Accessory Review Malouf Cotton Blend Sheets

malouf cotton blend sheets review

If you love the feel of a cotton lyocell blend, but you want your sheets to always be wrinkle free… Then you are in for a treat. The Malouf Cotton Blend Sheets are made to give you the best of both worlds. Stick around to find out exactly how you can have the cotton comfort without any wrinkles. We will also go over whether or not we think these sheets are the ones you have been looking for or not.

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Malouf Cotton Blend Sheets – At A Glance

  • Materials: Cotton, Lyocell, & Polyester
  • 600 Thread Count
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Free Shipping
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review over the lyocell cotton polyester sheets from maloufWith a 600TC cotton blend sheet, you just know these sheets feel like luxury, but they also look just as luxurious as they feel.

The Malouf Cotton Blend Sheets are rather different than your standard sheet set. This is due to the cross weave which gives this sheets a dual sided feel. One side is a beautiful wrinkle-resistant polyester side. This side is ideal to have facing up in order to show off the wrinkle free smooth finish look. While the side that you cuddle up with and feel against your skin is the cotton lyocell side. This side is oh so soft and breathable.

The cross weave blend allows you to get the maximum amount of comfort out of your sheets while also getting the wrinkle free look of polyester.

Are the Malouf Cotton Blend Sheets Comfortable?

wrinkle resistant polyester cross weave cottonSince the cotton and polyester fibers are woven together (instead of fully blended together) these sheets have a different feel and finish to each side. We suggest sleeping with the soft breathable cotton side touching your skin with the wrinkle resistant polyester side face out. This way you get all of the comfort benefits of the cotton, like breathability and moisture wicking.

While the cotton is soft against your skin they also have a crisp clean feeling overall. These are not jersey knit soft, or silky sheets, they have that crisp cotton feel you may expect from a percale weave. If you are particularly sensitive to sounds while you sleep you may not enjoy these. They are so crisp that they create a bit of noise when you move around. Which may cause partner disturbance throughout the night. Overall these sheets are very comfortable. They are lightweight, smooth, crisp and keep you warm and cozy. This is a great cotton blend sheet set.

Malouf Cotton Blend Sheets – Value:

gorgeous neutral colored sheetsPrice point is always something to consider when shopping for any product. When we review sheets we like to compare the overall comfort and quality of the bedding to its given price point. This is where we can determine the overall value for your money you are getting with that product.

These sheets have a high durability and overall quality. While they are not made out of high-end organic Egyptian Cotton, they are long lasting and comfortable sheets. The price is a great deal on these sheets and we think you are getting a good price for the quality of the bedding your are getting. Making these sheets a good value for you money.

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Care Instructions:

malouf cotton blend sheets review from our sleep guideWe were able to test wash these sheets several times with the sheets loosing any durability and without pilling. There was no noticeable change in strength but the sheets did feel a bit softer and less noise from the sheets that we experienced the first night.

We appreciate that the polyester side limits the amount of wrinkles in the sheets. Making your bed look crisp and clean.

Malouf recommends washing your sheets wash your sheets on a cold to warm cycle. They do not recommend using bleach as this could damage your bedding. Tumble dry on low heat for best results. While the polyester side limits the amount of wrinkling, you can iron on low if you like.

Malouf Cotton Blend Sheets – Final Thoughts:

The Malouf Cotton Blend Sheets are unique in that they are dual sided. You get the polyester wrinkle resistant top side that keeps your bed looking nice and tidy. While the breezy cotton and lyocell side is soft and breathable against your skin. While the polyester side made a bit of noise during our first night, it did get better after a few washes.

These sheets wash up easily and come in at a great price. Making these Cotton Blend sheets a great buy in our books. Especially if you want wrinkle resistant cotton sheets at a good price point.

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are the malouf cotton blend sheets comfortable?

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