March 5, 2020

Signature Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora

nest bedding brooklyn bedding

Today we are going to be comparing two hybrid mattresses, the Nest Bedding Signature Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding mattress. While these two mattresses have a lot in common, they actually have some rather different features that are going to appeal to different people. We are going to dive deep and see which mattress is best in each of our categories in order to help you understand the differences between the Aurora and Signature beds so you can pick the best mattress for you. So let’s get into the details on what makes up these heavy duty hybrid mattresses.

Signature Hybrid by Nest Bedding:

Nest Bedding is a well-established American brand that focuses their efforts on creating long lasting mattresses in order to make the bedding world a more sustainable business. Looking to exchange your mattress for a different comfort option? No need to ship back your whole mattress, simply unzip and insert a different comfort layer then zip it all back up.

Having a more adjustable mattress makes for less beds will be discarded. Even if you’re not into sustainability, it is the extra durable build that all sleepers can admire. This memory foam hybrid mattress has a great balance of contouring comfort and support that we think you’re going to love.

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Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding:

  • the brooklyn aurora mattress 13” – 5 Layers
  • 3 Comfort Options
  • Made In America
  • Adaptive Foam Feel
  • Edge Support
  • Titan Cool Cover
  • Sleeps Super Cool
  • 120 Night Trial Period
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Price: $999 – $2,124
  • Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Mattress Review

Brooklyn Bedding is also an American company that proudly makes their mattresses by hand in their US factories. It still comes as a surprise to us that such durable large hybrid beds can no be compacted and shipped in a box without compromising on comfort.

Gone are the days when a bed-in-a-box mattress had to be a saggy thin all foam bed. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is on par with the comfort and sturdiness of any other mattress on the market. The adaptive foams they use feel like a cross between a latex and a memory foam mattress. Giving their sleepers a great mix of quick adapting foams with a supportive coil system plus their extra cool cover is the cherry on top. Up next is our at a glance review, or read on to get more details on why we chose this specific winner.

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At A Glance: Which Bed Wins?

  • brooklyn bedding aurora mattress Sleeping Cool – Brooklyn Aurora
  • Edge Support – Brooklyn Aurora
  • Motion Isolation – Signature Hybrid
  • Pressure Relief – Signature Hybrid
  • Adaptive Feel – Brooklyn Aurora
  • Comfort Options – Tie
  • Value – Signature Hybrid
  • Shipping & Delivery – Tie
  • Warranty – Signature Hybrid
  • Trial Period – Brooklyn Aurora
  • OVERALL WINNER – Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding!

When it comes to Brooklyn Aurora vs Signature Hybrid it really comes down to personal preference. When you are looking at quality or materials, performance, comfort options, construction these beds are an even match. Even with the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress costing slightly less it evens out with our coupons. (Be sure click the button below to get your coupon!)

Which means it comes down to whether you want the feel and benefits of memory foam in the Signature Hybrid by Nest Bedding; or if you prefer the feel and benefits of more adaptive foams like the kind found in Aurora mattress by Brooklyn Bedding. Keep reading to get more details on how these foams differ and we prefer the feel of the Brooklyn Aurora mattress.

Check out the full review of the Alexander Hybrid HERE and the Brooklyn Aurora Here!

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Delivery & Set Up – Brooklyn Aurora vs Signature Hybrid

nest bedding delivery set up Something we typically pay attention to when considering the delivery and set up of a mattress is where the bed is coming from. If it was made overseas, it may take longer to get to you, or it has been sitting in a warehouse waiting for delivery for quite some time.

With the Brooklyn Aurora and Alexander Signature mattress they are both handcrafted in the USA. Which means that you can have more confidence in the quality and that Brooklyn Bedding and Nest Bedding both keep a good eye on the craftmanship going into their mattresses.

This also means that the beds will be shipping out from within the US making shipping generally faster. Since the beds have not been vacuum packed overseas and then shipped to America to sit until someone places an order, your bed will typically have been in a boxes for less time overall. Which is great for the mattress and unboxing process.

The longer a mattress is compacted and sitting in a box the more potential it has for off gassing. Which is why it is a good thing for the Brooklyn Aurora and Alexander Signature mattress to have been in the box for less time. Since both mattress brands use CertiPUR-US certified safe foams in their beds, you won’t need to worry about any smell the beds do give off to be noxious at all.

We found that both the Signature Hybrid and Brooklyn Aurora mattress gave off very little smell overall. However, we still suggest allowing your mattress to air out for at least several hours before sleeping on it. This not only helps any potential new mattress smell to air out, but also lets the foams come back to their true comfort level.

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Materials – Brooklyn Bedding Aurora vs Nest Bedding Hybrid

Before understanding how these mattresses will benefit you it is good to understand what goes into each bed. Below we will give a detailed look into the build and materials you will find in both the Brooklyn Aurora and Signature Hybrid by Nest Bedding.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora – Materials

brooklyn aurora mattress comfort Instead of euro style pillow top feel for the Aurora, Brooklyn Bedding uses a thick honeycomb quilted pattern. Not only is this cover nice to look at, you will also feel the difference from the first touch of this cover. They use TitanCool technology to have a chilled effect to the top of the mattress. This extra cool cover is a great feature that feels oh so nice.

Next up is their Copperflex with TitanCool foam. This is a 1.5” layer that uses phase change technology to stay cool. This foam is followed by their 2” layer of TitanFlex Foam. It is the combination of these two foams that provides that majority of the adaptive feel to the Aurora mattress.

Then there is a deep pressure transition layer of foam, the 1” layer of Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. This is a good transition between the comfort foam layers and the coil system beneath it. Brooklyn Bedding uses an individually encased coil system with Ascension X Coils. This is an incredibly durable coil system that also limits motion transfer throughout the mattress. Unlike connected coil systems that tend to create waves of motion throughout the bed, the individually encased coils can move and adjust separately without moving the rest of the mattress with it.

Finally, there is a layer of base foam underneath the coil system to protect it and give it a foundation to push up against. Which completes the materials and construction of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress.

aurora mattress by brooklyn bedding materials

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Nest Bedding Signature Hybrid – Materials

nest bedding signature hybrid mattress The cover used on the Signature Mattress by Nest Bedding also is made to sleep cool. It is made with a phase change fabric. While it helps to keep you cool through the night we found it has less of an immediate cool to the touch feel that the Brooklyn Aurora’s cover has. This is quilted with a 1″ thick cover. The gel infusion helps to keep the memory foam from retaining too much heat.

Next up is another layer of cool foam, the 3” of Energex Foam helps to draw heat away from the surface layers of the mattress, while also adding lots of pressure relief. Next up is a thin 1” transition layer of Smartflow Support Foam. This layer creates a gentle transition between the comfort layers of foam and the coil system.

Similar to the Brooklyn Bedding coil system, Nest Bedding uses individually encased coils in their Aurora mattress. This 8” coil system is made out of Quantum Edge Pocketed Support Coils. This is where the majority of the mattresses durability and support comes from. Then there is the final 1” layer of base foam on the Signature Hybrid mattress.

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Comfort – Nest Bedding Signature Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora

comfort signature vs aurora mattress comparison review The Brooklyn Aurora mattress comes in three different comfort options, a Soft, Medium, and a Firm option. We got the Medium feel for our reviewing purposes and found that it came out to be around a 6 on our firmness scale which hits right in that sweet spot of Medium-Firm that we love so much. It has plenty of pressure relief while also having lots of support.

Brooklyn Bedding says that their Soft option hits around a 3 while their Firm option is a 7. (Remember that this scale a 1 is super soft while a 10 is extremely firm.) This means that if you are a dominate side sleeper you may prefer the soft. And if you are a back and stomach sleeper only than the firm may be best.

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The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress from Nest Bedding also has 3 different comfort options to choose from as well. A Plush, Medium, and Luxury Firm option. We tried out the Medium comfort option for our reviews and we found that it came out as a 5.5 on our firmness scale. Again, hitting right in that medium-firm range that works so well for most sleeping positions.

Similar to the Aurora, side sleepers will gravitate towards the Plush option. While anyone looking for more support and firmer feel will like the Luxury Firm.

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Which Comfort Option Should I Choose?

If you are not sure which mattress comfort option to go for, we typically suggest soft mattresses for side sleepers, especially if you are light weight and need extra pressure relief. The medium softness level, especially a 6 which has plenty of support is going to be the most universally popular comfort option. This will work for most sleepers and is great for couples with mixed sleeping positions.

mattress firmness scale

We typically suggest Firm mattresses for mostly back or stomach sleepers. This is especially true if you are on the heftier side as a firmer mattress will react more like a medium-firm mattress under more weight. Check out the chart to see what firmness is best for you.

Motion Transfer – Signature Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora

motion transfer which mattress is better? Motion transfer typically is not a big strength for a hybrid mattress. However, both Nest Bedding and Brooklyn Bedding have made sure to make big steps to improve motion isolation in the Aurora and Signature hybrid mattresses. Both of these beds feature individually encased coils. As we mentioned briefly earlier, by doing this a coil can compress free of the others which allows pressure relief and support without causing a wave effect throughout the mattress as you move.

Although there is a reason we chose the Alexander Signature Mattress as our winner for motion transfer and that mostly has a lot to do with their comfort foams. The top feel of the Signature Hybrid is made out of memory foam which is fantastic at eliminating motion throughout a mattress. Which means whatever leftover motion is made by the coil system below is really phased out through the layers of memory foam on top. You will still feel some movement throughout the bed however both of these beds do a great job at eliminating motion for hybrid mattresses.

Edge Support – Brooklyn Aurora vs Signature Hybrid

alexander signature hybrid vs brooklyn aurora mattress review While hybrid beds don’t always perform well with motion transfer, they typically perform very well when it comes to edge support. The Brooklyn Aurora and Signature Hybrid mattress are no exceptions to this rule. Coil systems are well loved because they supply so much support to a bed that can also adapt and allow for pressure relief when needed. When it comes to edge support sometimes foam mattresses simply fall flat.

The Brooklyn Aurora foams have a lot of bounce back to them and don’t allow you to sink in quite as much as the Alexander Signature Hybrid foams do. Which is why the Aurora Hybrid mattress takes the overall win for edge support. However, we would like to note that the amount of edge support you experience in your mattress will change depending on which comfort option you choose. The firmer options will have the majority of the edge support while the softer options will allow for more dipping.

We found that both the Signature Hybrid and the Brooklyn Aurora mattress allowed for plenty of edge support in their medium comfort options. In both beds we could lay right up to the sides of the mattress and experienced very little change in comfort and support. You may experience a bit of dipping if you sit on the side, however this is minimal and less important than support while sleeping.

Sleeping Cool – Signature Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora

overall mattress comparison comfort We found that again the Signature Hybrid and Brooklyn Aurora mattresses performed to a rathe similar level. However, if you’re splitting hairs the Brooklyn Aurora wins for sleeping cool. Why is that? Well, for several reasons. It really all comes down to the details. Brooklyn Bedding uses loads of extra cooling materials on their top layers of foam. They also use their cool to the touch TitanCool cover for an extra defense against heat retention. Since the Aurora Hybrid keeps you lifted rather than sinking into the mattress, you also get extra airflow around your body which helps to keep you cool as well.

While the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress does have top layers of memory foam (which tends to retain heat) they are also infused this foam with a cooling gel which helps a lot with limiting the amount of heat held onto in the bed. The coil systems in both beds really help to get rid of heat as well. The coil systems allow for loads of airflow through the very center of the mattress. This helps to keep these beds a neutral temperature.

Either of these beds are going to do pretty well at staying a neutral sleeping temperature throughout the night. However if you want that little step up for sleeping cool, then you will want to check out Brooklyn Bedding’s Aurora.

If sleeping cool is a concern find our #1 best mattress for hot sleepers, the Brooklyn Aurora on our page of the Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Mattress Value:

As you look at these prices, you will find that the Brooklyn Bedding mattress does have a higher price tag. However, these prices do not reflect any current discounts or Our Sleep Guide mattress coupons. So be sure to compare prices after including our coupon and you will find that the price difference isn’t nearly as much.

Also, a mattress is only worth the amount comfort that it provides you. Money on a mattress isn’t worth saving if it means you’re getting a mattress that you don’t like. So be sure whatever mattress you purchase it is the best mattress for you. We believe between these two beds that the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress is truly the more comfortable bed and works better for most sleepers. Which makes the price absolutely reasonable.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora: Current Prices (Before Coupon)

  • Twin: $999
  • Twin XL: $1,249
  • Full: $1,549
  • Queen: $1,699
  • King: $2,124
  • California King: $2,124

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Nest Bedding Signature Hybrid: Current Prices (Before Coupon)

  • Twin: $949
  • Twin XL: $1,149
  • Full: $1,349
  • Queen: $1,599
  • King: $1,799
  • California King: $1,799

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Signature Hybrid vs Brooklyn Aurora – Final Thoughts:

This was a close call between these two beds. The biggest difference you are going to experience is in the feel of the bed. Yes, they both have different comfort options to choose from. However, the difference between responsive feel and contouring is the biggest difference here. The Nest Bedding Signature Alexander Hybrid mattress uses memory foam in order to contour to the shape of the sleeper. This is great for motion transfer and pressure relief; however, it can be slow to adapt to changes in position, making it harder to move around in bed. This kind of comfort can even keep you sleeping warmer because the surface of the mattress is hugging you more meaning there is less air flowing around your body.

While the Aurora mattress by Brooklyn Bedding has more adaptive foams that make it far easier to change positions in bed because the mattress adapts to your movements much faster. These foams also help you to sleep cooler because you are not sinking into them as much, yet it still allows for pressure relief.

Again, it really comes down to personal preference. If you adore the feel of memory foam, then you will prefer the Signature Hybrid because it really gives that contouring memory foam feel. Although we believe that the adaptive foams and overall feel of the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress in more comfortable and will be a better match for most sleepers. Either way you go, you’ll be getting a great mattress. Be sure to click the links below to get current coupons and even check out other reviews like this one. Happy sleeping!

which mattress wins? brooklyn auroravs nest bedding alexander hybrid

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