January 29, 2019

Dreamcloud vs Nectar

The Dreamcloud mattress and the Nectar mattress both come from the Nectar Sleep brand. The Dreamcloud is a hybrid mattress, while the Nectar is an all-foam style. Both offer their own unique comfort aspects, but they come with the same standards. You can get free shipping with both, and there is a 365-night sleep trial period. Anyone considering purchases from Nectar Sleep should weigh the pros and cons of each line before making a final decision. Find out all the details in our Dreamcloud vs Nectar comparison review.

dreamcloud vs nectarDreamcloud – Overview:

dreamcloud vs nectarDreamcloud had its debut in early 2018 with prices around $1,600.  It combines a coil set with six layers of foams to create a luxury take on the standard hybrid design. It comes in one universal feel and measures 15 inches thick. One of the more attractive features of this mattress is the cashmere fabric used in the cover. It provides a soft touch and is quilted to give you a pillowtop feel.

The medium-firm feel is created through the joining of several varying memory foams and an 8-inch thick coil system. One thing to consider in your purchase of this mattress is the overall weight. The Dreamcloud only weighs around 94 pounds, which is low in comparison to similar products. This could be telling of the overall quality and density in its design.

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Nectar – Overview:

dreamcloud vs nectarThe Nectar mattress is an all-foam option that costs around $850. It measures 11 inches thick and is created using three layers of memory foam and a base foam. Together, these materials create a medium-firm feel. This mattress is covered with a TENCEL material that promotes cooling. When you sleep on the Nectar, you’ll notice a good amount of pressure relief.

The all-foam materials give you adaptability and comfort in most sleeping positions. Motion transfer is almost nonexistent with the Nectar mattress. This mattress gained a lot of attention during its premiere year in 2017. The demand for this brand resulting in many having to wait a bit longer than normal to receive their orders. Now, Nectar is ready to keep up with this high interest level.

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Dreamcloud vs Nectar – Delivery and Unboxing:

dreamcloud mattress reviewWhen you order a Dreamcloud, you can expect to receive your new mattress in a compressed and roll-packed box. This method of shipping comes free with your purchase. With this do-it-yourself option, you’ll need to maneuver the 94-pound box to its desired location. This might be more manageable with the help of a friend.

After removing the mattress from the box, position it how you prefer. Then, carefully cut away the plastic wrapper. If you’d rather have the hard work done for you, there is an upgraded delivery available for $149. The white glove delivery service includes the setup process and removal of any debris.

The Nectar mattress also includes free shipping with your order. After a few days, your new bed will arrive in a compact box. It will have ventured from warehouses in the US after making its journey from China where Nectar mattresses are manufactured. Once it arrives, simply place it where you like. Then, unbox it and finish setting up by positioning it and removing the plastic wrapping. Unfortunately, there is no upgraded option for delivery with the Nectar mattress. Try to have a second set of hands available to make the setup process easier on your back.

Dreamcloud vs Nectar – Off-Gassing:

our rating guideWhen you begin to unbox your new Dreamcloud mattress, you may notice a faint smell. This is the off-gassing process, and it should be minimal. This is a typical occurrence that you can expect with boxed mattresses. Because the Dreamcloud is not made in the USA, your chances for this being a more noticeable occurrence do rise.

The reason isn’t usually due to the quality or type of materials used. The off-gassing is more noticed because of the time the mattress spends wrapped in plastic. The longer a mattress spends while in the shipping process, the more pronounced the off-gassing experience. Any odors should dissipate as the Dreamcloud begins to expand and take shape. Allow it to breathe for at least 24 hours, especially if you are sensitive to smells.

The Nectar mattress is also produced in China. After production, they are shipped overseas to warehouses in the US. This adds to the length of time the materials are compressed in the packaging. Consequently, off-gassing will be more noticed with unboxing. Allow the mattress 24 to 48 hours to fully expand. Because it is an all-foam design it does take longer to fully take shape and firm up. If any of the smells from off-gassing bother you, there are a couple of things you can do. Avoid the area while it breathes, and you can open a window or turn on a fan to increase ventilation.

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Dreamcloud vs Nectar – Comfort:

puffy vs tuloBoth the Dreamcloud and the Nectar come in a universal comfort option. Both also give sleepers a medium-firm feel. This makes sleeping in almost any position desirable. Since these mattresses are not USA-made, the long-term durability and support is in question. The two mattresses are manufactured in China.

They also weight less than competing mattress lines that use similar materials and designs. When judging comfort, it boils down to whether you like the feel of a hybrid or memory foam. The Dreamcloud might give consumers a more adaptively supported feel. The Nectar offers a cocooned feel with slow to respond foams.

Dreamcloud – Comfort:

brooklyn aurora vs dreamcloudThe Dreamcloud mattress’s materials stack up to fifteen inches thick. The combination of a coil system and several layers of dense foams provide a supportive comfort. It only comes in one choice for comfort. However, the medium firm feeling of this bed accommodates most sleeping positions. Back sleepers will have lumbar support with enough sinking for pressure relief.

Side sleepers will also have cushioning that cradles the hip and shoulders to encourage proper spinal alignment. Stomach sleepers can sleep without back bowing due to the firmness level of the Dreamcloud. If purchasing a Dreamcloud, consumers should consider how light it is in comparison to other similar designs. This could be indicative of the long-term durability and comfort.

Nectar – Comfort:

nectar mattress reviewThe Nectar mattress also comes in only one comfort level. This all-foam design has a medium-firm feeling. On a firmness scale where 0 is softest and 10 is firmest, the Nectar scores a 5.5-7. This level has been achieved through the combination of several layers of slow-responding foams. This creates a true memory foam feel that cocoons your body as you sleep.

Side sleepers will appreciate the amount of contouring at the hip and shoulder provided by the Nectar. Back sleepers will enjoy the same cradled feeling, only in the neck as well as the shoulders. Both positions will have enough support for healthy skeletal alignment. The Nectar might also suit stomach sleepers that like a cushioned feel. Back bowing is prohibited by the level of firmness offered.

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Dreamcloud – Materials and Construction:

oceano vs dreamcloudThe Dreamcloud is made from many layers of foam and a coil system. Together, these six foams and 8-inch thick coils create the 15-inch thick mattress. Starting at the top, the six layers are: the gel-infused memory foam, the super soft quilted memory foam, the supreme natural latex layer, the Dreamplush supporting memory foam, the super dense memory foam layers, the 8-inch thick coil system, and a layer of high-density memory foam.

To give the Dreamcloud a luxurious feel, the truetufted cashmere top sits at the top of this mattress. Altogether these materials only weigh in a 94 pounds in a queen-sized mattress. This is conspicuously light considering how many layers go into creating this hybrid. Similar mattresses, like the Saatva and LuuF, weigh around 120 pounds, while the Oceano by Brentwood Home weighs 135 pounds. This could impact the overall density of the mattress, and therefore, the quality.

Nectar – Materials and Construction:

The Nectar is made from all foam materials. There are four layers in total. The first is a quilted gel memory foam that contours to the body. This is followed by a sheet of gel memory foam that distributes weight while providing cooling benefits. Next is an adaptive hi core memory foam that gives the Nectar a supportive feel with an adaptable nature.

The last layer is a breathing base layer that provides a stable foundation for the other materials to work from. The Nectar is wrapped in a Tencel cooling cover. It wicks away moisture from the body and increases healthy air circulation. This material is also bedbug resistant.

dreamcloud vs nectar
Dreamcloud vs Nectar – Motion Transfer:

glass of wine sitting on a bedMotion transfer is an important aspect to consider when deciding between two different mattress styles. This is especially true for those that have a sleeping schedule opposite of their partner. People who share their bed with children or pets can also value a night of undisrupted sleep.

The Dreamcloud mattress is a hybrid, so it is automatically more responsive than all-foam designs. Aiding in design is the fact that each coil is individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer. You will sense the vibrations from movement on the other side of the mattress, but this shouldn’t be disruptive. Since memory foams were also used in its design, the Dreamcloud can isolate movement to its source. Getting in and out of the Dreamcloud without disturbing your partner is realistic.

nectar vs tuft and needleThe Nectar mattress does even better at reducing motion transfer. Initially this all-foam design doesn’t have a coil set to contend with. Instead, several layers of memory foams are combined to create a sleeping surface that is slow to respond. This makes for almost no motion transfer at all. You get a true memory foam feel that cocoons you as you sleep. The thick base foam also sets the Nectar up for success by giving the other layers a solid foundation. Any tossing and turning shouldn’t be felt from the opposite end of the bed. This means the Nectar is ideal for couples or anyone that is a restless sleeper.

Dreamcloud vs Nectar – Sleeping Cool:

brooklyn aurora vs dreamcloudThe Dreamcloud mattress has features that promote sleeping cool. Starting off, the hybrid design features an 8-inch tall coil system. This increases healthy air circulation to draw heat away from the top layers of foam. This style of mattress is always preferable over all-foam designs for those who are naturally warmer sleepers. Some of the memory foam layers are infused with gel to redistribute body heat evenly. A latex layer is naturally aerated to help provide breathability.

The downfall of the Drearmcloud’s design is in how thick the top layers of foam were created. This makes for a long distance for heat to travel before it can be dissipated. Sleepers are more likely to notice heat retention, especially over time as the materials wear down.

dreamcloud vs nectarThe Nectar is an all-foam styled mattress. Foam is known to retain heat more than a mattress with a coil set. This mattress also has a true memory foam feel. This means sleepers will sink further into the mattress where heat can become trapped directly around the body. Also, the foams are slow to respond, which makes changing positions difficult. Getting out a certain spot that has you overheated may be more challenging than in other brands or designs.

There are still some positives in the Nectar when it comes to sleeping cool. The mattress is a medium-firm level and there is a TENCEL cover. Having a firmer mattress can provide more durability over time and prevent excessive sinking. The TENCEL cover wicks away moisture and provides breathability.

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Dreamcloud – Edge Support:

dreamcloud vs nectarThe Dreamcloud mattress is made with a solid innerspring core. This sits on top of a high-density memory foam base. These materials work mutually to create a consistent surface for sleeping. Whether you lay in the center or right up at the edge, you should feel the same level of comfort. There shouldn’t be any rolling out sensations. This level of consistency makes this mattress a perfect choice for those sharing their bed. Those who love to stretch out and sleep in different positions will also find the edge support suitable.

All this said, the Dreamcloud does not have adequate edge support for sitting at the sides of the bed. You could sit for a moment or two, but much more than that will be uncomfortable. You might feel like you are on a sliding board.

Nectar – Edge Support:

When looking at the amount of edge support given by the Nectar mattress, you should consider two important aspects. Both sleeping and sitting on the edges can tell you a lot about durability and overall quality. The Nectar mattress performs as expected for an all-foam mattress. It is considered better for sleeping along the sides and less for sitting. You can sit at the perimeter of the bed for a short while before a sinking feeling sets in.

However, sleeping on the Nectar mattress means you’ll have consistency no matter where you lie. This is great news for couples who like to stretch out or those sharing the bed with pets. When lying right up at the edge, you shouldn’t feel like you’ll fall out of the bed. You get this same consistency throughout.

When it comes to edge support neither of these beds are going to have the best. If that is what you want than find the best in our Best Mattresses for Heavy People page. All of these beds offer ample and supportive sleeping surfaces and solid edge support too. 

Dreamcloud – Value:

dreamcloud vs nectarThe Dreamcloud mattress is available in a full range of sizes. Still, it only comes in one universal feel. You can order one in a queen size for $1,199. This price includes free shipping by roll-packed box. You can upgrade your shipping to a white glove delivery service for $149. This is a great value that takes the hard work out of setup.

You can try the Dreamcloud worry-free during a lengthy 365-night sleep trial period. There is also a lifetime warranty to back up any manufacturing defects. This is good price range, still we think you might get a bit more for your money with other brands.

dreamcloud vs nectarNectar – Value:

The Nectar mattress is also available in a full range of sizes. It comes in one universal feel as well. You can purchase this 11-inch thick mattress in a queen size for $850. This includes free boxed mattress shipping. There is no upgraded delivery service option for the Nectar.

Your order does come with a 365-night sleep trial, which is more than most online mattress brands. A lifetime warranty comes standard with the Nectar mattress. Watch our Mattress Coupons page for current savings to sweeten the deal on your Nectar purchase.

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Dreamcloud vs Nectar – Summary:

If asked to pick between the choices of the Dreamcloud and the Nectar, we would say it depends. While both mattresses provide a medium-firm level of firmness, they have different comfort aspects. The Dreamcloud has an innerspring coil system that offers a solid core. If you are looking for a mattress that hugs every curve, look to the Nectar’s true memory foam feel. Both lines come with the same delivery, 365-night sleep trial, and lifetime warranty. For the price of both mattresses, we do recommend researching other comparable brands at similar prices. You may find better quality with a US-made mattress.

dreamcloud vs nectar

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