Accessory Review Cedar Natural Latex Mattress Topper Review

If you are on the hunt for a mattress topper that was made with natural materials, then you have come to the right place. The Cedar Natural Latex Mattress Topper from Brentwood Home was made with all natural and organic materials from the cover to the wool batting. Keep reading for our full review along with the details on what makes this mattress topper unique.

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brentwood home cedar natural latex mattress topper review

Cedar Natural Latex Mattress Topper At A Glance

  • Firmness Options: 1 Plush Comfort
  • Topper Thickness: 3”
  • Cotton Cover
  • Wool
  • Cotton Batting
  • 2” Latex
  • Free Shipping
  • Optional In-Home Delivery & Setup
  • Made in California
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • 1-Year Trial Period
  • Latest Pricing Found Here

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Materials & Design:


cotton mattress topper coverBrentwood Home uses their cotton in two different sections of this mattress topper. The first is the breathable cotton cover. It is soft and very breathable. The next is cotton batting used under the wool layer as extra cushioning and pressure relief.

Brentwood Home had their cotton for the cover and the batting certified organic by GOTS. Their cotton is also Fair Trade Certified, so you can rest easy knowing more about where your cotton came from.


organic mattress topper woolRight underneath the cotton cover of this mattress topper is a layer of wool. Wool is incredible for bedding products as it helps to regulate temperature, as well as wick away excess moisture. This helps you to sleep cool and dry throughout the night.

Brentwood Home uses only GOTS certified organic wool in the Cedar Natural Latex Mattress Topper. This wool allows for extra cushioning and airflow throughout the top layer of the mattress topper as well.


latex organic mattress Now for the star of the show, the natural latex. In the Cedar Mattress Topper from Brentwood Home, the main layer of the topper is their 2-inch layer of organic natural latex. This is a GOLS Certified Organic latex. This certification ensures that more than 95% of this material is organic raw material, and that it does not contain any harmful substances.

This is a breathable, durable, and supportive material that allows for a good amount of pressure relief as well. Making this the ideal material for the base of a mattress topper. Brentwood Home uses a Dunlop latex which is less processed and more eco-conscious than most other kinds of latex out there.

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Special Features: 

cedar natural luxe mattress topper reviewIn order to keep their mattress topper from slipping around, Brentwood Home designed this mattress topper with hand stitched handles. These handles go around the whole mattress topper and are created to attach your topper to your Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress.

It may be able to attach comfortably to some other mattresses from Brentwood Home, although it is specifically design to work perfectly with the Cedar. This detail ensures your topper becomes a true extension of your mattress and not a topper that slides around. We love this special feature on the Cedar Natural Latex Mattress Topper.

Something else that is note worthy about the Cedar Mattress Topper is all of the many certifications it has. The GOTS Organic Certified Cotton and Wool, GOLS Organic Certified Latex, Fairtrade Certified Cotton, and Greenguard Gold Certified final product. This is a well certified topper so that you really know what you are buying.

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Is The Cedar Mattress Topper Comfortable/Supportive?

will it add comfort to your mattress?When it comes to natural products, some worry that comfort is sacrificed in order to create an eco-conscious product. That is not at all the case when it comes to the Brentwood Home products. The Cedar Natural Latex Mattress Topper is all about comfort.

The Dunlop Latex has a great balance between pressure relief and support. While the wool and cotton batting are pressure and soft, giving it a plush feel. This is a great addition to add an extra layer of soft comfort to your firm mattress.

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Cedar Natural Latex Mattress Topper – Value:

is the cedar topper comfortable?If you are comparing this mattress topper to slabs of cheap plastic-based foams that you could find at your local grocery store, then this price is going to look high. However, these products really can’t compare.

The high-quality materials and construction of the Brentwood Home products are leaps and bounds beyond. When you take into consideration the quality of this mattress topper and the comfort it provides, it is well worth the price. Keep in mind you also get free shipping, a 1-year trial period, and a 5-year limited warranty with your purchase. Be sure to click our button below to get the latest coupon!

Queen: $499
King: $599
California King: $599

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Suggested Mattress Pairings:

suggested brentwood home mattress suggestionsYou could absolutely put this mattress topper on just about any bed and feel a difference in your bed’s comfort. However, to get the maximum feel and effect, the Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Luxe Mattress is made to work with this mattress topper.

The mattress topper has special handles that are hand sewn into the sides in order to hook up perfectly with the Cedar Luxe mattress. They also include many of the same materials, making these two a match made in California.

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Cedar Natural Latex Mattress Topper Review – Final Thoughts:

The ideal person who will get the most out of the Cedar Natural Latex Mattress Topper, is going to be someone who is currently sleeping on a Cedar Luxe Mattress and it is too firm for them. This topper is made to work beautifully and seamlessly with the Cedar Luxe Mattress. However, it is going to be a great option for anyone looking for a natural mattress topper to put on their bed for added pressure relief and comfort.

all natural organic latex

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