September 5, 2023

Black Friday Sleep Tips

black friday sleep tips

Black Friday is one of the biggest days to save during the entire year. However, it often involves early hours, setting up shop outdoors, and waiting in line for long hours. This can be an exhausting process. Which is why we wanted to share with you some of our top tips on how to get great sleep and feel well rested while getting great deals during Black Friday events. If you want to get great discounts, and great sleep, stick around for our tips and tricks!

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Take Advantage of Thanksgiving Dinner Naps:

take a long nap after thanksgiving dinnerThere is a specific kind of satisfaction that comes with a post-Thanksgiving nap. Once all the cooking is done, the meal has been eaten, and the dishes have been washed, there is only one thing everyone wants. That is a long an uninterrupted nap.

Typically, we do not recommend taking especially long naps during the day as they can disrupt your typical sleep schedule. However, in this case that is exactly what you are planning on doing anyway. If you plan on staying out late or waking up extra early for Black Friday sales, then we recommend taking advantage of your Thanksgiving dinner nap.

By taking an extra long nap throughout the afternoon to early evening, it will be easier to get all your early Black Friday shopping done when you have had a long nap beforehand.

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Wake Up Early Thanksgiving Day:

tips for staying awake while black friday shoppingThanksgiving Day often throws off your sleep schedule. If you like to eat Thanksgiving Dinner around lunch time, then you likely get up extra early to start cooking the turkey. While we typically recommend maintaining a strict sleep schedule, this is actually a great way to disrupt your sleep so you can be up early for shopping.

Naps are going to be your best friend throughout this weekend of strange sleep schedules. Waking up early on Thanksgiving morning will make it easier to do the same thing for Black Friday. Then you can take another long nap after you are done with all your shopping.

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Go To Sleep Early:

go to sleep extra early the night beforeIf napping is simply not your thing, then we recommend getting to sleep extra early on Thursday evening. This way you get as much sleep possible before you need to get up to go shopping or wait in line. This is going to be much easier than trying to cut your sleep short.

We especially advise against trying to pull an all-nighter. This is rather difficult to do and overall is not a good thing for your health and wellbeing. It is much better to get as much sleep as possible and wake up extra early than to try and stay up all night. Getting to sleep nice and early can help you to wake up feeling more refreshed at an early time than trying to stay up all night.

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Pack An Energy Kit (Caffeine, Snacks, and Water):

protein based snacks nuts are high in proteinThis tip is more about staying awake, than getting sleep before or after your shopping trips. We recommend packing up snacks and drinks in order to keep yourself energized even when running on low or less sleep than usual. While caffeine can be helpful, caffeine alone is not enough to keep you energized.

We suggest packing high protein snacks and water for extra hydration. Try to avoid snacks that are just sugar as they can cause you to have a sugar crash quickly afterword. High protein snacks tend to provide a much longer lasting energy with less peaks and valleys. Staying hydrated alongside your coffee intake will also help you retain your energy levels.

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Plan Easy Entertainment:

bring a fun game to play while you wait in lineAs you likely already know, many Black Friday Shopping trips involve waiting in a line. If you are tired and trying to stay awake, it is going to be especially difficult to stay away when waiting in line. Which is why we recommend having a good way to keep yourself entertained while waiting.

This is going to be especially helpful if you are waiting in a line for hours on end and have lots of time to spare. We recommend having easy games that are interactive with your friends or family that you have with you. Card game can be a great option. This way you can enjoy your time together without accidently falling asleep.

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Shop Black Friday Sales Online!

black friday sales going on this yearHere us out here for a second… Why get up early, get dressed, drive to a store, wait in line, deal with other crazy people when instead you could be cozy in bed shopping online. In our opinion, finding online Black Friday deals is getting the best of both worlds.

Of course, there are also fabulous deals on Cyber Monday. However, most places now offer some of their best deals online as well as in store. Giving you the benefit of shopping quickly and easily without even needing to leave the house.

This is a great option for anyone who really cherishes their time and energy. You can finish shopping and go right back to sleep. This sounds like a great option if you ask us. You may not be able to access all of the deals out there, but there are still a lot of great discounts.

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Getting Back To Your Regular Sleep Schedule: 

how to get back on a good sleep schedule after black fridayWe could not finish out this post of how to get sleep and stay up during Black Friday shopping without giving a bit of advice on how to get back onto your regular sleep schedule. Once all the shopping is done and you are ready to start sleeping normally again, we suggest skipping the final post shopping nap. You are going to be exhausted and a nap is going to be very tempting.

If you can avoid it and instead stay awake until you would normally go back to sleep, this will be the fastest way to get back to your usual sleep schedule. However, if you simply have to crash after you finish shopping then we suggest referencing our blog post linked below. This post is all about how to fix your sleep schedule when you have gotten off track.

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Black Friday Sleep Tips – Final Thoughts:

We want to share a quick reminder that your health and safety is always more important than a big sale. A big part of your health is getting the sleep you need so your body can stay healthy. We hope this article helps you to get all the sleep you need and allow you to get all of your Black Friday shopping done. We hope you are able to rest and shop well this holiday seasons! Click the link below for some of our favorite gift ideas for this Christmas! Happy shopping!

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