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October 16, 2020

Black Friday Sleep Tips

How to get the sleep you need during black friday shopping

Planning for your Black Friday shopping trip is far beyond what it takes to prepare and plan for a regular day of shopping. Often it involves waking up when it is still dark out, waiting in long lines for hours, and of course the chaos that often ensues for the crazy discounts.

The last thing you want to happen is to sleep through the biggest sales of the year. Which is why we are going to share with you our top sleep tips for Black Friday shopping. Plus tips on how to maintain your energy throughout your shopping adventures until you get back home.

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Take Advantage of Thanksgiving Dinner Naps:

turkey and tryptophan make you tired during thanksgivingThanksgiving dinner has a way of making us all exhausted. This is often caused by the combination of large amounts of food, wine, long cooking hours, and your one uncle who loves to bring up politics at the dinner table. So go ahead and take advantage of this early craving for sleep and take a good long nap.

For the most part after everyone is stuffed with turkey and mashed potatoes, everyone is just about ready to take a long nap.

This is a great way to get yourself some extra rest and off of your typical sleep schedule. Then continue to take large naps at off hours instead of your usual full nights sleep.

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Take More Naps:

how to stay awake while you shop on black fridayIf you like you can even start this process before Thanksgiving day if you really want to ensure a different sleep schedule by Black Friday.

We suggest starting to take large naps throughout the day and night instead of one long sleep throughout the night. This way when Black Friday comes your body is already accustomed to being awake in the wee hours of the night and morning.

After all the shopping is complete you will be able to head home and take a very satisfying nap. Being able to take short sleep breaks instead of one long nights rest will also make it easier to eventually get your sleep back onto a normal sleep schedule.

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Go To Sleep Early:

best way to get sleep and stay awake during holiday salesNot a big nap person? Then we suggest going to bed nice and early before you plan on going out for Black Friday shopping. You are going to be waking up extra early and waiting in lines. Which means you are going to need the extra rest.

Which is why it’s important not to stay up late with family or try to pull an all nighter. While you may be able to stay up until the early hours of the morning, by the time you will be doing the actual shopping, you will more than likely crash. Which is why we suggest getting to bed extra early and squeezing in as much rest as possible. Even if it takes much longer than usual to actually fall asleep, the rest in bed will still help.

Bring Cozy Clothes & Chairs in Line:

Looking to wait in long lines for hours, get ready to cozy up. Bring lots of comfortable clothes and some way to sit down. If you have a few friends with you, take turns taking naps when you really need it. This way you can ensure no one is sneaking in front of you, but you still get to rest during those long hours of waiting for the store doors to open.

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Pack An Energy Kit (Caffeine, Snacks, and Water):

bring protein snacks and caffeineMore than likely at some point during those early morning shopping trips, you are going to need an energy boost. In order to keep your energy going we suggest packing an energy kit. Fill this kit with protein packed snacks, water, and caffeine. The protein and water are the most important part of this kit.

However, we know that in a pinch nothing gives us that energy boost quite like caffeine. Be aware that it will increase the likelihood of you needing to use a restroom. Protein snacks tends to fill you up nicely and provide long lasting energy better than other types of snacks. Like high sugar or carbohydrate packed snacks, which tend to only give you quick boosts of energy followed by sugar crashes.

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Plan Easy Entertainment:

bring a few games to keep you awakeA lot of Black Friday Shopping adventures involve waiting in lines. This is the time when your lack of sleep is more than likely going to catch up with you. Which is why if you’re wanting to stay awake, we suggest planning on some sort of entertainment in order to keep you awake and alert.

A pack of cards is a great game to take with you. It is lightweight and can fit in your pocket or purse. There are many different games you can play whether you are young or old.

These sorts of games also allow for you to sit and talk with your shopping buddies, which is a great way to connect and enjoy your time together. Which is a beloved tradition for many Black Friday shoppers.

So be sure to have some kind of activity or game planned in order to help pass the time while you’re waiting in line. This will help keep you awake while you wait.

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Stick to Small Meals 

small meals are better than big onesOf course this would be starting after thanksgiving dinner. Try to only eat snacks and small meals that are mostly low carb and low sugar. Large meals tend to make you feel tired and low on energy. While anything high in sugar and carbohydrates give you quick spikes of energy that quickly dips and makes you feel even more tired than before.

Which is why we suggest sticking to small meals that are high in protein. This will give you more long lasting energy. This also goes well with our energy kit plan. You can pack snacks or small meals in order to keep your energy up throughout your Black Friday shopping adventures.

Shop Black Friday Sales Online!

shop online at homeMore this year than ever before stores and brands are offering big Black Friday sales online. Of course there is always Cyber Monday shopping, however many stores now have online Black Friday deals as well. This is a great option for Black Friday shopping. Especially if you want to be able to get a great nights sleep.

When you are online shopping, you can do it all from the comfort of your own bed. No long lines, pushy people, or waking up and standing in the cold waiting to get inside. Instead you can simply set an alarm, sit up in bed, and start shopping. Then when you’re all done you can go straight back to sleep! Way too easy of an option not to consider.

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Getting Back To Your Regular Sleep Schedule: 

back to your regular sleep scheduleAfter all the fun is over, and you have accomplished all of the shopping for Santa this year. It is now time to get back on track to your regular sleep schedule. This may be much harder for some than others. However, if you can remain awake until your normal bedtime, this is highly recommended.

Although if you cannot make it until the end of the day, try and only take short 20 minute naps. Much longer than that and you will risk passing out entirely and waking up ready to late in the evening.

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Black Friday Sleep Tips – Final Thoughts:

Always remember that your health and safety is more important than big sales. If you need the rest more than you need to discounts, be sure to get the sleep you need. Online shopping is the best way to sleep well and take advantage of sales without even stepping outside your front door. We hope all of these tips have helped you get some ideas on how you can stay alert and full of energy during your Black Friday shopping adventures. As well as get back to your usual sleeping schedule afterword.

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