March 6, 2020

Brentwood Home: Top 10 Bedroom Accessories

brentwood home top 10 bedding accessories

We have reviewed and fallen in love with a number of different mattresses by Brentwood Home. However, you sometimes need more than just a great mattress in order to get great sleep. Which is why Brentwood Home has so many fantastic bedroom accessories for Adults, Kids, and even your pets. So we decided to make a list of our Top 10 Accessories from Brentwood Home. Keep reading to view out favorites and get the latest discounts and coupons for these great bedding products.

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1. Brentwood Home Pillows

fabulous brentwood home bedroom accessoriesBrentwood Home has four different fabulous pillows for you to choose from. They all coincide with 4 of the most popular mattress options that they make. While these pillows are made to compliment their name specific mattresses, we believe they are also work beautifully miss-matched as well.

The materials they use in each pillow are often similar to, if not exactly the same as their matching mattresses. Which means if you love the comfort of that mattress, you are going to adore these matching pillows.

  • Oceano Gel Memory Foam Pillow
  • Crystal Cove Activated Charcoal Pillow
  • Ojai Gel Memory Foam Pillow
  • Cypress Pillow

Click the links to check out the Oceano Pillow Review, Crystal Cove Pillow Review, or the Cypress Pillow Review.

2. Organic Cotton Sheets

brentwood home accessories organic sheet review

These sheets by Brentwood Home are made out of 100% Organic India Cotton. If you love certifications, these sheets have them all. They are GOTS Organic Certified, STANDARD 100 Certified by OEKO-TEX, and even MADE SAFE Certified.

The soft organic cotton is weaved into a sateen finish that is both luxurious in look and feel. If you would like to read more about what we love about these sheets, click the link below. Or use our coupon to buy now and save 10%.

Click the link in order to view the full review over the Organic Sheets by Brentwood Home.

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3. Brentwood Home Mattress Toppers

top ten accessories bed topper

Upgrading your old mattress? Looking for a topper to take your new mattress to the next level of comfort? Either way you are going to love these amazing mattress toppers by Brentwood Home. We love that they utilize the same quality materials found in every mattress they make in order to create these mattress toppers.

Whether you like the cool natural latex comfort of the Cedar Mattress topper, or the contouring comfort paired with the temperature neutralizing of the Oceano Mattress Topper, you are sure to find something you will love by Brentwood Home. Even their Gel or Foam mattress toppers Salton, and Tulare are a great picks for anyone looking for a softening or firm topper for their mattress. Which is why all of these mattress toppers made it on our list of Best Mattress Topper.

  • Cedar Natural Latex Mattress Topper
  • Oceano Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Salton 2″ Soft Gel Topper
  • Tulare 2″ Firm Foam Topper

Check out our reviews for the Cedar Mattress Topper, or Oceano Mattress Topper.

4. Brentwood Home Wedge Pillows

wedge pillows benefits top 10 accessories pillow

If you have never heard about the benefits to a wedge pillow before, welcome! These triangular wedge shaped pillows are versatile and can really increase your overall comfort while you’re sleeping. They have also been known to be fantastic for back pain relief or simply lounging around in bed.

There are currently 7 different styles of wedge pillows offered by Brentwood Home, some of which come in different sizes. So how does one pick between them all? We suggest starting with size for what you’re wanting to use it for and then moving on to the material makeup. This will help you narrow down which pillow is the right choice for you.

  • Oceano Wedge Pillow
  • Crystal Cove Wedge Pillow
  • Ojai Wedge Pillow
  • Zuma Foam Wedge Pillow
  • Pfeiffer Gel Foam Wedge Pillow
  • Pismo Latex Foam Wedge Pillow
  • Whitney Gel Memory Foam Wedge Pillow

The Brentwood Home Wedge Pillows are featured in our Best Positions for Pain Relief.

5. Beachwood Linen Quilts

brentwood home quialt bedroom accessories

The Beachwood Linen Quilts by Brentwood Home are totally stunning. Their natural texture, beautifully worn in looking colors, and simple quilted design make for the perfect laying piece for a bed. Each linen coverlet is handmade is California with care. The fine linen material is filled with a polyester filling and then quilted together.

Whether you use it with cotton sheets as a quilt in the summer or as an extra layer in the winter, it is a great piece to have on your bed year round. It comes in four neutral colors that will go great in any bedroom. Which is why it is on our list of top bedroom accessories from Brentwood Home.

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6. Natural Aromatherapy Candles

brentwood home accessories scented candles review

To really get great sleep you need more than just a comfortable mattress and great bedding. Truly great sleep requires a peaceful atmosphere as well. Aromatherapy is a great way to lull yourself into a deep and restful sleep. Which is why it is no surprise that Brentwood Home also has amazing Aromatherapy candles as a part of their accessories line of products.

Their candles are all scented with aromatherapy grade fragrances and come in lovely scents like Spa Day and California Dreams. Brentwood Home makes each candle using a cotton wick and soy wax to make for an even melting, long lasting candle that disperses the scent well while burning clean. If you’re a scented candle lover, then you’re going to want to give these babies a try.

Learn more about how scents can effect your sleep in our post Best Fragrance & Safe Scents for The Bedroom.

7. Brentwood Home Kids Pillows

kids dewdrop pillow brentwood home

The truth of the matter is that kids need a different size and shape to their pillow in order to get optimal comfort. Many standard sized pillows made for adults are simply too large and not great for kids.

The Brentwood Home Kids Collection features three different pillows specifically made to be safe and comfortable for children from toddlers to young adults. Click the link to read our Brentwood Home Kids Collection Review to learn more about these oh so comfortable kids pillows.

  • Organic Toddler Pillow
  • Lilypad Kids Pillow
  • Dewdrop Kids Pillow

Head to our Brentwood Home Kids Collection to learn more about their pillows and kids mattresses.

8. Brentwood Home Yoga Pillows

yago bolster pillows and accessories from yoga

Whether or not you practice yoga, you’re going to like these pillows. While these pillows are designed to enhance and support different yoga positions, we also find them to be great pillows for supporting different sitting, stretching and lounging positions.

Each pillow is covered in an organic cotton cover and filled with buckwheat hulls. Making these heavy and very supportive pillows, great for meditation and adjusting positions to suite you. Head over to our Yoga Pillow Collection Review to learn more about the Brentwood Home yoga collection.

  • The Yoga Bolster Pillow
  • The Pranayama Pillow
  • The Meditation Pillow

Visit our page Meditation for Sleep, Anxiety & Healing to learn more about how it can help you get better sleep.

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9. The Easy Adjustable Bed Frame

accessories brentwood home adjustable bed frame

We love a good adjustable bed frame. Not only because they are great for creating the perfect sleeping position, but also because it is so great for lounging in.

An adjustable base is the new luxury bedding accessory, and Brentwood Home offers a great one. It comes with all of the bells and whistles from upper body massage and a nightlight to USB ports and a wireless remote control. This bed is easy to use and great for anyone who is looking for the option to change their position in bed with the press of a button.

Click the link to view our full Easy Adjustable Bed Frame Review.

10. Brentwood Home Pet Beds

brentwood home dog pet bed

Here at Our Sleep Guide, we love pets of all shapes and sizes. If your dog, cat, bunny rabbit or unicorn needs a new pet bed then we suggest you take a look at the pet beds by Brentwood Home. They are made out of strong durable materials that can handle chewing, scratching or even the occasional accident.

These pet beds are also comfortable and great to look at. As any pet parent will know, if your pet isn’t sleeping well then neither is anyone else. Which is why giving your pet the bed they deserve isn’t just great for them, it’s great for the whole family.

  • Runyon Orthopedic Pet Bed
  • Griffith Pet Bed

The Griffith and Runyon Pet Beds are featured on our The Best Dog Beds post, click the link to view more.

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Brentwood Home Top 10 Bedroom Accessories

If you’re looking for quality American made bedding and bedroom accessories then Brentwood Home is a great place to get them. Their wide selection and natural materials made for comfortable and beautiful additions to any home. We especially love their pillows, sheets, and mattress toppers because they make sleeping so much more comfortable. They also have so many different versions of each that pair oh so well with the Brentwood Home mattresses, which we also love.

brentwood home top ten bedroom

Click the link to view our favorite Brentwood Home Mattresses: Best Affordable Luxury Mattress Line.