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Accessory Review Layla Pillow Review

close up layla pillowNot all pillows are equal in terms of providing you comfort and good sleep health. Some are made of fine quality materials, while others give you nightmares. Are you one of those people who are tired of waking up all warm, sweaty and restless? It’s time to kiss goodbye to those miserable nights. In this Layla Pillow review, we go over all the reasons why this new pillow will help you sleep better than you’ve ever slept.

From the makers of renowned Layla mattress, this super comfy premium pillow comes with a pretty cool combination of high rated memory foam and Kopak fibers.  It is rapidly gaining strides amongst sleep the industry as a top rated product. But, will it work on different sleep types? Is it worth your money for both comfort and style? Find out more below in our Layla pillow review.

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Ordering Your Layla Pillow:

laying on a pillowCurrently, you can buy Layla Pillow exclusively from its website. Unlike many other pillow companies, this one comes with free shipping. The order usually takes 3-6 business days. My order came up on the 3rd day through a local service in a neatly packed box with ‘Layla’ written over it.

Upon unpacking the box, I uncovered the pillow which was kept in plastic cover. I felt a little off-gassing smell, which is expected of foam products. It was mild and withered away within few hours. The pillow looked heavy at the first sight, but was easy on the hand and not at all bulky.

Layla Bedding & Accessory Coupon

Features and Advantages:

Layla pillow boasts quite a lot of benefits in terms of build, construction, comfort and overall value among its counterparts. My personal analysis of each of its defining features, along with their use and feasibility.

  • Sizes:

pillow fill laylaLayla pillow comes in two sizes. A hybrid of regular/queen size measures 18x24x4 inches which come at $99. The other is the King size of 18’’x 32’’x 4’’. It gives you a variety to pick one according to your size. I ordered the hybrid one which has a little shorter width and my head fits perfectly in the middle, rather than falling on the edges. It’s great for a mid-sized an average height person. Others can go for the King size if you have that size of mattress.


  • Shredded Memory Foam:

The Layla pillow has infused memory foam in the pillow that will provide better temperature control. It absorbs heat during the night and paves way for a comfortable sleep without any interruptions due to heat sensation. Memory foam conforms to each individual’s shape and put your head and neck in neutral alignment. This is very important to me with all my neck issues. It allows you to adjust the pillow to the perfect fit.

  • Organic Kapok Fibers:

holding layla pillowKopak is a soft natural fiber found in seeds of Kapok trees. Layla pillows comprise 30% of natural Kapok fibers which is mixed with the foam. It makes the pillow silky-soft, lightweight and gives a down-like feel just like overstuffed feathers (without harming birds) but with a firm support underneath. Other great advantages of Kopak fibers are that they are hypoallergenic and pesticide free. Even though I am a bit messy at times, my pillow remains fresh and clean!


  • Copper-infused Pillow Cover:

Layla pillow cover is thick, yet plush and cleans easily. It cleans easy, is highly durable and can be a stand-alone cover. Further, the pillow cover is woven with copper which is the most interesting feature in the pillow. Copper dissipates body heat and makes your pillow free of bacteria and virus. It dissipates positive ions which are believed to promote overall health. I like the fact that they use the same high-end cover for the pillow as they do the Layla mattress.

  • Comfort and Loft:

corner of pillowThe Layla pillow has a medium loft. It can accommodate all kinds of sleepers due to its thickness. When sleeping on her stomach the pillow can be a tad firm or thick for my wife. I experienced a softer contouring feel when sleeping on my back. There is a perfect blend of firm support and squishiness for my neck which I love. I am not too fond of pillows that my head sinks in too deep though and I didn’t experience that.

  • Eco-friendly and Clean:


The manufacturers of Layla use foam which is CertiPur-US Certified. It means that it is free from ozone depleters or heavy metals or VOC emissions. This is very important to us because like most people we like to try and keep our home as chemical free as we can. Further, the cover resists dirt quite well and can be cleaned with a simple fabric cleaner. The pillow is machine washable as well, although it is not recommended to do it early.

  • Warranty and Trial Period:

The best part about Layla pillows is they come with a 120-night trial day period. So, if you can return them if it doesn’t suit you. Additionally, the company offers 5 years prorated warranty.

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My Experience:

new layla pillowOn the whole, my experience with the Layla pillow was a very positive one. The interesting blend of responsive memory foam with Kopak fibers make it a superb pillow that caters to most ends. The pillow acts as a great fit for both side and back sleepers and can be adjusted according to one’s needs. However, it may not be an ideal pillow for regular stomach sleepers. A stomach sleeper might prefer something a like a low profile pillow that doesn’t lift your head up as much.

The cover is amazingly soft, firm and with copper fibers, it makes the pillow resistant to germs. The immersion of Kopak fiber keeps the pillow breezy, squishy and comfy. This gives quite a bit of edge over other memory foam-type pillows. Not to mention, it increases the durability of the product. It’s nothing like the solid firm foam pillows we used to have some time ago.

Layla pillow is $99 and that can be up there in price for some people buying a pillow. But, you need not worry as the 120-day trial period takes the risk away so that you can be fully content with the product. If not, you can return it anytime with no questions asked. It’s important for the people at Layla to get you the best night sleep possible and that why they really stand behind their pillow like this.

Layla Bedding & Accessory Coupon


Layla Pillow Rating
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Value

Overall Rating:

Overall the Layla pillow will perform very nicely by providing a solid and comfortable place to rest your head. The unique combination of kapok fibers and memory foam make for a great feel and the added copper infusion really add to cooling as well. This pillow is not only a great addition to your Layla mattress but any mattress.



If you are looking for a pillow that has an ideal medium loft, is soft yet supportive and hypoallergenic than the Layla pillow may be for you. The materials of this pillow make for a great feel that also utilizes more natural sources. The added benefits of copper not only help with pulling away heat as well as keep it cleaner but potentially also helping release positive ions for health and wellness.

This pillow is priced right and is even currently offering a $25 discount. Not to mention the 120 night sleep trial period to try it out for yourself. As well as free shipping and returns and a five year warranty.

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