December 31, 2021

The Future Of Alarm Clocks

Alarm clocks may be considered a thing of the past. But, what if we told you the future of alarm clocks is due for a revival. While they used to be a staple item on all nightstands the smartphone has replaced many. However, people have come to the realization that perhaps the best way to avoid accidental scrolling for hours is to keep the phone out of the bedroom. Which has gotten a lot of people turning  back to alarm clock options.

However, alarm clocks, like so many things, have gotten better with time. Technology has continued to advance and has given us new and exciting ways to wake up in the morning besides that alarming beeping sound. Keep reading to learn about the future of alarm clocks along with some of our favorite options out on the market these days.

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No More Smartphones

our sleep guide to alarm clocksOne of the biggest changes we have seen in recent history is that more and more people are choosing to not bring their smartphones into the bedroom. Having your phone in the bedroom often leads to staying up late scrolling or waking up first thing in the morning and scrolling. Both of which are proving to not be the best habit to form.

Which is why so many people are choosing to opt out of having their phone in the bed with them. Instead they are charging their phone overnight either across the room or in a completely different room all together.

What is the trouble with this? Well, most people have been using their phone as their alarm clock. Which means people are now having to find alarm clock alternatives to help them wake up in the morning.

Back to Basics

get smartphones out of the bedroomWhether it is out of nostalgia or a craving for simplicity, some people are turning to old school alarm clocks to help them wake up. From old digital alarm clocks, to analog alarm clocks there are a lot of clocks that you can use for the singular purpose of setting off an alarm to wake you up.

Something like this is going to be best for people who can remember to set their alarm each night (which might be needed depending on the clock you get.) A basic alarm clock can also be a great option for someone who does not need a dozen alarms to help them wake up in the morning. If you are someone who gets up at the first alarm, then you might enjoy an old school style alarm clock.

Light Based Alarm Clocks

light based alarm clocksAnother trend that we have started to see as technology of alarm clocks changes is the use of light in alarm clocks. You can now have a light in your bedroom that slowly rises in order to mimic the rising sun. It actually triggers hormones in your body to slowly wake you up. Leaving you waking up feeling refreshed instead of jolted awake.

I personally use a Philips Hue Go light as my personal alarm clock. You can set the light to start at a certain time and slowly increase until it reaches full power in 15 minutes to an hour. Giving you the sensation of a rising sun. It really is unlike any other alarm clock I have ever used. Even if it is early in the morning, I end up feeling like I got to sleep in and rise with the sun.

Even if you do not use this as your regular alarm clock, it is a great addition into the bedroom especially during the winter. It helps you to feel you are awake with the sun and that it isn’t still pitch dark outside (even when it is). The only potential downside is that if your partner prefers to wake up later then you, it will likely wake up your spouse as well.

Multi-Purpose Alarm Clocks:

the best alarm clocks of 2022Gone are the days where you need a gadget for every little thing. Now you can have an alarm clock that is also a bedside lamp, a home hub smart device, plays music, podcasts, the new, tell you the weather, and so on. In fact there are many smart devices that can serve your needs as an alarm clock that are sold as smart devices like the Amazon Alexa or the Google Hub.

If you are truly wanting to go the route of “less is more” these all in one multipurpose options may give you all you could ever want in one small package. However, if you would prefer low tech in the bedroom, then there are plenty of other more minimalist alarm clocks that might serve your needs better.

Our Sleep Guide – Top Picks for Alarm Clocks:

Lemnos Riki Wooden Alarm Clock

favorite alarm clocks of the yearThis beauty is for all those who love the simplicity of a one button alarm clock. It is a gorgeous analog option that looks old school but has some upgraded features.

Although we must admit, what truly attracts us to this particular alarm clock is it’s beautiful and simple design.

Don’t let the ticking scare you away because this clock does not create a ticking noise! That is right, you get the look and appeal of an analog clock without the obnoxious ticking noise that keeps so many people wide awake. You get to sleep comfortably in silence until the alarm goes off in the morning.

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Loftie Smart Alarm Clock – Tuft & Needle

loftie smart alarm clockWe love that the Loftie Smart Alarm Clock takes takes the simplicity of older style alarm clocks, but enhances it to bring it into the future. It uses a two step alarm system. The first is a gentle sound that slowly wakes you up. The next alarm is used to encourage you out of bed, all without jolting you awake.

Although, the Loftie alarm also has features like the night light and even wind down with playlists and even guided meditations. Which means this alarm clock does more then wake you up, it also helps you to relax and fall asleep as well.

Worried about ambient light? No need to worry here. The Loftie Smart Alarm Clock dims as the day goes on, it also has a blackout button to turn off the light so you can get some sleep without throwing a t-shirt over your clock. It even serves as a noise machine to help you sleep! Which means you can cut down on the gadgets in your home in order to get great sleep. Click the shop button below to shop!

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Amazon Echo Spot

multitasking smart devices for the bedroomThis is going to be our favorite alarm clock option for anyone who really wants all the many benefits of tech without filling your home with lots of different gadgets. The Amazon Echo Spot is a great option because you can schedule an alarm to go off every morning.

You could also listen to music to calm yourself down at night, along with a seemingly endless amount of other things that you can do with this smart little device.

If you have other items like Philips Hue Bulbs you can turn your lights on and off. Seriously, this is beyond an alarm clock. It can absolutely wake you up, but it can also do so much more.

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Philips Hue Go Lights

philips hue go lightIf you love to create a smart home, then you are going to love the Philips Hue line of products. They create everything from Go Lights, to Light Bulbs, and even LED Strips. So what does a light fixture have to do with an alarm clock? Well, for one they do create their own version of an alarm clock. However, what we find to be even more effective and multipurpose is their Go Lights or Lightbulbs.

The Philips Hue Go Light can actually be set of a timer to slowly turn on or off on a schedule. If you need to be up at 6am on the weekdays and 8am on the weekends, you can set your lights to slowly rise and reach full light by the time you wish to wake up in the morning. It can be incredibly detailed choosing everything from how quickly the light rises and turns on, to how long it stays on until it shuts off automatically.

With slowly rising light being a way to wake up naturally, it is an incredible feature to use as an alarm clock. (This is the alarm clock of choice at our house.) If you need audio as a backup alarm, this will not be able to do that for you, but it is a great addition to an audio based alarm clock you get and you can even add their lightbulbs to your lamps for a clutter free option.

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Modern Mirror Alarm Clock

modern futuristic mirrored alarm clockThe Modern Mirror Alarm Clock has a really fun futuristic look to it. The mirrored front features and LED lit digital clock. There are three brightness levels so you can control and make it as dim or bright as you like. It even has USB ports if you have anything you would like to plug in or charge next to your alarm clock, leaving you extra space at your outlet.

This stunning alarm clock both looks great and is rather easy to use. Making it a great option for just about everyone. If you want an alarm clock that keeps your home looking chic and modern, this is a great option for you.

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The Future of Alarm Clocks – Final Thoughts:

If you want a tech savvy alarm clock, we hope you enjoy some of these options. We also think that a simple analog style alarm clock can also do the trick if you prefer simplicity over the high tech options. We see the future of alarm clocks going in one of these two directions. Either back to mechanical options, or futuristic tech options. Either way there are many options for folks to ditch the smartphone alarm clock and opt for something that allows you to wake up without having your phone at your bedside.

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