Accessory Review Oceano Mattress Topper by Brentwood Home

oceano mattress topper reviewBrentwood Home makes some of our all time favorite mattresses. Like the Oceano Mattress, featured as the number one top mattress in our Best Mattresses List. So when we heard that they were coming out with a mattress topper to go along with their premium Oceano Mattress, you better bet we were excited to get our hands on it. The hopes are high for the Oceano Mattress Topper by Brentwood Home, keep reading to learn all about it and see if it lives up to our expectations.

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cool gel memory foamWith a lot of other mattress toppers what you are actually buying is simply a slab of memory foam with little thought or design put into it. Not with the Oceano Mattress Topper, Brentwood Home made sure to put the same quality materials and build into their mattress topper as they do to all of their mattresses. They made the Oceano Topper out of the same exact materials as the Oceano Mattress.

Starting with a 2″ base of cooling Gel Memory Foam that is CertiPUR-US® certified. So you can rest easy knowing no toxic fumes are coming off of your foam mattress topper. This is the very same foam in the Oceano Mattress, it stays much cooler than other foams and it is great for relieving pressure points and contouring to your body.

oceano mattress topperOn top of this layer they have put some New Zealand Wool. By placing a layer of organic wool batting on top of the foam, you get all of it’s naturally amazing properties. Including moisture wicking, heat regulation, and fire dampening. It even helps allow air circulation in order to keep heat from building up.

The cover for this well rounded mattress topper is made out of an eco friendly Tencel material. This Tencel Stretch Knit Cover is a silky soft plant-based fiber that is extra breathable. It is extra stretchy too in order to ensure you can the maximum benefit from the body contouring foam underneath. If you love the quilting design on the Oceano Mattress then get in line because this mattress topper has that same gorgeous wave pillow quilting design on top.

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Comfort & Support

best oceano mattress topper reviewThis mattress topper really feels like you took the top comfort layers from the Oceano Mattress and turned them into a topper. Which honestly, is how it should be. You also get the same cooling sleeping effect from the breathable, heat regulating materials. The supportive yet contouring features from the memory foam.

While overall firmness levels will change slightly depending on what you are placing your mattress topper on top of, this is going to add a lot of cool cozy comfort to your bed. It provides a plush medium feel just like their Oceano Mattress, not too soft and not too firm. Making the Oceano Memory Foam Mattress Topper great for almost all sleepers, no matter what sleeping position your prefer.


When it comes to price and value for your money, the folks at Brentwood Home know that they make great products. Made out of top quality materials and handcrafted construction.

close up oceano topper

Needless to say, this mattress topper goes right along with the quality of their other products. And the price comes in surprisingly affordable. That isn’t even including our exclusive 15% off coupon that can be used towards any Brentwood Home product too.

  • Twin – $229 – 15% = $194.65
  • Twin XL – $249 – 15% =  $211.65
  • Full – $299 – 15% = $254.15
  • Queen – $329 – 15% = $279.65
  • King – $399 – 15% = $339.15
  • Cal King – $399 – 15% = $339.15

Included with your Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress Topper is FREE shipping and a 30 night trial period. Which means you can sleep on your mattress topper for 30 days and if you decide it isn’t for you, they will take it back, no questions asked. This way you can truly test out your mattress topper to see if it’s right for you. So you can rest easy knowing that they truly believe and back the quality of their mattress toppers.

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Oceano Mattress Topper Summary: 

When we heard that Brentwood Home was making an Oceano Mattress Topper, our expectations were high for sure. But did they deliver on the promise of luxury comfort? Absolutely! The Oceano Memory Foam Mattress Topper is everything we were hoping for and exactly what you would expect it to be. Made out of the same quality materials as the top comfort layers of the Oceano Mattress. Making those premium comfort layers available to add to any mattress you please.

oceano mattress topper review

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