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Purple is known for creating their unique mattresses. Which is why when Purple set out to have their very own weighted blanket they went to the weighted blanket experts, Gravity. Gravity specializes in making weighted blankets. Making their partnership ideal for creating a fabulous weighted blanket that will help calm nerves to drift off into a deep and restful sleep. This is our in-depth review of the Purple + Gravity Weighted Blanket. Keep reading to get all of the details along with our opinions.

purple + gravity weighted blanket review

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Purple Gravity Weighted Blanket At A Glance:

  • Weight Options: 35lbs
  • Size Options: 90″ x 90″
  • Fits a Queen/King Bed
  • Removable & Washable Duvet Cover
  • Designed in The USA
  • Free Shipping

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Materials & Design:

lead free glass bead pelletsThe Purple + Gravity Weighted Blanket is made up of two main parts. There is the internal weighted section of the blanket, and that is covered with a soft outer cover that can be removed. Starting with the internal weighted blanket, it is filled with small glass pellets.

The glass is lead free for your health and safety. The outer material is made up of a thin polyester fabric. It is then quilted in small sections in order to keep the glass beads and weight evenly spread out throughout the blanket and keeps the beds from shifting around as you move.

The duvet cover on the outside of the blanket is made out of 100% polyester. It is a fleece like material in a charcoal gray color. This cover is very soft and snuggly to the touch. It is fixed with a zipper to make it quick and easy to remove for washing.

Weight & Color Options:

inner weighted section with a removeable coverWhile many other weighted blanket brands have a few options to choose from, the Purple weighted blanket comes in one size, weight, and color. It is a beautiful charcoal grey that will look beautiful in most homes. Although if you have a specific look you are hoping to purchase, then you may not find it with this blanket.

The blanket is rather large coming in at 90”x90” square. This size will fit nicely on a king or queen size mattress. It works really well from couples as both can comfortably lay under the blanket and get the comfort of a weighted blanket. While the blanket does weigh 35 lbs, it will only apply enough weight on your body with the percentage of the blanket that is resting on top of you. Which generally works for most adults.

Is Purple Weighted Blanket Comfortable To Use?

is the purple gravity weighted blanket comfortable?There is a reason why Purple chose to partner with Gravity in order to design their weighted blankets. It is because Gravity specializes in designing comfortable weighted blankets. The cover is extra soft to the touch, making it perfect for snuggling with. While the extra fine glass pellets hep to reduce noise and apply pressure evenly throughout the blanket.

If you tend to heat up easily when you sleep, then you may find that weighted blankets with polyester to stay on the warmer side. Which means this blanket may be better suited for naps for you rather than a full night of sleep.

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Is Purple Weighted Blanket Easy To Keep Clean?

polyester weighted blanket reivewYet another benefit of having a removeable cover is for simple and easy cleaning. The Gravity designed cover has a simple zipper to remove the interior blanket. Then simply throw the cover in a gentle low heat cycle and hang to dry.

You can also choose to machine dry, just be sure to put in on a cool gentle cycle. Try to avoid heat, as this can potentially damage the cover.


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What Makes The Purple + Gravity Weighted Blanket Unique?

soft outter cover remove to washYou do not often see two brands combing their powers in order to create something new. Which is exactly what Purple and Gravity did in order to create this weighted blanket.

It is rather similar to many of the Gravity weighted blankets although it comes with a zipper closure, which only recently become an option for other Gravity weighted blanket designs. This Purple Weighted Blanket is best for those who want a large weighted blanket that will be a good fit for a queen or king size bed.

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Purple Gravity Weighted Blanket – Value:

purple mattress brand weighted blanketIf you are looking for a single size weighted blanket to use on the couch, then this price may be a bit high for what you’re looking for. However, this is not just a small throw blanket sized weighted blanket.

A couple can comfortably use this weighted blanket on their Queen or King size bed each night. Some brands do not even make weighted blankets this large, making it a great option for anyone wanting a blanket for a large bed.

You will spend $299, before the latest coupon, for the Purple + Gravity weighted blanket. We believe this price reflects the overall size and quality of the blanket rather well.

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Purple Weighted Blanket Review Overall:

This is a great weighted blanket, It is created by two reliable brands, Purple and Gravity. If you are shopping for a Purple mattress, it is a great time to buy a quality weighted blanket to go along with your new bed. We love the grid quilting to keep the weight even throughout the blanket.

Along with the extra soft cover that is machine washable and dryable. Making it a rather easy blanket to keep clean. Although the size and weight only comes in one variety which could be limiting if you were hoping to purchase a different size, weight, or color.

purple weighted blanket by gravity

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