Accessory Review Baloo Weighted Blanket

why the baloo weighted blanket is the bestFor many who struggle to get to sleep at night, a weighted blanket can provide a lot of comfort and relief. Weighted blankets are fantastic tools to help relieve anxiety and stress in order to get deep restful sleep. And the Baloo Weighted Blanket is the absolute best when it comes to these amazing calming blankets.

Not only does this cotton weighted blanket look beautiful but also feels incredible. Not to forgot that the most important aspect, how well it works, is amazing. The level of detail and eco-friendly build make this weighted blanket a truly impressive one.

In this post we will review all of the details of the Baloo Weighted Blanket. As well as give you some personal insight into why we can’t go without. If you’re interested in a anxiety reducing weighted blanket that doesn’t sleep too hot, than this post is for you!

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Baloo Weighted Blanket At A Glance:

  • Weight Options: 9lbs, 12lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs
  • Size Options: Kids, Throw, Full, Queen, King (+ Comforter Sizes With Extended Edges)
  • Optional French Linen Duvet Cover & Pillowcases: Available in several beautiful colors
  • 100% Cool Cotton: One of the most natural & cool sleeping weighted blankets
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Certified Materials with Zero Polyester or Synthetics
  • Free Shipping & Easy Returns
  • Latest Pricing Found HERE

Materials & Design:

glass microbeads lead freeThe Baloo Weighted Blanket design is rather simple, which really allows the quality materials to shine. The fill for this blanket is made with super fine lead-free glass microbeads. These glass microbeads are so fine that they do not make any noise as you shift positions underneath it. This makes it such a great option for anyone who is sensitive to noise, or sleeps with someone else who is.

Baloo does not use any plastic pellets or polyester linings in their weighted blankets. Plastic tends to trap in heat and moisture, which you will not experience with the Baloo weighted blanket. It also allows you to safely machine wash and dry your Baloo blanket if you wish to.

The cover of the Baloo weighted blanket is made with cotton from Australia. This soft white cotton cover is certified safe by OEKO-tex.

Learn more about textile certifications in our post: Mattress Certifications: What to Know

Weight & Color Options:

great color options for kids and adultsWhen it comes to weight and size, the Baloo weighted blankets go up in weight proportionately to the size of the blanket. In other words, if you want a heavier blanket, you will need to go up to a larger size blanket. The weight options for adults ranges from 12lbs up to a kind size 25lb blanket which is meant to be shared. For adults you typically want your weighted blanket to weight around 10% of your weight.

The adult Baloo weighted blankets only come in the beautiful white cotton color. Although they do make linen duvet covers that have stunning neutral colors you can buy to cover your weighted blanket with if you wish.

The children’s blanket comes in three different beautiful colors. There is a peach, aqua, and indigo all of which are beautiful gender-neutral colors that will look great in any kid’s room. The weight of the kid’s baloo weighted blanket is 9lbs. Be sure to do your research to determine whether or not this weight will be appropriate for your child.

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Is Baloo Weighted Blanket Comfortable To Use?

s the baloo weighted blanket comfortable?The great news about the Baloo Weighted blanket is that it is made to be very comfortable. They make sure to se now plastic or polyester in their blankets. This helps to keep their weighted blankets nice and cool by not trapping in heat and moisture.

Their cotton cover is smooth and soft to the touch, which is wonderful to use on its own or with their breathable French linen duvet cover.

Baloo’s glass microbeads are distributed evenly throughout the blanket with the help from the quilting. This way you get an even amount of weight applied to your body when you lay under it. The microbeads are also nice and quiet, which is a big benefit to anyone who is sensitive to noise when they sleep.

Overall, this is a very comfortable weighted blanket that we think most people will enjoy using.

Is Baloo Weighted Blanket Easy To Keep Clean?

no plastic allows you to wash and dry in the machineWhen it comes to having an easy to clean weighted blanket, the Baloo is one of the best out there. You can machine wash and dry your Baloo Weighted Blanket. This is because they do not use any plastic pellets or linings in their blankets. Which allows you to safely wash and dry without anything melting or burning. Be sure to check the weight restrictions on your home washer and dryer before proceeding.

They do recommend washing with cold water and on a gentle cycle with white colors only. Then dry on a low heat. The great news is that the high-quality cotton in this blanket allows it to dry rather quickly on a low heat setting. These easy wash and dry options make the Baloo anxiety reducing blanket rather appealing to many.

Why Should You Buy The Baloo Weighted Blanket?

best weighted blanket reaviewThose who are drawn to purchasing the Baloo Weighted Blanket typically love it because of it’s simple and high-quality materials. The fine grain glass pellets are like fine sand granules. Which gives very even pressure throughout the blanket. All without any lead or the downsides of plastic pellets. The fine glass beads are very quiet which is something often not thought about until you are using a noisy plastic pellet blanket.

Because Baloo avoids using any plastic or polyester linings in their blanket it stays much cooler than other weighted blankets out there. You are also able to wash and dry without fear of melting plastic.

The OEKO-Tex certified cotton material used for the outer cover of the blanket is soft and breathable. Overall, it is the quality of materials that really draws people into purchasing a Baloo weighted blanket.

My Personal Experience Using The Baloo Blanket:

Some reviews will list off all the facts, materials and benefits associated with the Baloo blanket, and nothing more. This isn’t like most reviews though. I have been sleeping with my Baloo weighted blanket for over 2 years now and I’ve never slept more consistently and sound than with this blanket.

my experience using the baloo weighted blanket

Like anyone, I was skeptical at first. It took a few nights to get used to having a heavier blanket over me too. But, after a few weeks it was hard to sleep without it. And now a good two years in I must admit that this weighted blanket is my personal favorite. Even after trying several other brands, I keep coming back to the Baloo.

I don’t typically sleep hot, but, with a weighted blanket sometimes heat does seem like it can get trapped quicker. And, the fact that you sleep deeper and sounder and move less allows for more heat build-up too. However, the natural cotton and ideal design of this blanket make it perfect for sleeping the whole night through with minimal heat retention.

The one thing that really stands out about this blanket to me is how it helps me fall back asleep quickly. As a mother of two young ones I sometimes am up at various times of the night against my will. And once I get back into bed falling back asleep can take awhile. However, using a weighted blanket helps me fall back asleep much quicker than without. Allowing me to have less interruption and better overall sleep.

I am very impressed with the Baloo weighted blanket. As well as how much it truly helps my sleep. It may be a little bit of an investment, but it is a very small investment for much better sleep.

Baloo Natural Blanket – Value:

baloo glass cotton quiltedDuring our time reviewing bedding products, we have come across many different weighted blankets. The prices for these Baloo Weighted Blankets is rather reasonable. Not only because it is a low price for a weighted blanket overall, but also because it is made with such nice materials.

From the high-quality cotton from Australia, to the microbead glass pellets. You are getting a great quality weighted blanket for your money with the Baloo Weighted Blankets.

Kids: $149
Throw: $159
Full/Queen: $169
King: $204

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Baloo Calming Blanket Review – Overall:

Hopefully our Baloo Weighted Blanket Review has given you all the details and input you need in order to determine whether or not it is the perfect weighted blanket for you. We love the soft and beautiful white cotton cover, and the silent glass microbeads of this luxurious weighted blanket. With such quality materials at such a great price, we think the Baloo Weighted Blanket is quite the crowd pleaser.

best weighted blanket comforter for adults

If you have any questions about the Baloo Weighted Blanket, send us a message and we will help in any way we can.