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the bearaby sleeper comforter review

Bearaby is most well known for their knitted Napper weighted blanket. While those are oh so cute (and we have reviewed them as well) today we are going to be reviewing the Sleeper Weighted Comforter by Bearaby.

When Founder Kathrin Hamm first discovered the benefits of a weighted blankets, she went looking for a luxury weighted comforter and came up with nothing. Which is why she decided to make her own. This is how the Bearaby Sleeper came to be.

This comforter is the best of both worlds, you get the cool fluffy comfort of a comforter and the weight of a traditional weighted blanket. Keep reading to find out how they blended these two styles and more about what makes this Bearaby Sleeper unique.

Bearaby Sleeper Weighted Comforter Review

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The Sleeper Weight Options:

Bearaby Sleeper Weighted zippable Comforter

While some weighted blankets, like the Bearaby Napper, the weight and size of a blanket are directly correlated. Meaning, if you want a heavier blanket that you have to get a larger sizes blanket in order to get the weight you want. For the Bearaby Sleeper however, they have several different weight options for each size comforter.

The Twin comes in a 15lb, 20lb, or 25lb option. While their Queen comforter comes in either 20lb or 25lb. Then comes the King which has several options to choose from as the King has two sides. Which means you can choose to match with a 15-15, 20-20, or go for their split 15 and 20lb option.

The split option is especially popular for couples as the blanket you use should roughly weigh around 10% of your weight.

What Is Bearaby Patented Air Flow and Does It Work?

One of the most unique features of the Bearaby Sleeper Weighted Comforter is the cooling technology they have put into the design of this blanket. Bearaby patented their own airflow panel design into their blanket. These channels in the blanket do not have sand and instead are filled with breathable eucalyptus fibers.

All of that pretty much covered what the patent air flow is, but does it work? With so much air able to move through the blanket with these panels, your body heat has a place where it can escape instead of being trapped in. All of these allows you to sleep cooler and more comfortably throughout the night. In other words, yes! It works well for keeping you temperature neutral and not overheating.

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What Is the Bearaby Sleeper Made Out Of?

bearaby organic cotton weighted comforter review The exterior of the Bearaby Weighted Comforter is a blend of 50% Organic Cotton, and 50% Tencel Lyocell fabric. Lyocell is a smooth and cool fabric that is made out of the pulp of a eucalyptus plant. This blend makes for a wonderfully comfortable sleeping blanket that is also great at wicking away moisture and cool throughout the night.

The filling for the Sleeper Bearaby blanket consists of fluffy eucalyptus fiber. This section of the filling is what gives the blanket it’s comforter like feel as it is fluffy and breathable. While the core of the blanket is made out of glass sand. The sand is made to be silent and keep the weight evenly distributed throughout the blanket.

Bearaby Sleeper – Value:

shipping for the bearaby weighted comforter

The prices for the Bearaby Sleeper Weighted Comforter have recently changed. While the price previously varied depending on size and weight, they now all come out to $269. This price change does make the Twin options more expensive. However, this comes as a great deal for the Queen and King size options.

Keep in mind that these prices include free shipping and returns within the USA. As well as a 30-day peace of mind trial period. This allows you to try out the comforter at home for 30 days to ensure you really love the product or else you can send it back with no questions asked. They also have payment plans through Affirm if that is something you look for.

Overall, we would say this is a great weighted comforter that is really going to be great for couples. There are many other options for single twin size weighted comforter. However, the ability to have two different comfort options with one blanket makes this a great fit for king size.

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How Do You Wash the Bearaby Sleeper?

bearaby weighted blanket sleeps cool The care instructions according to Bearaby are to wash your Sleeper weighted comforter separately in warm water on a delicate or gentle cycle. They also suggest tumble drying on low. For the king-sized Sleeper, they suggest unzipping and washing each side separately.

We highly suggest checking the stats on your washer dryer to ensure they can handle the weight you are putting in them before you wash.

However the best option to keeping your weighted comforter clean is to also buy the Sleeper Sheet Set. Available in grey or white, and every size, these act like a duvet cover to protect your bedding. They are silky and soft and add to your sleep experience. Learn more about the Bearby Sleep Covers at Bearaby.com.

Bearaby Weighted Blanket & Comforter Video Review: 

Bearaby Sleeper – Weighted Comforter Final Thoughts:

A lot of weighted blankets out there are great for napping and lounging. The Bearaby Sleeper Weighted Comforter is made specifically to be used throughout an entire night’s worth of sleep. Which is why they have made it cooler to sleep with so you don’t overheat, and why they have made the king size adjustable so couples can both use a weight that works best for them.

The price is a bit high for a standard weighted throw blanket, but this is much more than a weighted throw blanket. It is a weighted comforter. The quality in design and materials makes this a great option for anyone wanting to sleep with a weighted blanket throughout the night.

bearaby sleeper weighted comforters for couples review

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