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Accessory Review Layla Weighted Blanket

best weighted blanketMost sleepers of the world don’t know that the one thing they’re missing from their sleep is a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets have endless health and sleep benefits, but the bottom line is: you’ll fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. So don’t waste one more minute tossing and turning, try a weighted blanket the next time you fall asleep; in fact, try a Layla weighted blanket.

The Layla brand is committed to all things sleep, not just mattresses. That’s why they’ve created their unique weighted blanket to complete your sleep experience. The Layla blanket is more than just a blanket, its therapy. The blanket makes you feel soft, secure, and calm enough to fall right to sleep. If you’ve never heard of a weighted blanket before, here is the perfect place to start. Continue reading to learn more about what makes the Layla Weighted blanket so worthwhile including the materials, options, benefits, and more.

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It is much easier to sleep well when you know your weighted blanket contains the best materials and design. Everything that Layla puts into their weighted blankets is designed to give you maximum value and comfort. Inside the blankets is 100% glass bead fill, made without lead, and sandwiched in between layers of poly-fill. The important part about this combination of materials is that they are soft and quiet.

Layla weighted blanket foldedBeads, especially glass beads may not make you think of ‘quiet’ initially, but Layla has engineered everything to give you the best night’s sleep. Surrounding the beads and poly-fill are two different fabrics: soft, mink-like fur, and smooth, soft, cotton quilts. The purpose is to make this blanket ‘flippable’ like their classic mattress, and give you two options for coziness.

The Layla weighted blanket is made with hexagon quilting to keep the weight evenly distributed across the entire blanket, and the whole night long. Nothing is worse than a weighted blanket that has all the fill at one side. The Layla weighted blanket is also 300-thread count and made with 100% cotton.

The quality stitching paired with the unique hexagon design, gives your Layla Weighted blanket a finished, polished look like no other. That’s because this blanket isn’t merely a blanket; it’s a completion of your sleep set for the best sleep experience.

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weighted blanket while readingThe benefits of weighted blankets are no surprise. Weighted blankets have been used for decades for individuals with ADHD, insomnia, anxiety, and autism. It was not until just recently that their incredible benefits for sleep were discovered. Clinically, its like snuggling while you sleep, and gives the user a secure, calm feeling.

Deep Touch Pressure is highly effective for those with anxiety and ADHD and helps the body naturally release serotonin, to make your feel better and help you fall asleep. Soft pressure surrounding your body throughout the night gives you that sense of rest and security to keep you asleep the whole night.

Specifically, the Layla heavy blanket has all of these benefits and more. The unique glass bead and poly fill combination makes for a soft, cozy, quiet sleep. So don’t expect one of those blankets that sounds like a trash bag every time you move around. The Layla Weighted blanket also has a soft, silky, fleecy top layer for extra coziness and extra sleepiness.

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fuzzy weighted blanketEven when it comes to your weighted blanket, skip the standard. Your new weighted blanket will be nothing short of amazing. You even have various size options of the Layla weighed blanket for a perfect fit, just for you. Because it one size doesn’t sleep all, then what’s the difference. The Layla Weighted blanket is available in a Twin, Queen, or King size.

If you are a co-sleeper, there’s no need to worry; now the Layla blanket has the perfect size for you and your significant other. Lastly, while the Layla weighted blanket only comes in one color, it comes with two different payment options: either pay in full or pay monthly using the Affirm app for as little as 11$ a month.

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With the Layla mattress, Layla pillow, and Layla sheets before, the Layla Weighted blanket follows suite when it comes to value. A Twin size is yours for only $129 and a King size is only $179. While these prices are unbeatable compared to some therapy-grade weighted blankets that produce the same results, its all about the customer perks.

You should receive your Layla blanket within 3-6 days from the first place it shipped. Then, this includes free shipping, 120 night trial, and 5 year warranty. When you roll all of those incredible perks into one price, the bottom line is: Layla knows its value.

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Layla Weighted Blanket: 

layla weighted blanketA weighed blanket is therapeutic for the best night’s sleep, but a Layla comfort blanket is life changing. This blanket, like others before it is useful to help treat and calm patients with ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, etc. Now, the same sense of comfort and security can be yours too. The Layla Weighted blanket is like a hug around your body the whole night long.

It comes in three main sizes; Twin, Queen, or King so you can decide if you want to share, or keep the Layla Weighted blanket all to yourself. If you decide that a weighted blanket is not for you, returns are easy and the 120 night sleep trial is totally helpful. If you’re in the market for a weighted blanket, buy from a name you can trust; Layla.

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We hope you are more than ready to start experiencing the amazing properties of your new Layla weighted blanket. However, if you have questions, we are here to help! Just contact us and we’d be happy to help answer any questions for you!

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