable.

This material is relatively environmentally responsible as well. It is a closed loop process and the material is biodegradable and compostable. Although they are also incredibly durable and will last you a very long time.

Are the Malouf Tencel Sheets Comfortable?

smooth soft tencel sheets reviewSheets are all about comfort out of the materials they are made of. The Malouf Tencel Sheets are made out of very soft, lightweight, and breathable materials, lyocell. Tencel Lyocell is a silky smooth materials that is ideal for year round use.

This is because it layers well for cooler seasons, but the smooth breathable fabric works very well for staying cool. Making them a great option to use in the summer months also.

The silky finish feels great on your skin but it is as moisture wicking as cotton. Which helps prevent humidity and sweat. Instead you can sleep cool and dry in these sheets.

Care Instructions:

affordable beautiful sheets Every time we review a product we like to get into the care instructions and see what they look like. If you love a sheet set but the care instructions are high maintenance, then it may not be the right option for you.

We have great news, not only are the Malouf Tencel Sheets simple and easy to care for, they are also rather durable also. Malouf says you can wash these sheets from cool to warm water temperatures. Although they do recommend avoiding any products containing bleach. You can tumble dry on low, avoid high heat when drying. If you prefer to iron your bedding, you can do so on a low to medium heat level. Overall these sheets are very easy to keep clean which makes using them all the more fun.

Malouf Tencel Sheets – Value:

woven amazon malouf sheets reviewWith the Malouf Tencel Sheet Sets, you are getting the usual 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 1-2 pillow cases.

The overall value of these sheets comes down to the quality, durability, and comfort compared to the overall price point. These sheets come in around $180 – $265.

We think this price point is somewhat high but overall reasonable for the amount of comfort you are getting out of your sheets.

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Malouf Tencel Sheets – Final Thoughts:

This is a great go to sheet set, we would recommend it to anyone who loves the silky smooth feel of Tencel Lyocell. We would also recommend these sheets to hot sleepers looking for a breathable cool sleeping sheet set. You will love that these sheets are durable and easy to care for. We would not recommend these sheets to anyone looking for thick warm layers for winter or looking to spend less then $100 for a set of sheets. Overall, we would say this is a great sheet set that a lot of people are going to enjoy.

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