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Accessory Review Baloo Weighted Blankets

the baloo weighted blanket review by our sleep guide

Struggling to fall asleep? Often times the struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep is caused by stress and anxiety. If this sounds like you, a weighted blanket could be a wonderful addition to your bed. The Baloo Weighted blanket is everything you would come to expect from a weighted blanket, all while being made out of 100% natural materials. Which is perfect for anyone looking for a weighted blanket that utilizes natural materials and avoids toxic chemicals. (Who doesn’t want to avoid those?)

In this review we will be going over the design and materials used to create the Baloo Weighted Blankets as well as our personal experience using it. Stick around for the full review so you can determine whether or not that Baloo Weighted Blanket is the perfect fit for you.

Baloo Weighted Blanket – Design & Materials:

lead free glass microbeadsEach Baloo Weighted Blanket has the same overall design and materials. They start out with a premium cotton cover. They use Oeko-Tex 100 standard certified cotton. Which means the finished textile has not been covered in preserving chemicals. Allowing for a clean cotton that is free of toxic chemicals and can be used safely in your home. They use extra cool breathable cotton weave in order to keep your weighted Baloo blanket from heating up. This way you can use your blanket year-round.

The filling of the Baloo Blanket is made out of 100% glass microbeads. These glass microbeads are completely lead free and are what gives this blanket it’s weighted feel. The weighted filling of the blanket is surrounded by a low-profile polyester liner. This liner is breathable to keep your blanket cool and helps to keep the filling contained and even throughout the blanket.

The Baloo Weighted Blankets feature a quilted design. This quilting is not only stunning to look at but it keeps the glass microbeads from shifting around throughout the blanket. Instead the beads are evenly distributed in order to have the perfect amount of weight across your body.

We found that the design of this blanket is simple yet very effective. It allows for a great weighted blanket that can be comfortably used year-round.

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Baloo Weighted Blanket Options:

Weight & Size

what size weighted blanket should i get?When it comes to choosing your weighted blanket size, Baloo suggests choosing a blanket that is roughly 8 to 12 percent of your body weight. This is a good rule of thumb to follow for adults. (These same rules don’t apply for children)

There are three different sizes of the Baloo Weighted Blanket, and each blanket comes in a different weight.

The Twin or throw blanket size Baloo weighs 12lbs, which is perfect for sleepers around 120lbs or anyone looking for a weighted blanket for naps on the couch.

Then comes the Full/Queen size Baloo, which has a weight option of either 15lbs or 20lbs. We love that this size has two different weights to choose from.

Then there is the King size Baloo which comes in a 25lb option.

Keep in mind that the larger size blankets will not apply the full 20lbs or 25lbs to your entire body as it will partially lay on the bed or your partner. Which means these sizes work for a larger amount of people with varying weights.

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Optional Cover

baloo weighted blanket optionsWhile many choose to use the Baloo Weighted Blanket on it’s own, Baloo also offers duvet covers. These duvet covers are made out of a stunning 100% French linen material. It has a beautiful look and comes in a variety of colors.

They make these duvet covers for all three size options of the Baloo Blanket. The covers come with internal ties to keep the blanket and cover secured. It also has button closure at the bottom. The colors are all soft and simple coming in a white, dove gray, or oatmeal color.

Care Instructions:

how to care for your weighted blanketOne of the major benefits of the Baloo Weighted Blanket is that it is completely machine washable.

Baloo’s care instructions suggest washing on a cold gentle cycle with mild detergents. To dry your blanket, Baloo suggest tumble drying on a low setting.

Due to the materials used in the blanket, it dries relatively quickly. Which is why they suggest checking on your blanket in the dryer after 15-20 minutes.

The optional duvet covers make it even more simple to keep your weighted blanket fresh and clean. Instead of having to wash your entire weighted blanket on it’s own, you can simply throw the duvet in the wash with your other linens. This is a great option for anyone with kids or pets.

My Experience Using the Baloo Weighted Blanket:

my experience using the baloo weighted blanketSome reviews will list off all the facts, materials and benefits associated with the Baloo blanket and nothing more. This isn’t like most reviews though. I have been sleeping with my Baloo weighted blanket for about 2 weeks now and I don’t think I’ll be ditching anytime soon. Though my first few nights I was skeptical and felt like I was under more weight than I could handle, I slept sounder, deeper and better. And by a week in I was sold. Not only did the weight feel comforting and helpful it also started to feel less heavy and surprisingly lighter.

As a mother of two young ones I get up several times a night. So once I do get back into bed it is helpful to fall asleep faster, which I do while using the weighted blanket. Sometimes after being up for 15 to 20 minutes it is hard to settle back down and not think of all I need to do the following day. Since I have been using the Baloo blanket I have noticed that falling asleep is easier, at any time. It also has allowed me to sleep deeper and feel more rested even with my current intermittent sleep schedule.

Personally I was a little surprised with how using a weighted blanket genuinely helped me sleep. Even my husband was skeptical of using it, but I have found him napping with it several times. He was even shocked with how he felt like it helped him sleep sounder too. Especially because of the fact that he has a hard time sleeping in general most of his life. There are certainly sleep and bedding products out there that make claims that rarely follow through, but, the Baloo weighted blanket is not one of them.

Is the Baloo Weighted Blanket Worth The Price?

is this the right weighted blanket for you?Twin/Throw Fit: $149
Full/Queen Fit:
King Fit:

We have reviewed a number of different weighted blankets in our day and this is a great price. You must keep in mind that this is more than your standard duvet, it provides far more comfort and relaxation than a regular duvet. We think for the quality material and build of the Baloo Weighted Blanket, that this is a great price.

Each Baloo Weighted Blanket purchased comes with a satisfaction guarantee program. This means if you are not 100% satisfied with your Baloo Blanket you are given 14 days to initiate a return.

While this does not include free shipping to return the item, it does include workmanship. Which means they guarantee the workmanship of your blanket will hold true for its lifetime. If the blanket does not hold up, they will repair or replace the item for you. So you can rest easy knowing that Baloo truly believes in the overall quality of their product. Be sure to click the button below for discounts!

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Baloo Weighted Blanket Review – Final Thoughts:

what is the baloo blanket made out of?The Baloo Weighted Blanket is a stylish and eco-friendly weighted blanket that is made to enhance the quality of your sleep. We love the minimalist style of this blanket. It truly is a great example of how a simple design, made with quality materials, can create an exceptional product.

We love that the price tag is appropriate and that they have a satisfaction guarantee with each blanket. At the end of the day it is the comfort of the Baloo Weighted Blanket that really won us over. It is a cool sleeping weighted blanket that helps you relax and melts your cares away as you fall asleep. Be sure to click the button below for our latest coupons and deals on the Baloo Weighted Blanket!

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Do you have questions about the Baloo weighted blanket? We would be very happy to help. Just contact us and we will reply as quickly as we can. Also, if you are wondering what other benefits a weighted blanket provides learn more in our in-depth blog; The Benefits of a Weighted Blanket.